WANTED: A truly scary movie that isn't too gory or vicious, but eerie enough to get under your skin and gives you nightmares for years to come.

FOUND: Made For TV Horror Movies of the 1970's/early 1980's

Being a chick who is found of all sorts of horror movies, I have to confess that I'm particularly fond of the made for tv horror movies of the 1970's and early 1980's, the golden era you could say of this genre. And I'm not alone in feeling this way as I have discovered many other women who cherish these movies. The question you are probably asking is why do these movies appeal to the feminine soul? Let me explain.

Women liking horror films isn't usually seen as your typical sort of thing. But yet these particular horror films seem to attract women by the droves. I think that there are several reasons for this.

One reason would be that most women are extremely sensitive and tend to have low tolerance for scenes of extreme gore and violence. Because of the censorship restrictions of television, the writers are forced to be more creative and suggestive with the violence at hand. It has been said that implied violence is much more horrific than graphic violence. For example, in the brilliant Legend of Lizzie Borden, what really creates an overbearing sense of tension and horror is not actually the murders themselves, but rather the preparation that Lizzie does before each killing. What we have is a woman with a sweet exterior masking a raging psychotic killer. Another example would be The Longest Night. A kidnapped girl girl is buried alive for ransome, and the horror arises out of the situation of being buried alive, with a limited amount of air to breath, and water to drink. And what she is given will run out with-in a certain amount of time, which makes it vital that the police investigating the kidnapping get to her before her life giving resources are exhausted. It was this type of storytelling that made director Alfred Hitchcock the master of suspense, and it's funny to see how many TV writers and directors took a few pages out of Hitchcock's note book and applied it to their productions.

Another reason is due to the budget restrictions, the number of actors and actresses was kept to a minimum. And also due to keeping the costs low, instead of expensive action scenes, you got more scenes with the characters interacting with each other, relationships were more fully developed. Many of the movies, while maintaining the horror themes, had a healthy dose of issues that women could relate to, such as sibling rivalry, romance troubles, moving to a new home, and bratty children. For example, Conspiracy of Terror gave us a husband and wife detective team who had an interfaith marriage, and the husbands family was not at all receptive of the wife, a problem that is still very familiar in this day and age. Also, the very scary Home for the Holidays, presented a very real example of sibling rivalry between four daughters, a step mother and a dying father. Many women can really relate to the conflict between the sisters, in so much that one sister stayed at home caring for the father, and she in turn really resented the sisters who got out of the house. This situation is far from fantastic, and in fact is very real, as anyone with siblings can attest to. Next we have Bad Ronald, which really explores the anxiety of having to move into a new home. In this case, the horror is very real when the percieved ghost turns out to be a mentally ill young man. But the reason everyone seems to love and remember Bad Ronald is that the family, like us all, is very vunerable in their new home, as the anxiety of having to adjust to any change of envirement is in all of us, thus it's universal, as so many of the themes of these films were. Other films on the subject of moving include The Strange And Deadly Occurence, Crowhaven Farm, and Dark Secret Of Harvest Home.

With these movies, you were also guaranteed a healthy dose of familiar TV faces. Whether it was Ron Howard's dad from Happy Days, Tom Bosley, to Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter, it was almost guarenteed that you would come across a familiar face or two in almost every TV movie. In fact, such actors as Richard Basehart, Ray Milland, Raymond Burr, Andy Griffith, Lou Ayres, David Jansen, Peter Graves, Clint Walker, Dean Jagger, William Shatner, and actresses such as Patty Duke Astin, Kim Darby, Balinda Montgomery, Elizabeth Montgomery, Myrna Loy, Shelly Winters have brought real star power to these mini screen productions, and helped to give them a real sense of class.

These are just some examples why I believe women are drawn to these type movies. If you have any special memories of watching these films, either with your older/younger sisters, watching them late at night, or with your mom on a cold day snacking on popcorn and hot chocolate, let us know, we would love to hear your stories and be glad to print them on the site. More new titles added 4/21/2022. Check out the Forgotten Gems page!

$15 per title, buy 4 and get the 5th tape free, or buy 10 and get 5 tapes free! All titles available in DVD format as well as VHS...

A CRY FOR HELP (Aired on ABC 2/12/75) Super interesting premise for this one. An abusive talk show host receives a frantic call from a girl claiming she is going to kill herself. He spends the rest of the running time trying to get his listeners to help find this girl and stop her before she ends her life. Taunt thriller with an excellent premise. Cast includes Robert Culp, Chuck McCann and Jean Allison. ORDER

ACCEPTABLE RISKS (Aired on ABC 3/2/86) Scary stuff involving the dangers of chemical plant disasters. Great cast makes the horror all the more horrible with Brian Dennehy as the plant manager who keeps Kenneth McMillan as the plant maintenance man hopping beyond human endurence. Cicely Tyson is the City manager who realises that a new housing community is way to close to this toxic disaster waiting to happen. ORDER

ADVENTURES OF THE QUEEN (Aired on CBS 2/14/75) Irwin Allen is back with some home made for TV disaster. In this case a luxury liner is threatened with distruction in a vendetta against a multi- millionaire who is on board. Robert Stack, David Hedison, Ralph Bellamy and Bradford Dillman supply the drama. ORDER

ALONE IN THE NEON JUNGLE (Aired on TV 1/17/88) Suzanne Pleshette is one tough, by the numbers cop investigating her own police force when she discovers that they may very well be involved in the incidious crime that takes place in the "Hood". With Danny Aiello. ORDER

ALPHA CAPER (Aired on ABC 10/6/73) Henry Fonda plays a parole officer who is forced to take an early retirement and decides to repay the favor by hooking up with three ex-cons and robbing $30 million dollars worth of gold. Excellent heist movie with an even more excellent supporting cast including Leonard Nimoy, Elena Verdugo, John Marley, Larry Hagman, Noah Beery, Vic Tayback and Kenneth Tobey. ORDER

ANTS (Aired on ABC 12/2/77) Ants, who have ingested too much pesticide and lived, start biting folks to death when their home is disrupted by greedy real estate developers. This should happen on Long Island! Fun flick with Robert Foxworth, Linda Day George, Myrna Loy, Bernie Casey and Suzanne Summers showing some cleavage! ORDER

ARE YOU IN THE HOUSE ALONE? (Aired on CBS 9/20/78) A high school student becomes the target of harassment which eventually leads to rape. With Blythe Danner, Dennis Quaid, and Ellen Travolta. ORDER

ASTRONAUT (Aired on ABC 1/8/72) Government officials, not wanting to have the space program canceled, substitute a lookalike for an astronaut who died on a Mars mission. Monte Markham plays the dead austronaut and his replacement, Susan Clark plays his wife. Jackie Cooper and Bob Lansing play government men who set this whole scam up. This is an intensive and captivating drama that predates such conspiracy films as Capricorn One. Ultra rare so grab it up now befiore the government confiscates it! ORDER

THE BERMUDA DEPTHS (Aired on ABC 1/27/78) Excellent, surreal, and some what disturbing Rankin-Bass production that reveals the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle to be caused by a sea siren and her giant pet prehistoric turtle. Sounds rediculas, but it works! With Burl Ives, Carl Weathers, and Connie Sellecca. Available through Warner as a limited release, check Amazon.

BAD SEED (Aired on ABC 2/7/85) A television remake of the classic stage play by Maxwell Anderson that tells the tale of the most likeable psychotic child who ever killed. Directed by Paul Wendkos, Blair Brown plays the mommy while Carrie Wells plays the little angel from Hell! Also starring Lynn Redgrave and David Ogden Stiers, with David Carradine doing a fantastic job as the idiot handyman who isn't as idiotic as he seems. ORDER

THE BAIT (Aired on ABC 3/13/73) An undercover police woman faces many horrors as she as assigned to lure a homicidal rapist into a trap. Scary stuff with Donna Mills, William Devane, June Lockhart. ORDER

BANYON (Aired on NBC 3/15/71) Here is the pilot for the subsequent series with Robert Forster as private eye Myles Banyon who operates out of 1937 Los Angeles. Our heros got trouble when a female client of his is found dead in his office slain by his gun. Try getting out of that one, Batman! With Jose Ferrer, Darren McGavin and Hermoine Gingold. ORDER

BETWEEN THE DARKNESS AND THE DAWN (Aired on NBC 12/23/85) Elizabeth Montgomery play a woman who awakens from a 20 year coma only to see just how much she missed. And the worst part is that her sister (Dorothy McGuire) has married her high school sweetheart. She has every intention of putting her life back together just the way it should have gone if she hadn't had the coma. ORDER

BEYOND THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE (Aired on NBC 11/6/75) Originally called "Beyond This Place There Be Dragons", this is a Hugh Hefner/ Playboy Production. A retired business man decides to investigate the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle once his friends and fiance get swallowed up. With Fred MacMurray, Donna Mills, and Dana Plato. ORDER

BIRDS OF PREY (Aired on CBS 1/30/73) David Janssen plays a WWII flying ace turned traffic reporter who has an airborn skirmish with some bankrobbers. For fans of Death Car on the Freeway type thrills. Major upgrade: 100% uncut with original music score, off 16mm. ORDER

BLACK NOON (Aired on CBS 11/5/71) Directed by 50's Sci-Fi king Bernard (Attack of the Giant Leaches) Kowalski, this horror at high noon western also features Roy Thinnes, Yvette Mimieux, Ray Lilland and Henry Silva. Ray Milland was with out a doubt one of the undisputed king of television movies, despite the fact he played the same role in every film. ORDER

BLACK WATER GOLD (Aired on ABC 1/6/70) Action and adventure on the high seas. Sunken treasure brings out Keir Dullea, Bradford Dillman and Ricardo Montalban as they scramble to reach a sunken Spainish treasure before some bad guys do! ORDER

BLINDED BY THE LIGHT (Aired on CBS 12/16/80) A young man(Jimmy McNichol)joins a cult and his sister (Kristy) is sent by their family and the help of a specialist to bring him home but she gets swept up in it too. Interesting TV movie that focuses on the subject of cults and their influence over the simple minded. Great cast includes Philip R. Allen as the doctor trying to infiltrate the cult and rescue the brother. Keith Andes (father of bassist Mark Andes) plays the head of the cult. ORDER

BOY IN THE PLASTIC BUBBLE (Aired on ABC 11/12/76) I figured "Why not, I give you the best, why not torture you with the rest". This is what I mean by the rest! Cheap exploitation disquised as social drama, with the grossly overrated and overpaid John Travolta trying to prove to you he's more than just a sweathog. A boy with immunity deficiencies must choose between living in a plastic bubble or risk death dating the gal next door. Can you take it! Actor Robert Reed, playing Travolta's dad, would later risk his life dating the boys next door... anything for love! ORDER

BOY WHO DRANK TOO MUCH Plus STONED (Aired on CBS 2/6/80 and the ABC After School Special) Now, check out a different type of TV exploitation! How about Scott Baio in two anti-drug television movies! It's true, for the first time every a double TV movie feature, viewed in the safety of your own living room. Watch teen heartthrobe (!) Scott Baio prove he's more than another pretty face (!?) in these "Just say no" pieces of propaganda.... Be sure to down a pint and blow a joint (any joint of your own choosing) before you undergo these exercises in morality and tedium. ORDER

BUD AND LOU (Aired on ABC 11/15/78) Here is an attempt to tell the tale of the turbulent lives of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. When I saw this aired for the first time, I didn't like it because I thought Buddy Hackett did a lousy job playing Lou Costello, I really need to rewatch it and re-evaluate it. In the meantime you do it for me. With Harvey Korman as Bud Abbott. ORDER

BUNCO (Aired on TV 1977) Tom Selleck and Robert Urich star as members of the Bunco squad, who in general deal with street corner con artists. Except now they are on to something much bigger when they stumble into a prostitution ring that is much more than a prostitution ring. Donna Mills is an undercover lady cop. Great supporting cast including Will Geer , Arte Johnson, Bobby Van, Sydney Lassick, Kenneth Mars, And Marlene Clark. ORDER

BURNING RAGE (Aired on CBS 9/21/84) Here is Country singer Barbara Mandrell's acting debut. She plays a geologist investigating fires in an Appalachian coal mine. Eddie Albert is a scumbag who's got the town just where he wants it. ORDER

CAN ELLEN BE SAVED? (Aired on ABC 2/5/74) A girl becomes part of a struggle between her family and a crazed religious cult. With Leslie Nielson, Michael Parks and Louis Fletcher. ORDER

CAT CREATURE (Aired on ABC 12/11/73) Directed with an eye for the absurd by Curtis Harrington, and a teleplay by Robert Bloch, this fun flick has an amulet stold off a mummy setting off a reign of terror when the mummy returns as a killer cat in an effort to retrieve the amulet. Great cast of supporting players include David Hedison, Gale Sondergaard, John Carradine, Keye Luke (#1 Son), John Abbott and Peter Lorre Jr. as a pawnshop clerk with a knife in his back. Meredith Baxter is the pussy of the story. ORDER

CAVE - IN! (Aired on NBC 6/19/83) More disaster TV style from Irwin Allen. Here a group of tourists are trapped inside the caverns of a national park. To make matters worse, an escaped criminal is in the cavern with them. Can ex-cop Leslie Nielsen save the day? Ray Milland as the cranky professor will get on your nerves big time. Actually a very good and gripping suspense film with very dated flashback sequences that will keep you laughing. ORDER

THE CHALLENGE (Aired on ABC 2/10/70) Savage war story goes with the premise that a war between the United States and Asia will transpire between two soldiers of each nationality battling to the death on a deserted island. With Darren McGavin, Broderick Crawford, Mako, James Whitmore. ORDER

CHASE (Aired on CBS 11/23/85) A big-city lawyer (Jennifer O'Neill) returns to her small hometown after her father's death to resume his practice. There she is called upon to defend a migrant worker who has been accused of murder. Directed by Sam Peckinpah's nephew David Peckinpah (who is also dead). Nominated for a Golden Globe award, so you know that means something...ORDER

CHRISTMAS MIRACLE IN CAUFIELD, U.S.A. (Aired on NBC 12/26/77) Basically a real life horror story that ended in true miracle fashion, this film details the 1951 mining disaster caused when workers were forced to enter an unsafe mine and then later trapped by an explosion. Kurt Russel, Andrew Prine and John Carradine star. ORDER

CITY BENEATH THE SEA (Aired on NBC 1/25/71) In the 21st century, an underwater city exists and is colonised. However, alien forces are at work and it looks like the good guys could be run in by the bad guys. Would producer Irwin Allen really let this happen? Watch it and find out. With Stuart Whitman, Robert Wagner, Richard Basehart, Joseph Cotten, James Darren. ORDER

CLASS OF '63 (Aired on ABC 3/14/73) Though it may not sound like it, this is actually a revenge tale. Cliff Gorman is a jealous husband in an unhappy marriage to Joan Hackett. When they attent a college reunion, Joan hooks up with ex-boyfriend James Brolin. Care to guess what happens next...ORDER

COME OUT, COME OUT, WHEREVER YOU ARE... (Aired on ABC 9/74) Lynda Day George stars in this shot in England chiller about a woman who's missing relative causes her to investigate into things she would rather have not found out. Note: We offer two differnt versions of this film, the British version, and the American version, which both slightly differ from each other. Please specifie which version you'd like in the special instructions section of our order form. ORDER

COP ON THE BEAT : THE RETURN OF JOE FORRESTER (Aired on TV 5/6/75) Lloyd Bridges is Joe Forrester, a no nonesense cop on the beat tracking down rapists and robbers who are part of a street gang. With Jim Backus (Mr. Magoo), Dean Stockwell, and Della Reese. Directed by Virgil Vogel, who directed the 1950's monster classic The Mole People. ORDER

COREY FOR THE PEOPLE (Aired on CBS 6/12/77) When a wealthy socialite murders her husband, she uses the defense of being a battered wife to beat her charge. However, an assistant distirct attorney doesn't buy her story and files murder charges against her. Wanna find out how it all ends? Then buy this long lost TV flick. It has a killer cast including John Rubinstein, Eugene Roche and Frank Campanella. ORDER

COUNT DRACULA (Aired on the BBC 1977) Here is the completely uncut (including the infamouse "Baby in the sachel" sequence) BBC version of Dracula, starring Louis Jourdan as the Count. This is, with out a doubt, the most atmospheric, eerie, and sexual version of the tale ever told. Shot on both film (exteriors) and video (interiors), this experimental flick not only pushes the boundries of what television could show, but gives the truly definative version of the story. With Frank Finley. Available on DVD in the U.S. from the BBC. Check Amazon

CRIME CLUB (Aired on CBS 3/6/73) A group of investigators hook up to investigate the death of a wealthy womans son. Supposedly it was a simple auto accident, but there seems to be more to this crash. Lloyd Bridges is the main man here, in fact this was to be a pilot for a perspective series that never got off the ground. Includes Victor Buono, Paul Burke, William Devane, David Hedison, Cloris Leachman, Martin Sheen and more! ORDER

CROOKED HEARTS (Aired on ABC 11/8/72) Rosalind Russell is a charmed yet scheming widow who attempts to hook rich bachelor Douglas Fairbanks Jr. via a lonely hearts club, only to have the situation turn into a deadly game of cat and mouse. Great cast includes Maureen O' Sullivan, Dick Van Patten, Penny Marshall and Kenneth Tobey.ORDER

CRUISE INTO TERROR (Aired on ABC 2/3/78) Evil stalks a ship of TV superstars when an ancient sarcophagus is brought aboard a pleasure cruise ship. Killer cast includes Dirk Benedict, John Forsythe, Christopher George, Lynda Day George, Ray Milland, Hugh O' Brian, Stella Stevens, Larry Koster and many others... ORDER

A CRY IN THE WILDERNESS (Aired on ABC 3/26/74) Based on Gilbert Wright's Madman's Chain, this tense story has farmer George Kennedy chained up by his own accord to a barn after he is bit by a rabid skunk. While awaiting his madness to set in, he is informed that a flood is coming. A real family fun feel good movie. Directed by AIP's own Gordon Hessler. ORDER

CRY OF THE INNOCENT (Aired on NBC 6/19/80) A great mystery story written by Frederick Forsyth has Rod Taylor as a man investigating why a plane crashed into his Irish country house killing his wife and kids. Turns out the foul play is even worse than he expected. Great film that holds you in your seat, highly recommended by us here at Cinefear. Filmed in Ireland. ORDER

DARK INTRUDER (1965- Intended to be shown on TV but released to theatres because it was deemed "too scary") Super cool B/W flick staring Leslie Neilson as a detective trying to track down a supernatural being who claws people to death. Very much inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. And to round out the tape we include an episode of Lights Out, a scary show from the early sixties, which also features Leslie Neilson. ORDER

DARK MANSIONS (Aired on TV 8/26/86) Joan Fontaine, Michael York, and Melissa Sue Anderson star in this tale of a woman hired by a wealthy family to write the history of that family. To her horror ot turns out she resembles a woman from that familys past who was murdered. Care to guess what comes next? ORDER

DARKER SIDE OF TERROR (Aired on CBS 4/3/79) Psychological horrors of cloning are explored when an angered scientist allows himself to be cloned and the clone in turn seeks revenge for a past injustice. Nifty thriller off a rare British master tape. ORDER

DAVID CASSIDY- MAN UNDERCOVER (1978-79) Here is the short lived TV series, and you have the complete ten episode editions on two discs. This tense crime drama had Cassidy co-starring with Simon Oakland (of Night Stalker fame), he plays a private detective David Shay. Because he looks younger than he is, he gets to play up the troubled youth in order to solve crimes. ORDER

DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS (Aired on the BBC in 1981) How about looking across the Atlantic for some great made for TV terrors. Here is the complete BBC mini series on one three hour cassette. This version gives a more detailed view at what the film hinted at... ORDER

DEAD OF NIGHT (Aired on NBC 3/28/77) Dan Curtis tries his hand at another Trilogy of Terror type story with contributions from the incredible Richard Matheson. While the first story, adapted from Jack Finney's "Second Chance" is actually the type of lame fantasy you'd expect to see coming from Spielberg, the second and third story," There is No Such Thing As A Vampire" and "Bobby", both by Matheson, are excellent, with "Bobby" being standout. ORDER

DEADLY DREAM (Aired on ABC 9/25/71) A reaserch scientist (Loyd Bridges) is driven mad by a recurring nightmare that he is marked for death by a tribunal out to stop his genetics research. Weird movie that pre-dates the "Freddy" films in that nightmare cannot be seperated from reality. The print on this rarity was taped off TV during the late seventies, giving the odd appearance as though you are watching it being broadcast. You can actually see the technicials adjusting the iris on the telecine to brighten and lighten scenes. Very odd. And to add to the fun, we conclude this tape with an episode of Ghost Story, a late seventies William Castle produced TV series. The episode is called "Our Summer Place", and it stars the late Caroline Jones. ORDER

DEADLY GAME (Aired on USA network 7/10/91) 7 people from all different walks of life are brought together on a strange island with the promise of winning a large sum of cash. It is soon discovered that they are all being hunted by a "Phantom of the Opera" inspired psycho who has been done wrong by each and every one of them. This is an odd but very fun TV movie that is surprisingly violent for TV fare. Not only is it part "The Most Dangerous Game", but it also conjures up images from "Phantom of the Opera", which was a very popular Broadway play during the time of the making of this film. An excellent cast helps keep this all very interesting, Roddy McDowall, Micael Beck, Jenny Seagrove, Mark Singer. ORDER

DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES (Aired on CBS 12/17/71) A travel photographer runs into some serious trouble when it turns out he resembles a man who is being hunted by assassins. This is not his day. With Christopher George and Richard Anderson. ORDER

DEATH OF A CENTERFOLD: THE DOROTHY STRATTEN STORY (Aired on NBC 11/1/81) Made several years before Bob Fosse's Star 80, this made for TV flick has Jamie Lee Curtis playing model Dorothy Stratten, who was murdered by her manager/lover at a point in time when her career was starting to take off. Great cast includes Bruce Weitz and Robert Reed. ORDER

DEATH CAR ON THE FREEWAY (Aired on CBS 9/25/79) Directed by stunt genius Hal Needham, this is an engaging suspense drama in which Shelly Hack plays a news reporter who goes up against a psycho who wipes out women on the California freeway by driving his van into their cars. Great stunts done out on the open road. Super fun film. ORDER

DEEP DARK SECRETS (Aired on TV 9/26/87) When a womans husband disapears and is considered dead, all sorts of deep, dark hidden secrets come to light, ruining what seemed to be a perfect marriage. Good thriller with a first rate cast including James Brolin and Melody Anderson. ORDER

DEMON MURDER CASE (Aired on NBC 3/6/83) Demonic possesion takes the blame for murder in this kinda creepy tale set in New England. Andy Griffith and Cloris Leachman are the demonologists, Eddie Albert the priest, Kevin Bacon the possesed. Off a rare British master. ORDER

DESPERATE INTRUDER (Aired on 7/31/83)  Meg Foster plays a blind woman who's idyllic beach house is invaded by escaped convict who in turn is awaiting the arrival of his even more desperate partner. This one is a real nail biter. Great cast includes Nick Mancuso and Claude Akins. This is one for the "ultra rare" file, not an easy title to find so scoop itt up! ORDER

DIAGNOSIS: MURDER (BBC 1975) Orinially made for British TV, this film ended up having theatrical distribution instead, which is odd because it really doesn't have any objectionable material in it. When the wealthy wife of a Doctor (Christopher Lee) goes missing, the doctor is off course suspect. Jon Finch plays the detective investigating the case, and he's carrying his bag of problems on his back as well. Also under observation is the doctors secretary, who is having an affair with the doctor. Who is the guilty party? Watch it and find out. ORDER

DISAPPEARENCE OF FLIGHT 412 (Aired on NBC 10/1/74) Glenn Ford decides to investigate why two jets persuing UFO's have disapeared and the air force refuses to recognize it. Considered by many to be a classic. With Bradford Dillman, David Soul, and Guy Stockwell. ORDER

DISASTER ON THE COASTLINER (Aired on ABC 10/28/79) A deranged engineer intends on crashing two trains in an effort to right a wrong done to his wife and child. Can conman William Shatner save the day? A real nail biter with an all star cast including an annoying Lloyd Bridges, E.G. Marshall, Roymond Burr, Paul Smith, Yvette Mimieux. Off a nice British master. ORDER

DR. COOK'S GARDEN (Aired on ABC 1/19/71) Cast against type, Bing Crosby plays a general practicioner in a small town who see's to it that the bad folks of the town die early, and the good folks go on living. With Blythe Danner and Bernard Hughes. Ultra rare! ORDER

DR. FISCHER OF GENEVA (BBC 1984) Dr. Fischer has an unusual hobby - to expose human greed. How much humiliation will his fellow man endure enticed by valuable presents? Dignity for money! Death for money? Of interest, this was actor James Mason last film. It might very well be one of his best. The great cast includes Alan Bates, Greta Scacchi, Cyril Cusack. James Mason plays the imbittered Dr. Fischer to perfection. Buy the premise, buy the flick. ORDER

DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE (Aired on NBC 3/7/73) Kirk Douglas plays the dual doctor in this musical version produced in London. Scored by Lionel Bart (Tony Award winner for Oliver!) and featuring Michael Redgrave in a supporting role, this buck and wing version of the classic story is just odd enough to hold your interest. ORDER

DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE (Aired on the BBC 1/6/81) This is a fantastic take on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde featuring the incredible David Hemmings in the dual role. His repressed Henry Jekyll is set free to enjoy the world as Mr. Hyde. This includes having a fling with Jekyll's fiance (Lisa Harrow) as well as frequenting the brothel of a bawdy madam (Diana Dors) and screwing female and male prostitutes alike. Of interest, the Hyde character is a tad on the likable side, hence really turning this version of this story upside down on it's ear. Ian Banning co-stars. Highly recommended. ORDER

DEVIL AND MISS SARAH (Aired on ABC 12/4/71) Another horror western, this one having a satanic outlaw using hypnosis to escape the couple escorting him to justice. Gene Barry stars. Slim Pickins is also on hand to lend authenticity. ORDER

DO NOT FOLD, SPINDLE OR MUTILATE (Aired on ABC 11/9/71) Four old farts (Helen Hays, Myrna Loy, Mildred Natwick and Sylvia Sidney) accidently attract a hateful psycho (Vince Edwards in a remarkable performance) when they send the name of a ficticious young girl into a computer dating service. Really fun TV movie with Edwards fantastic as a man you love to hate. ORDER

DOUBLE AGENT (Aired on TV 3/29/87) Pretty cool and amusing spy yarn in which an agent disapears in the line of work. His employers than go to his twin brother to carry out the mission. But the twin brother is not a trained spy and has a hard time pulling off the job! Good fun! ORDER

DREAM MAKERS (Aired on NBC  1/7/75) A college professor ends up becoming a top of the line executive in a record company. But as fast as success comes in goes when the said exective finds his job terminated over a payola scandal. A rise and fall story that's about as bleak as it gets. Incredible cast with James Franciscus, Diane Baker, John Austin, and in his first acting job Kenny Rodgers, who also did the films soundtrack with his group The First Edition. Directed by the always reliable Boris Sagal and even featuring a brief appearence by daughter Katie (who rose to fame playing Peg on Married With Children). ORDER

ECHOES IN THE DARKNESS (Aired on 11/1/87) Real life murder case from that occured in PA in the mid seventies is the basis of this taught and disturbing drama. Based on a novel by Joseph Wambaugh. Cast includes Peter Coyote, Stockard Channing, Robert Loggia and Peter Boyle. Full 250 minute version. ORDER

THE ELEVENTH VICTIM (Aired on CBS 11/6/79) Sleazy flick, directed by Roger Corman house director and pervert Jonathan Kaplan, who helmed Corman's "Nurse" series of Drive-in films. Max Gail tries to help Bess Armstrong find the serial killer who murdered Bess's sister, as well as several other "Ladies of the Night". Eric Burdon of the Animals fame plays a sleazy pimp, and Dick Miller, also from the Corman films, plays a sleazy investigator. All in all, very sleazy... ORDER

ELLERY QUEEN - TOO MANY SUSPECTS (Aired on NBC 3/23/75) Jim Hutton took over the role Peter Lawford did as Ellery Queen for TV in 1971. He would continue this role in the short lived series from '75-'76. In this pilot, he helps the baffled police find out who killed a high end fashion designer. Supporting cast includes David Wayne, Ray Milland, Kim Hunter and John Hillerman. ORDER

ESCAPE FROM SOBIBOR (Aired on 4/12/87) Intense escape from a concentration camp story that has Rutger Hauer as a Russian POW and Alan Arkin as a Jew leading an escape of all captives in the camp. Brutal stuff. Full 143 minute version. Notable for featuring Kurt (Tenderness of the Wolves) Rabb as a Nazi. With the lovely Joanna Pacula. ORDER

THE EXECUTION (Aired on NBC 1/14/85) Paul Wendkos strikes again in this tale of five woman who stalk and plan to execute a restaurant owner who was a former Nazi camp guard who tortured the women during their internment. Kick ass cast includes Rip Torn as the former tormentor, and Lorretta Swit, Jessica Walter, Barbara Barrie, Sandy Dennis and Valerie Harper as the execution squad. ORDER

EYES OF CHARLES SAND (Aired on ABC 2/29/72) A young man developes psychic powers after his uncles death, and in turn is persuaded to help a girl investigate her brothers death. Henry Mancini sued this films producer because there was a composers strike against TV film packagers at the time, so the producer lifted Mancini's score from "Wait Until Dark" for this flick. ORDER

FANTASIES (Aired on ABC 1/18/82) Suzanne Pleshette Plays a TV writer who is currently penning a hot night time soap opera. A seriel killer has decided to kill off her cast and put her show in re-runs. However, a detective (Barry Newman) wants to catch the criminal so the show can resume. The shows producer (Robert Vaughn) wants to take the show off the air. Will the killer win by scaring everyone off, or will the bad guy be caught in the nick of time!? For me to know, for you to find out! With Patrick O' Neal, Barry Corbin and Robin Mattson. ORDER

FAME IS THE NAME OF THE GAME (Aired on NBC 11/26/66) This is the pilot that started the whole series, which we carry many episodes of (see TV Movie page 3), Anthony Franciosa is a detective investigating the death of a call girl. He uses her diary, which contains many prominant names...With Jill St. John, Jack Klugman, George Macready. ORDER

FACE OF FEAR (Aired on CBS 10/8/71) When a young Iowa schoolteacher believes she is dying of leukemia, she decides to end her life by hiring an assasin to kill her. When she changes her mind, she suddenly finds it's a difficult thing to cancel the contract. A real rare title. With Elizabeth Ashley, Jack Warden, and Ricardo Montalban. ORDER

FIREHOUSE (Aired on ABC 1973) Here's the pilot episide for the short run TV series Firehouse. This pilot involves a black firefighter (Richard Roundtree) joining an all white firehouse and the way he overcomes the odds and becomes a valued team player. This was ABC's anser to Emergency, which was a hit show at the time. With Michael Lerner, Paul Le Mat, Vince Edwards and Richard Jaeckel. ORDER

FIVE DESPERATE WOMEN (Aired on ABC 9/28/71) Five collage gals, meeting for a reunion on a private island, find they have been joined by an escaped mental patient. A real nail biter. With Joan Hackett and Stefanie Powers. Major Upgrade from a British master tape! ORDER

FOLLOW THAT CAR (Aired on TV 1980 Aka The Georgia Peaches) Here was an interesting pilot launched by Roger Corman in an attempt to get a car chase and crash series off the ground. It didn't go any further than this pilot. Dirt Benedict play a moonshine runner. His two female aids run an auto repair shop. All three get caught and are forced to work for the FBI to help can a local and illigal cigarette cartel. Loaded with action, car chases and sexual inuendo. Directed by Corman fave Daniel Haller. Great cast includes Sally Kirkland and Tanya Tucker. ORDER

GET CHRISTY LOVE! (Aired on ABC 1/22/74) Teresa Graves is one foxy lady in this Blacksploitation answer to TV. Christie fights hard to take down a drug ring in this pilot for what eventually became a series. ORDER

GHOST OF FLIGHT 401 (Aired on NBC 2/18/78) Powerful ghost story tells of a downed pilot (Ernest Borgnine) who returns to haunt other flights. Both spooky and sentimental, this title is a personal favorite of many. With Kim Basinger. ORDER

THE GIRL IN THE EMPTY GRAVE (Aired on NBC 9/20/77) Andy Griffith once again plays a small town police chief who is stunned to find a girl, believed to have been dead for several months, showing up at her own parents funerals. What the fuck!? ORDER

GIRL MOST LIKELY TO... (Aired on ABC 11/6/73) Funny flick involving an ugly duckling (Stockard Channing) who undergoes surgery and turns into a beauty, and then she starts killing off all the folks who were rotten to her when she was ugly. Written by Joan Rivers. Also starring Edward Asner, Jim Backus, Chuck McCann and Annette O' Toole. Available via MGM Home Entertainment. Check Amazon.

THE GIRL ON THE LATE, LATE SHOW (Aired on ABC 4/1/74) While inquiring about a faded film queen, producer Don Murray unwittingly sets off a series of murders. Ultra rare TV movie in excellent quality. With a cast to die for including Bert Convy, Yvonne De Carlo, Gloria Grahame, Van Johnson, Ralph Meeker, Cameron Mitchell and John Ireland. ORDER

GO ASK ALICE (Aired on ABC 1/24/73) A made for TV classic about the horrors of drug addiction, based on the true life diary of a young girl who struggled through it all. Things like thia amaze me considering how many drug addicts work in the world of television and film. With William Shatner, Ruth Roman and Jamie Smith Jackson. ORDER

EL GOLEM (1967 - French TV) Here is a crazy version of the classic tale as told by the French for TV. This flick worns of the daners of going home with the wrong hat. A man leaving a religeous service accidently takes the wrong hat and later that night dreams of the life of the hats owner. Aside from all the drama and intrique, our hero comes face to face with the Golem who will decide the fate of Prague. This is a completely unique take on the story of the Golem, and this TV movie was shot in beautiful B/W. Essentially German expressionism on French TV. In French but with English subtitles. A must! ORDER

GOOD AGAINST EVIL (Aired on ABC 5/22/77) Directed by Paul Wendkos, with a tele-play by Jimmy Sangster and music by Lalo Schifrin, how can you go wrong? An exorcism story in which a young couple is torn apart once the bride has been spoken for by Satan. With Dack Rambo, Dan O' Herlihy, Richard Lynch and Kim Cattrall. ORDER

GOODNIGHT SWEET WIFE: A MURDER IN BOSTON (Aired on TV 9/25/90) True life horror story of a man and his pregnant wife who were shot in what the man said was a crossfire in a bad neighborhood. The wife was killed, the husband wounded. Turns out the husband was the guy who did the shooting! Outrageous true life story of betrayal that will turn your blood cold. ORDER

GOLDEN GATE MURDERS (Aired on CBS 10/3/79) David Janssen plays a detective who along with a nun (played by Susannah York) attepts to rove that a priests fall from the Golden Gate bridge was actually murder, not suicide! ORDER

GUYANA TRAGEDY : THE STORY OF JIM JONES (Aired on CBS 4/15-16/80) Powers Booth won an Emmy for his performance as the charismatic and psychotic Jim Jones. Ned Beatty plays the sweaty Congressman Leo J. Ryan who Jones had shoot prior to ordering his followers to commit suicide via drinking poison cool aid. Fantastic supporting cast includes Veronica Cartwright, Rosalind Cash, Brad Dourif, Meg Foster, Diane Ladd, Ron O' Neal, Randy Quaid and many others. This is a three hour tape. ORDER

HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR (1980) Here's the complete series that Hammer produced in 1980, and we have all 13 episodes. Witching Time, The Thirteenth Reunion, Rude Awakening, Growing Pains, House that Bled to Death, Charlie Boy, Slient Scream, Children of the Full Moon, Carpathian Eagle, Guardian of the Abyss, Visitor From the Grave, Two Faces of Evil, and Mark of Satan. If you'd like individual episodes, contact me. Otherwise, this price is selling as a set! ORDER

HAMMER HOUSE OF MYSTERY & SUSPENSE (1984/86) Here's Hammers second shot of television terror, and we have all 13 episodes. Mark of the Devil, Last Video & Testament, Czech Mate, A Distant Scream, The Late Nancy Irving, In Possession, Black Carrion, Sweet Scent of Death, Paint Me a Murder, The Corvini Inheritance, And the Wall Came Tumbling Down, Child's Play and Tennis Court. If you'd like individual episodes, contact me. Otherwise, this price is selling as a set! ORDER

HANGING BY A THREAD (Aired on NBC 5/8-9/79) Scary stuff from "Mr. Disaster" himself, Irwin Allen. A disabled sightseeing tram, dangling above a mountain gorge, begins to snap, cable by cable. This causes the various occupants to have flasbacks that in true Irwin Allen fashion are a riot. This is a double tape, runs around three hours. ORDER

THE HAUNTED (Aired on Fox 5/6/91) Super scary tale of a haunted house, supposedly based on a real incident, and featuring the same para-psychologists from The Demon Murder Case. When Jack Smurl's family moves into a new house, it becomes obvious that the house isn't as receptive as the neighbors are. When Jack gets raped by the ghosts, it becomes obvious that an exorcism is in order. With Sally Kirkland. ORDER

THE HAUNTING OF SEACLIFF INN (Aired on USA 9/25/94) Ally Sheedy thinks her life has just gotten great when she and her husband buy an old house that they intend to convert into a hotel. However, the deceased previous occupant isn't to crazy about the idea, and lets them know about it. Scary stuff. Comes from an International source so it has small Spanish subtitles on the bottom of the screen. ORDER

HAUNTING PASSION (Aired on NBC 10/24/83) Freaked out love story in which Jane Seymour must choose between her boring, career minded husband, who ignores her, and a hansom, sexual ghost who wants to F--CK the living daylights out of her. We are rooting for the ghost. ORDER

HAUNTS OF THE VERY RICH (Aired on ABC 9/20/72) Director Paul Wendkos is back to scare the hell out of us with this neat flick involving seven people mysteriously invited to a tropical resort only to find this trip is far from paradise but a heck of a lot closer to hell... with Loyd Bridges, Cloris Leachman, Edward Asner, Ann Francis, Robert Reed and Moses Gunn. ORDER

HAWKINS ON MURDER (Aired on TV 1973-74) Great series featuring James Stewart as a small town lawyer who's easy going manner but his adversaries at ease, allowing him to ponce on criminals and villians with a punch they don't see coming. This is the whole series, starting with pilot Death & The Naiden, and episodes Murder in Movieland, Die Darling Die, A Life For A Life, Bloody Fued, Murder and the Slave Trade, Murder on the 13th Floor, Candidate For Murder. All these titles on five DVD's for $35.00. ORDER

HENDERSON MONSTER (Aired on CBS 5/27/80) Jason Miller has a chance to play God in this re-working of the Frankenstein theme. ORDER

HIJACK! (Aired on ABC 9/26/73) Another suspense flick with David Janssen as a truck driver hired to transport unknown cargo from Los Angeles to Huston, only to find himself being targeted by a group attempting to be sure he doesn't make his delivery. Keenan Wynn co-stars. If you dig Birds of Prey, your gonna dig this. ORDER

HIGH MIDNIGHT (Aired on CBS 11/27/79) David Birney is a blue collar worker who vows to avenge the death of his wife and child when they are killed in a mistaken drug raid by an ambitious psycho cop Mike Connors. Jerry Fielding won an Emmy for his score. Directed by American International's own Daniel Haller. ORDER

HONEYMOON WITH A STRANGER (Aired on ABC 12/23/69) Paranoia horrors has newlywed Janet Leigh on her honeymoon in Italy, waking up to an imposter husband, and the real hubby no where in sight. With Rossano Brazzi, Barbara Steele and Cesare Danova. A rare classic indeed. ORDER

HORROR AT 37,000 FEET ((Aired on CBS 2/13/73) Great, bleak, horror classic that scared me as a kid. When an ancient piece of a Druid ruin is transported by a plane carrying folks leaving from England to the U.S., the ghosts of the ruin decide to pay the folks in first class a litle visit. Folks are frozen to death (as is a dog), and the spooky apparitions burst forth from the floor of the plane demanding a sacrifice! Can defrocked drunken ex-priest William Shatner save the day? Do not pass this up, one of the best. Buddy Ebson plays a hateful buisness man type that you just want to beat to death. Also with Chuck Connors, Roy Thinnes, and Russell Johnson. ORDER

THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES (Aired on ABC 2/12/73) A made for TV version featuring Stuart Granger as Sherlock Holmes, Bernard Fox as Watson, William Shatner as George Stapleton and Anthony Zerbe as John Mortimer. Sherlock must save the life of the last remaining Baskerville before he is torn to shreds by an untrained dog with a lousy disposition. With the exception of Shatner being miscast, for the most part this is a quite entertaining adaption of the story. Features a lot of interesting matt paintings done by the late Albert Whitlock. ORDER

THE HOUSE THAT MARY BOUGHT (Aired on Showtime 1995) A couple (Susan George, Ben Cross) move into a house in the French countryside, but their peaceful existence is soon shattered by unexplainable occurrences that grow increasingly more violent and bizarre. This is a very taunt psychological thriller that was written and directed by Susan George's husband Michael MacCorkindale. Not on DVD, and over priced on used video. Get it here! ORDER

A HOWLING IN THE WOODS (Aired on NBC 11/5/71) A small town holds some horrendous secrets for poor Barbara Eden when she goes to visit here sister who lives off in the woods. Larry Hagman plays Edens husband, just like he did on "I Dream of Genie". With Vera Miles and the incrdible John Rubinstein. ORDER

THE HUNTED LADY (Aired on NBC 11/28/77) Kind of like the "Fugitive" only with a sex-change. Donna Mill's plays a policewoman who runs afoul of the syndicate and ends up framed for a murder. Needless to say she must prove her innocence while on the run. Fun. ORDER

I DESIRE (Aired on ABC 11/15/82) John Llewellyn Moxey directs, and David (An American Werewolf in London) Naughton stars as a coroners aid who discovers that a blood drinking prostitute may be behind a rash of murders leaving only bloodless corpses behind. Ultra rare and well worth having. ORDER

ILLUSIONS (Aired on CBS 1/18/83) Karen Valentine learns the hard way that the man she THOUGHT she was married to was not quite that man. Interesting mystery shot in Montreal. Ben Masters plays the husband in question. ORDER

INHERIT THE WIND (Aired on TV 3/20/88) The classic story of the battle for the teaching of evolution, only this one features Kirk Douglas as Brady and Jason Robards as Drummond. Cast includes Daren McGavin and Jean Simmons. Tight drama with a fine cast. ORDER

INSTITUTE FOR REVENGE (Aired on NBC 1/22/79) A Sci-Fi fantasy that involves a computer that corrects wrongs against the defenseless and sends human operatives out to track down evildoers and bring them to none violent justice. A great idea, only these days this whole country would be under arrest. ORDER

THE INVASION OF CAROL ENDERS (Aired 1974) From Dan Curtis comes this tale of possesion. When the spirit of a murdered woman enters the body of Carol Enders (Meredith Baxter) in an attempt to reveal her killer, the killer gets wise and realises he may have to kill her again! ORDER

INVISIBLE MAN (Aired on NBC 5/6/75) A reworking of the H.G. Wells classic has David McCallum playing a scientist who discovers the secret of invisibility but goes on the run because he doesn't want the U.S. government to use it in the military. Fun update with an all star cast including Jackie Cooper. ORDER

ISN'T IT SHOCKING (Aired on ABC 10/2/73) Great cast including hateful liberal Alan Alda, Louise Lasser, Edmond O' Brien and Ruth Gordon star in this tale of a murderer of senior citizens and the inexperienced small town sherif who has to deal with it. Ultra rare... ORDER

JANE DOE (Aired on CBS 3/12/83) Karen Valentine plays an amnesia victim who can't recall the attacker who left her in this condition. However, he can recall her, so he comes to complete the job.With William Devane, Eva Marie Saint and David Huffman. ORDER

JACQUELINE SUSANN'S VALLEY OF THE DOLLS 1981(Aired on CBS 10/19-20/81) An updating of the classic novel which had in turn been adapted for the screen in 1967. This version tells the story of three ladies who come to New York seeking fame and fortune only to end up ruined in the process. Classic soap opera highlighted by a very good cast including Catherine Hicks, Lisa Hartman, Veronica Hamel, David Birney and James Coburn. This is the complete five hour show, hence $20. ORDER

JARRETT (Aired on NBC 3/17/73) Glenn Ford plays a detective who specializes in finding rare artifacts that have been stolen. He deals with all sorts of freaky characters including a fake preacher man and his snake dancing niece while attempting to uncover some missing bibical scrolls. ORDER

JOE DANCER (Aired on TV 1/29/81) Here are three pilot episodes for the attempt at an ill fated series to star Robert Blake as a private detective named Joe Dancer. Titles are Big Black Pill, Big Trade and Monkey Mission. If your a fan, grab all three. If you want one of the three, then email me. ORDER

JUDGE DEE AND THE MONASTERY MURDER (Aired on ABC 12/29/74) Great, surreal detective story set in the 7th Century China, complete with an all Asian cast. A dead monk, three murders, a one armed lady, a killer bear, a chamber of horrors and more! With Khigh Dhiegh, Mako, Soon-Teck Oh. ORDER

KENTUCKY WOMAN (Aired on CBS 1/11/83) Cheryl Ladd plays a woman who struggles against violence, rape, what have you in her full force effort to become the first female in the coal mines of Kentucky. Inspirational soap opera fun. ORDER

KILLER IN THE FAMILY (Aired on ABC 10/30/83) Robert Mitchum is the ultimate dad from hell in this rendition of real life serial killer Gary Tyson, who escaped with the help of his son's from prison in 1978, and along with another vicious killer, went on a murder spree across the Southwest. Great cast includes James Spader, Lance Kerwin, Eric Stoltz. Fantastic and hateful. ORDER

KILLER WITH TWO FACES (Aired on NBC 1974) One of many British made thrillers Starring Donna Mills and written by Hammer's own Brian Clemens. When Donna meets a handy man on a train from London, the fellow agrees to help her fix up her new house, which is in dire need of repair. However, she is horrified to discover that his psychotic twin brother is the one who shows up to do the work. Fun stuff from our friends across the Atlantic. ORDER

KILLER WHO WOULDN'T DIE (Aired on ABC 4/4/76) A former cop (Mike Connors) who now operates a charter boat service, is called in to investigate the death of a close friend. Things heat up when similarities arise involving the unsolved bombing death of his own wife. This was to be the pilot for a new series for Mike Connors to have been called Ohanian (actually Mike Connors real last name). ORDER

A KILLING AFFAIR (Aired on CBS 9/21/77) OJ Simpson is on the other side of the law in this story of a white woman detective and her black partner who get caught up in an affair while investigating a series of vicious murders. Just look for the killers glove. With Elizabeth Montgomery. ORDER

KILLING STONE (Aired on NBC 5/2/78) A very interesting melodrama directed by the talented Michael Landon. This one stars Gil Garard as a man who's spent ten years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. When he finbally gets reprieved, he must set out to rebuild his life and reputation, which was destroyed because of the false charges. Great cast also includes Matthew Labyorteaux and Jim Davis. ORDER

KISS ME...KILL ME ( Aired on ABC 5/8/76) Sleazy seventies garbage has Stella Stevens as a female investigator investigating the murder of a crippled woman (?) who liked to sleep around (??) with Bi-Sexual men (???). You heard me right! Great for a hot, sticky, sweaty night! ORDER

KOJACK- THE MARCUS NELSON MURDERS (Aired on CBS 3/8/73) Here's the classic pilot episode that started off the fantastic series starring Telly Savallas as Lt. Theo Kojack. In this classic pilot episode he defends a young black man accused of the murder of two women. Included on this is the first episode of the series known as the Corrupter, in which Kojack investigates the murder of a Jewellery company owner. Great stuff! ORDER

THE LADY AND THE HIGHWAYMEN (Aired on TV 1/22/89) The story of Highway man Silverblade and his desire to undo wrongs and protect the sister of his good friend. Takes place in England during the 1600's. Excellnt cast for this fun adventure includes Emma Samms, Oliver Reed, Clair Bloom, Michael York, Hugh Grant, John Mills. Nice quality on this one, unlike the PD DVD that has lousy quality. ORDER

LADYKILLERS (Aired on ABC 1988) Ok, now here's a twist on the usual stalk and slash film. This one involves a all male striptease club where by a brutal murder takes place on stage to one of the top dancers during his closing act. To make matters worse, each time the act is performed it ends with the male performer being killed. Lesley-Anne Down plays the owner of the strip club, where hungry women come to ogle the male dancers. Marilu Henner plays the detective assigned to capturing the killer...if they could just find out who the killer is. This is a good one for the ladies is it does feature a male dance review and some hot striptease. Nice twist on the usual story of a killer killing strippers. Go for it! ORDER

THE LAST DINOSAUR (Aired on ABC 2/11/77) Richard Boone plays the richest man in the world who goes hunting after a dinosaur. He's also persued by a prehistoric tribe. This was one of my favorite TV movies when I was a kid. Produced by Rankin and Bass, with special effects from our friends at Toho. Rankin and Bass also produced King Kong Escapes for Toho in 1968. ORDER

THE LAST SONG (Aired on CBS 10/23/80) Lynda Carter is stalked by corporate killers who murdered her husband when it was discovered that he had tapes exposing a huge chemical cover up. ORDER

THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW (Aired on NBC 10/31/80) Here's an entry from NBC's "Classics illustrated" series, done by the same folks who gave us "Fall of the House of Usher" with Martin Landau, this one stars Jeff Goldblum plays Ichabod Crane in this adaption of the Washington Irving classic. This production was EMMY nominated. ORDER

A LITTLE GAME (Aired on ABC 10/30/71) From the brilliant Paul Wendkos comes this tale of a homocidal youngster who's been murdering his military acadamy friends and is now focusing on murdering his stepfather. Scary stuff with Diane Baker, Ed Nelson and Howard Duff. ORDER

LIVE AGAIN, DIE AGAIN (Aired on ABC 2/16/74) A cautionary cryogenics tale about a woman who wakes up after 30 years of being frozen following her death from rheumatic fever, and her having to face her husband, daughter and son after all that time. Food for thought Sci-Fi with a brain. ORDER

LOVE HATE LOVE (Aired on ABC 2/9/71) Ryan O' Neal plays an engineeer who steals a top model (Lesley Ann Warren) away from her jet setter fiance (Peter Haskell). Turns out the said fiance is a psychopath who takes rejection really bad. He decides to persue the couple and make their life a living hell. Talk about a love triangle. ORDER

MAN AGAINST THE MOB (Aired on TV 12/10/89) George Peppard is a detective in the very corrupt 1940's Loa Angeles attempting to discocover and eliminate gansters who are kidnapping and selling women into prostitution. ORDER

MANEATER (Aired on ABC 12/8/73) Ben Gazzara and friends battle warped animal trainer Richard Basehart, who enjoys playing a cat and mouse game involving setting loose his hungry man eating tigers on unsuspecting people. Basehart is such an annoying prick in this you really want to punch him in the face. Ulta rare print off a Greek master tape. ORDER

MADAME SIN (Aired on ABC 1/15/72) Bette Davis plays a super villian in this insane made for TV fantasy. She tries to force CIA man Robert Wagner to turn over plans for an ultra modern Polaris submarine. Will evil overcome? Pick this baby up and fond out... ORDER

MATINEE THEATER- THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER (Aired on NBC 8/6/56)This 50 minute adaptation of Poe's story is interesting only because some of the images would later be recreated by Roger Corman in his film of five years later. This version, which is in color, features fine performances from Tom Tryon, Marshall Thompson and Eduardo Ciannelli. Tryon plays Usher while Thompson plays his visiting friend. Ciannelli is great as the town doctor. Worth it to see for it's obvious influence on Corman. ORDER

MASQUARADE (Aired on 12/15/83 through 4/27/84) Here I have two episodes of this beloved TV series which starred Rod Taylor and Kirstie Alley. Transferred from nice 16mm prints, the two episodes are Girls for Sale and Five Days. The series focused on an intelligence agency that recruits ordinary citizens with diverse skills to chase foreign agents. Girls for Sale (12/29/83) In Hawaii, a senator's daughter is kidnapped in order to blackmail the senator into giving up information from the intelligence committee he serves on, and Lavender and his team must face ninja assassins to rescue her. Five Days (1/19/84) A Bulgarian woman working for the NIA is kept in a top-security women's prison by a corrupt commissioner in Portugal. As the woman holds information vital to saving the crew of a sunken American submarine, Casey gets arrested to contact her. Meanwhile, the team works to discredit the commissioner. You get both episodes on one disc, no commercials. ORDER

MEN OF THE DRAGON (Aired on ABC 5/20/74) This is a fun attempt to gain the martial arts crowd by appealing to them via a TV movie. A white slave mob boss (Joseph Wiseman) kidnaps the sister (Katie Saylor) of a martial arts expert (Jared Martin). Martin enlists a pal (Robert Ito) and the two plus the sister open up a can of whip ass on the bad guy. Shot in Hong Kong, this TV movie does everything it can to draw up comparisons to the Kung Fu films which were filling the theaters at around this time. If you are a fan of martial arts, this can't help but put a smile on your face! ORDER

MIDNIGHT HOUR (Aired on ABC 11/1/85) A knuckleheaded highschool student accidently revives her 300 year old relative, who happens to be a witch! A mix of horror movie and music video, this TV terror flick had production design by Charles Hughs, who did production design for the Michael Jackson Thriller video. With Shari Belafonte, LeVar Burton, Kevin McCarthy and Dick Van Patton. Upgrade, uncut off a master tape. ORDER

MIDNIGHT OFFERINGS (Aired on ABC 2/27/81) Upgrade: fantastic quality, off a British master tape! An evil witch puts the whammy on anyone she cannot control, but she has a surprise coming from a coed who has similar supernatural abilities. With Malissa Sue Anderson and Marion (Happy Days) Ross. Very rare. ORDER

THE MISSING ARE DEADLY (Aired on ABC 1/8/75) How's this for suspense?... an emotionally disturbed teenager takes a rat infected with a disease that can kill one hundred million people in three weeks from his dads research laboratory! Dang!!! With Leonard Nemoy, Jose Ferrer and Kathleen Quinlan. ORDER

MISSING PIECES (Aired on CBS 5/14/83) Elizabeth Montgomery plays an assistant to a private investigator who during the process of an investigation discovers facts about her own husbands death and learns that her and her daughter could be next on the hit list. ORDER

MOMENT OF TRUTH : A MOTHERS DECEPTION(Aired 10/17/94) Joan Van Ark plays a woman seeking help from a psychiatrist/ guru who ends up brainwashing her to leave her family and come join his cxult of asshole followers.Needless to say, her family comes full steam ahead fighting to get her back. Fantastic handling of a very serious subject matter. A must view, and very rare to boot, so pick it up here and dig in. ORDER

MOUSEY (Aired on ABC 3/9/74) This was Kirk Douglas's first made for TV movie, and he plays a meek teacher who discovers during his divorce proceedings that his son is actually NOT his son. This causes him to become vengance driven and and he proceeds to torment his former wife with a vivious game of cat and mouse. Very rare, quality a tad weak, but well worth the purchase. ORDER

MR. INSIDE / MR. OUTSIDE (Aired on NBC 3/14/73) This was another perspective pilot which stars Hal Linden and Tony Lo Bianco as two cops trying to bust a drug ring in NY. Sort of a TV version of the French Connection. ORDER

MURDER IN SPACE (Aired on Showtime 7/28/85) Now here's a cool sci-fi premise, this one has the crew of a multi-national space probe being knocked off one by one by a mysterious assasin. Best part is that both the CIA and the KGB don't want to land the craft and allow the assasin the chance to escape, they'd rather wait out the event and see who's guilty. With Michael Ironside, Martin Balsam and Wilford Brimley. ORDER

MURDER MOTEL (Aired on the BBC 1974) Another British made chiller, this one has a woman tracking down her fiance's murderer to a run down motel. With Edward Judd and Ralph Bates. ORDER

MYSTERIOUS ISLAND OF BEAUTIFUL WOMEN (Aired on CBS 12/1/79) Total comic book madness has the all male crew of an oil company falling prey to an island inhabited by hostile females who have every intention of whiping the men out. Total drive-in oriented cheese except made for the TV screen. With Peter Lawford and Clint walker and lots of beautiful women...ORDER

NIGHT CHASE (Aired on CBS 11/20/70) A man on the run from his wife's shooting tries to take a cab over the Mexican border. Suspense story with David Janssen, Yaphet Kotto and Victoria Vetri. ORDER

NIGHTMARE IN BADHAM COUNTY (Aired on ABC 11/5/76) Super scary and super sleazy (this is the European theatrical version complete with nudity, lesbianism, violence) story of two chicks, one white, one black, and their road trip through the deep South. They run into crazy sheriff Chuck Connors, who in turn gets them incarcerated into a labor camp for criminal offenders. Things just get crazier from there. When compared with all "women in prison" genre films, this is the one that really packs a punch. ORDER

NIGHT SLAVES (Aired on ABC 9/29/70) Crazy Bing Crosby production has James Franciscus and Lee Grant stranded in a Western town where by the inhabitants seem to be under the control of a force that uses then as slave labor in the evening hours. Very creepy flick with an excellent premise. ORDER

THE NORLISS TAPES (Aired on NBC 2/21/73) Scary, fantastic pilot to a series that would later morph into the Night Stalker. Roy Thinnes is a humorless private investigator who stumbles into the arms of the walking dead while researching for a book designed to debunk the supernatural. Very much like Night Stalker. With Angie Dickinson, Claude Akins, Vonetta McGee. Available via Image Entertainment this Fall. Check Amazon.

THE OLD MAN WHO CRIED WOLF! (Aired on ABC 10/13/70) An excellent and vary rare TV movie featuring the incredible Edward G. Robinson as an old geezer who witnesses his buddy Sam Jaffe beaten to death at the hands of a local thug. Trouble is, Robinson's son Martin Balsam believes his dad has dementia and puts him in the hospital under the care of Edward Asner. Now the killers have the old man cornered. Excellent quality on this truly suspensful and unique film... ORDER

ONE DEADLY OWNER (Aired on the BBC 1974) British shot on video "Ghost story" written by Brian Clemens and starring Donna Mills as a young model who buys a Rolls Royce that is haunted by it's previous owner. Cast includes Jeremy Brett and Laurence Payne. Very British. ORDER

OUT OF TIME (Aired on 4/17/88) Strange Sci-Fi yarn in which a law enforcer from the near future is forced to time travel back into the past and help his grandfather catch a super criminal causing all sorts of havoc. With Bruce Abbott, Bill Maher and Rebecca Schaeffer. ORDER

OUTRAGE (Aired on ABC 11/28/73) Story of a very angry man (Robert Culp) who becomes a one man vigilante squad against a group of rotten kids who want to screw up his nice community. Made during the era of Death Wish, so you know where it's coming from. Ultra rare off a British master tape. ORDER

PAPERMAN (Aired on CBS 11/12/71) Very scary tale about a group of computer students who create an identity to use in order to secure credit cards, but later find out that the identity is quite real and out to get them. Dean Stockwell and Stefanie Powers star! ORDER

PERSONALS (Aired on TV 1990) A very engaging and well done thriller starring Stephanie Zimbalist as a librarian by day and serial killer by night. She knocks off men who cheat on their wives by luring them through ads in the personals section of the newspapers. She makes a serious mistake when she kills a men writing an article for the newspapers. And his wife doesn't take to kindly to the killing. This film is indeed loaded with suspense, and it will also appeak to fans of slasher films. Get a move on it...ORDER

PIGS VS. FREAKS (Aired on NBC 7/6/84 aka OFF SIDES) Crazy comedy set in 1968 has cops in combat with hippies with a football game being the method of competition. The Freaks call in draft dodgers from Canada, and the Pigs use second pro-football players!!! Based on an actual event. With Tony Randall and Eugene Roche. From a British master tape. ORDER

POLICE STORY - THE FREEWAY KILLINGS (Aired on NBC 5/3/87) Here is a made for TV sequel to the long running series Police Story, which aired from 1973-77. Utilizing most of the same cast from the series, this ultra rare made for TV movie features our detectives searching for a serial killer who is running loose on the streets of LA. Excellent cast includes Richard Crenna, Angie Dickinson, Tony LoBianco,Don Meredith, Ben Gazzara, Larry Koster. ORDER

PRIME SUSPECT (Aired on CBS 1/20/82) Great and chilling flick which shows the damage that news reporters cam do while seeking out a story. Repoter Teri Garr indicates Mike Farrell in child abductions which in turn blackens his blemish free reputation. He decides it's time to fight fire with fire in order to set his reputation right! ORDER

PROBABLE CAUSE (Aired on TV 1994) Michael Ironside stars as a cop hot on the trail of a serial cop killer who may or may not be another cop. Kate Vernon plays his partner who has trouble sleeping and suffers from sleepwalking. Time is running out and it looks like Kate might very well be the next victim. Again, this is a surprisingly good thriller with a very interesting premise, so it's very much worth your time. Pretty rare as well, only formally available on video. ORDER

REBECCA (Aired on TV 4/8/62) Remake of the famous Daphne Du Maurier story regarding how the shadow of the late Rebecca De Winter hangs over the second marriage of Maxim De Winter and his new young bride. Contains original, 1962 commercials. Fantastic cast includes James Mason, Joan Hackett and Nina Foch. ORDER

REBECCA (Aired on TV 3/11/80) Yet another remake of the Du Maurier story. This one has Jeremy Brett, Joanna David and Anna Massey. Same story with some different twists and an excellent cast. On two discs so $20. ORDER

THE RED SPIDER (Aired on TV 4/21/88) A corrupt cop is found slaughtered with a spider figure carved into his stomach. Iniatially the cops believe that his death had something to do with the fact that he's a corrupt cop, but when more victims show up, and it seems they are unrelated, the cops realise the situation may not be as cut and dry as they think. This was a follow up to another TV movie called One Police Plaza. ORDER

RETURN OF THE WORLDS GREATEST DETECTIVE (Aired on TV 6/16/76) Larry Hagman stars in this rare as rare can be made for TV flick in which he plays a policeman obsessed with Sherlock Holmes who suffers an injury to his head and actually starts to believe he IS Sherlock Holmes. He ends up becoming a huge help to the LA police department and he solves cases with his brilliant deductions and eventual begins to track down a serial killer. While essentially a light weight comedy, this film isn't in your face laughs but rather subtle comedy. Jenny O' Hara plays his sidekick Dr. Joan Watson. ORDER

REVENGE (Aired on ABC 11/6/71) Excellent revenge melodrama with Shelly Winters as a psycho mom out to revenge the suicide death of her daughter. She believes business man Bradford Dillman is responcible, so she chains him up in the basement with all intentions to dismember him with an axe. The drunken Stuart Whitman plays the phoney psychic out to find him. Ultra rare off a British master. Dig in. ORDER

REVENGE FOR A RAPE (Aired on ABC 11/19/76) A man becomes a full fledged vigilante when his wife is raped by three men while on a camping trip. Gripping drama in the Death Wish mode. With Mike Connors and Robert Reed. ORDER

RUN SIMON RUN (Aired on ABC 12/1/70) A Papago Indian (Burt Reynolds) returns to his tribe after a stint in jail. He proceeds to seek out the killer of his brother while annoying both the authority's and his people. With Inger Stevens and Royal Dano. ORDER

SAMURAI (Aired on ABC 4/30/79) Here is an attempt at a martial arts, science fiction series with a younf San Francisco lawyer who dones a samurai sword by night to do battle with a power mad tycoon who has an earthquake machine which he intends to use on the populace. Fun stuff in the Dr. Strange mode. ORDER

SATAN'S TRIANGLE (Aired on ABC 1/14/75) Very scary take on the Devil's Triangle legend has Doug McClure and Kim Novak fighting Satan himself abourt a sail boat. A very engaging film that actually raises the hairs on your back. ORDER

THE SCREAMING SKULL (Aired on ABC 1973) David McCallum plays a drunken scientist who has a nagging, miserable wife (Carolyn Nye) who he kills and strips clean down to her bones. His brother (Vincent Gardenia) comes to visit only to find David in a horrible mental state brought on by the wifes skull, which rolls around the castle and screams and makes all sorts of weird noises. It also bites people, to death! You heard me right! Ultra rare TV flick that was shown on ABC's Wide World of Mystery. Originally aired in color, but only available now off this B/W 16mm film print. Dig in. ORDER

SHE CRIED 'MURDER! (Aired on CBS 9/25/73) When a young model witnesses a woman being pushed in front of a train, she calls the police, only to have one of the two detectives turn out to be the killer. Intense suspense with Telly Savalas, Lynda Day George and Mike Farrell. ORDER

SILENT WITNESS (Aired on NBC 10/14/85) Valerie Bertinelli in a very dramatic role as a woman who's husbands (played by John Savage) brother (Chris Nash) is involved in the rape of a young woman who has since killed herself. Valerie must speak up and expose the crime or forever hold her peace. ORDER

SOLE SURVIVOR (Aired on CBS 1/9/70) Great flick has the ghosts of a crashed U.S. bomber plane downed in the Lybian dessert return to haunt the general who had desserted them 17 years earlier. Knock out cast includes Vince Edwards, Richard Basehart, William Shatner and Brad Davis. Written by the brilliant Guerdon Trueblood. Flowed by the original Twighlight Zone episode that influenced this flick. ORDER

SOMEONE'S WATCHING ME (Aired on NBC 11/29/78) Originally titled "High Rise", this suspense flick, directed by John (Halloween) Carpenter features Lauren Hutton as a career gal stalked by an unknown assailant. When the cops drag their feet, she takes matters into her own hands. ORDER

SOMETHING EVIL (Aired on CBS 1/21/72) A horror tale that is truly scary, involving a couple (played by Darren McGavin and Sandy Dennis) who move into a Bucks County, Pennsylvania farmhouse only to realise a very evil force wants to possess their son. This was directed by Steven Spielberg, and one can only wish that he could still direct films as well as he directed this. We also include an episode of Night Gallery called "Rackman's Model", which is based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft. ORDER

SOONER OR LATER (Aired on NBC 3/25/79) Gross cheese has a 13 year old girl sprucing herself up and making herself look older in order to attract a rock idol she adores.Generally the type of plot used by pornographers. Filmed in Yonkers, NY. With Barbara Feldon and Judd Hirsch. ORDER

THE SPELL (Aired on NBC 2/20/77) A made for TV rip-off of Carrie has an overweight teenage girl turn her psychic powers on her evil schoolmates. Lee Grant plays the mother, Helen Hunt plays the little sister who lives in fear of the fat girl. ORDER

STARCROSSED (Aired on ABC 1/13/85) An alien woman is running from a deadly enemy and tries to hide on Earth where she meets a young mechanic, who helps her to get back home and to fight for the freedom of her people. Interesting sci-fi featuring the always likeable James Spader as the friendly mechanic. Belinda Bauer is the Alien in need of help, and one can't help to be reminded of the John Carpenter film Starman, which was made a year earlier. Long out of oprint on video, so snap it up! ORDER

STAR WARS CHRISTMAS SPECIAL (Aired on NBC 11/27/78) Without a doubt, this program is an example of the cocaine binging that occured among corporate TV executives, not to say that the "In a galaxy, far, far away" look in Carrie Fisher's eyes wasn't also being caused by external stimuli. This is one of the most anxiety enducing programs you will ever sit through, two full hours that feels like three and a half days. If you were a fan of the original Star Wars, this program could have killed that flat. So bad even George Lucas disowns it. With a drunken Art Carney, super lesbian Bea Arthur doing her "Mame" impression, and Harvey Korman, fresh out of work from the Carol Burnett show. Mark Hamill has to be filmed from angles to hide his disfigured mug, and the only one really trying is Harrison Ford. If you find Saturday Night Live re-runs to be funny, than this is for you. With original broadcast commercials. UPGRADE! Better quality, easier on the eyes. ORDER

STONESTREET: WHO KILLED THE CENTERFOLD MODEL? (Aired on NBC 1/16/77) A female private eye goes undercover as a porn actress in order to track down the missing daughter of an industrialist. Cheese, cheese and more cheese. Don't miss this because Barbara Eden is the private eye turned porno queen, and she has excellent support (bras) in the form of Joan Hackett, Sally Kirkland, and Richard Basehart. ORDER

SST - DEATH FLIGHT (Aired on ABC 2/25/77) The worlds first super sonic transport is threatened by the fact that it may never land! More disaster with an all star cast including Peter Graves, Lorne Green, Season Hubley, Tina Louise.... and more.... ORDER

THE STRANGER (Aired on NBC 2/26/73) A crazy Bing Crosby Productions flick finds Astronaut Glenn Corbett finding he's landed not back on Earth, but rather a dublicate planet that has marked him for extinction. Not a very nice homecoming. Great supporting cast includes Cameron Mitchell, Lew Ayres, George Coulouris, and Dean Jagger. ORDER

SUMMER (Aired on PBS 1981) Diane Lane stars in the story of a seventeen-year-old girl's early disillusionment with life followed by her shift into reality. She is orphaned at 17 and adopted by a man who is so drawn to her he decides to make her his wiife. She takes a lover which in turn causes all sorts of problems. Very sleazy subject matter for PBS and Great Performances. We ever get a scene of Miss Lane topless. Worth it for that scene alone. ORDER

SURVIVE THE NIGHT (Aired on TV 1/19/93) This is a very interesting and taunt suspense drama that is also very unintentionally funny. Stephanie Powers and Helen Shaver find themselves trapped in Gravesend, the Bronx while trying to return home from a holiday visit in Brooklyn. Turns out a vicious gang is on the perowl and they'd love to get their hands on Stephanies teenage daughter (Kathleen Robertson). The film starts to rear a comedic end when Stephanie becomes avenger and stages some "Home Alone" style pranks against the gang. Also, the concept of an intergrated gang is idiotic, gags are usually one culture and rarely have members of a completely different nature. The idea that this intergrated gang in "the Bronx" is run by a white guy is completely idiotic, but for the politically correct amoung us I guess they had to make it this way. Anyhow, this flick is very rare as is only available via a Dutch VHS in English with Dutch subs. Buy the premise, buy the flick...ORDER

A TASTE OF EVIL (Aired on ABC 10/12/71) A young woman, who was paped as a child, leaves the mental institution only to discover that someone is trying to frighten her back into insanity. Great suspense thriller with Barbara Stanwyck, Barbara Parkins, Roddy McDowall and William Windom. A must have! ORDER

TERROR ON THE 40TH FLOOR (Aired on NBC 9/17/74) Major Upgrade! Full 98 minute version! A great made for TV version of the Towering Inferno has an all star cast getting stuck in a skyscraper penthouse during an office when a huge fire breaks out. You know what to expect! With John Forsythe, Joseph Campanella, Don Meredith. ORDER

TERROR OUT OF THE SKY (Aired on CBS 12/26/78) Sequel to the excellent Savage Bees has the Bee specialists and a free lance piolet out to stop another swarm of killer bees. With Dan Haggerty and Efrem Zimbalist Jr. ORDER

TOO RICH: THE SECRET LIFE OF DORIS DUKE (Aired on CBS 1999) Here is the former mini serries cut into one long (192 minute) movie. Doris Duke, the famous real-life billionairess, prepares to die. She recounts the early death of her loving father, being raised by a cold mother, two marriages and numerous affairs. Always being hungry for love, plus a fascination with mystics and reincarnation, and a disastrous adoption late in life. As she is dying, her crazed life has one last bump in it: her butler, Bernard Lafferty, is suspected of arranging her death so he can get all her money. Killer cast includes Lauren Bacall and Richard Chamberlain. ORDER

TOUGH LOVE (Aired on 10/13/85) Soap opera drama about the tough love program which was set up to help parents deal with drug or alcohol addicted kids. Lee Remick and Bruce Dern deal with a lying, problem son while Piper Laurie deals with a daughter on the verge of suicide. ORDER

THIS HOUSE POSSESSED (Aired on ABC 2/6/81) Rock Star parker Stevenson soon discovers that some very powerful force holds his new house under it's control. His live in nurse, feels the house wants to keep her prisoner. Actress Joan Bennett turns in a rare appearence as a bag lady who knows more than she should. Slim Pickens plays Stevenson's manager. Quality on the low end but the title is very, very rare. ORDER

THE 3000 MILE CHASE (Aired on NBC 6/16/77) A proffesional courier is hired to bring a key witness aganst the mafia 3,000 miles for a trial in New York. Mafia gun men make this trip very difficult. This was a pilot for a proposed series. With an exceelent cast including Cliff DeYoung, Glenn Ford and Blair Brown. ORDER

THROUGH NAKED EYES (Aired on ABC 12/11/83) David Soul and Pam Dawber play neighbors who like to do voyeuristic games watching each other through binoculars. Turns out a third party is also watching, and this one is a killer. Directed by John Moxey, who gave us the Night Stalker TV pilot. ORDER

TRACKDOWN: FINDING THE GOODBAR KILLER (Aired on CBS 10/15/83) George Segal made his TV movie debut with this story of a New York detective trying to track down the killer of a school teacher in 1972. The victims point of view was explored in the movie Looking For Mr. Goodbar. Sonny Grasso, the cop who inspired The French Connection, was the producer of this flick. With Shelley Hack. ORDER

TRAPPED (Aired on ABC 11/14/73) James Brolin gets knocked out by two thugs in a department store and wakes up only to find the store is closed and the guard dogs have been set loose to protol the place. Will his soon to be ex-wife find him in time before he ends up as dog food! Great suspense flick, made a major impression on me as a kid. ORDER

THE TRIANGLE FACTORY FIRE SCANDAL (Aired on NBC 1/30/79) Horrifying recreation of the God awful fire that wiped out female factory workers in 1911 and led to the developement of the ILGWU Union. Has the usual soap opera touches but all in all tells a very serious story about one of the worst crimes of the 20th century. With Tom Bosley. ORDER

TRUE GRIT (Aired on ABC 5/19/78) Here is the long lost made for TV version of the classic John Wayne Western True Grit. This was the pilot of what was hoped to be a series that never did end up materializing. This version stars Warren Oates, Lee Meriwether and Lee Montgomery. This is the further adventures of Roster Cogburn as he battles bad guys and contends with a teenage girl hell bent on changing his ways. Certainly Warren Oates, who is a great actor in his own right, really can't fill the shoes John Wayne filled for the original film, still, this flick is not a waste of time. Give it a shot. ORDER

TURN OF THE SCREW (Aired on the TV show Startime on 10/20/59) Here is the complete show as it was broadcast live in 1959 featuring the incredible Ingrid Bergman as the governess who doubts her own sanity as she confronts what she believes to be a ghost exuding an evil influence on two children in her care. Based on the story by Henry James, this is stunning live television made all the better by the artful direction of the brilliant John Frankenheimer. ORDER

TWO FOR THE MONEY (Aired on ABC 2/26/72) Two cops decide to quit the police force and become private detectives after one of the cops is shot during a stakeout. They agree to hunt for a murderer who has hidden from sight since the crime was committed. Walter Brennan plays an old timer turned vigilante who is also looking for the killer because the killer killed one of his family. Robert Hooks and Stephen Brooks play the cops. But the standout performances come from Mercedes McCambridge who plays an out of control psycho ward patient, Richard Dreyfuss who plays a guy who looks like a Yashiva University graduate student, and Neville Brand, who's always menacing. ORDER

THE UFO INCIDENT (Aired on NBC 10/20/75) A very moody drama about a New Hampshire couple (who happened to be interracial) who claimed to have been abducted by a UFO and examined by aliens. Spooky story that interested me when I was younger but these days makes me worry about that couples sanity. James Earl Jones and Estelle Parsons play the couple, Bernard Hughes plays the investigator. ORDER

UNDERGROUND MAN (Aired on NBC 5/6/74) Peter Graves plays a private eye who goes after a group of kidnappers who kidnapped his ex-girlfriends son. He ends up getting wrapped up in a series of murders that go back over 15 years. ORDER

A VACATION IN HELL (Aired on NBC 5/21/79) Four women and a man wonder off and get lost on a tropical island, giving them a very tough lesson in survival. With Priscilla Barnes and Barbara Feldon. ORDER

THE VICTIM (Aired on ABC 11/14/72) Elizabeth Montgomery finds out the hard way that her sister has been killed and the murderer is still in the house. Just about as scary as they get. ORDER

WAIKIKI (Aired on ABC 4/21/80) Shot on location in Hawaii, this detective yarn tells the story of two detectives (Dack Rambo & Steve Marachuk) brought in from NY and California to investigate serial killings and to try and clear a friend accused of the murders. Pilot for a series that never took root. Ultra rare! Great supporting cast includes Donna Mills, Darren McGavin, Tanya Roberts. ORDER

WAY OUT (Aired on TV 1961) Here is a five episode set of the classic thriller series hosted by the brilliant Rahl Dahl. The episodes include: WILLIAM & MARY, I HEARD YOU CALLING ME, THE CROAKER, DISSOLVE TO BLACK, DEATH WISH. The quality varies, but is watchable throughout. Email me if you want individual episodes. ORDER

WEREWOLF OF WOODSTOCK (Aired on CBS 1975) This was one of Dick Clarks Productions first made for TV movies, and this one has the dubious honor of having been shot on video. An intollerant jackass is hit by lightening and turns into a werewolf (?) the day after the infamouse Woodstock music festival has occured. Needless to say, he hunts down any remaining hippies in the area. This flick is so bad that it's...bad, through and through. My 8mm films I shot when I was a kid looked ten times better than this. Super rare and in nice quality to boot. Just try finding this anywhere else... ORDER

WHERE HAVE ALL THE PEOPLE GONE? (Aired on NBC 10/8/74) A father (Peter Graves) and his two children (Kathleen Quinlan and George O' Hanlon Jr.) fight to survive after some sort of nuclear misshap has whiped out the rest of the worlds population. Eerie flick directed by John Llewellyn Moxey. ORDER

WORD OF HONOR (Aired on CBS 1/6/81) Excellent, moral dilemma drama featuring the always reliable Karl Malden as a reporter who gets a tip from a source that needs to remain anonymous about the wherabouts of a young girl held captive but a local bigshot who is also a psycho sex murderer. In order to make the charges stick, the reporter must reveal his source, but he will not. This leads to the whole town treating the reporter and his family like shit; blocking loans, not attending his daughters wedding, and all sorts of other abuses. An excellent cast including Rue McClanahan, Ron Silver, and a young John Malkovich in one of his first roles. This is a must, and it's ultra rare! ORDER

WHO IS THE BLACK DAHLIA? (Aired on NBC 3/1/75) Excellent fact based drama about a Los Angeles detective's attempts to solve the case of a star struck young woman who's body was found mutilated and dumped in a vacant lot in 1947. Great cast includes Efrem Zimbalist Jr as the detective, and Macdonald Carey, Tom Bosley, June Lockhart, Mercedes McCambridge, Donna Mills. ORDER

THE WOMAN HUNTER (Aired on CBS 9/19/72) From Bing Crosby Productions and Directed by Bernard (Attack of the Killer Leeches) Kowalski, this treat has Barbara Eden as a woman on vacation who believes she is being stalked by an international jewel thief and killer. Tele-play by Hammer's Brian Clemens, who wrote some of the other British produced titles we offer here. With Robert Vaughn, Stuart Whitman, and Larry Storch. ORDER

THE WOMAN IN BLACK (Aired on BBC 1989) This is with-out a doubt the scariest ghost story you are ever going to see, hands down. Wriiten by the brilliant Nigel Kneale, this story of a London lawyer who must travel out to the marshlands to settle a dead womans estate will raise the hairs on the back of your neck, and may even cause you to loose some sleep. One of our most highly recommended titles. ORDER

WOMEN IN CHAINS (Aired on ABC 1/25/72) Excellent, sleazy "Women in Prison" picter directed by exploitation vet Bernard (Attack of the Giant Leaches) Kowalski. Ida Lupina plays a hateful bull dyke warden who murders prisoners at whim. An undercover social worker goes behind bars to expose the brutality. Very nerve wracking. ORDER

WITCHCRAFT (Unsold TV pilot 1961) Here was a proposed horror series that didn't make it past the initial episode. Darren McGavin is here once again, trying to protect his friend from a supernatural curse placed on him by a nasty old gypsie. Interesting idea that foreshadows Night Stalker. Also included on this tape is an episode of the idiotic ghost comedy Who Goes There, so damn stupid you have to see it to believe it. And to round out the tape we have a great episode from the underappreciated Darkroom TV series, an episode involving a werewolf. ORDER

YOU LIE SO DEEP, MY LOVE (Aired on ABC 2/25/75) A man who is hungry for love and money, finds he can have both with the girlfriend he loves and a rich wife. Hopwever, in order to get the money, he'll have to commit murder! With Don Galloway, Angel Tompkins and Walter Pidgeon. ORDER

YOU'LL NEVER SEE ME AGAIN (Aired on ABC 2/28/73) A husband, searching after his wife when she ran away from a domestic dispute, finds evidence that he himself may have been her killer. Very, very rare. With David Hartman, Jane Wyatt, Ralph Meeker, Bo Svenson. ORDER


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