What they meant then, and what they still mean now!

My love of horror films extends from my exposure to them being broadcasted on commercial television. Further consolidating my love of this particular genre of cinema was the fact that very often some of my favorite horror films were actually made for television, and often I was lucky enough to have seen the original premiers as they unfolded right before my very eyes. As I've stated in other articles on this site, my family gravitated toward entertainment of a horrific or mysterious nature, hence episodes of TV shows such as Columbo are etched into my mind as easily as episodes of the Night Stalker. The interesting thing about made for TV movies of the late sixties and early seventies was the fact that quite often they were as well made and frightening as any of the films designed for theatrical viewing at the time. Why was this? Well, for one, you had directors and writers who worked in both theatrical productions as well as teleplays, hence the said talent would often bring along what they learned in transferring horror to the big screen. And this really proved talent when these said genre specialists were able to bring the same amount of terror to television, which had a set amount of rules when it came to being able to show and not show. In other words, the artist really hits their creative zenith when they are able to bypass censorship of any sort and still get their point across with out running afoul of the rule makers...

To pull experiences out of my head is easy, it's picking the most influential that is difficult. I guess my most vivid memory of watching a made for TV horror movie was seeing Jack Palance portray Dracula in Dan Curtis's production of 1974. Aired on CBS on February 8, 1974, I can recall exactly where I was and what my reaction was to the film. First off, I lived on Long Island and we had a very nasty snowstorm that day. I was slated to stay over my friend Kens house that night. He lived a couple of blocks from me, and despite our relatively close proximity, I still was never really fond of staying over other peoples houses... I was kind of a home body, and was very comfortable in my own surroundings. So I think that dislike of staying at someone's house overnight had already been working away at my nervous system, let alone the very confining snowstorm coupled with a very creepy rendition of Dracula, as we had all become accustomed to the Lugosi Count and felt we were going to get little more than that, a European in an evening coat, talking trash and going for the throat but not REALLY going into the throat! From the moment Palance's assured and angry vampire went whirling out of his castle in the opening frames, to his lust induced kiss and bite orgy on Fiana Lewis's neck, to his hideous impalement against an upright table, this film had my attention hook, line and sinker. And to make it all the more effective, the fact that the outside wind keep howling during the films broadcast, well, you kinda felt you were living a nightmare. As I write this I also come to realize why fear was so in tense in those days. You see, as kids, we all kept secrets, usually involving our own families. In the case of my friend Ken, his father was a New York cop, and he sort of ruled that household with an iron hand... we were only allowed over when he wasn't home or working an evening shift... furthermore, if he did come home, the whole mood of the house shifted, a feeling of discomfort was felt throughout... this and the fact that his dad was a hunter, and the house was filled with trophy animal parts, was very upsetting to a young boy who was very fond of animals. The interesting thing is that all this fear manifested itself into the Palance Dracula, making it one of my all time favorite TV horror films. The need to survive and combat your fears will later make a fond memory out of something that wasn't as fun as it seems now...

As I've mentioned in other articles, gathering around the TV set and watching movies was a standard mode of operation for my family of six. One of the most traumatic experiences I had watching a made for TV movie was Sybil, which premiered on NBC on November 14 & 15, 1976. This Emmy award winner teledrama starred Sally Field as a girl who had been so abused as a child that she developed 16 different personalities to help her deal with her experiences. Although not a horror film, the outrageous situations depicted in the film, coupled with the fact it was based on a true story, made this one of those viewing experiences that burns itself in your mind. Some times your oblivious to life's horrors, even if you experience them at home. It seems young people can only externalize their horrors, so something like Sybil seemed so intense to me back than, because you could externalize your own horrors by watching things happening to people you really don't know. Another film that comes to mind is Terror on the Beach, which aired on CBS on September 18, 1973. Directed by the interesting Paul (Brotherhood of the Bells) Wendkos, this flick focused on Denis Weaver, the family man, taking his son, daughter and wife on an idyllic Summer camping on the beaches of the west coast. Unfortunately, he runs afoul of a group of Manson type thugs who enjoy tormenting the family, who is already buckling under from suppressed problems within themselves. Somewhat inspired by Peckinpah's Straw Dogs, the rather timid Weaver, not the type to stand up to anyone, is forced to take action against the punks or stand losing a family member in the ensuing violence. I recently watched the film again, and while it didn't hold the same intensity it did when I was a kid, it produced a vivid picture of my frightened youth, I could literally recall the intensity I felt while watching this film as a youth, and though certain scenes scrambled in my mind, certain images never seem to leave your psyche... for instance the scene were by Weavers son has a nightmare involving mannequins, and the faces of the antagonists coming closer and closer, are harrowing for a young mind, and I was stunned to see just how vividly the nightmare sequence had stored itself in my head... In fact, very often it was certain sequences that were stand out, I recently watched The Devils Daughter, which aired on ABC on January 9, 1973, and I initial thought that perhaps I hadn't seen this particular flick, but the sequence at the end were by the otherwise innocent looking Steve Stone (Robert Foxworth) reveals himself to be the demon, glowing eye's and all, snapped my memory and brought me right back to my living room circa 1973, were by I was terrified by the glowing eye's. I had actually suppressed the memory.

Very often it was human dilemma that I found to be the most frightening, the teledrama called Death Scream, which had it's premier on ABC in September 26, 1975, and was basically a version of the Kitty Genovese story, where by frightened neighbors stood by and did nothing while a young lady was assaulted and murdered. The sequence of the said event was harrowing for me as a young man, as the idea of apathy, so blatant, is extremely hard to forgive, or condone, but once again real life horrors help us shape just what kind of adult we will mold into. While some would argue that violence on television creates apathy in the viewer, I totally disagree, actually cinematic violence never fails to appall me, and that is the true test to determine the psychologically healthy from the sociopath. A sociopath doesn't feel regardless of exposure to violence, cinematic or otherwise, it's the individual's appreciation of life and it's value that determines morals and values, and not a TV show that contains violence could possibly be powerful enough to produce a sociopath, that behavior is inherent, not learned. Horror films strengthened my values, not lowered them.

Anyhow, the golden age of made for TV movies came to an end in the early 1980's, this being brought about by the emergence of cable vision as a leading factor of home television viewing, and of course home video also taking peoples attention from the TV guide. We started to get made for cable movies, which in turn really sucked because although the producers had greater freedoms to present whatever materials they wanted, this caused the writers to get very lazy and rely on more exploitive methods that worked great for drive-in cinema, but looked out of place on big budget cable productions. The last made for TV horror movie I remember seeing was the fantastic Dark Night of the Scarecrow, which aired on CBS in October 24, 1981. I hadn't seen the whole film, but I recall coming back from my girlfriends place, sprawling out on the floor and watching the last half of film, which really impressed me. Never again would I see a well made, made for TV horror film, and in fact it started to become harder and harder to find a well made for theatrical venue horror film as well.

The following is a list of made for TV horror movies that are not currently available in any venue, and are now being offered through Cinefear for your viewing pleasure. Most films run around 75 minutes, others 90. All titles in this section are $15 per tape. Buy four and get the fifth free. Relive your childhood, and if the mood hits you, feel free to write in with your TV movie memories... If we like what you have to say, we'll even give you the opportunity to have your story posted on our site... In the meantime, keep watching ! We now have one of the largest collection of TV movies ever. All titles available in DVD format as well as VHS. Order four and get every fifth tape or disc free. A few titles have original commercials on them, if this is a problem please ask before purchasing. Buy 10 and get 5 titles free! Updated weekly. More TV titles added 5/21/2024 (see all three pages). Click HERE for our Forgotten Gems page!

ABC FALL PREVIEWS/ BULLWINKLE SHOW (Aired on ABC 1974/ Aired on ABC 1960) Transferred directly off 16mm by Cinefear, here is a really interesting Fall Preview from ABC promoting the various tv shows, sports programming, animated specials, rock music programs, news programs, and movie premiers for the 1974 season. This is an amazing time capsul for you fans of vintage tv programming. Features clips from The Brady Bunch, Partridge Family, The Odd Couple and countless other programming. Features some clips from movies being premiered on tv such as The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. And to make this package even nicer, we've included an episode of the Bullwinkle cartoon show, featuring Rocky and Bullwinkle and Boris and Natasha. But what really makes this interesting is it features all the original commercials from it's 1960 airing. No where will you see it presented in it's original form as you will right here. And you get all of this for a very reasonable $10.00. You can't beat that! Dig in... ORDER

THE ALIENS ARE COMING (Aired on NBC 3/2/80) A young astrophysicist searches for sinister Aliens looking for sanctuary for their comrades by possessing the bodies of humans. This was the pilot for a proposed series that never materialised. ORDER

THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN (Aired on CBS 9/14/77) Peter Parker (Nicholas Hammond) is bitten by a radioactive spider and thus becomes the super hero spiderman. In this long lost pilot episode spiderman goes after an extortionist who has a mind control thing going involving ten very important people. Nice upgraded quality on this title. This is far better than the recent spiderman film made for the theater. ORDER

ANDY'S GANG (1955-60) Here is 15 classic episodes from the Andy Devine show, a popular childrens show that featured a story time segment (usually some God awful serial cut into 15 minute chunks) and then some crazy antics between Andy and Midnight the Cat and Squeaky the Mouse (this show would have had charges of animal cruelty as the cat and mouse were live animals uaually tied to some automation device that made it look like they were playing musical instruments or dancing). Then the show launches into a hyper drive of madness as either Andy or one of his special guests (among whom was Billy Gilbert, popular comedic actor who worked with Laurel and Hardy and The Little Rascals) would tangle with Froggy the Gremlin, an obnoxious frog that would appear, disappear and reappear and toss insults at people. You'd swear you were suffering from some God awful fever as you watch this abomination. Devine appears to be three sheets to the wind in this footage, or perhaps he was just naturally awkward and odd, but he's far from comforting as a childrens show host. This series is a must. Comes on 5 DVD's. ORDER

ANY SECOND NOW (Aired on NBC 2/11/69) Great plot has Stewart Granger as a photographer who intends to kill his wife for her money. His plot at rigging an automobile accident only robs her of her memory, which is temporary. Tense stuff. With Joseph Campanella and Marion Ross. ORDER

ASSIGNMENT MUNICH (Aired on ABC 4/30/72) High intrigue in this story of a woman who's father had been the brains behind one of the biggest robberies in Europe. When he's murdered upon his release from prison, the daughter is threatened by three killers, who in turn are challenged by an undercover agent . Fun stuff with an excellent cast including Richard Basehart, Roy Scheider, Lesley Ann Warren, and Robert Reed among many more... Very rare so snatch it up. ORDER

THE BABYSITTER (Aired on ABC 11/28/80) Sweet psycho Stephanie Zimbalist worms her way into the lives of Patty Duke Astin and William Shatner and turn their lives into a living hell. John Houseman play the doctor next door. ORDER

BAD RONALD (Aired on ABC 10/23/74) A family with three daughters moves into an old house having no idea what so ever that a crazy teenage murderer occupies a secret room. Very spooky, and one of the most beloved titles in the history of TV horrors. Available through Warner as a limited release, check Amazon.

BAFFLED (Aired on NBC 1/30/73) An American race car driver (Leonard Nemoy) begins having premonitions of danger. He joins forces with a lady who specialises in ESP with hopes to prevent future tragedies.No matter how hard he tries, Leonard Nemoy can't help but look like an alien, so his attempts at romantic leading roles can only bring smiles. Otherwise, this flick is very cool... ORDER

THE BLACK PROPHET - SUSPENSE THEATER (Aired on CBS 3/17/53) Boris Karloff is Rasputin and Leslie Neilson is his assassin in this made for TV melodrama. Karloff is fantastic as Rasputin, giving an interesting twist to the story in that his character is wise and sympathetic. And if that isn't enough, you also get on the same bill Karloff on the Dinah Shore show circa May 17, 1957. He appears along side Art Carney and Betty Hutton, and sings and dances in a Halloween special. I don't expect your gonna pass this up...ORDER

THE BIRDMEN (Aired on ABC 9/18/71 Aka Escape of the Birdmen) Really cool "escape from prisoner of war camp" flick has allied POWs making a plan to escape the Germans by creating hang gliders and soaring there way into Switzerland. With Doug McClure, Richard Basehart, Tom Skerritt and Rene Auberjonois. ORDER

THE BORGIA STICK (Aired on NBC 2/25/67) Solid suspense thriller involving a couple who discover the hard way that they have signed a contract with the underworld that can't be broken. Don Murray and Inger Stevens are the sorry couple. Very early TV chiller that holds you captive. ORDER

BORN INNOCENT (Aired on NBC 9/10/74) Crazy made for TV flick in which Linda Blair suffers indignities at a detention home. Made famous by the broom handle rape sequence. You know what I'm talking about... ORDER

BROTHERHOOD OF THE BELL (Aired on CBS 9/17/70) Super cool flick that compounds conspiracy theories, thus many believe the film has been suppressed. Glen Ford finds that the club he once belonged to is actually a secret society who's members intend to achieve monetary and professional security while punishing those who stand in it's way! Quality a tad thin, but very rare none the less... ORDER

CALL TO DANGER (Aired on CBS 2/27/73) Pilot episode of a" would be" series with Peter Graves. An undercover agent and his assistant come to the aid of a syndicate witness who has been abducted and stashed away on an island. If Mission Impossible got cancelled, Graves was to segway into this series. Well, Mission Impossible was cancelled, but this never took off either. If your a Peter Graves fan, you can't go wrong, makes for a fun action flick... ORDER

CHARLIE'S ANGELS (Aired on ABC 3/21/76) The original pilot. The three pieces of ass (Jackson, Fawcett, Smith) try and pry the whearabouts of a dead body from the guy who did the killing. Directed by Night Stalkers John Moxey. ORDER

CLIMB AN ANGRY MOUNTAIN (Aired on NBC 12/23/72) A sheriff and a New York cop come to blows when it comes to apprehending an Indian who has escaped up the side of a mountain. With Feww Parker, Barry Nelson and Stella Stevens. ORDER

THE CLONING OF CLIFFORD SWIMMER (Aired on ABC Wide World of Mystery 1973) Clifford Swimmer is a masty creep of a husband and father. He decides to cut out on them but hires a scientist to clone him so he can replace himself with the clone. However, the clone is the exact opposite of Clifford, a very gentle and loving man. When the real Clifford decides to come back, he finds the family loves the new Clifford much, much more. This leads to jealousy and murder! Cast is great, Peter Haskell, Sheree North and Lance Kerwin. ORDER

A COLD NIGHTS DEATH (Aired on ABC 1/30/73) "The Chill Factor" was the original title during production of this cool psychological thriller in which two research scientists find themselves stalked by an unknown force in an Arctic research facility. ORDER

THE CONNECTION (Aired on ABC 2/27/73) Charles Durning puts himself in harms way as an out of work newspaper man with lots of debt who decides to act as a go between for a jewel thief and an insurance company. With Zohra Lambert (of Lets Scare Jessica to Death fame). ORDER

CONSPIRACY OF TERROR (Aired on NBC 12/29/75) Ultra rare TV, not offered by any others! A husband and wife detective team investigate satanism in surburbia when not squabbling with his parents, who are angry he married out of faith! This was directed by the Night Stalkers John Llewellyn Moxey. Off a nice British master tape! ORDER

CRAWLSPACE (Aired on CBS 2/11/72) A terror classic from director John Newland and featuring Arthur Kennedy and Teresa Wright as an older couple who befriend a weird guy who turns out to be a complete psychopath. This is the now out of print DVD from Wildeye Releasing. It is sealed, never before opened. I only have a few of these left, so act now before they run out because once I do, they're gone! $25.00 ORDER

CRIME CLUB (Aired on CBS 4/3/75) The head of a private "crime club" decides to buddy up with a defense attorney and an investigative reporter in an effort to clear a confessed serial killer who actually isn't the killer and is only confessing for publicity. Cool pilot for a series that never became a series. With Scott Thomas, Eugene Roche and Robert Lansing. Special appearence by Hammer Scream Queen Martine Beswick. ORDER

CROWHAVEN FARM (Aired on ABC 11/24/70) UPGRADE This is perhaps one of the eeriest made for TV movies, and a fave among many. Hope Lang and family come face to face with the past when a group of ghosts that Ms. Lang betrayed in a past life decide to pay their respects. Horror great John Carradine appears alongside a cast of characters including Paul Burke, Milton Selzer, and Lloyd Bochner. ORDER

CRY PANIC (Aired on ABC 2/6/74) After a man accidently runs over a pedestrian, his nightmares get worse when he discovers that the small town that the man lived in harbors some very dangerous secrets. A classic with John Forsythe, Earl Holliman, and Ralph Meeker. ORDER

CRY FOR THE STRANGERS (Aired on CBS 12/11/82) A very scary story of murder and the supernatural has Patrick Duffy and his wife encountering local superstition and unsolved murders in a town that is very hostile to strangers. Directed with tremendous atmospher by the incredible Peter (The Changling) Medak. This print comes off a rare British master tape, as the film never had a tape release in this country, only it's initial TV showing. ORDER

CURSE OF THE BLACK WIDOW (Aired on ABC 9/16/77) An all star cast join forces in a search for a killer who murders it's pray just like a spider would. Cast includes Tony Franciosa, Donna Mills, Patty Duke Astin, June Lockhart, June Allyson, Max Gail, Vic Morrow, Roz Kelly and Sid Caesar. Directed by The Night Staker's Dan Curtis. ORDER

CURSE OF KING TUTS TOMB (Aired on NBC 5/8-9/80) Eva Marie Saint and Robin Ellis battle Raymond Burr over the contents of King Tuts tomb. Originally aired on two nights but now one neat two hour movie for your viewing pleasure! Actually this flick is a nice "speculative" idea behind the events of the King Tuts tomb legend, though I have to say that Raymond Burr, looking like he weighs 600 pounds, was costumed by Omar the Tent maker, and wearing blackface (?) playing an evil Egyptian is just too much to behold. Especially in that his shade of black keeps going from light to dark, kind of like Al Jolsen on a bad make-up day! ORDER

DADAH IS DEATH (Aired 10/30/88) Another in the scary true life horror story catagory has two Australians caught for smuggling heroin out of Malaysia and being used as an example to the Western world that the East will execute Westerners just to show a flexing of political muscle. Still, it's a tad hard to feel sorry for heroin sellers, regardless of how much humanity you drum into their character. ORDER

DAN TURNER - HOLLYWOOD DETECTIVE (Aired on 8/25/90 Aka Raven Red Kiss) Marc Singer is the Hollywood gumshoe who must prove his innocence in the murder of his girlfriend and best friend. Nicholas Worth from Don't Answer The Phone is also on hand, as is Clu Guleger, Paul Bartel, my God, this is an exploitation film fans dream cast. ORDER

THE DAIN CURSE (Aired on CBS 5/22-24/78) Uncut, off a Europen source, here's the complete mini-series featuring James Coburn as a detective attempting to solve a jewlry hiest and becoming involved with a woman who is obsessed with a family curse. On three discs. ORDER

DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW (Aired on CBS 10/24/81) An excellent psychological drama about a group of vigilantes who murder a retarded man unjustly, only to be stalked and killed by a mysterious force some time after the incident... Great performance from Charles Durning, who once again portrays a contemptible prick! ORDER

THE DARK SECRET OF HARVEST HOME (Aired on NBC 1/23-24/78) Great flick that has David Ackroyd learning the hard way about angering pagan females. Bette Davis is wonderful as the Widow Fortune, den mother to a bunch of banshee's. This is a three hour version assembled from two alternate sources, thus restoring a lot of footage that has not been seen since it's original airdate. Because of this, the quality is inconsistent but still good. Two tapes for $25.00. ORDER

DAUGHTER OF THE MIND (Aired on ABC 12/9/69) Is Ray Milland really seeing his dead daughter, or is someone screwing with his mind? Excellent thriller with an allstar cast including Gene Tierney, Edward Asner, George Macready and the annoying Pamelyn (Odd Couple) Ferdin as the dead daughter. ORDER

DAVID CASSIDY- MAN UNDERCOVER (Aired on NBC 1978/79) Ok folks, we have all ten episodes of the short lived David Cassidy series Man Undercover. Cassidy plays a married detective by the name of Dan Shay, who due to his youthful appearence is sent to infiltrate the LA youth scene, posing as a target for drug dealers, white slavers, and any other group of bad guys preying off the youth of America. At home his wife and daughter comfort him. In the office he's hounded by tough police chief Sgt. Abrams (Simon Oakland). You get two discs with five episodes each. Hence the total is $25.00 for the set. ORDER

THE DAVID CASSIDY STORY (Aired on NBC 1/7/2000) And to follow up your Man Undercover purchase, pick up the story of David Cassidy's life. This TV docu drama tells the story of David Cassidy and his troubled relationship with his alcoholic father Jack Cassidy. The show of course features all the highlights and downfalls in David's career. Andrew Kavovit plays David Cassidy, with Malcolm McDowell playing Jack Cassidy. Like all TV dramas, not 100% accurate but a fun time passer. Buy the premise, buy the flick. ORDER

DAWN :PORTRAIT OF A TEENAGE RUNAWAY (Aired on NBC 9/27/76) 15 year old daughter of a cocktail waitress goes to the big city to be become a big prostitute. TV in the seventies was as sleazy as the decade. Eve Plumb (Brady Bunch) plays the little slut. ORDER

THE DEAD DON'T DIE (Aired on NBC 1/14/75) George Hamilton seeks to prove his brother was wrongly executed while fighting off zombies and the supernatural in 1930's Chicago. Directed by the off beat Curtis Harrington. All star cast includes Ray Milland, Ralph Meeker, Joan Blondell, Yvette Vickers, and Reggie (MARK OF THE DEVIL) Nalder. ORDER

THE DEADLY TOWER (Aired on NBC 10/18/75 aka SNIPER) Excellent recreation of the August 4, 1966 sniper massacre in Texas. Kurt Russell turns in one of his best performences as Charles Whitman, the disturbed student who decided to open fire on unsuspecting folks. One of the best made for TV movies ever made. ORDER

DEATH AT LOVE HOUSE (Aired on ABC 9/3/76) A young writer and his wife accept the challenge of writing a movie script about a legendary star, take up residence in her old mansion, and find themselves tormented by her spirit who reaches out from beyond the grave!ORDER

DEATHMOON (Aired on CBS 5/31/78) An overworked executive turns into a rip roaring, snarling werewolf during his Hawaii vacation. Kills off lots of annoying tourists. Cool make-up and a few startling scenes... ORDER

DEATH SENTENCE (Aired on ABC 10/2/74) Cloris Leachman plays a juror on a murder trial who realises that the man accused is inoccent and her husband is guilty. What to do!? ORDER

DEATH STALK (Aired on NBC 1/25/75) A group of husbands frantically try to save their wives who were taken hostage by four escaped convicts. The action takes place on a treacherous river on a rubber raft. If you like Deliverance, you'll like this! ORDER

DEVIL'S DAUGHTER (Aired on ABC 1/9/73) Horror classic has Belinda J. Montgomery paying the price for having her paternal mother make a patch with Satan. All star cast blows this masterpiece out of the water...Joseph Cotten, Shelley Winters, Jonathan Frid, Robert Foxworth, Abe Vigoda. ORDER

DEVIL DOG : THE HOUND OF HELL (Aired on CBS 10/31/78) This was a Halloween night premier involving Richard Crenna and family fighting off a hound literally from Hell, the dog has the ability to cause evil, unspeakable things to happen around the house. A favorite of my wife's, but not mine...ORDER

THE DISAPPEARENCE OF AIMEE (Aired on NBC 11/17/76) Based on a true story of the 1926 disappearence of evangelist Aimee McPhearson. Her reappearence led to a court hearing which needed to determine if she had been kidnapped and yaken to Mexico as she claimed or did she simply have a fling with a married man. Curious? Buy this flick and find out. Great cast includes Faye Dunaway, Bette Davis and James Woods. ORDER

DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK (Aired on ABC 10/10/73) Kim Darby inherits an old mansion and is in turn visited by an army of demon like creatures who resemble walking scumbags. This film will increase your horrors of moving into a new house ten fold... Available through Warner as a limited release, check Amazon.

DON'T GO TO SLEEP (Aired on ABC 12/10/82) Daughter of a troubled family is killed in an auto accident and then returns from the grave to take each family member back with her. Dennis Weaver and Valerie Harper play the husband and wife, a role they performed before in the TV movie The Day The Loving Stopped. ORDER

DRIVE HARD, DRIVE FAST (Aired on NBC 9/11/73) A race car driver is threatened by a machete swinging maniac. Is he possibly involved in a love triangle? Initially this was shot in 1969 but not played on TV till '73. Great cast includes Brian Kelly, Joan Collins and Henry Silver. Ultra rare hence $20. ORDER

DR. STRANGE (Aired on CBS 9/6/78) Based on the Marvel Comics charector created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, this colorful, fun production features a sorcerer and a psychiatrist joining forces to stop an unearthly beauty who has the power to steal mens souls! ORDER

DYING ROOM ONLY (Aired on ABC 9/18/73) Great screenplay by the brilliant Richard Matheson makes for a compelling thriller about a wife (Cloris Leachman) who's husband (Dabney Coleman) dissapears when she uses a restroom in a greasy spoon. Ross Martin and Ned Beatty play hateful rednecks. ORDER

THE EDGAR WALLACE MYSTERY THEATER (Aired from 1960-65) Ok folks, here is an ALMOST complete run of episodes from the British made series based on stories by Edgar Wallace. The episodes I have are as follows: House of Mystery (Aired 1960) Man in the Back Seat (1960) Urge to Kill (3/60) Clue of the Twisted Candle (9/60) Marriage of Convenience (11/60) The Man Who Was Nobody (12/60) The Clue of the New Pin (2/60) Partners in Crime (Aired 1/61) The Fourth Square (6/61) Man at the Carlton Tower (7/61) Clue of the Silver Key (7/61) Attempt to Kill (9/61) Man Detained (10/61) Never Back Losers (12/61) The Sinister Man (12/61) Candidate For Murder (2/62) Backfire! (2/62) The Share Out (2/62) Flat Two (2/62) Number Six (4/62) Time To Remember (4/62) Locker 69 (9/62) Playback (9/62) Solo For Sparrow (8/62) Death Trap (10/62) 20,000 Kiss (1/63) Incident at Midnight (1/63) Set Up (1/63) On The Run (2/63) Return To Sender (3/63) Ricochet (3/63) The Rivals (5/63) To Have & To Hold (7/63) Five To One (12/63) Who Was Maddox (6/64) Act Of Murder (9/64) Game For Three Losers (4/65) Change Partners (7/65) and Dead Mans Chest (10/65). These episodes feature some of Britains finest actors (Michael Gough, Nigel Davenport, John Van Eyssen, Patrick Magee, Nigel Green to name but a few). 38 episode and I'm willing to put two per disc as requested. Otherwise, this is being sold as a set for $75.00. Can't be combined with any deal or monthly sale being offered. ORDER

ELLERY QUEEN: DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU (Aired on NBC 11/19/71) Peter Lawford, drunk as usual, plays Ellery Queen in this actually very good made for TV movie. In this pilot episode Lawford is in search of a killer who is stranfling both male and female victims. The motive behind the killings is fantastic, script is good, tight and solid, and a stellar list of co-stars really make this flick click, not to mention the wild, psychedelic animation that punctuates the murder scenes. With Harry Morgan, E,G. Marshall, Stephanie Powers, and Colleen Gray. ORDER

ESCAPE FROM IRAN : THE CANADIAN CAPER (Aired May 17, 1981 CTV ) If you are a fan of the film ARGO, you are going to love this. Tells the true life story of how the Canadian Embassy helped American Diplomats escape from the clutches of those ravinous Iranians during the hostage crises of  the late 70's. This tells the whole story plus the smuggling out of the Diplomats. This is a Canadian TV movie. This is ultra rare by the way, you'll be hard put trying to find a copy of this anywhere else. Cast includes Gordon Pinset, Chris Wiggins, Diana Barrington and Larry Koster. ORDER

ESCAPE TO MINDANAO (Aired on TV 12/7/68) A powerful prisoner of war drama in which several American GI's break away from a Japanese interment campwith a decoding device that is vital to their captors. Along the way then run into various assholes who slow up the works, including a sea captain, his vuluptuous daughter and a black marketeer.  Mindless fun for the whole family. ORDER

EVIL IN THE SWAMP (Aired on ABC 11/12/74 aka All The Kind Strangers) A strange group of orphans looking for suitable parents give Stacy Keach and Samantha Eggar the once over. Scary backwoods horror filmed on location in Tennessee and produced by Jerry (I Drink Your Blood) Gross. Hows that! ORDER

EVIL STALKS THIS HOUSE (Aired on CBS 1987 Aka Tales of the Haunted) Originally shot for pay TV in 1981, this interesting offering didn't hit public airwaves until '87. This one has an excellent cast including Jack Palance (who overacts in his usual idiotic fashion) , Helen Hughs, Frances Hyland, Mike Starr, and host Christopher Lee. Excellent story involves Palance trying to swindle to sweet old ladies out of their home possessions. Of course, things get mucked up and fate intervines when morality is broken. Directed by Gordon Hessler, and written by Louis Heyward (both from American International Pictures), this flick is better than it seems, yet not as good as it could have been. It is very, very rare, and well worth having in your collection, so go for it! ORDER

THE EXECUTION OF PRIVATE SLOVIK (Aired on NBC 3/13/74) Martin Sheen gave an Emmy Award winning performance in this tale of a private executed for dessertion during WWII. Ned Beatty and Gary Busey add to the drama. Outstanding television directed by Lamont Johnson. ORDER

EXECUTIONERS SONG (Aired on NBC 11/28-29/82) Tommy Lee Jones is Killer Gary Gilmore who was put to death by his own insistance by a firing squad in 1977. Here's his story. With Rosanna Arquette. ORDER

EXO-MAN (Aired on NBC 6/18/77) A professor who has been paralyzed in an attack by gansters builds a suit that not only protects him but makes him super human and very powerful. Made way before Robo Cop, this is a missing treat that you've long been looking for. With David Ackroyd, Anne Schedeen, and Harry Morgan. ORDER

THE FAILING OF RAYMOND (Aired on ABC 11/27/71) A school teacher (Jane Wyman) finds out after her retirement that a former pyscho student (Dean Stockwell) who she failed ten years earlier is stalking her and has every intention on killing her. Scary stuff directed by Boris Sagal (director of the Omega Man and father of Katie Sagal from Married with Children). With Dana Andrews, Murray Hamilton and Catherine Louise Sagal (Katie). Ultra rare hence $20. ORDER

FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER (Aired on NBC 7/25/82) Originally produced by the incredible Sunn Classic Pictures (who gave us such fantastic fare as Beyond & Back (1978), pseudo documentaries about supernatural occurrences) in 1978, this flick sat on the shelf until it discovered life on TV. Martin Landau is the crazy Roderick Usher in this sleazy seventies adaption of the Edgar Allen Poe classic. Spooky film, enhanced by rather cheap production values, which in turn give it a surreal look. ORDER

FEAR NO EVIL (Aired on NBC 3/3/69) Directed by made for TV fave Paul Wendkos, this flick introduces us to Louis Jourdan's psychiatrist who is called in to investigate a man and his haunted antique mirror. It has a sequel called Ritual of Evil. QUALITY UPGRADE - Not perfect, but much better than it was. ORDER

FER DE LANCE (Aired on CBS 10/18/74) From the Diaster Movie school. A submarine is wedged deep in the bowles of the sea. And if that's not bad enough, a mass of deadly snakes are loose and putting the bite on the trapped seamen. Made long before Snakes on a Plane. Great cast includes David Janssen, Hope Lang, Ivan Dixon. ORDER

FRANKENSTEIN : THE TRUE STORY (Aired on NBC 11/30 - 12/73) A cool British made flick which focuses on the relationship between the masker and the monster. This particular version is edited together from both the television premiered version and the British Theatrical version, which had more gore. Hence, now you have the best of both worlds. With James Mason, David McCullum and Michael Sarrazin. Came to DVD this Fall via Image Entertainment. Check Amazon.

GARGOYLES (Aired on CBS 11/21/72) When an anthropologist attemps to gather up some strange bones he's found in the dessert, the living relatives of those bones object! Super cool make-up by Stan Winston punctuates this late night horror fave.ORDER

GOOD AGAINST EVIL (Aired on ABC 5/22/77) An exorcism flick about a young couple (Dack Rambo and Elyssa Davalos) besieged by supernatural forces. Dan O' Herlihy plays the priest intent on exprcising the evil. Damn, the Devil wont let go... ORDER

THE GOOD LIFE (Aired on NBC 9/18/71 - 1/8/72) Ok folks, straight off 16mm to your home tv, here is four episodes of the extremely rare series that was supposed to be Larry Hagman's follow up to I Dream of Jeannie. Larry Hagman and Donna Mills play a husband and wife team who try to get into a life of money and adventure by becoming butler and cook to wealthy businessman (David Wayne), his constantly complaining sister (Hermione Baddeley) and his son (Danny Goldman). The four episodes we have are as follows: The Vacation aired 10/16/71, Dutton's Retirement aired 11/6/71, A Tremendous Sense of Layalty aired 12/4/71 and Dial M for Merger aired 1/8/72.  You'll get all for episodes for $20.00. And you can't beat that. These are very rare, honestly, check YouTube, they have one episode and it's in spanish, and it isn't any of these episodes. ORDER

A GUN IN THE HOUSE (Aired on CBS 2/11/81) A woman uses a handgun to kill a rapist, only to have a rotten prosecutor use it against her. Strong statement taken right out of todays headlines. Sally Struthers plays the chick in a role originally to have been played by Stockard Channing, who was partners in the company that made this film. ORDER

THE HAUNTING OF HARRINGTON HOUSE (Aired on CBS 9/8/81) The late Dominique Dunne plays a teenage girl who returns to her fathers hotel onl;y to discover that businerss is bad because the place is suffering from a ghost infiltration. This was originally part of the CBS Childrens Theater and is very innocent and lots of fun. Excellent cast rounds out this 30 minute presentation; Roscoe Lee Brown, Vito Scotti, Edie Adams, Phil Leeds. ORDER

HEARTS OF DARKNESS (Aired on CBS 11/6/58) Part of the Playhouse 90 series, this gem has Boris Karloff as crazy Kurtz starring along side Eartha Kitt, Roddy McDowell and Oscar Homolka. Excellent version of the Joseph Conrad story (later to be filmed as Apocalypse Now). Decent quality, has a slight audio crackle. Contains original commercials from the time. ORDER

HEY, I'M ALIVE! (Aired on ABC 11/7/75) Great story of survival based on a 1963 incident in which an older man and a younger woman survived a plane crash only to have to brave the wilderness of the Yukon and live off melted snow. Ed Asner and Sally Struthers are the man and woman. Obviously, Sally Strothers is surviving off more than melted snow these days, but this is still a title you can't do without. With Milton Selzer. ORDER

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS (Aired on ABC 11/28/72) A crazy old man summons his three daughters to his home to help kill his wife, whom he suspects is trying to kill him. All star cast (Walter Brennan, Sally Field, Jill Haworth) play this shocker to the hilt!ORDER

HOSTAGE TOWER (Aired on CBS 5/13/80) A master criminal (Keir Dullea) want to capture the Eiffel Tower in order to kidnap the presidents mother (Celia Johnson). With Peter Fonda, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Billy Dee Williams and Rachel Roberts. ORDER

HOTLINE (Aired on CBS 10/16/82) Lynda Carter and her two twins play a woman who works at a phone crisis center, only to realise she is being stalked by a psychotic caller. Scary! ORDER

HOW AWFUL ABOUT ALLAN (Aired on ABC 9/22/70) Tony Perkins play a fellow aflicted with temporary blindness as a result of guilt that he may have been responsible for his fathers death. Perkins seems to sleepwalk through the role, but director Curtis Harrington keeps the pace up and delivers an enjoyable flick!ORDER

THE HOUSE THAT WOULD NOT DIE (aired on ABC 10/27/70) Sapho Barbara Stanwyck and friendly neighbor Richard Egan encounter unsettled ghosts in Amish country. A favorite of New York's Channel 7 4:30 movie. UPGRADE . ORDER

THE INITIATION OF SARAH (Aired on ABC 2/6/78) Shelley Winters is a crazy bulldyke who tries to harness the psychic powers of a new co-ed for a destructive means, though the co-ed has ideas of her own for it's use... Great film about angst and how to applie it! Winters manic lesbian has to be seen to be believed! ORDER

AN INNOCENT LOVE (Aired on CBS 3/2/82) Silly, cheesey soap opera exploitation in which a young man (Doug McKeon) is tutored by but falls in love with an older woman (Melissa Sue Anderson) and needless to say this doesn't sit well with her jock boyfriend (Rocky Bauer). ORDER

THE INTRUDER WITHIN (Aired on ABC 2/20/81) Made for TV rip-off of Alien that is really very suspenseful. An oil rig driller in the sea of the Antarctic encounters an undersea monster intent on total destruction. With Chad Everett, Joeseph Bottoms and Jennifer Warren. ORDER

IT HAPPENED ONE CHRISTMAS (Aired on ABC 12/11/77) Basically, a retelling of the Frank Capra classic It's A Wonderful Life only with a gender switch; Marlo Thomas has the James Stewart role. Great supporting cast includes Orson Wells, Wayne Rogers and Cloris Leachman. ORDER

IN THE GLITTER PALACE (Aired on NBC 2/23/77) Hows this for sleaze: The ex-girlfriend of a laywer/detective, who left him behind for a lesbian lover (talk about a kick in the groin), asks him to defend her lover in a murder case (talk about a double kick in the groin). Sleazy soap opera trash that is required viewing. With Chad Everett, Barbara Hershy and Howard Duff. ORDER

ISTANBUL EXPRESS (Aired on NBC 10/22/68) The first in many attempts by TV producers to create their own James Bond. This oddball attempt has an incredible cast featuring Gene Barry, John Saxon, Senta Berger, John Marley and Larry Koster. An Art expert( Gene Barry) finds himself involved in international intrigue aboard the Istanbul Express as several agencies grab for a scientist's papers. Is there anyone he can trust? I seriously doubt it. Shot in Europe with European money but it was meant for TV in the states. Europe got it as a feature. Buy the premise, buy the flick! ORDER

THE JUDGE & JAKE WYLER (Aired on NBC 12/2/72) warm and ligh hearted who done it has Bette Davis as a retired Judge who runs a private detective agency with her #1 flatfoot Doug McClure. The hope was that this would become a series but it never caught on. ORDER

KILLDOZER (Aired on ABC 2/2/74) When a bulldozer hits a meteorite that crash landed on earth, an alien presence takes control of the machine and sets it against the construction workers who are working on this desolate island. A very suspenseful flick that burned itself in my memory upon seeing it as a child. Written by Sci-Fi author Theodore Sturgeon. Comes with color box art for an extra $3.00. Specify in instructions box when ordering if you want the art. ORDER

KILLJOY (Aired on CBS 10/22/81) Off-beat mystery centering around the murder of a model, and some shady charectors including a pathologist, a surgeon, and a scheming female doctor. An early appearence by Kim Bassinger highlights this flick, plus the fact that it won the Mystery Writers of America Edgar award. Try and top that! ORDER

KILLER BEES (Aired on ABC 2/26/74) Gloria Swanson plays the iron willed matriarch of a family of California wine growers who use bees not just to spread pollen, but wipe out snoopy unwanted guests. Kate Jackson co-stars along side Edward Albert and Craig Stevens. Directed with the usual weirdness by Curtis Harrington. ORDER

KILLER ON BOARD (Aired on NBC 10/10/77) A cruise ship meant for fun and pleasure turns into one fucking nightmare when a dreaded and dealy virus takes hold of the passengers one by fucking one. Fun time waster that's a combo sci-fi disaster film. Great cast including Claude Akins, Patty Duke Astin, George Hamilton, Jane Seymour, Rafael Campos. ORDER

A KILLING AFFAIR (Aired on CBS 9/21/77) A white woman detective (Elizabeth Montgomery) has jungle fever and proceeds to have an affair with her black partner (real life murderer O.J. Simpson). To complicate the matter they are trying to solve a series of horrific crimes. Watch life imitate art as O.J. Simpson learns how to kill by appearing in films like this. ORDER

KILLING AT HELL'S GATE (Aired on CBS 10/31/81) When an unpopular politician decides to take a ride down the rapids, he stalked by an angry group of men who intend to end his career for good. In the tradition of Deliverance. With Robert Urich, Deborah Raffin, Paul Burke, and Brion (Shocker) James as one of the local mutants. ORDER

KILLING STONE (Aired on NBC 5/2/78) Directed by Michael Landon, this nifty TV flick details the trials and tribulations of a man falsy accuseed of murder, his incarceration and releaae, and his subsequent journey to rebuild his life. Gil Gerard plays the unjustly accused man with vigor, one of his best performances. A grand back up cast makes this film even better; J.D. Cannon, Jim Davis, Howard Witt. ORDER

THE LADY'S NOT FOR BURNING (Aired on PBS 11/18/74) Fantastic adaption of the play by Christopher Fry in which a woman (Eileen Atkins) in the middle ages is accused of witchcraft and murder and sentenced to die. A man (Richard Chamberlain) admits to the murder and wishes to die in her place, but the ignorance of the community insists it's the woman. This is perhaps Chamberlain's finest performance, and is truly a funny and sad indictment of society. Comes with color box art for an extra $3.00. Specify in instructions box when ordering if you want the art. ORDER

LEGEND OF LIZZIE BORDEN (Aired on ABC 2/10/75) Freaky telling of the 19th century murders of the parents of one Lizzie Borden (Elizabeth Montgomery), of whom was accused of the murder. Directed with stylish flair by Paul Wendkos. Folks, the version I carry is the uncut, European print as was released on video in England. It has more glimpses of Elizabeth in the raw, and certainly more blood spattered than when it was originally shown in '75, and it's not the version shown on A&E, though to be fair that version was uncut as well. ORDER

THE LONGEST NIGHT (Aired on ABC 9/12/72) Super intense tale of a wealthy business mans daughter being kidnapped and buried alive for ransom. All star cast includes David Janssen, James Farentino, Mike Farrell. A real nail biter, don't pass up this rare TV classic. ORDER

THE MANHUNTER (Aired on CBS 2/26/74) A WWI veteran goes after a Bonny & Clyde style gansters after they murder his ex-girlfriend. This would develope into a TV series that would run from '74 through '75 with star Ken Howard in the lead role. Great cast includes Gary Lockwood, Stephanie Powers, LQ Jones, and RG Armstrong. The only thing missing is Sam Pekinpah. ORDER

MANHUNTER (Aired on CBS 74/75 Season) Here I have eleven episodes of the famed but very rare TV series called Manhunter starring Ken Howard as a WWI hero who becomes a bounty hunter during the roaring 20's. Six episodes were transferred personally by me off of 16mm film prints. The episodes are as follows:The Man Who Thought He Was Dillinger (9/18/74) The Baby-Faced Killers (9/20/74), Death On The Run (10/2/74), The Doomsday Gang (10/23/74) The Trunk Murders (11/6/74 - episode written by Robert Bloch), A.W.O.L. To Kill (12/11/74- Incomplete) Flight to Nowhere (12/18/74, alternate source, not 16mm) Man in a Cage (1/22/75),The Seventh Man (1/29/75), To Kill A Tiger (2/26/75) Trial by Terror (3/5/75). These are all I have for now, each episode runs about 50 minutes, plus you get a bonus 50 second TV preview announcing the series. All this for $55 Bucks, you can't beat it! ORDER

A MATTER OF WIFE...AND DEATH (Aired on NBC 4/10/76) A private eye (Rod Taylor) attempts to track down the killer of a small time hood and ends up in the middle of one of the largest gambling operations in the country. A TV take off of Shamus, a movie that had starred Burt Reynolds. In fact Joe Santos and Larry Block repeat their roles from that film. ORDER

MAZES AND MONSTERS (Aired on Cable Vision 1982) One of Tom Hanks first big films, this flick has some close college friends get together to play Mazes and Monsters, only to discover that the lines of fantasy and reality have become difficult to diferentiate. This is the long 103 minute version, all other releases are missing over 20 minutes of footage! ORDER

MIDNIGHT LACE (Aired on NBC 2/9/81) Remake of the classic film has Mary Crosby as a newpaper reporter who finds out that she is the target of an unknown assassin. With Gary Frank, Celeste Holm, Carolyn Jones and Shecky Greene as a cop. ORDER

MISTER JERICO (Aired on ABC 3/3/70) Patrick Macnee made his U.S. Television debut in this charming caper comedy involving a conman and a knock out blonde trying to steal away a diamond from a top notch thief. With Connie Stevens and Herbert Lom. ORDER

MONGO'S BACK IN TOWN (Aired on CBS 12/10/71) A burst of sadism on the TV screen tells the tale of a hired gunman to rub out a rival gangland member. Based on a book by a convicted murderer. Killer cast includes Telly Savalas, Sally Field, Ann Francis, Martin Sheen, Joe Don Baker and little Angelo Rossito. ORDER

MUD MONSTER (1978 Aka The World Beyond) A monster made out of mud and slime is on the loose on a Canadian island and a lone couple coming for a visit are in for a surprise. This is a surprisingly well made and scary story, designed to be a series that never materialized. Great cast includes JoBeth Williams and Barnard Hughes. This is a fairly decent upgrade to what has been a pretty muddy version going around. It comes from Broadcast and features some nifty old commercials. ORDER

MURDER AT THE MARDI GRAS (Aired on CBS 5/10/78) A waitress witnesses a murder during the Mardi Gras in New Orleans. She suddenly begins to realize that she is being stalked by the same killer. Hair raising. With Barbi Benton, Didi Conn, Ron Silver, Joyce Van Patton and Wolfman Jack. ORDER

MURDER BY NATURAL CAUSES (Aired on CBS 2/17/79) An elaborate mystery featuring Hal Holbrook as a famous mentalist who may or may not be being scared to death by his unfaithful wife (Katharine Ross) and her ham-actor lover (Barry Bostwick). ORDER

MURDER IN COWETA COUNTY (Aired on CBS 2/15/83) Excellent cast enriches this murder mellodrama in which Johnny Cash, playing an upright Georgia sheriff taking every step possible to insure the prosecution of a neighboring town boss (a truly hateful Andy Griffith)who killed a tenant farmer who double crossed him. June Carter Cash appears as a soothsayer. Based on a true case from 1948. ORDER

NIGHT GAMES (Aired on NBC 3/16/74) Barry Newman is Tony Petrocelli, a character he created in The Lawyer (1970) and cotinued in the subsequent series Petrocelli (1974-76). In this pilot episode he sets up shop in Arizona and defends a socialite accused of murdering her husband. Great cast includes Susan Howard, Luke Askew. Stephanie Powers. ORDER

NIGHT TERROR (Aired on NBC 2/7/77) Valerie Harper is terrorised by a psycho with a voice box who killed a cop out on an open stretch of highway. Very suspensful, playing on travel fears that we all have to some degree. Some funny conversation about Long Island (my birthplace) between Harper and actor Nicholas Pryor playing a drunken sports car driver. Richard Romanus makes for a very unsettling killer. ORDER

THE NIGHT THE CITY SCREAMED (Aired on ABC 12/14/80) A blackout in an urban setting is the premise of this horror show based upon the black out in New York in the late seventies. Looters go berserk while Mayor Raymond Burr keeps the political machine moving. With Robert Culp, Linda Purl, Vic Tayback, David Cassidy and Clifton Davis. ORDER

THE NIGHT THAT PANICKED AMERICA (Aired on ABC 10/31/75) Acclaimed director Joseph Sargent gives us this fantastic recreation of the events of Halloween night, 1938, when Orson Wells performed his live War of the Worlds on public radio to an uninformed audience. Exaggerated but fun.ORDER

THE NIGHT THEY SAVED CHRISTMAS (Aired on ABC 12/13/84) An oil company plans on doing some blasting in the North Pole and Santa and Mrs. Claus have to work quick to be sure that their home is not destroyed in the process. Fantasic and delightful fantasy starring Art Carney as Santa, June Lockhart as Mrs. Claus and Jaclyn Smith as the oil executives wife. Directed by Jackie Cooper. ORDER

NO PLACE TO HIDE (Aired on CBS 3/4/81) Kathleen Beller plays an art student who can't convince folks that she is being stalked by a killer. The folks that don't believe her include Mariette Hartley, Keir Dullea, and Arlean Dean Snyder. Very suspensful... ORDER

NO PLACE TO RUN (Aired on ABC 9/19/72) When a young boys parents are killed in a tradgic accident, and it seems as if the courts are not going to grant his grandfather custody, the young boy and the grandfather take to the open road. Soap opera styled fun with Herschel Bernardi, Stefanie Powers, Neville Brand, Larry Hagman. ORDER

OFF THE MINNESOTA STRIP (Aired on ABC 5/5/80) Sleazy soap opera time. A former New York City streetwalker decides to return home to her family and regain their trust and love. With Hal Holbrook and Mare Winningham. ORDER

ORDEAL (Aired on ABC 10/30/73) Also known as Inferno, this flick tells the tale of an asshole business man who is set up and left to die in the dessert by his unfaithful wife and her lover. He learns some good lessons trying to survive and makes a vow for revenge if he does. Buy this flick and find out how it ends... With Arthur Hill, Diane Muldaur and James Stacy. Not to be confused with the Linda Lovelace auto-biography. ORDER

PANIC ON THE 5:22 (Aired on ABC 11/20/74) A private railroad car is invaded by three armed men determined to rob and kill all on board. With Bernie Casey and Linda Day George. ORDER

THE PEOPLE (Aired on ABC 1/22/72) Kim Darby discovers that the pupils of an isolated California community school have a very weird secret to protect. With William Shatner. Produced by Francis Ford Coppola, and directed by Peabody award winner John Korty. A classic that saw lots of life on New Yorks channel 7 4:30 Movie. ORDER

THE PEOPLE ACROSS THE LAKE (Aired on Cable 1987) Insane made for TV movie has Dabney Coleman and Valerie Harper as a married couple who move from the California city to a lake side wilderness in search of peace and quiet only to discover unsolved murders and a nasty psychopathic killer. Basically a slasher film that premiered on cable as opposed to the theatres. Very gruesome and lots of fun. Off a rare British master tape. ORDER

THE POSSESSED (Aired on NBC 5/1/77) Excellent, and actually somewhat scary TV take-off on the exorcist in which a defrocked priest (James Farentino) is called in to investigate some hideous spontaneous combustion at an out of way all girls school. Great exorcism scene has the devil possessed spitting steel nails in the face of Farentino. Very cool flick! With Harrison Ford, Joan Hackett and PJ Soles. ORDER

POOR DEVIL (Aired on NBC 2/14/73) Here's another pilot for a series that never took off. In this one satans(a rediculas looking Christopher Lee, who's haircut makes him look like a rip roaring faggot) assistant (Sammy Davis Jr) gets his final chance to secure the soul of a miserable accountant (Jack Klugman). Funny stuff. With Adam West. ORDER

PRAY FOR THE WILDCATS (Aired on ABC 1/23/74) Andy Griffith officially broke his "Mayberry" mode by playing a scumbag businessman who coerces three prospective employees into a test of the wills motorcycle ride to Mexico. William Shatners Moe Howard haircut has to be seen to be believed! Intense drama, and perhaps Griffiths best performance. With Robert Reed, William Shatner, Marjoe Gortner, Lorraine Gary and Angie Dickinson. ORDER

QUARANTINED (Aired on ABC 2/24/70) A family of doctors that runs a medical clinic finds itself up against a sudden cholera epidemic and a movie star who refuses to accept treatment for the disease. Well, here's a timely one for the Panademic of 2020 It just goes to show you what's old is what's new. A fun cast rounds out running time; Gary Collins, John Dehner, Terry Moore and Dr. Zorba himself, Sam Jaffey. You can't beat this. So quarantine yourself, stay home and watch this. ORDER

THE RETURN OF FRANK CANNON (Aired on CBS 11/1/80) William Conrad is back as Frank Cannon who comes out of retirement to investigate the death of a friend which has been ruled a suicide. Wha wha wha wha....ORDER

REVENGE OF THE STEPFORD WIVES (Aired on NBC 10/12/80) A sequal of sorts to the Ira Levin best seller, this flick has a television reporter (Sharon Gless) stumbling upon the secret of Stepford. The husbands of Stepford are not happy about this... ORDER

RITUAL OF EVIL (Aired on NBC 2/23/70) Sequel to Fear No Evil in which psychiatrist Louis Jourdan investigating a photographer (Diana Hyland) who may or may not be a witch terrorizing heiress Belinda J. Montgomery. Also starring Anne Baxter and Wilfrid Hyde - White. Nice quality on this title.ORDER

SATAN'S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS (Aired on ABC 9/19/73) Pamela Franklin discovers the hard way why her sister and others have committed suicide at an all girls school. Considered a cult classic.ORDER

THE SAVAGE BEES (Aired on NBC 11/22/76) This is a super suspenseful story of a swarm of bees that lay siege to New Orleans. With Ben Johnson. Highly recommended.ORDER

SAVAGES (Aired on ABC 9/11/74) Andy Griffith once again goes out of his way to prove he can play a scumbag better than anyone. In this version of The Most Dangerous Game, Andy plays a hot shot New York based lawyer who accidentally shoots a prospector while hunting out west. He then decides to hunt the guide who witnessed the accident. A classic remembered by most who saw it. ORDER

SCREAM OF THE WOLF (Aired on ABC 1/16/74) With a story by David (The Night Stalker) Chase, and a teleplay by Richard Matheson, how could you go wrong. Werewolf terrorises mountainside community, forcing a famouse hunter out of retirement. Peter Graves and Clint Walker fight the fur... ORDER

SCREAM PRETTY PEGGY (Aired on ABC 11/24/73) Directed by horror hero Gordon (Cry of the Banshee) Hessler, this story tells of an artist who hires a college student as a house maid, but neglets to tell her that his sister, who lives in another house on the property, is insane. Fun stuff with Bette Davis as the artists cranky old mother. ORDER

THE SCREAMING WOMAN (Aired on ABC 1/29/72) Major Upgrade! Fantastic quality! This contemporary gothic horror story which has Olivia De Havilland as an ex-mental patient who finds a young woman buried alive on her property... but no one else seems to believe her, and time is ticking away for the woman who may or may not be buried... cool supporting cast includes Joseph Cotton and Walter Pidgeon. ORDER

SECRET NIGHT CALLER (Aired on NBC 2/18/75) Ok, the long lost legend is finally available. Transferred from our own 16mm print, this gem tells the story of a respectable pervert (Robert Reed) who likes to talk dirty to girls on phones. Things get sticky when a slimey Go Go dancer decides to blackmail him. This has to be one of Robert Reeds best roles, and the scene where he balls out his horrible mother (Sylvia Sydney) will have you cheering. Hope Lang is great as his frigid wife. Michael Constantine also steals the show as a psychiatrist. Priced to move at $20. Comes with nice color box art. ORDER

SEE CHINA AND DIE (Aired on TV 12/9/81) Interesting TV movie directed by B movie king Larry Cohen (It's Alive, God Told Me To) involving Esther Rolls as a maid who works in a swanky apartment complex where various tenents are being murdered by an assailant dressed in a Asian mask and weilding a Japanese sword. Esther Rolls is fantastic in what was supposed to be the pilot for a weekly series that never materialized. Also known as Momma The Detective. With Fritz Weaver and Kene Holliday. Very rare, off a British VHS. ORDER

SEVEN IN DARKNESS (Aired on ABC 9/23/69) Intense disaster drama involving a plane load of blind passengers crash landing in the wilderness and trying to find there way to civilization. An excellent cast bosts this fine TV flick, Milton Berle, Dina Merrill, Lesley Ann Warren, Sean Garrison. Very rare, so snatch it up. ORDER

SHADOW ON THE LAND (Aired on ABC 12/4/68) Here'a classic sci-fi from the golden days of TV which focuses on the concept of America being in the grib of a military dictatorship. Needless to say, there is also an underground movement out to put an end to the tyrany. A reallu nice piece, made all the more watchable by the acting talents of Jackie Cooper, Gene Hackman, John Forsythe and Carol Lynley. ORDER

SHATTERED SILENCE (Aired on ABC 2/5/72 aka WHEN MICHAEL CALLS) Nice Upagrade!A woman is tormented by phone calls from a nephew who supposedly died 15 years ealier. Very spooky. With Michael Douglas and Ben Gazzara. ORDER

SHE WAITS (Aired on CBS 1/28/72) Scary ghost story has Patty Duke possessed by the spirit of her husbands deceased wife. This ghost is revenge bent, find out why... With David McCallum and Dorothy McQuire, making her television comeback after 15 years. ORDER

SHE'S DRESSED TO KILL (Aired on NBC 12/10/79) Eleanor Parker is a horrible bitch fashion designer who assembles a photographer, models, several critics and some of her best customers to her mountain-top retreat for a come back gala, only to have a mysterious killer start wiping them all out in various odd and interesting ways. A made for Television Giallo. ORDER

SHOOTING STARS (Aired on ABC 7/28/83) A pair of TV stars (Billy Dee Williams, Parker Stevenson) are fired from their TV show and decide to become real life detectives on their own. This was the piot for a proposed TV series that went belly up. ORDER

SMASH-UP ON INTERSTATE 5 (Aired on ABC 12/3/76) What sound be a lovely Holiday weekend turns into a rip roaring nightmare when a massive 30 car crash throws an all star casts lives into danger. Classic disaster movie that proves to be a favorite of many. Great cast includes Robert Conrad, Sian-Barbara Allen, Buddy Ebson, Scott Jacoby, Sue Lyon, Vera Miles, Donna Mills, Terry Moore, Tommy Lee Jones. Director John Llewellyn Moxey gave us the Night Staker pilot, so you know you're in good hands! ORDER

SNATCHED (Aired on ABC 1/31/73) this is a pretty cool concept. Three wives of prominant business men are kidnapped and held for ransom. The best part is that one of the husbands doesn't want to pay! Yaaahahaha...With Howard Duff, Leslie Nielsen, Robert Reed, John Saxon and Sheree North. ORDER

SNOWBEAST (Aired on ABC 4/28/77) A killer yeti terrorises a ski resort during a Winter carnival. Originally slated to star Donna Mills and Gloria Swanson, who were in turn replaced by Yvette Mimieux and Sylvia Sidney. Also with Bo Svenson and Clint Walker. ORDER

SNOWBLIND (Aired on CBS 3/3/78 aka SKI LIFT TO DEATH) An ex-mobster, who is going to testify against the syndicate is stalked by a hired killer. To make matters worse, a derailed ski lift mucks things up for both the mobster, assasin and several others. Great 70's ambiance aided by a disco soundttrack and a T-shirt contest, pretty spicy for TV even back then. Sleazy fun! ORDER

SPECTRE(Aired on NBC 5/21/77) Written by Gene Rodenberry, and directed by Clive Donner, this Euro print (which contains nudity not shown in the U.S. television premier) tells of an American criminologist who goes to England to investigate the supernatural forces at work in a rich financier's estate.I really think Rodenberry swallowed some acid when he dreamed this one up, crazy orgy scenes with Devil cultists, monsters right out of Land of the Lost (dig the lizard man in the films final), one of the most enjoyable films that I've seen in quite some time, don't pass this up! ORDER

THE SPY KILLER (Aired on ABC 11/11/69) A private eye is framed by his ex-employer into locating a notebook filled with the names of various agents working for the Red Chinese. With Robert Horton, Sebastian Cabot and Jill St. John. Written and directed by the Hammer Horror team of Jimmy "The Gangsta" Sangster and Roy Ward Baker. ORDER

STARFLIGHT ONE (Aired on ABC 2/27/83) When the worlds fastest plane gets hurled into outer space, an allstar cast including Lee Majors, Hal Linden, Lauren Hutton, and Ray Milland must intercede to save the day. Sci-fi thrills with special effects by John (Star Wars) Dykstra. ORDER

THE STRANGER WITHIN (Aired on ABC 10/1/74) One of the eeriest made for TV sci-fi's ever made... written by the brilliant Richard Matheson, and starring everyone's favorite "Jeanie", Barbara Eden, it tells the story of a pregnant woman who's unborn child controls her every action. ORDER

STREET KILL (Aired on ABC 9/26/75 aka Death Scream) Dramatisation of the Kitty Genovese murder in which a group of apathetic neighbors sit by while a young woman is assaulted and murdered. A real expose of apathy in this country. Phil Ochs's song "Small Circle of Friends" was also inspired by the Kitty Genovese murder. Art Carney stars. ORDER

STREET KILLING (Aired on ABC 9/12/76) A detective drama featuring the talents of Andy Griffith, Bradford Dillman, Harry Guardino,Robert Loggia, Don Gordon and Gerrit Graham. A prosecutor investigates a murder only to discover that it has a connection to a recent mugging, which in turn is connected to a high end crime lord. Will the prosecutor be able to bag the bad guy before another murder is committed? Well, you'll need to buy this to find out! ORDER

THE STREETS OF L.A. (Aired 11/13/79) Joanne Woodward plays a woman who seeks revenge aganst a group of Hispanic thugs who slashed her tires. She gets a hold of a lead pipe and goes to town. Ok, I made this sound much better than it really is. this is actually a pretty stupid movie, mostly because Miss Woodwards charector puts herself in far more danger than she should over some slit tires. Ditful but dumb...ORDER

STRIKE FORCE (Aired on NBC 4/12/75) A state trooper joins forces with a federal agant and NY detective in order to put a halt to narcotics. This was going to be the pilot for a proposed series that never took hold. Great cast includes Richard Gere, Cliff Gorman and Donald Blakely. Keep your eyes peeled for New Yorks resident nut job Joe Spinell. ORDER

SUMMER OF FEAR (Aired on NBC 10/31/78 aka STRANGER IN OUR HOUSE) Directed by horror legend Wes Cravin, Linda Blair finds that her cousin is a bonified witch intent on dominating the family! ORDER

SUPERTRAIN: EXPRESS TO TERROR (Aired on NBC 2/7/79) Here is the pilot episode of a God awful series produced by Dan Curtis during the hight of cocain addiction in the television production world. The idiotic plot of this turkey has Steve Lawrence playing a guy who has debt to the mob. He's on super train trying to escape his problems when the mob decides they are going to rub him off on the train. Yes folks, this is an over budget nightmare, complete with a cast of assholes like George Hamilton, Vicki Lawrence, Fred Williamson, Don Meredith and Alan Alda. Make sure you have a razor ready when you watch this one, your going to opt out early on! ORDER

SWEET, SWEET RACHEL (Aired on ABC 10/2/71) An alltime favorite TV movie of many. Super nice print off a long out of print master tape, get it here and now as dupes sell on Ebay for over $60. An ESP expert searches out a killer who uses telepathy to kill. Super spooky! ORDER

TARANTULAS - THE DEADLY CARGO (Aired on CBS 12/28/77) When tarantulas climb into coffee beans being imported to the U.S.A. from South America, and the plane crashes in the South West, the U.S. suddenly has a bug problem it can do without. From a British master tape. ORDER

TERROR ON THE BEACH (Aired on CBS 9/18/73) From Paul Wendkos comes this tale of a passive father (Dennis Weaver) who must become un-passive in order to protect his family from a "Manson" type cult who intends them no good. Features Susan Dey as the daughter, she wears a bikini and is looking pretty hot, this before her anorexic days. Tense drama well worth checking out. Scared me as a kid, but everything did in those days. ORDER

THIEF (Aired on ABC 10/9/71) When a burglar decides to retire, he finds that his retirement will be cut short due to an unpaid gambling debt. One more job should do it, or will it? Great cast includes Richard Crenna, Angie Dickinson, Cameron Mitchell and Hurd Hatfield. ORDER

VAMPIRE (Aired on ABC 10/7/79) Ugly Richard Lynch excels in this role as a vampire who's tomb is unearthed at a construction site. Jason (The Exorcist) Miller and E G Marshall join forces to hunt the varment down. This was to have lead to a series that never seemed to materialize. ORDER

WEEKEND OF TERROR (Aired on ABC 12/8/70) Three kidnapped nuns get the wake-up call of their life once they realise that their kidnappers only need ONE of them alive to replace a hostage they accidently killed. Tense thriller from the early period of TV terror. Robert Conrad and Lee Majors torment Lois Nettleton, Carol Lynley and Jane Wyatt. Quality on the soft side. One of my most requested titles. ORDER

There are much more to come, so check back for updates....

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