Howdy folks, and welcome to the unique and rare Cinefear Video collection. We here at Cinefear have been archiving some truly rare pieces of cinema mayhem to satiate you ghouls craving a nice fix for horror, exploitation and all around trash! Why do we do this? Well, like yourselves, we are fans who are outraged at how long it takes to get good trash cinema released here in the States, let alone the fact that most of what we offer has never been released at all on U.S video or abroad!

The bulk of these titles come off our own 16mm prints (one of the finest collections in the country), or off long out of print European master tapes. Why do you need these tapes? American cinema is dead, Big Brother runs the show now, it's time to stock up on water, food, and your favorite videos. Grab a rifle and your pet dog Spot. Go to a cabin in the woods, drink booze, watch these tapes, and when the law comes to see what you are doing, well, that's what the rifle is for.

Where does the money that you use to purchase these videos go to? I'm a struggling filmmaker who has declared myself a charity! I use the money to make films that your mom and dad hate, in fact most people do! Like Milligan before me, I tell things as I see them, and you don't make friends that way. Hollywood is a closed door to anyone who is not wealthy, connected or gay. Since I don't fit, I have to make my own empire in order to make films for the people! Also, I don't feel like changing my name to get a job in the industry, so help me out. Dig into these goodies and order now!

Vintage Adult Classics
They just don't make them like they used to. Enjoy these great porn classics in the comfort of your own home ... raincoat not included.
Vintage Filth

Sound And Vision
Some prime selections from our Sound and Vision music catalog. Includes rare concert videos, garage band video comps, and hard-to-find audio recordings.
Rare Music

Biker Films: The Road To Freedom
Get your motor running with these ultra-rare vintage Biker Flicks. Includes films from Al Adamson and lots of flicks with the word "Angels" in the title.
Biker Flicks

Andy Milligan's Fearfully Faggoty Films
A comprehensive vender list of Milligan's no-budget masterpieces. A few Cinefear exclusives in here as well. Also check out the Fantastic Faggot of Fear article.
Andy Milligan

Kentucky Fried Movies
The films of 70's prodigy William Girdler. Make sure to read The Story of a Filmmaker Possessed to learn more about this Louisville film legend.

William Girdler

Television Terrors
Here you will find the largest selection of made for television horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and exploitation ever produced.

Spaghetti Westerns
Here you will find a collection of some of the most violent, pessimistic, hate filled westerns Europe has had to offer.

Crazy Krimis
Dig this, I've got a mouthwatering selection of rare Edgar Wallace German made Krimis for ya, and most have English audio or subtitles. So dig in!

Skeleton Fury

Delerious Giallos
On this page you'll find one of the most comprehensive collection of Giallo movies ever made available to the public. Most have never even been seen on American shores. Get 'em while there hot!

Bound & Gagged

Paul Naschy
This Spanish horror icon may be dead, but his films live on and on. And some of his rarer and harder to get titles are right here!
Fury of the Wolfman

Used Factory Legal Tapes and DVDs
Be the first on your block to get your hands on some rare factory boxed out of print videos and DVDs.

Additional Titles
Here's a chance to get a peek at just a small sample of what you'll find in our Cinefear Catalog.