SPAGHETTI WESTERNS: Fascist Hatred under a Socialist Veneer

By Keith J. Crocker

I truly believe that what makes viewing a foreign film so interesting for so many Americans is the prospect of seeing a certain situation through the eyes of another culture. I mean basically we here in the States pretty much know how our fellow countrymen are going to react to certain situations, and this reaction will always be hot or cold, liberal or conservative. It takes a real well rounded person to view the complexities of situations and react to them in accordance with the feelings they elicit. It's interesting to me that so many love genre films, but so few really care to read into them and dig out an often deeper meaning then the subject matter the films themselves explore. Follow me on this. Why do foreign genre films differ from their good old American counterpoints? It's too easy to say "Oh, it's made in Italy, or France, or China, that's why it's so different"... but that, my friends is way too easy a way to explain away something. No, films carry much deeper meaning, and they also act as a mirror reflecting the very societies that make the product in question. So let me start by asking a question that I myself will answer: Just what makes Spaghetti Westerns so different from their American counterparts? The answer is: Politics. Let me explain...

For starters, it's best to look at the American Western first. The earliest American westerns were black & white, and I don't just mean the color they were shot in. I'm talking about the politics they presented in the form of dramatic entertainment. For starters, they lived a lie that American culture held steady. This lie being that settlers of the American west were the good guy and the Indians were the bad guy. Backward thinking by todays standards, but a common thought not challenged back in the days. The biggest problem with this concept being that it presented only one side of the story, it wasn't multi-demensional. Oh, they did have bad cowboys, but, these guys were easy to pick out because they wore a black hat, held up banks and interfered with progression (wealth and progression being the foremost thing on the minds of Americans, even in today's world of phoney liberal concerns). These bad guys were rebels, and rebels represent a threat to the status quo. Actually, the American western would go on unabated in this presentation until the Italians put a whole new slant on the American mythology. That's right, the Italians presented the American expansion of the west in a completely different manner. No longer were the good and bad guys seperated, in fact, the good guys had more than there share of bad, and visa versa. This was a brilliant move on the part of the writers of Spaghetti Western films, because by the time the Italian western burst upon the scene (1964 ushering in the first and best of them, A Fistful of Dollars), Americans were beginning to question their own views of superiority, as well as their own cowboy mentality when it came to foriegn policy. In truth, human nature is not a Jekyll & Hyde situation, but rather a combo of both that makes up one person. Isn't it funny how it took outsiders to show us that we are not the perfect, God fearing people we had been presenting ourselves to be. The Italian westerns blazed onto the American silver screen in searing color, and made all the more realistic with gratuitous depictions of violence, another element that was somewhat cleaned up in the American editions of the classic American tale. But to stop there and say this is what the difference between the American western and Italian western is all about would be false. Here's what most are not seeing.

Italians, long masters of the horror film, bring the same grotesque imagry to their westerns. Note the demented look of the outlaw above!

The Italian variation on the American western, while initially stemming from what many would call "Tribute", has a far more interesting perspective. What the Spaghetti Western really succeeds in doing is more along the lines of a criticism, or in some cases condemming of American culture. And if you dig even deeper, you would not be hard pressed to say that these films are actually an attack on democracy and capitalism. In fact, what these films are is fascist statements wrapped up in a socialist veneer. In order to prove my point, I'm going to use one of the best examples of spaghetti ever commited to film, Sergio Corbucci's classic Django (1966). The very first time I saw this film, it was like having a bucket of cold water pourred over my head. The guy that showed it to me was simply trying to turn me on to Spaghetti Westerns. He knew I was never really a fan of Westerns, other than Sam Peckinpah's work, which was extremely violent but purely American. Peckinpah, content to take his rage out on studio heads rather than condemn the American culture, and so this friend at the time told me just how violent most Spaghetti Westerns were, hoping to sell me on the violence angle. But from the moment Django ended, I was aware that more than violence had occurred on screen. In fact, I'm not quite sure if I've ever seen such contempt of American culture played out before, the exception being propaganda films of the Axis countries during World War Two. Django is played out against a backdrop of dark grey skies, wind swept rain, and mud roads. Never before has the American west looked so foreboding. When Django (Franco Nero), a half breed vagabond comes into this mud trap, he drags behind him a coffin that is supposedly carrying his dead wife. In reality, it houses a machine gun, which will be used to decimate dozens during the film's running time. In the first part of the film, Django uses his machine gun to decimate an army of renegade white supremacists lead by the demented Major Jackson. When a Mexican gang, former enemies of Major Jackson, decide to hook up with Django and rob Fort Charriba, Django discovers the hard way that this gang has no intention of sharing the bounty with him. Hence, he steals it from them. They in turn capture him, smashing his hands with the butt of their rifiles, and having their horses' hoves trample over his hands for good measure. In the meantime, Major Jackson has reformed his vigilante squad, and decimates the Mexican gang with no mercy. Django is left to a duel with Jackson...

Violence in the place of justice! Americans and Mexicans have never looked more corrupt and untrustable than in the Italian myth of the old west.

For those of you unfamiliar with the propaganda perpetrated by the fascists during WWII, I'd recommend a fantastic picture book called simply Propaganda. The text tends to take the side of the British, Americans and Russians, painting them as good guys and the Axis as bad, which in itself is propaganda. Regardless, there is a fantastic picture in the book of a German propaganda poster which presents America as a monster, made of far too many cultures and contradictions in order to be unified. This monster has the head of a Klu Klux Klan hood, its mid section is a cage containing negroes dancing the jitterbug, the arm of a criminal in prison wear, toting a machine gun, a Jewish Star of David dangling from its groin, black arms holding money in one hand, a noose in the other, an American Indian sitting on the shoulder... the message is simple, America is too multicultural and way too conflicted to be unified. Guess what, the Spaghetti Western states the same thing, only hides their contempt under the banner of social concern. Nobody really likes the word fascist, but socialist seems to be an easier word to digest. Yet folks forget that the Nazis were socialists, as had been Mussolini prior to crowning himself king of Rome! The point is that despite the current claim that Hitler and the fascists are the product of Right Wing hatred, the truth is they were actually the product of Left Wing bigotry.

When Django rids the muddy town of the bigoted Major Jackson's men, we (the audience) explode with excitement. Jackson is a warped pervert who enjoys massacring Mexicans without mercy. He is disillusioned, according to him the South has won the war and he will be calling all the shots. Later, the Mexicans who Django has freed from Jackson's tyranny turn on their liberator, Django, and basically treat him in the same manner the Jews treated Christ after Judas turned him in. So treacherous are the Mexicans portrayed in this film that by the time Jackson and his men regroup and sabotage the banditos, we are hollering even louder than we did when Jacksons men were shot by Django. In effect, we have been manipulated into believing that as bad as Jackson is, he's still preferable to the Mexicans! The message is simple. In order to build a unified society, you must have law and order. In order to have law and order, you have to have control. But how can you have control in a country that has civil wars? How can you have control when you have treacherous Mexicans on one side of the land, bloodthirsty Indians on the other, and European white settlers in the middle? The Italian view is that you can't.

Christ's Passion constantly plays out in the Euro view of the old west.

Almost all Spaghetti Westerns end on a downbeat note, with a hero working for the common good (Clint Eastwood, Franco Nero, Guliano Gemma) being sacrificed, or martyred in a Christ like fashion (Franco Nero's torture in Django or Jean-Louis Trintignant's shooting in The Great Silence), or having to abandon a cause that they might have helped come to a temporary conclusion, but in the long term cannot be solved because of the local yocals inability to coincide with law and order. But as savage as Mexicans are portrayed in Spaghetti Westerns, it's Americans themselves that are made to look so ruthless, so distrusting and yet so untrustable, so quick to pull the trigger, a bigoted and greedy monster always on the run for money or gold, with no obstacle left unturned or unshot. If Americans are as bad as these films said they were, this country would not have been able to grow, at all! Granted we've always had corruption, but to be fair some of the greatest human rights movements evolved in this country. To be the monsters the Italian western portrays us to be, would have meant the west would never have been settled because everyone would have massacred each other in the process. Like all classic propaganda cinema, the worst of the enemy is brought to the forefront, and as far as Americans go, redeeming values seem to be lacking. It's a lawless land habituated by savages.

But to drive their point home, the Italians go all out with the violence quota. When an overweight Mexican gunman decides to step on Clint Eastwood's hand while Eastwood lies unconscious from a beating in Leone's brilliant A Fistful of Dollars, not only does the audience wince in pain, but closing your eyes doesn't make it any better because the sound of bones cracking is heard loud and clear on the soundtrack. In Django, the Mexicans, feeling triumphant now that Django has wiped out Jackson's posse, capture a Jackson sympathizer, cut his ear off and force him to eat it. It's scenes like this that make it hard to sympathize with the Mexicans once the tide turns. In fact, as cruel as Jackson is, we tend to elevate him from the Mexicans because at least he can organize and really turns the tide on the Mexicans, who are portrayed as sloppy and unaccountable.

Violence on a grand scale. Body count being excessive in the Italio western. Spaghetti Westerns liberated the American Western in the fact that it questioned early American policy and justice, and would influence such directors as Sam (The Wild Bunch) Pekinpah and Ralph (Soldier Blue) Nelson.

And the list of atrocities continues... In Leone's gorgeous Once Upon A Time In The West, Henry Fonda's gun for hire not only shoots a child in cold blood, but later seduces the wife of the man he killed. In Lucio Fulci's Colt Concert (1966) the hateful "Junior" (Nino Castelnuovo) whips Tom (Franco Nero) in order to humiliate him in front of a houseful of guests. Chaco (Thomas Milian) dismembers a bound sheriff for no other reason than to be brutal in Fulci's Four Of The Apocolypse (1975), and I haven't even begun to scratch the surface. In Django Kill (1966), directed by the surrealist Giulio Questi, a man is shot full of bullets made of gold. His greedy compadres decide to cut into the still living man in order to extract the bullets, which they do, with their bare hands. Needless to say, this kills the man in the process. Questi, who claims to have been a resistance fighter in Italy against the Nazis, said this film was his attack on Fascism, though to be fair the only fascist in sight seems to be the screenwriter and director, who have dreamt up one of the most obnoxious and toxic views of the old west ever portrayed. It's interesting to note that the bulk of Italy's best genre directors either had family members or were perhaps themselves members of Mussolini's fascist party. A perfect example of this would be Passolini, whose father was a high ranking official in Mussolini's army. Passolini considered himself to be a communist. When he made Salo, The 120 Days of Sadom (1975), he claimed it to be an anti-fascist statement. In reality, it could just as easily be interpreted as a warped sexual fantasy played out by a homosexual sadomasochist. Passolini loved to indulge his desires with male prostitutes from one of Italy's poorest sections. Should we then excuse his predatory behavior under the banner that he was employing these poor young men and giving them an opportunity to make money? You tell me, if a person who likes to dominate and manipulate calls himself a socialist, does this make his actions any more justifiable?

This article is not at all intended to to condemn Spaghetti Westerns. It is actually an attempt to explain why they are far more interesting and complicated than their American counterparts. You don't have to like the message, but the art used to expel the message must be celebrated, and so good is the subterfuge of the Italian western that its biggest fanbase is right here in the good old U.S. of A, the very same place the films themselves condemn as an undisciplined, multicultural rat race!

Ok, so we checked out the politics, but there's even more to Italio Westerns than that! So, Cinefear's own Heather Drain has contributed her own take on what makes those Guinea guns glow. Check it out right HERE. Then take your browser over to Jim Knusch's article on Spaghetti Western locations, which you can teach right HERE. And after your done doing that, scroll on down this page and pick yourself up some wild and quite rare Spaghetti Westerns, courtesy of your frineds at Cinefear. We provide the one drug you'll ever really need, MOVIES!

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ACQUASANTA JOE (1971) Bounty hunter Acquasanta Joe decides to bring in a gang lead by an ex-soldier who is having trouble leaving behind his murderous ways from the war. It doesn't help that this ex-soldier carries around a cannon as his choice of weapon. Can Acquasata Joe bring these guys to justice? Letterboxed and in English. Directed by Mario Gariazzo. ORDER

AHORA MIS PISTOLAS HABLAN (1980) Another insane Mexican western, this one involving a pleasant fellow who loves to sing lovely songs having his tongue cut out by bad guys and then later having to track them all down and kill then one by one. I'm unclear if this is supposed to be a period piece because everything looks modern like 1980 Mexico but not once is anything modern referenced. You have to see it to believe it! With Felipe Arriaga, Emilio (The Wild Bunch) Fernandez and Beatriz Adriana. In Spanish. ORDER

ALLELUJA AND SARTANA ARE SONS OF... SONS OF GOD (1972) More light hearted than heavy handed, the two title charectors must fight and shoot their way's through some seriously rough situations in the old west. With Robert Widmark and Rob Ely, directed by Mario Siciliano. Letterboxed. Enjoy! ORDER

A MAN FOR HANGING (1974) Ok, technically, this is NOT a Spaghetti Western. It was shot here in the good old U.S.A., but it's modeled right after the Guinea guns and grue genre. Peter (Crawling Hand) Breck playes a psycho who had his face hideously scarred by some chick and now rides about the old west raping and killing little ladies. This PG rated flick pushed the limits back in the day when films like Blood & Lace were rated PG. ORDER

A TOWN CALLED HELL (1971) Here is a bleak, brutal British/Spanish co-production directed by the American Robert Parrish, this films hatred and cruelness a direct influence from Peckinpah's classic Wild Bunch and Ken Russells The Devils. Robert Shaw plays a revolutionary turned priest while a mad bandit played by Telly Savallas shoots and kills folk for little reason. Enter Stella Stevens and her weird side kick Dudley Sutton seeking revenge for her husbands murder, and toss in Martin Landau as a turncoat general who thinks nothing about hanging people, and you have an overacted and brutal masterpiece. This is the uncut Euro version, widescreen! You heard me right. All the American discs and tapes are full screen, cut TV prints. This is the one you've been looking for. ORDER

LOS ASESINOS (1968) Here we have the incredible Nick (Frankenstein Conquers The World) Adams in a Mexican made western. Nick comes into a corrupt town in the middle of a gun war by two rival gangs. By the time he leaves, there are no gang members left to fight. Loaded with some lovely gun play, this is another of the mean spirited westerns made in the wake of the Spaghetti Western. In Spanish. ORDER

AWKWARD HANDS (1970 - Aka When Satan Grips My Colt) Hey folks, don't be put off by the odd title "Awkward Hands". This is ne of the best revenge based Spaghetti Westerns you are ever going to see. Peter Lee Lawrence turns in his best performance ever as a peace loving kid turned savage when his love is forced by her father not to see him. To make matters worse the father whips the boy in a savage scene, and he's cast from the town with his tale between his legs. A bounty hunter (played by the brilliant Alberto De Mendoza) teaches the boy how to stand up for himself, but once you start killing you can't stop. Great cast also includes Manuel De Blas, Antonio Casas and Pilar Valazquez. Drop what you are doing and buy this now! Unrelenting is the word. ORDER

BALLAD OF DEATH VALLEY (1966 aka The Return of Ringo) Giulliano Gemma plays Ringo, who while in jail for shooting four in self defense, is given an offer by the sheriff to track down some desperadoes who robbed a local bank and kidnapped the sheriff's wealthy fiance. Classic spaghetti. ORDER

BANDIDOS (1968) Here is an ultra rare, uncut, English language, widescreen version of the only western ever directed by Massimo Dallamano. Teacher and pupil come to blows during a train robbery, leaving teacher wounded and lusting for revenge. He decides to teach a new recruit with hopes of using the new pupil to kill the bad pupil. Very well directed, a true under appreciated classic. ORDER

BLACK JACK (1968) Now this is a very dark and brooding western, ugly and hateful like a good Spaghetti Western should. Thomas Woods shines as Jack Murphy, who gets worked over real good when the gang he worked with decides to torture and maim him, steal the loot and rape and kill his sister. He decides to take revenge and does so in some odd and peculiar ways. No one is likable in this film, even the so called "Good Guy" is initially a villian. Directed by Gianfranco Baldanello, who also made the interesting This Man Can't Die (1967). ORDER

BLOOD AND GUNS (aka Tepepa 1969) Thomas Milian, John Steiner and Orson Wells have a ball in this violent tale of a revolutionary battling the corrupt colonel from a previous revolution. A masterpiece of Spaghetti by Giulio Petroni. ORDER

BLOOD FOR A SILVER DOLLAR (1965) Another fantastic spaghetti starring Giuliano Gemma. Gemma is hired by what he thinks is a law abiding citizen to go after a man who the town "claims" is the bad. He finds out too damn late that everything is actually vice a versa. And you better believe that he's coming back for blood. ORDER

BLOODY TRAIL (1972 Aka White Justice, Montego )Following the Civil War, a young Union officer travels to Texas to find a new life. Badly wounded while escaping two drunk ex-Confederate soldiers, he is nursed back to health by a mysterious black girl. Then, they are attacker by a hostile band of escaped African slaves who chase them through the desert until they are saved by an unusual discovery...Odd and violent American made Western that tries to cash in on the nihalism of the Spaghetti Western. Fun for what it is, and a very decnt print as well. ORDER

THE BOUNTY KILLER (1966) Hatred doesn't get any better than this. Richard Wyler gives Mexican bandit Tomas Milian a chance to prove that he's a good guy, and what happens? Well, he turns out to be a vicious killer instead. Can endless violence be far behind? Letterboxed, in English, off a Euro source, ultra rare and it has never looked better. ORDER

BRAND OF SHAME (1968 Aka Nude Django) Here's a nudie western directed by Byron Mabe (who also directed She Freak). In this film, a school teacher is tormented by bad guys who believe she has a treasure map that will lead them to a fortune. At one point she's tied to a tree topless and whipped. Turns out the woman who runs the local brothel is a dyke and she is behind all of this. Will our hero show up with his six gun and save that day?! Buy it and find out...with the lucious Marsha Jordon! ORDER

CALIFORNIA(1976) Extremely gruesome Western in which vicious bounty hunters track down confederate soldiers who went AWOL. A stranger with no name happens into town during one of these persecutions, and decides to turn the tables on the bounty hunters. Directed with an eye for bloodshed by Michele Lupo.Upgrade - In English. ORDER

CHARLEY ONE EYE (1972) Crazy western shot in Spain by Don Chaffey has Richard Roundtree as a Union army deserter who heads to Mexico after he kills his commander. He befriends an outcast indian (Roy Thinnes) while escaping a sadistic Bounty Hunter (Nigel Davenport). Long lost semi-spaghetti western straight from a Dutch master. In English with Dutch subtitles. ORDER

CJAMANGO (1967) After being robbed and left for dead in a saloon massacre, Cjamango decides to take back his loot from the unsavory El Tigre, bad guy extrodinair. Interesting side note is that the anti-hero takes care, albeit somewhat unwillingly, of a little boy who admires him. Among the countless Spaghetti shoot-outs and Django take off's, here is one of the rarest titles, in English, letterboxed. Ivan Rassimov gets a good part in the Cjamango charactor. Directed by Edoardo Mulargia. ORDER

CLINT EL SOLITARIO (1967) Here's a cool spaghetti western that tries to capitalize on Clint Eastwoods name. This has George Martin playing a solitary gun man who comes to town promising to not have to use his gun but finds it impossible when the neighborhood bad guys start turning the heat up on the struggling farmers. Much more in the tradition of Shane rather than A Fist Full of Dollars, this makes for interesting viewing. In Spanish. Source material has some wear and tear but is very viewable. ORDER

THE COLT IS MY LAW (1966) Another kick ass spaghetti western, this one involves a series of stage coach robberies which are leaving the drivers dead and calling for drastic measures to transport gold. Two men come to town, one an investgator looking to track down the source of the robberies, the other a dandy who's a coward engaged to be married to the local land barons niece. But there's a third stranger in town, a masked man who is interrupting the robberies and putting the bad guys on the run...care to guess who this third guy is? Fun spaghetti, directed by the reliable Alfonso Brescia (aka Al Bradly). ORDER

CUT THROATS NINE (1971) Perhaps the sickest Spaghetti Western ever made. Truth be told, the film was made in Spain by the Spanish. A general and his daughter escort a dangerous group of criminals across the mountains. Well, an accident lets these goons escape and that's when the cruelties get way out of hand. With Alberto Dalbes and Emma Cohen. Directed by Joaquin Luis Romero. More of a horror film than a western, this is a classic! ORDER

CHUCHILLO THE APACHE (1977) Crazy spaghetti western made by our taco eating buddies in Mexico. When the calvary wipes out an Apache tribe, a surviving Apache child named Chuchillo grows up to be a powerhouse avenger, shooting, stabbing and scaping calvery men when ever he can get his hands on then. Violent fun. In Spanish with Greek subtitles. ORDER

CRY OF DEATH (1968) Violent Western detailing the battle between animas breeders and farmers. Of course this is the evil work of a badguy hoping to get the land of the folks doing the fighting, Fear not, two brave marshalls are going to intervine and bring piece to this troubled land. With Glenn Saxon and Gordon Mitchell. You can never go wrong with Gordon Mitchell. ORDER

DEATH PLAYED THE FLUTE (1972 - Aka Requiem for a Bounty Hunter) Here's another in the very bleak catagory of Spaghetti Westerns. A rancher returns to his farm only to discover his father and his wife murdered. His daughter has survived the attack buy was brutally raped and therefore is in a semi-concious state. The rancher hooks up with a lone gunman who plays a flute and offers his services in tracking down the men responsible for the assault. However, there is something strange about the motive of the gunman...Directed by Elo Pannacciò, who later one switched his career to directing porn films. If you love nihilistic westerns, this one is for you! ORDER

THE DEVILS MISTRESS (1966) A very haunting western, influenced by the "Spaghettis" but far more subdued and eerie. Four men on the run from the law decide to take refuge with a preacher and his native American wife. Two of the men are psychotic and decide to kill the preacher, rape his wife and take her hostage. Turns out the wife is an avenging angle who through some force of the supernatural literally drains the life out of the men. This is a very rare Americal film transferred off a 16mm print. More arthouse than western or horror, still worth every minute of your time. ORDER

DJANGO EINE PISTOLE FUR 100 KREUZE (aka Gunman of 100 Crosses - 1971) Ok folks, here's a super cool spaghetti starring Tony Kendall as a gunslinger (here dubbed in as Django!?) who avenges the death of a Notary. Aside for the usual villians, this flick has a cool super woman villian (Monica Miguel) dressed like Zarro who cracka a pretty mean whip, and even whips off the clothing of our tormented heroine (Marina Malfatti). Shottings, stabbings, beatings. Letterboxed. In German. ORDER

DJANGO, THE RUNNER (1966) Fulci's first, ultra violent western, made much more like his horror flicks, has Franco Nero returning to his home town only to find that his psychotic step brother has taken over and rules everything with violence and the lash of his whip. Hatred seems ten times worse when it comes from Fulci. With George Hilton. Uncut, letterboxed, in English with Dutch subtitles. ORDER

DJANGO SHOOTS FIRST (1966) Django's dad is set up by his business partner Clusker and shot by a bounty Killer. Django inherits his fathers part of the business and a need for revenge to settle with Clusker. Directed by Alberto De Martino, and starring Glenn Saxon and Erica Blanc, a number one boner inducer in Italy. Another ultra rare classic! ORDER

DJANGO VS SARTANA (1970) Classic, mean spirited Spaghetti Western has Dajango and Sartana butting heads because they have been set up by some local scumbags. But Lord help the scumbags when Django and Sartana realise what has happened. Directed by Pasquale Squitieri. Off a Greek master in English with Greek subtitles. ORDER

DUEL AT THE RIO GRANDE (1963) For you Spaghetti Western fans, how about a fun film that takes off on the Zorro concept and featuring the acting talents of Shaun Flynn, Errol Flynn's son. Shaun plays the son of a Basque nobleman who receives word from his father in Mexico to come help. When he arrives in Mexico, he finds his father dead and no one willing to talk. It doesn't take long before a masked freedom fighter shows up and demands justice. Interesting film starts off on a more humorous note, but mid way through turns into a more violent style western. Directed by Mario Caiano (Nazi Love Camp #27) who is a consistantly good director. Shaun Flynn was killed by the Khmer Rogue in April 1970 while working as a photo journalist covering the Vietnam war. ORDER

DUST IN THE SUN (1972) Another variant on William Shakespeare's Hamlet. In this version, a lone desperado finds things odd when his mother quickly remarry's a friend of her dead husband, who was recently killed. Needless to say, he decides to investigate his dads death and doesn't like what he finds. Maria Schell plays the mother, who ends up being seduced by her own son. Very saucy stuff here folks, complete with boobs and buns nudity. Nice Spanish made Spaghetti, in English with Swedish subtitles. Go for it! ORDER

FAST HAND IS STILL MY NAME (1974) Ultraviolent, mean spirited Spaghetti western that really earned it's Euro X rating. During the civil war, the squad commanded by Captain Jeff Mulligan is attacked by the confederate gangleader Machedo (The hateful William Berger). Mulligan is tortured by Machedo, who cripples his hand in the process. Mulligan gets revenge by strapping a gun assembled on a prothesis to his crippled hand. A Romans view of the west, this film is littered with beatings, brandings, shootings, more violence that you can point a gun at. Directed by Mario Bianchi. Letterboxed, in English. Delicious. ORDER

FEDRA WEST (1968- Aka I Do Not Forgive...I Kill) A bounty hunter is forced to hunt down his own son after discovering that his son and his wife are having an affair! Yes, you read this right! Spanish Spaghetti directed by  Joaquin Luis Romero Marchent and Leon Klimovsky. ORDER

FIVE BLOODY GRAVES (1968) Once again, not Italian made, but rather a take-off on the Italian genre directed by Al (Blood of Draculas Castle) Adamson. Indians and pale faces go at it in bloody color. Rape and violence ensue. Watch for John Carradine and Al Adamsons dad Denver Dixon in a cameo. ORDER

FOUR DOLLARS FOR VENGENCE (1968) More crazy anti-American propaganda, this one set during the wayning years of the civil war. Whippings, shootings and other assorted fun. ORDER

FURY OF JOHNNY KID (1967) Here's a nifty version of Romeo and Juliet as told via the old west Italian style. Peter Lee Lawrence plays Johnny Kid (Romeo) to Cristina Galbo's Juliet. Seems Kid's family have been having an ongoing fued with the Campos, and both families love to decimate each other. So will Johnny be able to win his Juliet and get both of them out of the way before a total Spaghetti Western shoot out happens and whipes out the cast? well, that's for you to find out and you can do that by buying this film. Gorgeous widescreen transfer off an Italian DVD with English subtitles. Very violent and pessimistic, but so worth being added to your collection. ORDER

FURY OF THE APACHES (1964) Here is another 16mm transfer complete from our personal collection. Also of interest, this film never had a legal release on both video or DVD in the U.S.A. Directed by José María Elorrieta, who gave us Curse of the Vampire (also available on Cinefear), this is a relentless Euro western starring Frank Latimore as a dishonorably discharged army officer who watches over a fort in the middle of nowhere. In comes the very judge who condemmed him for killing a man (that the judge had hired to kill Latimore in the first place). The judge is going to marry a girl who's brother just killed an Apache in cold blood, hence bringing down the whole trip against this small group of people trapped in the fort. Will they escape the onslaught!!! This film has that same tense feeling created by movies such as Assault on Precinct 13 and Night of the Living Dead. Cast includes Liz Moreno, Aldo Sambrell, Nuria Torray and Jesús Puente. ORDER

GANG OF THE 'FARE' WEST (1972) Sergio Corbucci directed this old west version of "Bonnie & Clyde" with Thomas Milian and Susan George as the two male and female bandits, and Telly Savallas in an over the top performance as the bad guy sheriff who is after them. Done only as Corbucci can do it. Letterboxed, in English. Go for your gun, partner... ORDER

GATLIN GUN (1968) Insane Western has bad guy half breed John Ireland kidnapping both the title gun and it's inventor in an attempt to sell the gun to the South and the inventor to the North during the bloody civil war. A wrongly accused of treason renegade sets out to right the wrong. See a man use a knife to dig a bullet out of his hand, in extreem close-up! Bloody and hate filled. In English, off a nice Greek master tape. ORDER

GOD, GUTS & GUNS (1973) Hateful, pessemistic, bloody Mexican produced western directed by the master of bad taste himself, Rene Cardona Jr.Slow mo' bloody gun fights, naked saloon gals, guys taking a piss, and nasty fist fights. That's all you need to know, you'd be a fool to pass it up! ORDER

GRAND DUEL (1971) Lee Van Cleef ends up having to protect a helpless drifter wrongly accused of murder. Much Guinea grue ensues. ORDER

GUNFIGHT AT HIGH NOON (1964) After a vicious group of criminals kill the father of three while he defended his ranch, the mother and three sons cry vengence. Years later, one boy (Richard Harrison) becomes a U.S. marshall intent on caputering the badmen. The other two sons become vigilantes and go after the same target. It's up to Harrison to keep the peace. Fun Spaghetti that tries hard to imitate American Westerns. Excellent cast includes Fernando Sancho and Gloria Milland. Directed by Joaquín Luis Romero-Marchent, who gave us Cut Throats Nine. ORDER

GUNFIGHT AT RED SANDS (1963) Of interest to Spaghetti Western fans because it is an early entry in the endless cycle of films that will come out of Italy, and it's one of the first to feature a score by Ennio Morricone. Richard Harrison stars as a Mexican Civil War soldier who returns home to find his father slaughtered, his brother seriously injured and the family fortune stolen by three masked men. Needless to say, he goes for revenge and encounters plenty of difficulty along the way. This film sort of sets the way the genre is going to progress. Finally, a really nice copy in English off a Euro DVD. Need I say more... ORDER

GUNMAN SENT BY GOD (1968) A circus worker, scarred by an incident in his youth involving the missfiring of a gun, is crippled toward violence. When he comes across a young man being bullied by the same group who torments him, he is forced to get over his gun shyness and save his young friend from death. Excellent cast includes the reliable Anthony Steffan as the mentally crippled gunman. In English with some sections in Italian with English subtitles. ORDER

HATE IS MY GOD (1969) Insane hate filled revenge Spaghetti Western made even more insane by some truly strange music placement. Great film to watch after swallowing a mouthful of goofballs. Lots of beatings, shootings and other nice scenes of good humanitarian behavior. With Tony Kendall. In Italian with English subtitles. ORDER

HAVE A GOOD FUNERAL MY FRIEND, SARTANA IS PAYING (1970) Here is the premo Spaghetti, featuring the charismatic Giani Garko as Sartana, investigating the death of his silver mining buddies. Guns flair, bodies fall. This is a prime, English language, letterboxed print, straight from Europe, this film has never looked so good. ORDER

KILINK VS. DJANGO (1968) whacked out Turkish western featuring the skull faced killer Kilink fighting a Django rip off called Cango. Watching this is literally like dropping acid.These Turkish films are authentically retarded. Loaded with action, an old western town, sexy girls and total stupidity. ORDER

KILL THE POKER PLAYER (1972 Aka Creeping Death) Ok folks, here is a Spaghetti western that is also a Giallo. An insurance investigator from Lloyds of London comes to a small west town to investigate a bank robbery. Turns out there is also one big mystery going on as well, and someone is killing off witnesses with snakes. And what a slimy group of supects as well. Robert Woods plays our hero Johnathan Pinkerton, and the great support cast includes Ivano Staccioli as the drunken town shariff as well as the lovely Nieves Navarro as a salon girl and Frank Braña. Uncut, in English off a Spanish TV broadcast. Directed by Italian porno king Mario Bianchi. ORDER

THE LAST DAY (1971 aka Vendetta at Dawn) This ultra violent flick, written by Luigi (Grim Reaper) Montefiori (aka George Eastman) and directed by Sergio (SS Camp 5: Woman's Hell) Garrone is basically a version of Last House on the Left only transported to the old west. A Rancher (Montefiori) returns who to find his wife and family raped and massacred by outlaws. Needless to say, he decides to take justice into his own hands. As hateful as it sounds. ORDER

THE LAST RIDE TO SANTA CRUZ (1964) Here is a German made Spaghetti Western. This one tells the story of a bank robber (Mario Adorf) getting out of prison and coming for revenge against the sheriff (Edmond Purdom) who put him in jail in the first place. They free up some additional bad guys (including the always amusing Klaus Kinski) and kidnap the sheriff's wife (Marianne Koch) and needless to say this forces a confrontation. Fantastic early entryt in the Euro westerns, this one is in German with English subtitles. ORDER

LOVE DESPERADOES (1968 Aka Hot Spurs) A truly demented Western by Lee Frost and Bob Cresse. A peon ranch hand abducts his bosses wife as an act of revenge because the boss raped his sister. Typical roughie of the time, complete with rape, rampant nudity and a misanthropic atmosphere. If your a fan of Cresse and Frost, don't miss this...ORDER

EL MACHO (1977) Fun and violent flick has a look alike filling in for a murdered bandit in order to infiltrate the gang. Problem is, the original bandit wasn't liked much, and everywhere the double goes, he ends up getting the shit kicked out of him. In English. ORDER

MAN CALLED GRINGO (1965) Now here is really a treat. This is a transfer off our 16mm print of an ultra rare German western directed by the American Roy Rowland. It stars Götz George (who performs all his own stunts) as a gunslinger who comes into a town dominated by gangsters. He decides to help the town regain their independence, plus help one of the locals find their son, who had been given away at birth. Ultimately, a young man called Gringo (Daniel Martin) who is initially on the side of the bad guys, learns the error of his ways and joins the gunslinger against the baddies. Loaded with shoot outs and all sorts of horse and gun play, this is one of the most sought after Euro westerns around, and especially difficult to find dubbed in English. Others in the cast include Helmut Schmidt, Silvia Solar and Alexandra Stewart. Get yours here first! ORDER

THE MASKED THIEF (1971 Aka In the Name of the Father, of the Son and of the Colt) A very interesting Spaghetti Western that has a good mystery plot and giallo like elements. It deals with twin brothers (played by Craig Hill), one of whome is a law abiding sheriff, the other being a murderous rapist outlaw. And to complicate matters, there's a "Phantom of the Opera" type gunslinger who is planning on executing a huge robbery at the expense of the small troubled town. Featuring the lovely Ágata Lys (Knife of Ice) before she became a European pop star. ORDER

MY HORSE... MY GUN... YOUR WIDOW (197?) Another crazy spaghetti western fresh from a Euro master, worth having for just the title alone. With Craig Hill, Claudie Lange. Directed by John Wood. ORDER

MY NAME IS MALLORY...M MEANS DEATH (1971) Robert Woods plays Larry Mallory, who buys a ranch. Unfortunetly for him, the previous owners want it back, and they are not above murder and robbery as a means to reclaim it. Lots of murder, shoot outs and a great fight scene between Woods and Artemio Antonini make this a must. Keep your eyes peeled for a scene were the lovely Carla Mancini plays a maid and pours water over the lusious Gabriella Giorgelli as she takes her bath. Uncut and in English. Off a Spanish TV broadcast. ORDER

UNA NUVOLA DI POLVERE... UN GRIDO DI MORTE... ARRIVA SARTANA (1971) One of the best in the Sartana series, our buddy Gianni Garko is back, solving a murder mystery and whiping out a conspiracy of low lives trying to covet stolen loot for themselves. Tons of cool gadgets, including a wooden Indian head, and an organ that fires bullets, add to the fun. Widescreen and beautiful, in English. ORDER

ONE AGAINST ONE...NO MERCY (1968)Peter Lee Lawrence plays a gunslinger out to clear his dead fathers reputation. His father, a disgraced Confederate captain, was set up by some badguys (Sydney Chaplin and Eduardo Fajardo) and killed. Peter Lee hooks up with Charro (Wlliam Bogart) and together they clear the fathers name, but not without tons of bloodshed. Excellent, violent revenge based western that should not be missed. In English with the exception of a few brief Italian lines of dialog in one spot. Ultra rare! ORDER

ONE DAMNED DAY AT DAWN... DJANGO AND SARTANA MEET (1971) A town terrorised by an outlaw gang is aided by both Sartana and Django, who team up to get rid of the badguys. A classic Spaghetti Western. With Fabio Testi and Hunt Powers. ORDER

ONE DOLLAR OF FIRE (1966) Once again an honest sheriff finds himself up against a rich banker and his band of murderous thugs. Similar in many ways to Hate Is My God, which we also offer here at Cinefear. Similar in that it uses inappropriate silly music during scenes of heavy violence. Now, here's the interesting part. I'm offering two versions of this film, one is a French language version in French but with English subtitles. I'm also offering a version that's completely in French BUT has softcore sex inserts included. You heard me right, softcore sex inserts in a spaghetti western. These were added by Eurocine, so I take it you know what to expect. Here's the buy it now for the regular western ORDER and here is the link for the one with naughty footage ORDER Now you tell me, which one do you think will sell more? LOL

ONE MORE TO HELL (1968) George Hilton goes out west to avange some wrongs in this fun Spaghetti Western. He plays Johnny King, a high plains drifter out to revenge the death of his mentor as well as coming to blows when comes up against another outlaw who had formally been a friend. This is for all you fancy gun play fans. ORDER

100 PISTOLS FOR A COFFIN (1968) Umberto Lenzi directed this violent western in which Jim Slade (Peter Lee Lawrence) discovers that his parents have been killed upon returning from his incarceration for refusing to fight in the Civil War. He dons a gun and swears revenge on the gang that killed them. John Ireland plays a preacher who offers Jim a hand. Best part involves escaped lunatics terrorizing the town.Off a Greek master in English with Greek Subtitles. ORDER

PISTOLE (1975) Another of these American made attempts at recreating a Spaghetti Western. He only lived for his revenge since the killer named "Pistole" had killed his family. Restless - he is searching throughout the West for the man - who destroyed his happiness. In a little town called MESA he caught up with "Pistole" and his gang. By killing the sheriff and terrorizing  the towns people  they made the town their own. But the day of revenge had come, "eye for an eye", "a tooth for a tooth". Off a Greek tape with English language, Greek subtitles. Not very good but certainly very rare. ORDER

POKER WITH PISTOLS (1967) George Hilton and George Eastman play gambling buddies who end up in serious hot water for passing false tokens during a hot poker game. Turns out there is more than meets the eye in this town full od bad guys and sexy saloon workers. Can the two George's make it out alive? Buy it and find out! ORDER

QUINTANA (1969) A sort of "Zarro" type story of an outlaw out to right wrongs in the old west. However, since it's Italian made, expect the violence and hatred quota to be triple. Directed by Vincenzo Musolino and starring George Stevenson. In English, letterboxed. Can you go wrong?! ORDER

RED COAT (1975) Spaghetti Western directed by Joe D'Amato. Canadian Mounties hunt down a man who kidnapped the son of a woman killed. One of the Mounties (Fabio Testi) had a thing going with the murdered woman (Lynne Frederick) and hence has a personal vendetta against the kidnapper. Fun stuff with a heavy duty knife fight, snow capped mountains, huskies, you name it, this one has got it. In English. ORDER

REQUIEM FOR A GRINGO (1968) Insane, hate filled Spaghetti Western that's more like a horror film than a Western. Brutal bandits take over a ranch and abuse the local peones. A lone gunfighter with an interest in Astrology decides to come and read their futures for them by pumbing the bandits full of lead. Very brutal. Directed by J.L. Marino, who gave us Killers in The Castle of Blood as well as Beyond The Living Dead. With Fernando Sancho, everyone's favorite fat bad guy. ORDER

REVENGE OF RINGO(1971) Ringo heads to a town in the Mexican border to investigate the poisoning death of his brother. Turns out the reason is more supernatural than natural. Nice mix of western and horror on a shoestring budget. Tape starts rough, but smooths out as it goes along. In English. ORDER

REVENGE OF THE WILD BUNCH (1970 aka Machismo: 40 Graves for 40 Guns) Here's an American made film trying very hard to look like an Italian made rip-off of The Wild Bunch. A jailed Mexican bandit is offered a pardon if he will cross the border into Mexico and bring back a gang of murderous gold thieves. The highlight of this flick is the slow motion gun fight at the end, complete with bullets entering and exiting there intended targets. Lots of nude chicks as well. Directed by Paul Hunt. ORDER

RINGO FROM NEBRASKA (1966 Aka A Gunman Named Nebraska) Here is an interesting Spaghetti Western that was begun by director Antonio Roman but completed by Maro Bava. Despite the lack of any classic Bava touches, this is still a very enjoyable film  and a great entry n the sweepstakes of Spaghetti cinema. A gunman is hired by a bikering couple to help protect their ranch from a ruthless land baron who will stop at nothing to get it. This flick features some fantastic gunfights as well as some brutally bloody bullet hits. Ken Clark plays Nebraska and he's suitably hansome as out hero, and the lovely Yvonne Bastien plays Kay, the ranch owners wife. Her ample busom and cleavage will keep your eyes glued to the screen. But the scene stealer is the incredible Piero Lulli plays the bad guy land baron, adding to his list of badguys that he has been playing since the Peplum days. ORDER

ROUGH JUSTICE (1969) Klaus Kinski is perfectly cast as a screwball sex addict who likes to take the ladies in a rough style in this over the top piece of Spaghetti. Since Kinski was in fact a real life sex addict, this role was tailor made for him. ORDER

RUN HOME, SLOW (1965) If Spider Baby was ever to be remade as a western, this would be the result. This film is surreal and very warped, it's also very, very rare, in fact the source for this being a late night public TV screening. A psychotic family becomes even more unhinged when their father is lynched. The eldest sister (Mercedes McCambridge) becomes the band leader when her brother is shot during a hold up. This leaves her with a younger brother who is a hunchback and a half wit. They are also stuck with the dying brothers wife, who is a treat on the eyes but completely lacking in the brains department. All three of these screwballs end up driving each other crazier, if you can believe that. Directed by Ted Brenner, this obviously experimental film also includes Al Adamson favorites such as John "Bud" Cardos and Gary Kent. Music by Frank Zappa. ORDER

SARTANA IN THE VALLEY OF DEATH (1971) Sartana, played this time out by the incredible William Berger, helps a group of bandits escape prison in an agreement to get half the gold the gang has stolen. As usual, he gets crossed and double crossed. Does Sartana take this sitting down? Do pigs fly? Letterboxed, in English, a delight! ORDER

SARTANA THE GRAVEDIGGER (1969) Sartana (Gianni Garko) has been framed for a bank robbery, and is hence a wanted man. Three bounty hunters (Gordon Mitchell, Klaus Kinski and Jose Torres) make it tough for him as he tries to prove his innocence. Directed by Guliano Carnimeo.Uncut, widescreen, but in German. ORDER

SAVAGE GUNS (1971 Aka His Name Was Sam Walbash, But They Call Him Amen) Robert Woods stars in this Spaghetti Western directed by Demofilo Fidani (Miles Deem), the Ed Wood of Italian westerns. In this film he happens to be in a saloon when a group of thugs shoot up the place. He survives and goes for revenge. Lots of fun, complete with lousy saloon songs and silly slow motion sequences. ORDER

SCALPS (1987) Insane Bruno Mattie western that is so brutal, it's hard to watch. When a pervert rancher massacres a trib of indians in order to possess one squaw, our little warrior joins forces with a widowed farmer in order to defeat the rancher and his possee. In English. Upgrade Widescreen version. ORDER

SENTENZA DI MORTE (1967) A bandit hunts down four men responsible for the death of his brother, and disposes of them one by one in spectacular fashion. Nice, violent Western complete with cool, odd ball characters such as an insane Albino (Thomas Milian) and an ultra serious Gambling man who plays for life or death (Richard Conte). Directed with a steady hand by Mario Lanfranchi. Upgrade with English subtitles, Widescreen. ORDER

SEVEN WINCHESTERS FOR A MASSACRE (1967) Violent, hard line action directed by the masterful Enzio G. Casterrelli. A group of nuts who refuse to believe the South has lost the war decide to spread terror. A goverment plant infiltrates and busts up the party. An excellent shoot out in an India cemetery anticipates the Indiana Jones films. Letterboxed, in English, off a nice Greek master. ORDER

SEVEN GUNS FOR TIMOTHY (1966) Ok folks, another of those Spaghetti Western films featuring Shaun Flynn, son of Errol Flynn. Here is a rip off of The Magnificant Seven, in which Flynn plays Timothy, a fem lawyer who inherits a gold mine from his Uncle. However, before he can claim this mine he has to deal with the corrupt Rodrigo (the always brilliant Fernando Sancho) who has taken over just about every mine left in the territory. Timothy is thus forced to hire 7 men with solid reputations for fighting in order to overthrow Rodrigo. However, the 7 men have a hard keeping Timothy from getting drunk and staying sober enough to fight. Once again, this film starts off with humor and continues on that way till the end when it suddenly gets violent and out of control. Shaun Flynn was ceertainly not an actor in the caliber of his father, hence why his cinematic excursions went by unnoticed.ORDER

SHANGO (1970) Anthony Steffen is back playing Shango, a Texas rainger who wants to simply spread the word that the Civil War is over. However, a nasty confederate Major does not believe the war is over and is willing to kill Shango just to shut him up. The usual over the top hatred is present, certainly in the Django tradition. In English with Dutch subtitles. ORDER

SOME DOLLARS FOR DJANGO (1970) William Berger plays Django in this take off of the famous film. Django turns legit and takes a job as a sheriff in a very corrupt town, guess how the bad guys receive him?! Uncut, letterboxed, in English, and very brutal. ORDER

A STRANGER IN PASO BRAVO (1969) Anthony Steffan is on hand as a pistelero who has put down his pitols in search of an answer regarding the death of his wife. Once he figures out the answer, you'll never see a man's pistol do more damage again! Very violent, unpleasent western, filled with the usual hate, including a man being burned alive. ORDER

STRANGER SAY YOUR PRAYERS (1967) A bounty hunter and his crippled friend lead the fight against two vicious outlaw brothers who have been robbing and terrorizing the citizens of White City. Another fun entry in the spaghetti western sweepstakes, this one directed by the reliable Demofilo Fidani  (aka Miles Deem). Notable for appearences from director Joe D'Amato (as Willie) and Fabio Testi (as a gang member). ORDER

SUNDANCE CASSIDY AND BUTCH THE KID (1969) Italian rip-off of the Paul Newman classic, this flick was brought to this country by Edward L. Montoro and Film Ventures International, and given one of the most hysterically funny rip-off campaigns by Donn Davison. In reality the film was Alive or Perferably Dead, directed by Duccio Tessari and starring Giuliano Gemma and Nino Benvenuti. ORDER

SUPER COLT 38 (1969) Now, here is an ultra rare Mexican made western starring the Prince of Peace himself, Jeffrey Hunter. Essentially a follow up to Los Asasinos (1968) which starred Nick Adams (also available from Cinefear, see Spaghetti western page), who was slated to have starred in this but commited suicide before the production began. Hunter himself would pass away from a brain injury shortly after this film. Anyhow, Hunter plays a sheriff who swears off guns after an accidental killing. I don't have to tell you that he is forced to tighten up his holster when a local band of banditos starts raising hell in his former province. Like Los Asasinos, this film is very violent in the Spaghetti Western tradition. But be forwarned, it's only in it's Spanish language version, no English language version has shown up as of so far. Other than that, dig in....ORDER

TASTE OF THE SAVAGE (1972 Aka An Eye for an Eye) Violent, hateful Mexican Western involving a mother and son avenging the death of their husband/father. Even Cameron Mitchell has the balls to show his face.Very bloody shoot outs in the style of Sam Pekinpah. One dude gets his eye blown out of his head. Directed by Alberto Mariscal, who specilizes in violent and surreal westerns. With Isela Vega, Helena Rojo, Jorge Luke. For nihilists only. ORDER

TEX AND THE LORD OF THE DEEP (1984) Giuliano Gemma is back and better than ever in this super interesting Western/Sci-Fi hybrid that was made late in the game, but well worth the wait. Based on the comic book by Sergio Bonelli, Tex Willer (Giuliano Gemma) and his side kicks Kit Carson and Tiger Jack, find themselves involved in a number of strange murders were the victims bodies are unexplainably mummified. Very much like the Indiana Jones films of the time, only more gruesome. Directed by Duccio Tessari. ORDER

THERE IS A NOOSE WAITING FOR YOU, TRINITY (1970) Klaus Kinski is a bounty hunter after a fellow called Clint, but known here as Trinity for the titles sake. Ennio Morricone provides his usual brilliant score. Directed by Alfonso Balcazar. Uncut, widescreen in English. ORDER

THEY BELIEVED HE WAS A SAINT (1972) This is a fun western featuring Anthony Steffen and Fernando Sancho. Awaiting the release of an old goldminer from prison, a desperato must protect the old man from various other theives if he hopes to get a hold of the old farts money. More laughs that blasts, it still holds your attentio. Directed by Juan Bosch. In English with Dutch subtitles. ORDER

THEY CALL HIM AMEN (1972) More comedy that bullet hit, and it features a screenplay co-written by Dario Argento, so that may perk your interests. Great bar fight scene that rivals the violence of a Three Stooges short. In English with Dutch subtitles. ORDER

THIRTEETH IS A JUDAS (1971 - Aka The Last Traitor) Another excellent Spaghetti Western. A wedding party table set for 13 is poised for bad luck when the bride arrives dead in her carriage. As the story unfolds, it turns out that one of the wedding party is responsible for the carnage. Can revenge be far behind? Featuring the incredible Donald O' Brien (Dr. Butcher, MD) and featuring a fairly detailed and surprising plot, this is well worth the purchase. In English off a real nice European DVD. ORDER

THREE BULLETS FOR A LONG GUN (1974) Now here's a weird twist for the Euro western, a German/South African production starring a fellow named Beau Brummle. Try's hard to be like the relationship films established by Leone, but comes off more like a weird comdy filled with Spaghetti type violence (whippings, brandings, you get the idea!) ORDER

TIME OF VULTURES (1967 aka LAND OF THE BADMEN) This flick has George Hilton in the title role and a fantastic performance from the wonderful Frank Wolff as the villain "Black Tracy". Hilton plays Kitosch, who his mocked and abused by his ranch hand workmates, but its not long before he turns the tables and runs riot with the demented Wolff. Along the way there is revenge, robbery, betrayal and just about everything a good western should have. Directed by Nando Cicero. Letterboxed, in English. Nice... ORDER

TOUGH GUNS (1972 Aka Saddle Tramp Women) A naughty western by director Stu (Drive-in Massacre and Teeny Buns) Segall and a screemnplay by Don (Ilsa) Edmonds. A vengful old timer pay a hired gun to avange his sons death, but finds out in the process that the son was a nasty of son of a bitch who deserved to be killed. Vengence is mine, sayeth the Lord! Along the way we get nudity from Rene Bond, Candy Samples, and various other lovelies! ORDER

EL TUNCO MACLOVIO (1969) Here is a Mexican produced Western that ia as violent, stylistic and exciting as the Italian produced films. The opening has a beautifully shot and edited shootout that downs at least six guys in 90 seconds. How can you go wrong!? Directed by Alberto Mariscal. Upgrade in English. ORDER

20,000 ON SEVEN (1968) Here's another "revenge" based Spaghetti Western, this one features a gun fighter (Roberto Miali) seeking revenge for the murder of his brother. Tons of fun gun play and fistfights, this flick also benefits from the eye candy provided by the lovely Aurora Bautista. Off a georgeous European TV rip and in English! Can't beat that!!! ORDER

TWICE A JUDAS (1968) Klaus Kinski stars in this tale of a rancher who becomes the victim of a ruthless swindler who killed his wife and brother and upsurped his estate. Suffering from amnesia due to a head wound, the ranchers memory returns slowly but surely, and he decides to violently reclaim what is his. ORDER

TWO VIOLENT MEN (1964 Aka Texas Ranger) A texas ranger (George Martin) is tracking a supposed killer (Alan Scott) but ends up joining forces with the said bad guy to help bring down an evil female landlady (Silvia Solar) who is stealing land away from humble, hardworking farmers. This Spanish/Italian co-production is pre-Leone hence it has more of a traditional American western vibe to it, but that doesn't exclude exciting gun fights, bar brawls, plot and counter plot, etc...An oldie but a goodie. ORDER

VENGEANCE (1967) Directed by horror master Antonio Margheriti, Richard Harrison stars as Joko, a gunman out to avenge his partner, who in turn was tortured and killed by four treacherous bandits pretending to be partners. With Margheriti being an expert in gothic, it's not surprising that this nasty western comes off much more like a horror flick. In English, full screen. ORDER

VENGEANCE TRAIL (1971) A young man who witnessed his family being slaughtered by Indians grows up to become a professional scalp hunter, slaughtering any Indians he can get his hands on. Imagine his embarrasment when he discovers that his kin was actually killed by the local, rich, whiteman! Can revenge be far behind? Loaded with bigoted hatred. With Klaus Kinski and Leonard Mann. Letterboxed, in English, gorgeous, what else did you expect... ORDER

WHITE APACHE (1987) When a wagon train of fur hunters is ambushed by a horde of merciless outlaws, the only one left alive is a pregnant woman who gives birth to a child with the help of an Apache chief. When the child grows into a young man and is accidently forced into white society, the shit hits the fan. Another overtly violent and hate filled western from Bruno Mattie. In English. Upgrade Widescreen. ORDER

THE WICKED DIE SLOW (1968) Here is a seriously warped American made western that is perhaps one of the most misanthropic films you will ever see. Not all that much of a plot, but lots of abhorrent behavior as a group of outlaws go on a rape a pillage spree all the while be followed by two so called "good guys" who really aren't all that good put are much more preferable to the outlaws. Lots of slow motion shootings, stabbings, and rape and nudity, enough to keep your attention. None of the characters in this film are likable. Ultra rare off a pre-cert British tape. Go for it! ORDER



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