Here are a listing of made for TV titles that may have escaped your attention during their initial showings, but are well worth re-discovery now! Besides, we've run out of room to list new titles on our other two pages, so why not erect a third page to do the job. As always, Cinefear has searched far and wide to bring you some of the most obscure TV Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Mystery. As always, if your looking for a certain title in the genre, then by all means write us and let us know. In the meantime, kick back, pop open a beer or pour a glass of wine, and dig into this oddball collection of forgotten TV flicks that are well worth remembering, as well as re-watching... All titles available in DVD format as well as VHS...

ABDUCTION OF SAINT ANNE (Aired on ABC 1/21/75) Excellent piece of intriguing storytelling has Robert Wagner as a cynical private eye hired by the Vatican to kidnap the daughter of a mafia chieftain who is said to possess mariculous healing powers. Fantastic plot brought to life by a fantastic supporting cast which includes EG Marshall, Lloyd Nolan, Kathleen Quinlan, William Windom and James Gregory. Much better than the DaVinci Code. ORDER

ADVENTURES OF NICK CARTER (Aired on NBC 2/20/72) Nick Carter (Robert Conrad) is hunting for his friends killer in 1912 New York, and must dwell with both the rich and the dregs of society in order to unmask the murderer. Great cast to this perspective series includes Shelley Winters, Broderick Crawford and Neville Brand. ORDER

ALEXANDER : THE OTHER SIDE OF DAWN (Aired on NBC 5/16/77) Complete and total cheese. Sequel to Dawn: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway, this one finds a male hustler unable to find his way out of the streets. He finally ends up with a gay football player!!! Do you think I make this stuff up!? Not so, television was as exploitive in the 70's as the drive-in cinema was... ORDER

AMBUSH MURDERS (Aired on CBS 1/5/82) A black activist is accused of murdering two white police officers. James Brolin is a defense attorney trying to get down to the heart of the matter. Tense thriller. Brolin filled in for Sam Elliot, who was originally cast to play the attorney. Blaxploitation hero Antonio Fargas appears as does Christopher Guest as a policemen. ORDER

AMOS (Aired on CBS 9/29/85) Kirk Douglas plays a senior citizen who deals with a wicked nurse (Elizabeth Montgomery) who makes life a misery for old folks at a very corrupt old farts home. Tense stuff, but based on real life horrors. With Dorothy McGuire, Pat Morita and Ray Walston. ORDER

A MASTERPIECE OF MURDER (Aired on NBC 1/27/86) A private eye (Bob Hope) who's seen better days and a master thief (Don Ameche) join forces to solve some murders and an art theft or two by a great supporting cast including Jayne Meadows, Yvonne DeCarlo, Anne Francis and Frank Gorshin. ORDER

AND I ALONE SURVIVED (Aired on NBC 11/27/78) Real life horror story of a woman trapped on the Sierra Nevadas after a plane crash that killed her two companions. Gritty and suspensful. With Blair Brown, Vera Miles and David Ackroyd. ORDER

APOLOGY (Aired on HBO 7/27/86) A sculptress who uses taped confessions of peoples sins for a piece of artwork she is doing finds herself stalked by a psychotic killer. Features some great footage of SOHO and Greenwich Village. With Leslie Ann Warren, Peter Weller and Harvey Fierstein. ORDER

ART OF THE CRIME (Aired on 12/3/75) A gypsy antique dealer (Ron Leibman) must turn detective when one of his colleagues is accused of murder. With Jose Ferrer and Jill Clayburgh. ORDER

ARMED & INNOCENT (Aired on CBS 1/4/94) This TV movie tells the true life story of a young boy who murders intruders when they beset the house while he's home alone. But the worst is yet to come when the boy and his family have to deal with neighbors and associates of the intruders killed. This is a tense thriller featuring a fantastic cast with Kate Jackson and Gerald McRaney as the boys parents and Andrew Starnes as the boy who protects himself from danger only to have more doors of danger opened. And no, this film isn't on YouTube. It's had no further media outlet than VHS back in the day and that VHS is very expensive now. Get it from Cinefear while we are still in business. ORDER

AS SUMMERS DIE (Aired on HBO 5/18/86) A large area of land is owned by an old black lady, Elvira Backus. It had been given to her by her one time employer and secret father of her two children, a southern patriarch. Discovering oil on the afore mentioned property, the patriarch's family tries to regain the land by destroying the deed and denying it ever existed.with Scott Glenn and Jamie Lee Curtis. ORDER

ATTACK ON TERROR : THE FBI VS THE KKK (Aired on CBS 2/20-21/75) Intense tale based on the real case of three missing civil rights workers who were murdered in Mississippi in 1964 and the investigation that lead to a conviction of several Klu Klux Klansmen. With Ned Beatty, L.Q. Jones, Dabney Coleman, and Larry Koster. ORDER

A VERY MISSING PERSON (Aired on ABC 3/4/72) Here was an attempt to get a mystery series stated featuring the Hildegarde Withers character made famous by Edna May Oliver in the 1930/40's. In this case, Eve Arden plays Hildegarde. With James Gregory and Julie Newmar (Cat Woman from the Batman series). ORDER

THE AWAKENING OF CANDRA (Aired on CBS 12/16/83 Aka The Brainwashing of Candra Torres) Another winner from Paul Wendkos, master of the TV movie. Insane psycho drama that was so lurid it premiered in the early AM hours of the morning, and this was after sitting on the shelf for over two years. A woman is abducted, raped and brainwashed by an insane hunter. After he kills her husband, even she buckles under and tells the cops her husbands death was an accident. But a persistant detective knows better... ORDER

THE BASTARD (1978) Another of those soap opera oriented 'so bad it's funny' pieces of historical nonesense, with a side splitting cast, exploitation at it's finest. This one tells the tale of Phillip Kent, an illegitimate French men turned American patriot. Andrew Stevens is Phil, and an allstar cast make fools of themselves playing various heros of the American revolution. Tom Bosley is Benjamin Franklin, William Shatner is Paul Revere, etc...Also with Buddy Ebsen, Lorne Green, Patricia Neal, cast is so huge I can't even list them all. Opening scene on both discs a little rough do to master damage. Other than that, smooth sailing. On two discs so $25.00. ORDER

THE BEASTS ARE ON THE STREETS (Aired on NBC 9/26/78) From Hanna-Barbera comes this exciting and gripping "Animals gone berserk" story which has a truck crashing through the fence of a natural perserve and freeing all the lions, tigers and bears! Hence, it's snack time and the humans are on the menu. Carol Lynley leads an exciting cast in this long lost gem. ORDER

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (Aired on NBC 12/3/76) Here is an excellent made for TV version of the classic folk tale of a maiden who agrees to live with a monsterous looking man in order to protect her fathers life. George C. Scott makes a fantastic beast, and Trish Van Devere is great as beauty. Emmy Award nominations went to Scott for his acting, Albert Wolsky for his costume design, and John Chambers for make-up.Comes from an International source so it has small Italian subtitles on the bottom of the screen. ORDER

BIGFOOT (Aired on 3/8/87) From the "Wonderful World of..." comes this made for TV gem directed by John Huston's son Danny and starring Adam Carl, Timothy Brown and Colleen Dewhurst. A family vacationing in the woods meets up with Bigfoot and his family. Tight, cute, but actually very well made addition to the Hairy Man genre. ORDER

BITTER HARVEST (Aired on NBC 5/18/81) From the real life horror stories comes this tale of a Farmer (Ron Howard) trying to find out what's killing his dairy herd and afflicting his infant son. Needless to say, Goverment red tape drags the answers out. A devistating piece of drama. Excellent cast includes Art Carney and Tarah Nutter. Off a British master tape. ORDER

BLACK MARKET BABY (Aired on ABC 10/7/77) Also known as "Don't Steal My Baby", A college girl becomes pregnant and soon finds herself in a struggle with a black market adoption ring out to take her baby. With Linda Purl, Desi Arnaz Jr., Tom Bosley, Bill Bixby and David Doyle. ORDER

BLACKOUT (Aired on HBO 7/28/85) A retired detective (Richard Widmark) obsessive search for a killer leads him to a stalked woman (Kathleen Quinlan) who may very well be the prey of the very same killer. Violent and suspensful. With Keith Carradine. ORDER

BLOOD & ORCHIDS (Aired on CBS 2/23-24/86) Cheesy melodrama about a rape that occurs in Hawaii in the 1930's. An unfaithful Nazy brat wife is raped and beaten by her lover, but forced to mask the situation by her society mother, points the finger at four youths who had nothing to do with it. Great cast includes Jane Alexander, Kris Kristofferson, and Jose Ferrer. Complete version, two discs, hence $25. ORDER

BLUE LIGHTNING (Aired on CBS 5/7/86) Great piece of pulp fiction has a San Francisco investigator (Sam Elliot) in Australia doing battle with a evil mastermind (Robert Culp) over a fabulous pearl. Filmed in Australia with a predominant Australian cast and crew. Fun comic book inspired fluff. ORDER

THE BLUE KNIGHT (Aired on CBS 5/9/75) Crazed cop Bumper Morgan tracks the killer of one of his comrads in this pilot for the 75/76 season with George Kennedy taking on the role originated by William Holden in a '73 mini-series. Directed by J. Lee Thompson, who would later direct some of the violent Charles Bronson films of the early eighties. ORDER

BRASS (Aired on CBS 9/11/85) Shot entirely in Manhattan, this was Carroll O' Connor's return to TV after having done Archie Bunker from 1971 to 83. He plays a top notch detective investigating two real life events, the CBS Parking Lot murders and the Penn Station Sniper. He also uncovers a ton of police corruption. ORDER

BROTHERLY LOVE (Aired on CBS 5/28/85) Scary thriller has Judd Hirsch portraying two twins, one a bastard psychotic, the other a great guy! The nasty twin wants revenge on the good twin because the good guy stopped the bad guy from killing in the past. The bad twin plays good twin asnd gets the good twin in trouble... are you confused yet? Don't be, order this film and enjoy! ORDER

CAGE WITHOUT A KEY (Aired on CBS 11/19/71) When a school girl accepts a ride from a young man, she has no clue of the horrors to follow. Forced at gunpoint to partake in a robbery, the young lady is caught and sent to prison, which turns out to be more of a nightmare than the crazy young man. With Susan Dey. ORDER

CALENDAR GIRL MURDERS (Aired on ABC 4/8/84) Miss March is in deep trouble because a killer is wiping out calendar girls in a monthly manner, and Miss January and February are already pushing up daisies. With Tom Skerritt, Sharon Stone and Robert Culp. ORDER

CALLIE & SON (Aired on CBS 10/3/81) Story of a woman in poverty who is forced to give up her illegitimate son. Years later, after she's climbed to the top via her wealthy newspapper publisher husband, she finds her son and sets out to become a part of his life. Cheesy, soap opera type exploitation. With Lindsay Wagner, Dabney Coleman, and Michelle Pfeiffer. ORDER

CHIEFS (Aired on CBS 11/13-16/83) Excellent, an intense story of three generations of police chiefs in the small Southern Town of Delano who try and solve murders commited by a horrible serial murderer from the late 20's through the early 60's. This series won many awards and accolades, and features an all star cast including Charlton Heston, Keith Carradine, Wayne Rogers, Paul Sorvino, Brad Davis and Billy Dee Williams. Uncut, all three original installments, all yours for $35.00. ORDER

CHILD IN THE NIGHT (Aired on TV 1990) A psychologist (JoBeth Williams) tries to unravel the muddled mind of an 8 year old boy who witnessed his fathers murder at the hands of a serial killer who used a hook to off his victims. In the meantime, the killings continue! Nice made for cable TV murder flick made to cash in on the slasher genre as slasher films from the '80's where still hot stuff on 90's cable TV. Great cast includes Tom Skerritt, Season Hubley, Elijah Wood and Darren McGavin. ORDER

CHILD OF RAGE (Aired on TV 1992) A pastor and his wife adapt a brother and sister team unawhere that the children have had a sordid past and the young girl is a raging lunatic. From the Bad Seed school of filmmaking where by a well meaning family finds themselves in the grips of horror and are forced to intervine and save the child from self destruction. Based on a real life incident. Real life is far more frightening than fantasy. ORDER

CHILDREN OF AN LAC (Aired on CBS 10/9/80) Super tense tale of actress Ina Balin's account of trying to air leift children out of South Vietnam right before the fall of Spring '75. Real life horror stories make the best horror stories because you can learn from them. With Shirley Jones. Directed by John Moxey, who directed the Night Stalker pilot. ORDER

CHILDREN OF TIMES SQUARE (Aired on ABC 3/3/86) Insane drama about runaway kids dealing drugs on New Yorks infamous 42nd Street. Howard Rollins Jr. plays a scum bag drug pusher who has these kids doing cocain trafficking. Fucked-up stuff. With Joanna Cassidy and David Ackroyd. ORDER

CHINA LAKE MURDERS (Aired on 1/31/90) A crazy cop murders people while on vacation. If this isn't a true story it should be. Tom Skerritt is the small town sheriff who has to prove the killer is a pig on vacation. Tense and very well made. ORDER

THE CITY (Aired on NBC 1/22/77) Insane made for TV horror show has Mark Hamill as a psychopath obsessed with tormenting a country singer (Jimmy Dean) and his family. Robert Forster and Don Johnson are cops hot on the trail of scumbag Hamill, who does a really nice job of making you hate him in this film. Hamill even kills the family dog. Shame on you, Luke Skywalker! ORDER

COCAINE AND BLUE EYES (Aired on NBC 1/2/83) Celebrity murderer O J Simpson play a detective dragged into a drug smuggling operation while investigating a murder. With Cliff Gorman, Candy Clark and Keye Luke (Charlie Chan's number one son). ORDER

COCAINE: ONE MAN'S SEDUCTION (Aired on NBC 2/27/83) More real life horrors as business man Dennis Weaver gets introduced to cocain and literally starts to flush his life down the toilet. Pamela Bellwood and David Ackroyd are the monsters that get him hooked. Karen Grassle is his long suffering wife. Directed by the master of Paranoia, Paul Wendkos. ORDER

CODE NAME : DIAMOND HEAD (Aired on NBC 5/3/77) Crazy story of an undercover agent (Roy Thinnes) persuing a master of disguises who is trying to steal a secret formula at the beguest of a foreign power. Lots of silly seventies nonesense, filmed in Hawaii. Directed by Jeannot Szwarc. ORDER

CONDOMINIUM (Aired 11/20/80) Another made for TV addition to the disaster movie sweepstakes. A condominium built on a beach in Florida houses tons of rich bitch people but God has a way of getting even and he does this by sending them a hurricane wich in turn causes a huge storm surge wave which is heading right for the condominium. I wont tell ya how it ends...all star cast includes Barbara Eden, Dan Haggerty, Steve Forrest, Richard Anderson, Ralph Bellamy, Arte Johnson, Larry Koster. ORDER

COOL MILLION - MASK OF MARCELLA (Aired on NBC 10/16/72) Expensive private eye searches for a missing heiress who's been missing for years after her millionair father is murdered. James Farentino is the man of the hour, flanked by such gems as John Vernon, Barbara Bouchet (hot, hot, hot) and Jackie Coogan (Uncle Fester). ORDER

CRIME OF INNOCENCE (Aired on NBC 10/27/87) Another horror story of injustice in which fanatical judge Andy Griffith (this guy can really excell at playing scumbags, can the fruit fall far from the tree) sentences a young girl who took a joyride in a barrowed car to a prison sentence. The real horror begins when the girl is raped by a prison guard. Diane Ladd and Steve Inwood are the concerned parents who enact a civil suite against the crazed judge. I promise you'll want to beat Andy Griffith to death after you watch this. ORDER

CZECH MATE (Aired on the BBC 1984) Lovely Susan George finds herself in deep trouble in this "who's side are you on" espionage thriller. If your a Susan George fan you can't do with out this flick. ORDER

THE DAY THE WOMEN GOT EVEN (Aired on NBC 12/4/80) When an unscrupulous talent agent threatens four suburban housewives, well, hell hath no fury like an angry housewife. This is a fun fantasy for the ladies, and even the guys will get a kick out of it. Cast includes Jo Anne Pflug,Georgina Engel, Tina Louise, Barbara Rhoades and Julie Hagerty. ORDER

DAUGHTER OF THE STREETS (Aired on HBO 2/26/90) A mother, hung up in social causes, neglets her daughter, who in turn falls in with the wrong crowd and becomes a prostitute. The mother must literally abduct her daughter from the street in order to save her. Hair raising stuff. Really shows how liberal assholes never tend to their own backyards. ORDER

DEAD OF NIGHT: A DARKNESS AT BLAISEDON (Aired on ABC 8/26/69) Not to be confused with Dan Cutis's other 1977 TV movie of the same name, this was his first attempt at getting a TV series off the ground with the title Dead of Night. An investigator and his assistant investigate incidents of the supernatural that the local authorities will not even acknowledge. The incredible Kerwin Mathews plays the investogator. Ultra rare, so stop playing around and buy it for Christ's sake.... ORDER

DEADLY GAME (Aired on NBC 12/3/77) Sequel to Girl in the Empty Grave deals with a conspiracy to cover up damage caused by a army tanker truck that dumped a deadly chemical. Andy Griffith reprises his role from Empty Grave. James Earl Jones co-stars. ORDER

DEADLY GAME (Aired on HBO 1982) Excellent, shot live on stage performances from a cast of pros including George Segal, Trevor Howard, Robert Morley, Emlyn Williams, and Alan Webb. A group of former court employees (judge, prosecuter, public defender, etc) hold mock trials for amusement. When George Segal accidently ends up in their mitts, he finds himself on trial and perhaps even facing death from these bored psychos who don't know the difference between reality and fantasy. ORDER

DEADLY HARVEST (Aired on CBS 9/26/72) Having escaped from the iron curtain, a Russian defector finds he's being stalked by an enemy from his past. Richard Boone is the victim. Patty Duke is also on hand and sings Dylan's "Blowing in the Wind" in the opening credits. With Michael Constantine. Directed by Dan O' Herlihy's son Michael. ORDER

DEADLY HUNT (Aired on CBS 10/1/71) Taunt thriller has Peter Lawford and Tony Franciosa as bad guys out to put a hit on Anjanette Comer. A forest fire adds extra delemma to an already bad situation. Ultra rare, transferred off a nice 16mm print. Well worth it, especially for Franciosa's over the top performance. ORDER

DEADLY LESSONS (Aired on ABC 3/7/83) A crazed killer is systematically wiping out the snobby students at an all girl prep school. Alley Sheedy is on hand to suffer the slings and arrows. Is the killer Donna Reed, David Akroyd or Bill Paxton? You'll have to watch it to find out... ORDER

DEADLY MESSAGES (Aired on ABC 2/21/85) Crazy psycho story with supernatural elements. A woman on the run from a vicious killer receives strange messages via a Ouija board from the spirit world. Tons of red herrings abound. Fantastic scary music by Brad Fiedel. And Dennis Franz as a cop, how can you go wrong!!! ORDER

DEAR DETECTIVE (Aired in 1979) Brenda Vaccaro is one tough lady detective out to capture the killer of some local officials. Tough but tender Brenda is always a pleasure to behold. With Ron Silver and M. Emmet Walsh. ORDER

DEATH IN CANAAN (Aired on CBS 3/1/78) Intense drama involving a Connecticut town rsing to the defense of a young man accused of the mutilation murder of his mother. Excellent performences by Stefanie Powers, Paul Clemens and Brian Dennehy. ORDER

DEATH OF OCEAN VIEW PARK (Aired on ABC 10/19/79) A hurricane wrecks havac on an ocean front park having it's annual Fourth of July celebration. The damage is astronomical, as is this fine, fun film. Mike Connors is the engineeer who must convince owner Martin Landau that the storm did more damage than was bargained for. Landau makes you want to beat him in this film. With Mare Winningham as a nerd who gets deflowered by another nerd. ORDER

DEATH RACE (Aired on ABC 11/10/73) Made for TV war film has a damaged American fighter plane battling it out with A Nazi tank in the dessert. Great cast includes Lloyd Bridges, Roy Thinnes, Eric Braeden and Doug McClure. ORDER

DEATH RIDE TO OSAKA (Aired on NBC 11/28/83 Aka Girls of the White Orchid) Jennifer Jason - Leigh finds herself in deed shit when she applies for an entertainment post in Japan only to find out she's been abducted by the Yakuza (the Japanese syndicate) and is headed for a life of prostitution. Sleazy trash directed by the trash king Jonathan Kaplan. ORDER

DEATH SQUAD (Aired on ABC 1/8/74) Robert Foster is a cop out to expose and stop a group of his fellow police men who have decided to become a vigilante squad and kill off anyone they feel is a bad guy. A made for TV version of Magnum Force and Death Wish. With Michelle Phillips, Melvyn Douglas, Kenneth Tobey and Claude Akins. ORDER

DELIVER US FROM EVIL (Aired ABC 9/11/73) Great morality tale has six hikers killing a fugitive from justice and deciding to keep the $600, 000 dollars he had aquired from a hijack. However, paranoia grows and they must fight both the elements and themselves as they work their way back to civilization. Great cast includes George Kennedy, Jan-Michael Vincent, Bradford Dillman and Jack Weston. ORDER

DELPHI BUREAU (Aired on ABC 3/6/72) A geverment agent with one hell of a memory is asked to track down a whole fleet of airplanes that have disappeared. And we get upset when we are missing one sock. With Celeste Holm, Laurence Luckinbill, Dean Jagger, Cameron Mitchell and Bob Crane. ORDER

DETOUR TO TERROR (Aired on NBC 2/22/80) Another nail bitter. This one features pro football star turned actor turned murderer O.J. Simpson as a bus drver who does everything in his power to protect a bus load of innocent vacationers against some nasty kidnappers (including a hateful Lorenzo Lamas). Excellent cast includes Ann Francis and Arte Johnson (who's also hateful in this film). O.J. makes a convincing hero, shame he turned out to be a murdering scumbag in real life. Directed by Michael O' Herlihy (son of late actor Dan O' Herlihy). ORDER

DIAL M FOR MURDER (Aired on NBC 4/9/81) This time around it's Christopher Plummer playing the London businessman who decides to murder his unfaithful wife, played by Angie Dickinson. A nice adaption of the famous play turned film. Directed by Boris Sagal (Katie's dad, and director of the Omega Man). ORDER

DIARY OF A TEENAGE HITCHHIKER (Aired on ABC 9/21/79) Insane and exploitive "scare" story has Katy Kurtzman learning the hard way that it's not cool to hitchhike. Dick Van Patten and Katherine Helmond play the concerned parents. Some of the other jail bait includes Charlene Tilton, Dominique Dunne, Karlene Crockett. Directed by Ted Post. ORDER

DONNER PASS: THE ROAD TO SURVIVAL (Aired on NBC 10/24/78) From the "Classics Illustrated" series which also gave us Fall of the House of Usher. This tells the horror story of how the pioneer settlers of the old West got caught in the mountain snows and were forced to eat the dead in order to survive. Have plenty of hot cocoa on hand when you watch this! With Robert Fuller, Andrew Prine, Royal Dano and Whit Bissell. ORDER

DOUBLE JEOPARDY (Aired on ABC 1970 Aka Dan August: Once is Not Enough) Burt Reynolds turn to play the same homicide detective played by Christopher George in House on Greenapple Road. In this one August investigates the rape of a young woman and the death of two wionos who consumed poison wine. This was edited together from two television episodes. ORDER

DOUBLETAKE (Aired on CBS 11/24-26/85) Excellent story of a New York cop trying to solve a double murder of two women, one a prostitute, the other a teacher. Both killed on the same night, both decapitated, and there heads switched onto the others bodies! Grusome enough for you? With Richard Crenna and Beverly D'Angelo. Complete, two discs, hence $25. ORDER

DOWNPAYMENT ON MURDER (Aired on 12/6/87) Ben Gazzara plays a family man who goes bonkers after losing a fortune in a stupid get rich quick scheme. He decides to have his wife killed after she walks out on him. Insane melodrama brings madness back home where it belongs. ORDER

DREAMS DON'T DIE (Aired on ABC 5/21/82 Aka Children of the Streets) A subway graffiti artist is urged by a cop to help track down a drug kingpin. Tense thriller with Ike Eisenmann as the artist, Paul Winfield as the cop, and James Broderick as the drug czar.Quality a tad soft on this title. ORDER

DREAM MERCHANTS (Aired on 5/12-19/80) Tells the soap opera-ish story of the birth of the montion picture business encompassing a 20 year period. Vince Gardenia is the Nickelodian operator who gives drifter Mark Harmon a chance, turning him into a pioneer in the motion picture business. Great cast too large to list here, and in two parts on two discs so $25. ORDER

THE ELEVATOR (Aired in ABC 2/9/74) When a clautrophobic bankrobber on the run gets stuck in a highrise elevator with a bunch of other folk, all hell breaks loose. Classic 70's disaster story. With James Farentino, Roddy McDowall, Myrna Loy, Don Stroud, Carol Lynley, Craig Stevens. ORDER

EMPTY CRADLE (Aired on NBC 10/3/93) Kate Jackson plays a psychotic nurse who steals a womans newborn baby in order to please her boyfriend (who is actually married to another woman). This TV film is directed by Paul Schneider and also features Lori Loughlin and Eriq La Salle. And no, this film isn't on YouTube. It's had no further media outlet than VHS back in the day and that VHS is very expensive now. Get it from Cinefear while we are still in business. ORDER

ESCAPE (Aired on ABC 4/6/71) Excwllent, fun and crazy pilot for a series that never ended up escaping to prime time. Christopher George and his shit eating grin plays an escape artist who tries to provent the kidnapping of a scientist by another crazy scientist who intends to rule the world by creating a race of zombies. John Vernon is the mad scientist, complete with a burned up mug. Avery Schreiber steals the show as Christopher Georges henchman. Gloria Graham is also on hand to add ambience. With William Schallert and Huntz Hall. Another super raity so $20. ORDER

ETERNAL EVIL (Aired in 1985 Aka The Blue Man) A man learns astral projection from a weird woman (Karen Black, who else!) and finds that he may be commiting murder while spinning around in astral space, and may very well be the killer known as the Blue Man. Fun, spooky 80's nonesense. ORDER

THE EVIL TOUCH (Aired in Australia 9/16/73) Australian Twighlight Zone inspired show, hosted by Anthony Quayle, of which we have four episodes, "A Game of Hearts", with Darren McGavin, "Heart to Heart" and "Scared to Death, both with Mildred Natwick, and "Wings of Death" with Kim Hunter. The series involves ghosts, monsters, witchcraft, possesion, and all those fun things you watch horror shows for...Rare as hell...ORDER

FAMILY FLIGHT (Aired ABC 10/25/72) A disfuctional family decides to take a plane trip to Mexico and lives to regret it once their plane crashes in the desserted terrain of Baja, California. With Rod Taylor and Dina Merrill. ORDER

FIRE! (Aired on NBC 5/8/77) Irwin Allen strikes again with this tale of an out of control fire started by a convict in an effort to help cover up his escape. Folks effected by the fire include Ernest Borgnine, Vera Miles, Patty Duke Astin, Alex Cord, and way to many more to list. ORDER

FIRST AFFAIR (Aired on CBS 10/25/83) Initially titled Freshman Year, this obscene potboiler has Loretta Swit as a college professor who's babysitter (Melissa Sue Anderson) is seducing Swit's husband (Joel Higgins). Filmed on Harvard University. Great soap opera garbage for the girls. ORDER

FLOOD (Aired on NBC 11/24/76) Irwin Allen's first made for TV production, budgeted at $2.5 Million, tells the tale of a small town about to demolished when a dam bursts. The usual Irwin Allen madness, complete with a top notch cast including Robert Culp, Barbara Hershey, Richard Basehart, Carol Lynley, Roddy McDowall, Caeron Mitchell. ORDER

FORBIDDEN (Aired on HBO 3/24/85) Tense melodrama has Jacqueline Bisset as a rich German Countess who hides an Intellectual Jew from the Nazi's during WWII. Jurgen Prochnow plays the Jew. ORDER

FORCE OF EVIL (Aired on ABC 3/13/77) Basically a thin disguise remake of Cape Fear and initially aired as an episode of Tales of the Unexpected, this creepy thriller has Lloyd Bridges as the man who's family is tormented by a wicked ex-con that Bridges had put in jail. Eve Plum is Bridges daughter. This is a must! ORDER

FOREVER (Aired on CBS 1/6/78) Cheese, cheese and more cheese. A young girl has the dilemma of deciding whether or not she should hand over her pussy to her boyfriend, that is if she wants to keep him as her boyfriend. This is for the gals. With Stephanie Zimbalist. ORDER

FORTUNE DANE (Aired on TV 2/15/86) Here's the pilot for the short lived series which had Carl Weathers as a former athlet turned cop who goes after the mob who in turn go after him with hitmen. Joe Dallesandro co-stars along with Adolf Caesar and David Rappaport. ORDER

FRANCIS GARY POWERS (Aired on NBC 9/29/76 Aka True Story of the U-2 Spy Incident) Lee Majors enjoys a star turn here as the CIA agent who was shot down over Soviet Russia in the 1960's. Tense and based on a true story. With Noah Beery. ORDER

FRANKENSTEIN (Aired on BBC 12/27/84)  A scientist who is obsessed with creating life finally does it, with tragic results. With Carrie Fisher and David Warner.A British made for TV take on the classic tale.ORDER

FRIDAY THE RABBI SLEPT LATE (Aired on NBC 6/17/76) Police Chief Paul Lanigan and David Small, a rabbi in Cameron, California, are friends and both solve crimes in the local town. They also spent many evenings socializing but the wives usually got angry when the talk turned to the latest crimes. In this case a girl found dead in the parking lot of the temple makes things rough for the Rabbi. with Art Carney and Stuart Margolin. Pilot for the TV series. .ORDER

FRIENDSHIPS, SECRETS, AND LIES (Aired on NBC 12/3/79) One of the first "all female" cast and crew movies. This ones a mystery that focuses on former sorority sisters who may have been involved in a 20 year old murder. Stars Sondra Locke, Tina Louise, Stella Stevens, Loretta Swit. ORDER

FROM THE DEAD OF NIGHT (Aired on TV 2/27/89) Scary stuff as Lindsay Wagner has a near death experience and finds that she is hovering between the real world and the world of the dead, who feel slighted that she's still among the living, and yes, the dead want her back. Directed by TV horror miestro Paul Wendkos. Complete version (two discs), so $25. ORDER

GENESIS II (Aired on CBS 3/23/73) More fun from Gene Roddenberry has a 20th century scientist waking up in the future after having been put in suspended animation. Planet Earth followed the following year. With Alex Cord, Mariette Hartley and Ted Cassidy. ORDER

GHOST STORIES FOR CHRISTMAS (Aired on the BBC from 12/68 -78) Ok, you've been asking for it, so now I will deliver. Here are eight of the scariest ghost stories you will ever set your eyes on, all from the pen of one of the greatest storie tellers of all times, M.R. James. This is being sold as a set with episodes on DVDR. I'll even include a bonus which has a documentary on M.R. James and the BBC Ghost Stories. Six of the titles are in excellent condition, the last two, Stigma and the Ice House, are very rare and rough quality, watchable but rough, so order with care. If you want individual titles, contact me. Episodes are: Whistle And I'll Come To You, The Stalls of Barchester, A Warning to the Curious, Lost Hearts, The Treasure of Abbot Thomas, The Ash Tree, The Signalman, Stigma, The Ice House, A View From A Hill. ORDER

GIRLS OF HUNTINGTON HOUSE (Aired on ABC 2/14/73) School girl exploitation has Shirley Jones as an unmarried teacher dealing with girls in a school for unwed mothers and becoming so emotionally attatched that she developes her own problems. Cast includes Mercedes McCambridge, Pamela Sue Martin, Sisst Spacek and Carol (Abby) Speed. ORDER

GIRL WHO SAVED THE WORLD (Aired as part of the Cliffhangers series in 1979) Susan Anton plays Susan Williams, a globe-trotting reporter in pursuit of her brother's killers. In the process, she gets in all kinds of trouble. She is threatened by every animal imaginable from a cobra, to a lion to a herd of elephants in Africa. But the premise, buy the flick! ORDER

GLORY SHOUTER (Aired 12/18/70) Another in the Name of the Game series, which we carry many episodes of (see below), this one has Robert Stack and involves a sick child and a "glory shouter" (William Shatner) who is somewhat suspect in his behavior. With Howard Duff, Jackie Coogan, Don Scardino, Dina Merrill. ORDER

GOLD OF THE AMAZON WOMEN (Aired on NBC 3/6/79) Two fortune hunters run into a race of ultra sexy Amazon women in the South American jungles. Imagine the surprise when those Amazons follow our two heros back home to New York. The sexy chicks in this flick are boner inducing. Super sexy Anita Ekberg is the leader of the chickies. With Bo Svenson and Donald Pleasence. ORDER

GOLIATH AWAITS (Syndicated 11/16-17/81) An Oceanographer (Mark Harmon) diving to find the luxury liner Goliath, belived to have been sunk by U boats during WWII, not only finds the ship, but also a group of survivors ruled by a dictator (Christopher Lee) who was the former ship's engineer. Big budget sci-fi TV thrills. Four Hours, so $25.00. ORDER

GUARDIAN (Aired on HBO 10/20/84) When a murder occurs in an upper West side apartment complex, an ex-military man (Louis Gosset) is hired to protect the building. An annoying liberal (Martin Sheen) is concerned that the protector may very well be the instigator of similar crimes, committed with the intention of protecting his job as a bodyguard. ORDER

GUILTY CONSCIENCE (Aired on CBS 4/2/85) Excellent psychological thriller has Anthony Hopkins as an attorney with the idea of murdering his wife (Blythe Danner)on his mind. You see, he has a nagging mistress(Swoosie Kurtz), and it seems that the mistress and his wife also have murder on their minds... From Levinson and Link, the producing/writing team that gave you Columbo. ORDER

HANDS OF A STRANGER (Aired on 5/10/87) A detective persues his wifes rapist with a vengence. Now, this is a long (almost three hours), tense thriller, very well written and acted by the incredible Armand Assante and the lovely Beverly D'Angelo (killer boobs). ORDER

THE HANGED MAN (Aired on ABC 3/31/74) A kind of Sci-Fi Western involving a gunslinger who survives his own hanging only to turn into a mystical avenger fighting for justice in the old west. Great cast includes Steve Forest, Cameron Mitchell, Dean Jagger, Will Geer and Rafael Campos. ORDER

HAREM (Aired on ABC 2/9-10/86) A British girl is kidnapped and sold into the Harem of Omar Sharif. While her fiance and diplomat father plan a rescue, they accidently hire the very guy who kidnapped her to begin with. With Nancy Travis, Sarah Miles, Yaphet Kotto, Ava Gardner. Crazy, big budget turn of the century action adventure. 187 minutes, hence $25. ORDER

HAUNTED: THE FERRYMAN(Aired on BBC 1974) This goose bump inducing ghost story has Jeremy Brett as an author who's horror story seems to be coming to life. Brett is a pleasure to watch, and the atmospher is super spooky in the Ghost Story For Christmas tradition... Runs only 50 minutes, but packs quite a punch. Price for this is $10.00. ORDER

HAUSER'S MEMORY (Aired on NBC 11/24/70) Cold war horrors as a scientist injects himself with the brain fluid of a dying colleague in an effort to retain missle defense secrets. Unfortunatly, it also causes him to seek out the dead scientists widow, who happens to be a Nazi sympathizer. Buy the premise, but the flick! With David McCallum, Susan Strasberg, Lilli Palmer. ORDER

HIGH NOON PART II : THE REURN OF WILL KANE (Aired on CBS 11/15/80) Made for TV sequal to the classic Western with Lee Majors taking over for Gary Cooper and finding his character returning to the place of his last gunfight, only to find the towns in the grip of a trigger happy bounty hunter played by Pernell Roberts. David Carradine plays a drifter wanted for a crime he didn't commit. Fun for all! ORDER

HITCHHIKE! (Aired on ABC 2/23/74) Excellent suspense flick directed by AIP's own Gordon Hessler. Cloris Leachman's poor taste in men really shows when she picks up and begins a relationship with a hitchhiker who's also a murderer. Cameron Mitchell plays a cop on the trail. ORDER

HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES (Aired on BBC 1982) Tom (DR.WHO) Baker takes a stab at Sherlock Holmes with pleasing results in this fun BBC production. This was a mini series with all the episodes intact. Terence Rigby is Dr. Watson. A tad offbeat but interesting. ORDER

HOUSE ON GREENAPPLE ROAD (Aired on ABC 1/11/70) If you liked Honeymoon With A Stranger, you're gonna love this... far out murder mystery leaves us with a bloody kitchen but no body to speak of... Christopher George is the detective out to solve the murderless murder, Ed Asner is an obnoxious cop out to fuck things up, Walter Pidgeon is an impatient Senator. Add Barry Sullivan as a decent chief of police, and Janet Leigh as the missing body, and you have a bonafide hit! See if you can pick out all the Psycho references. Also an appearence by little Eve Plumb, Keenan Wynnn, and Linda Day. Directed by Robert Day (Linda's dad). Full, uncut version. ORDER

HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME (Aired on CBS 2/4/82) Excellent adaption of Victor Hugo's tale with Derek Jacobi as Dom Claude and Anthony Hopkins as Quasimodo. Lesley-Anne Down is Esmerelda. Nice sets and photography really make this version stand out from the '77 BBC version and the Mandy Patamkin version of '92. Go for it! ORDER

THE IMMORTAL (Aired on ABC 9/30/69) When a test driver (Christopher George) discovers that he has a certain blood type that keeps him young, he also discovers that several parties are interested in tracking him down and getting a hold of his blood by any means possible. With Barry Sullivan, Ralph Bellamy, Carol Lynley. ORDER

INCIDENT AT DARK RIVER (Aired 10/4/89) This is an enviremental thriller penned by MASH co-star Mike Ferrell. He plays a man investigating the poisoning of his daughter by a large corporate battery company, and he can't get the town on his side because they all work for the company. But you know Mike, he's not going to let it rest at that! With Tess Harper and Helen Hunt. ORDER

INCIDENT ON A DARK STREET (Aired on NBC 1/13/73) Small time punk is rubbed out when it's found out that he intends on spilling the goods regarding organised crime. An excellent cast pulls this brutal flick through it's paces. With William Shatner, James Olson, David Canary, John Kerr, Kathleen Lloyd. ORDER

IN BROAD DAYLIGHT (Aired on ABC 10/16/71) A blind actor discovers that his wife in not faithful, and thus plans an elaborate double murder. With Richard Boone and Stella Stevens. ORDER

IN THE DEEP WOODS (Aired 10/26/92) This was Anthony Perkin's final film, and not a bad film to go out on. A woman, mourning the death of her girlfriend, whowas murdered by a serial killer,is offered help by a private detective investigating the case. She soon suspects that the detective may be the killer. Lots of red herrings in this interesting and creepy piece of fluff. With Rosanna Arquette.ORDER

INSIDE THE THIRD REICH (Aired on ABC 5/9-10/82) The story of Albert Speer and the rise of the Third Reich. Rutger Hauer plays Speer. John Gielgud is his father. An all star cast and this is the complete, uncut four plus hour version, hence $25. ORDER

ISLAND OF GOLD AND PRECIOUS STONES (Aired 1/16/70) Another from Name of the Game series, which we carry many episodes of (see below), This one has Anthony Franciosa and mystery on the island of gold and precious stones. With Suzanne St. James, Hazel Court, Yvonne DeCarlo and Lee Meriwether . ORDER

JENNY'S WAR (Syndicated 10/28-11/4/85) Ridiculous but supposedly true story of Jenny Baines (Dyan Cannon) going behind enemy lines during WWII, dressed as a man, looking for her captured son. Buy the premise, buy the flick. With Elke Sommer and Robert Hardy. ORDER

JOURNEY TO MIDNIGHT (Aired 11/71) This TV Movies is compiled from two stories from the Journey In To The Unknown series, Poor Butterfly and The Indian Spirit Guide. Sabastian Cabot replaces Joan Crawford as the host. And there you have it! If your a completest, I have the complete Journey In To The Unknown series, plus the various TV Movies made out of the series each hosted by different personel. ORDER

JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN (Aired on June 15, 1969) UPGRADE Joan Crawford is the host of this TV movie edited together from two episodes from British TV; The Last Visitor and Matakitis is Coming. Scary stories about ordinary folks caught up in extrodinary circumstances. Very supernatural and very spooky. Nice quality off a broadcast! ORDER

JOURNNEY TO THE UNKNOWN - COMPLETE SERIES ( Aired 1969-70) Here they are, for your viewing pleasure, all 17 episodes of the classic British made horror series. The episodes are: The New People, Somewhere in the Crowd, Matakitas is Coming, Jane Brown's Body, Do Me a Favor; Kill Me, Poor Butterfly, The Madison Equation, The Girl of my Dreams, The Last Visitor, Eve, The Indian Spirit Guide, The Killing Bottle, Stranger in the Family, Beckoning FAir One, One on a Desert Island, Paper Dolls, Miss Bell. Six discs, eat 'em up! This set cannot be chosen as a "Free" title. ORDER

KEEPING SECRETS (Aired 9/29/91) This ones a comedy. Alright, not a comedy in the classic sense of the word, but it's one of the funniest pieces of exploitation on TV your ever going to see. Basically, it's the story of Susan Summers and her ordeal being raised by an alcoholic parent. Now, while that's not a funny subject matter, Susan Summers is in fact funny, for years she has been attempting just about every scam possible to ressurect her television career, long after her and her greedy needle nosed husband ruined it with their extorsion efforts. This was one attempt. The failed Broadway play was another. Now you can catch her on the home shopping network selling shit. She's a horror, she really is...ORDER

KEEFER (Aired on ABC 3/16/78) William Conrad leads a crack team of secret agents doing their thing behind enemy lines during those rough and tumble years of WWII. Suspense just the way you like it. With Cathy Lee Crosby. ORDER

LA 2017 (Aired 1/15/71) Steven Speilberg directed this interesting Sci-Fi that was originally included in the Name of the Game TV series, which we carry many episodes of (see below). Gene Barry plays a conservationist who wakes up in the year 2017 only to find the planet polluted beyond repair and all survivors living beneath the earth. Barry Sullivan plays the seemingly nice guy who turns out to be a political creep. Disturbing Sci-Fi that makes you wish Spielberg stuck to TV. Quality on the weak side, but very rare. ORDER

LAST BRIDE OF SALEM (Aired 1974) Bradford Dillman deals with a witch coven in Salem busy trying to resurrect satan. Spooky stuff that gets under your skin. Ultra rare, so hop on it. ORDER

THE LAST CHILD (Aired on ABC 10/5/71) This flick being one of Van Heflin's last, he plays a retired U.S. senator who tries to help a family of the future get past a government edict that limits each family to only one child child. Truth be told, that law should be in effect now. Good Sci-Fi. ORDER

THE LAST DAYS OF POMPEII (Aired on ABC 5/6-8/84) Here it is, the monumental TV epic of the Mount Vesuvius eruption of 79 A.D. Great cast includes Laurence Olivier, Franco Nero, Ernest Borgnine, Lesley-Anne Down and Olivia Hussey. It's all here for you! ORDER

LINDA (Aired on ABC 11/3/73) Nasty Stella Stevens kills her lovers wife and blames it on her own husband. The husband must then prove his innocence, though Stella planned it so well that he has a snowballs chance in Hell. With John Saxon. ORDER

LINDBERGH KIDNAPPING CASE (Aired on NBC 2/26/76) Emmy award winning dramatization of the kidnapping of the Lindburgh infant, and the subsequent arrest, trial and execution of Bruno Hauptmann (Anthony Hopkins). Fantastic cast includes Cliff deYoung, Joseph Cotten, Martin Balsam, Dean Jagger, Kynan Wynn, Walter Pidgeon. Directed by Buzz Kulick, the guy behind Bad Ronald. Comes with color box art for an extra $3.00. ORDER

LOOK WHAT'S HAPPENED TO ROSEMARY'S BABY (Aired on ABC 10/29/76) Sequel to the original Roman Polanski classic finds an adult Devil child trying to adjust while God parents Ruth Goedon and Ray Milland raise hell. Didn't like it when I first saw it in '76, however, it seems to have sweetened with age. Some funky glam rock sequences make it pretty amusing. Comes with color box art for an extra $3.00. Specify in instructions box when ordering if you want the art. ORDER

LOCUSTS (Aired on ABC 10/9/74) Ben Johnson and Ron Howard play a father and son faced with a swarm of Locusts about to turn the farming community of the mid-west into a dust bowl. It's up to Opie to fly the plane and kill the swarm, problem is he was so frightened fighting in WWII airfare that the idea of getting into the plane is not an easy one. ORDER

LONGSTREET (Aired on ABC 9/9/71- 8/10/72) Ok folks, here's the complete Longstreet series plus the pilot episode which features James Franciscus as a man who is blinded during a Jewelry heist, and worse yet his wife is left for dead. He decides that despite his handicap he is going to persue and punish the theives. The rest of the series deals with his career as a detective, the worlds first blind detective. The episodes include The Way of the Intercepting Fist, A World of Perfect Complicity, One in the Reality Column, So, Who's Fred Hornbeck, Elegy in Brass, Spell Legecy Like Death, The Shape of Nightmares, The Girl with a Broom, Wednesday's Child, I See, Said the Blind Man, This Little Piggy Went to Marquette, There Was A Crooked Man, The Old Team Spirit, The Long Way Home, Let The Memories Be Happy Ones, Survival Times Two, Eye of the Storm, Please Leave the Wreck for Others to Enjoy, Anatomy of a Mayday, Sad Songs and Other Conversations, Field of Honor, Through Shattering Glass, The Sound of Money Talking. Two episodes per disc. A total of 12 discs.Inquire about obtaining individual episodes. ORDER

LOST FLIGHT (Aired in 1969) Here's a cool adult version of Lord of the Flies which have survivors of a plane crash on a dessert island battling it out for the top bannana position. A great cast leads this very intense tales of survival. With Lloyd Bridges, Anne Francis and Ralph Meeker.Rare, hence $20 ORDER

LOVE-IN AT GROUND ZERO (Aired 1/31/69) Another in the long running Name of the Game series and this one featuring Gene Barry in his Glenn Howard character, same fella he played in LA 2017, this time caught up in a toxic waste situation. Good cast has Jackie De Shannon, Jeff Marrow, Bo Svenson and Keenan Wynn. ORDER

LOVES OF DRACULA (Aired originally as part of the Cliffhanger series in 1979) This is the rest of what you did not get from the World of Dracula compilation. Literally, they had enough footage to create a whole other story, this one more of a love story while World of Dracula is more or less straight vampire action.Michael Nouri is the count, you remember the concept, only you don't have to sit through the other annoying episodes in the series.Quality weaker on this than World of Dracula, which is better quality. ORDER

LOVE WAR (Aired on ABC 3/10/70) Crazy science fiction thriller has aliens from another world taking human form and continuing their warfares here on earth. Great cast includes Lloyd Bridges, Angie Dickinson and Daniel J. Travanti. Rare, hence $20. Comes with color box art for an extra $3.00. Specify in instructions box when ordering if you want the art. ORDER

THE MAN WHO WANTED TO LIVE FOREVER (Aired on ABC 12/15/70) Scary stuff as a brilliant heart surgeon discovers that a private medical reaserch foundation is being used as a cover for sinister purposes. Working title was "Heartfarm", if that gives you any hint. With Stuart Whitman, Sandy Dennis, and Burl Ives. ORDER

MARK OF ZORRO (Aired on ABC 10/29/74) Frank Langella is the dashing swashbuckler fighting the oppressor of the California people (Ricardo Montalban). With Gilbert Roland and Yvonne DeCarlo. ORDER

MIRACLE ON ICE (Aired on ABC 3/1/81) Yeah, it soap opera time again. This is the story of a rag tag US hockey team who gets whipped into shape by one hell of a coach (played by Carl Malden). Also with heartthrobe Andrew Stevens and Steve Guttenberg. ORDER

MIRACLE ON 34th STREET (Aired on CBS 12/14/73) Here's the classic tale only this time told in color, with Sabastian Cabot doing the honors in the role played by Edmund Gwenn in the feature film version. Jane Alexander, David Hartman and Roddy McDowell fill out the rest of the cast. Nice work, especially for trying to remake a classic. ORDER

MOTHER, MAY I SLEEP WITH DANGER (Aired 9/30/96) Tori Spelling (daughter of late TV mogul mutant Aaron Spelling) plays a young girl who falls head over heals for her boyfriend, and he for she. However, his kindness and obsessiveness soon takes on a very sinister meaning. One of those TV thriller designed to make girls question just who there dating. Get it if your a fan of Tori... ORDER

MRS. SUNDANCE (Aired on ABC 1/15/74) Elizabeth Montgomery is Etta Place, the Sundance Kids girlfriend, who has her own price on her head. She decides to turn herself in when bounty hunters feed her a lie that Sundance is alive and well. With Robert Foxworth and LQ Jones. ORDER

MURDER BY NIGHT (Aired on TV 7/19/89) Robert Urich loses his memory in a car crash only to be pegged as a murderer by cop Michael Ironside. Seems Urich might or might not be a crazed killer known as "The Hammer". It's up to Psychiatrist Kay Lenz to help clear his name. Fun stuff. ORDER

MURDER: BY REASON OF INSANITY (Aired on CBS 10/1/85) Based on a real life horror story about a Polish couple who move to America only to have the husband grow paranoid and dangerous to his wife, who has assimilated better to the move than her husband. She receives help from the authorities who lock the husband up, only to have him raise hell when he's released on a day long pass. Candice Bergen, Jurgen Prochnow and Eli Wallach star.ORDER

MURDER CAN HURT YOU! (Aired on ABC 5/21/80) Insane, funny, madcap spoof of all the current cop show line ups that were bombarding the tv airwaves at the time. Incredible cast includes Victor Buono as Ironbottom, John Byner as Hatch, Tony Danza as Lambretta, Jamie Farr as Studsky, Gavin MacLeod as Nojak, and so many other guest stars it's not even funny. Yet it is funny. Now, this copy comes off an original airing in '80, hence the quality is on the weak side, but very, very watchable. ORDER

MURDER IN TEXAS (Aired on NBC 5/3-4/81) Based on a true story that took place in 1960's Texas involving a doctor accused of murdering his first wife in order to marry a second. The firsts wifes father goes after the doctor in order to prove that the doctor murdered his daughter. Great cast includes Katherine Ross, Sam Elliot, Farrah Fawcett, Andy Griffith. ORDER

MURDER ONCE REMOVED (Aired on CBS 10/29/71) A deadly love triangle developes between a doctor, his wealthy patient and the patients wife. John Forsythe, Richard Kiley and Barbara Bain stir up the shit in this pot boiler. ORDER

THE MURDER THAT WOULDN'T DIE (Aired on NBC 3/9/80) William Conrad plays a retired detective who most solve two related murders that occured 40 years apart. Pilot to a post "Cannon" series originally to have been called "Battles". Conrad is great, as always. With the voice of Lowell Thomas, Fox Movietone News narrator, doing a cleaverly recreated B/W Universal Newsreel. ORDER

MYSTERY OF DRACULAS CASTLE (Aired 1972) Disney produced this "Spooky" kids in Draculas castle tale that was popular back in the day. From the "Wonderful World of Disney" show. Copy weak but rare! ORDER

NAME OF THE GAME (Aired 2/20/68- 5/19/71) Here are many (but not all) of the Name of the Game tv series, which featured guest stars like Gene Barry, Robert Stack, Anthony Franciosa, and Susan St. James in repeating roles usually as crime stoppers or whistle blowers. Usually these were dramas with undertones of Sci-Fi (ex...LA 2017) or various other themes interjected to keep the stories interesting. The episodes are as follows: Fame is the Name of the Game (11/26/66 - pilot episode), Fear of High Places (9/20/68) Goodbye Harry (10/26/69) Little Bear Died Running (11/6/70) Appointment in Palermo (2/26/71) The Takeover (1/23/70) The Protector (11/15/68) LA 2017 (1/15/71) A Wrath of Angels (2/28/69) The White Birch (11/29/68) Swingers Only (1/10/69) So Long Baby, Amen (9/18/70) Nightmare (10/18/68) The Time is Now (19/23/70) Cynthia is Alive and Living in Avalon (10/2/70) All the Old, Familiar Faces (11/13/70) The Inquiry (1/17/69) The Ordeal (11/22/68) Laurie Marie (12/19/69) The Showdown (5/19/71) Chains of Command (10/17/69) A Hard Case of the Blues (9/26/69) Breakout to a Fast Buck (5/14/69) Pinapple Rose (12/20/68) Love-in at Ground Zero (1/31/69) Glory Shouter (12/18/70) Island of Gold and Precious Stones (1/16/70) Keep the Doctor Away (2/14/69) Give Till it Hurts (10/31/69) Tarot (2/13/70) The Garden (1/20/70) Incident in Berlin (10/25/68) Perfect Image (11/7/69) The Protector (11/15/68) Other Kind of Spy (4/10/70) The Taker (10/4/68) Incomparable Connie Walker (1/24/69) The Third Choice (5/7/69) Collectors Edition (10/11/68) High on a Rainbow (12/6/68) A Capital Affair (2/12/71) Why I Blew up Dakota(12/4/70) King of Denmark (2/20/70) Bobby Carriur Story (2/21/79) Beware of the Watchdog (3/5/71) Shine on, Shine on Jesse Gil (11/1/68) The Brass Ring (1/9/70) The Black Answer (12/13/68) Man of the People (5/6/70) Agent for the Plaintiff (3/21/69) The Witness (9/27/68) War Merchants (10/30/70) Jenny Wild is Drowning (3/27/70) Blind Man's Bluff (10/3/69) we are talkin about 24 discs folks! $75 for all or $15 per episode. ORDER

NAZI HUNTER: THE BEATE KLARSFELD STORY (Aired on ABC 11/23/86) Farrah Fawcett earns Hollywood brownie points by acting in this real life story of Beate Klarsfeld, a German housewife who became an acclaimed Nazi war criminal hunter. Tense thriller has Farrah facing torture, jail, assasination attempts, etc... Cast includes Geraldine Page and Catherine Allegret (daughter of Simone Signoret & Yves Allegret). Off a Greek master in English with Greek Subtittles. ORDER

NERO WOLF (Aired on ABC 12/19/79) Thayer David plays Nero Wolf in this TV pilot that never took off. When a wealthy realtor sends out dozens of copies of a book that paints the FBI in an unfavorable light the FBI decides to give her the business. So she turns to Nero Wolfe to get them off her back. ORDER

NIGHT CRIES (Aired on ABC 1/29/78) Super suspense tale has Susan Saint James as a chick suffering hideous nightmares that indicate that her supposedly dead child is actually quite alive and in danger. Mike Parks is her concerned husband, William Conrad is the Doctor. Super scary and very rare, hence $20 for this one. ORDER

NIGHTMARE (Aired on CBS 1/8/74) Richard Crenna is a murder witness who tries to convince the police that killer lives in the apartment across the courtyard. Needless to say, the killer has Crenna in his scope as well. Excellent taunt thriller. Quality has a little static toward the bottom of the frame, otherwise it's dandy. With Patty Duke Austin, Vic Marrow, and Henry Winkler. ORDER

NIGHTMARE AT 43 HILLCREST (Aired 1974) Based on a true story, this is a real life tale of horror involving a family who's life is turned upside down when they become falsly accused of heroin possession. Jim Hutton and Mariette Hartley play the tormented couple. Produced by horror master Dan Curtis. ORDER

THE NIGHTMARE MAN (Aired on the BBC 1/5/81) More super scary stuff from our friends overseas. A horrible creature is dismembering folks on a remote Scottish island. It leaves traces of radiation wherever it kills. Is it human, monster, or even from this planet? Buy it and find out. Adapted from the novel Child of Vodyanoi by David Wiltshire. Written for TV by Robert Holmes and directed by Douglas Camfield. ORDER

NIGHT OF THE HUNTER (Aired 5/5/91) Richard Chamberland play the Robert Mitchum role in this altered and odd version of the Charles Laughton classic. Great cast also helps out including Dianna Scarwid and Burgess Meredith. While Night of the Hunter is a classic and really should not be remade, this made for TV rework changes many things about the original and proves to be very entertaining. Very much worth a look. ORDER

NIGHT OF TERROR (Aired on ABC 10/10/72) A syndicate killer targets a school teacher for death. The teacher has no clue what he's after, but she's aware he's already killed before to get it. Super taunt thriller with an exceptional cast. I've had this title for a long time, I just forgot to list it. With Martin Balsam, Chuck Connors, Donna Mills, Agnes Moorehead and Eddie "The French Connection" Egan. ORDER

THE NIGHT THE BRIDGE FELL DOWN (Aired on NBC 2/28/83) A group of motorists, a bank robber and his girlfriend, a bridge on the verge of collapsing are the premise for this Irwin Allen backed disaster flick. Made in 1980 but not shown until '83 due to various schedule misshaps. James Mac Arthur and Desi Arnaz Jr. lead the rest of the cast...2 & one half hours, hence $25.00. ORDER

THE NIGHT THEY TOOK MISS BEAUTIFUL (Aired on NBC 10/24/77) Five beauty contestant finalists and a dangerous laboratory mutation make for steange bedfellows in a hijacked airplane. With Gary Collins and Chuck Connors. Has to be seen to be belived. ORDER

NOWHERE TO HIDE (Aired on CBS 6/5/77) Lee Van Cleef is a rough and tumble U.S. Marshall asigned to protect former modster turned informer Tony Musante. Is the marshall a good guy, bad guy, and will he protect Musante or use him as bait to lure out other mobsters? Buy this and find out. Directed by Jack Starrett. ORDER

ONCE UPON A SPY (Aired on ABC 9/19/80) Ted Dansen is a computer genius/ Chess Champion who gets lead into an assignment (by Elenor Parker) to topple bad guy Christopher Lee and his stable of deadly blue eyed blondes. Silly but fun Sci-Fi. ORDER

ONE OF MY WIVES IS MISSING! (Aired on ABC 3/5/76) Small town detective Jack Klugman is very confused when the wife of a wealthy man suddenly re-appears after a long absence, only to have the man claim that she isn't really his wife. If you like Honeymoon With A Stranger, you'll like this. ORDER

THE OTHER SIDE OF HELL (Aired on NBC 1/17/78) Man incarcerated in an insane asylum for momentary insanity see's patients being beaten by guards and quickly regains his senses. Harrowing horror for fans of Nightmare in Badham County. Alan Arkin is a crazy man who ain't so crazy.2 & one half hours, hence $25.00 ORDER

OUTSIDE CHANCE (Aired on CBS 12/2/78) Here's a made for TV version of the exploitation classic Jackson County Jail (1976), complete with that films same star (Yvette Mimieux) and film crew. Once again, Yvette finds herself on the wrong end of the law when some scumbucket accuses her of prostitution when in fact the guy was trying to rape her. Needless to say, she ends up in a Southern jail but has no intention of staying there for long. Pure exploitation trash! ORDER

OVERBOARD (Aired on NBC 9/25/78) A combo disaster/soap opera story which features Angie Dickinson falls from her husbands sail boat, and is forced to bob along and survive the rough seas while reviewing her life as it unspools before her. Cliff Robertson plays the husband. Directed by John Newland. ORDER

THE PARK IS MINE (Aired on HBO 10/6/85) Tommy Lee Jones plays a Vietnam Vet with a grudge against the very indifferent US Government and decides to take over Central Park to drive a message home. Yaphet Kotto is the SWAT team guy assigned to Tommy and his needs. ORDER

PASSPORT TO TERROR (Aired 5/1/89 Aka Dark Holiday) Lee Remmick is imprisoned in Turkey for buying stolen goods from street vendors. Not as scary as Midnight Express but still tense. Based on a true story. ORDER

THE PHANTOM OF HOLLYWOOD (Aired on CBS 2/12/74) The trouble with having so many of these films is that you actually forget to list them, this is one I've had for years. Great take-off on Phantom of the Opera has flamboyant Jack Cassidy as a crazed actor trying to provent the shutting down of a Hollywood studio by haunting it, Phantom style. All star cast includes Jackie Coogan, Broderick Crawford, John Ireland, Peter Lawford, and more... ORDER

POLICE STORY - THE CUT MAN CAPER (Aired 1975) Don Medford directed this one of many TV movies based on the hit TV show police story. Suspense, action, all the elements associated with Police Story are right here... so what are you waiting for!? ORDER

PLANET EARTH (Aired on ABC 4/23/74) Sci-Fi from fave Gene Roddenbury. American scientist John Saxon is hurled into the year 2133, and is enslaved in a female dominated society. Like as if this hasen't happened already... Tomorrow's nightmare is todays truth. ORDER

THE PLUTONIUM INCIDENT (Aired on CBS 3/11/80) A whistle blower in a Plutonium plant finds her life in jeopardy when she squeals about unsafe pratices. Made three years before Silkwood and every bit as riviting.With Janet Margolin. ORDER

PUZZLE (Aired in England 1978) Made way before Raiders of the Lost Ark (of which I'm sure Spielberg ripped the idea off of), this is a nifty action thriller directed by AIP fave Gordon Hessler. James Franciscus is an adventurer who is searching after an ancient urn said to contain the ashes of Buddah. Needless to say, many others are after this rare item as well. Tense and fun. ORDER

A QUESTION OF GUILT (Aired on CBS 2/21/78) Inspired by the true life Alice Crimmins case, which occurred in New York, this flick tells the story of a woman (Tuesday Weld) hated by her naighborsand ultimately accused of murdering her young daughter. Gripping drama from the golden days of TV movies. Great cast includes Ron Leibman, Peter Masterson, Alex Rocco, Viveca Lindfords and Lana "sunny side up" Wood.Get it before it gets you! ORDER

RED ALERT (Aired on CBS 5/18/77) More scares as an accident at a Nuclear Power plant sends off a false reading of escaped radiation thus forcing the building to seal itself off and trapping 24 technicians inside. Suspense. With William Devane, Adrienne Barbeau (Barboobs), and M. Emmet Walsh. ORDER

RETURN OF THE REBELS (Aired on CBS 10/17/81) An aging biker gang come to the rescue when one of their own (Barbara Eden), now the owner of a camping ground, has trouble with a group of arrogant groupies. Cast includes Don Murray and Patrick Swayze. With Jamie Farr. ORDER

RING OF PASSION (Aired on NBC 2/4/78) Intense drama of the Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling fight in which fighters from both sides (Louis in the US, Schmeling from Germany) find themselves being used as propaganda pieces by their countries prior to the outbreak of WWII. Good cast includes Bernie Casey, Stephen Macht, Allen Garfield, Britt Ekland and Joseph Campanella. ORDER

RIVER OF GOLD (Aired on ABC 3/9/71) Two drifters head off to Alcapulco in search of fun and adventure, which they end having big time! Silly fantasy adventure flick that features Dack Rambo and Roger Davis looking for sunken treasure and hot chicks, though not in that order. With Ray Milland and Suzanne Pleshette. ORDER

RUNAWAY! (Aired on ABC 9/29/73) A group of skiers go through hell as a runaway train goes crashing down a mountainside. Farmiliar TV faces include Ben Johnson, Ben Murphy, Martin Milner, Ray Danton, Vera Miles. ORDER

RUN A CROOKED MILE (Aired on NBC 11/18/69) A math teacher vacationing in Europe becomes the target of high level conspirators when the teacher uncovers a plot to manipulate the International Gold Standard. Great cast includes Louis Jordan, Mary tyler Moore and Wilfred Hyde- White. Rare, hence $20. ORDER

SARA T: PORTRAIT OF A TEENAGE ALCHOHOLIC (Aired on NBC 2/11/75) A classic piece of exploitation with Linda Blair not being able to bear lifes pressures as well as the lack of love from her idiot father (Larry Hagman), and turning to drink. Not far off from Blairs own misadventures. ORDER

THE SAINT IN MANHATTAN (Aired in 1987) Here's the pilot episode for a version of the Saint which was Australian produced but never made it into series form. This pilot episode features Andrew Clarke as Simon Templer , who comes to New York only to receive a note from an ex-girlfriend turned ballerina. Turns out she is being threatened and he needs to find out why. With Ben Vareen playing a piano playing singing Sammy. Very rare, and well worth picking up if your a Saint fan. Enjoy! ORDER

SCAM (Aired on 5/22/93) A wicked female thief puts on the charm and seduces rich men, only to drug them and allow her equally scummy boyfriend to enter the scene and rob them blind. Another scam artist has been watching her at work and has loftier goals set for her, but does she really want this? Interesting flick with a damn good cast including Christopher Walken, Lorraine Bracco. ORDER

SEARCH (Aired on NBC 2/21/72 Aka Probe) Space age thrills has a detective searching for a missing gem collection. Fun sci-fi oriented stuff has Hugh O' Brian, Elke Sommer, Angel Tompkins, John Gielgud and Burgess Meredith. ORDER

SEE THE MAN RUN (Aired on ABC 12/11/71) Real cool premise has an actor becoming a middleman in a kidnapping case after he accidently recieves the ransom call. Cast includes Robert Culp, Angie Dickinson, Eddie Albert and June Allyson. ORDER

SHERLOCK HOLMES IN NEW YORK (Aired on NBC 10/18/76) Sherlock Holmes (Roger Moore) follows the notorious Moriarity (John Huston) to New York, where Moriarity is attempting to steaal the worlds gold supply ( buried under Union Square). Great cast also includes Charlotte Rampling, Gig Young, Patrick Macnee, John Abbott and Jackie Coogan. ORDER

SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE STRANGE CASE OF ALICE FAULKNER (Aired on HBO 11/15/81) Another in the HBO play series, only this time we have Frank Langella playing Sherlock Holmes, with Richard Woods as Dr. Watson, Susan Clark and a very, very young Christian Slater. ORDER

SHORT WALK TO DAYLIGHT (Aired on ABC 10/24/72) Disaster abounds when James Brolin and 7 others find themselves trapped in a Manhattan subway after an earthquake has leveled the city. Never mind a transit strike, this is serious business. A long lost classic. ORDER

THE SIXTH SENSE (Aired on ABC 1972) Joan Crawford was paid $2,500 for her appearance in the episode "Dear Joan, We're Going To Scare You To Death". This is the episode I have, uncut. This series was later cut up and used to fill episodes of Night Gallery. This episode also includes a promotional ad for Night Gallery, with Rod Serling narrating. ORDER

SMILE JENNY, YOU'RE DEAD (Aired on ABC 2/3/74) Pilot for David Janssen's Harry - O series that finds Janssen emotionally involved with a woman who may have murdered his cop friend's son-in-law. With a young Jodie Foster. ORDER

SMUGGLERS (Aired on NBC 12/24/68) Shirley Booth is an American tourist who along with her attractive daughter (Carol Lynley) unwittingly become involved in a smuggling plot and even murder. A rare gem. ORDER

SOMETHING IS OUT THERE (Aired on 5/8/88) Folks, not only do we have the pilot episode, but we have the subsequent short lived episodes of this fantastic series that involves an extremely volatile killer who like to remove people's internal organs. Turns out the killer isn't quite what you expect it to be. Great, and unusually gory made for TV horror/sci-fi hybrid that developed a small but dedicated fanbase. Two discs containing all 8 episodes. Yum yum, eat 'em up! ORDER

SON OF THE MORNING STAR (Aired on TV 2/3/91) The life and times of General George Armstrong Custer comes to full force in this interesting TV adaption. Gary Cole is Custer. Rosanna Arquette is his woman. Stanly Anderson is Grant. Full, uncut version, hence $25. ORDER

STAR WARS RARITIES & PARODIES (Assorted footage from 1977 to 2005) Here is a two tape/disc set of unique spoofs, guest spots, and various other programs related to the famous Star War films. Includes Mark Hamill on The Muppet Show, Carrie Fisher on Saturday Night Live, Boba Fett Cartoon, Donny & Marie Osmond Star Wars special, and way too much for me to list here. Almost four hours of material. ORDER

A STEP OUT OF LINE (Aired on CBS 2/26/71) Three disgruntled businessmen attempt to fix their financial problems via a bank heist. Great cast includes Peter Falk, Vic Morrow and Peter Lawford.  Great supporting cast includes Jo Ann Pflug and Tom Bosley. ORDER

THE STEPFORD CHILDREN (Aired on NBC 3/15/87) Once again, the town of Stepford is creating androids, this time it's perfectly behaved replicas of the kids. Fun Sci-fi more in the tradition of the original film. Great cast includes Barbara Eden, Don Murray, Richard Anderson and Larry Koster. Gotta love it! ORDER

STOLEN BABIES (Aired on ABC 1993) A very strange "true life" horror story involving a woman social worker who discovers a black market trade who's specialty is in selling babies. Needless to say her attempt to expose it is blocked by the powerful, rich and famous who operate in this trade. Very scary. With Lea Thompson, Kathleen Quinlan, and Mary Tyler Moore. ORDER

STONE TAPE (Aired on the BBC 1972) Another excellent and spooky story by Nigel Kneale (The Woman in Black). Directed by Hammer's own Peter Sasdy, this classic has a group of scientists working out of an old mansion that has one room that will just not allow itself to be renovated. Spooky stuff that stays with you long after the flick is over. With Jane Asher and Michael Bryant. ORDER

STRANGE AND DEADLY OCCURRENCE (Aired on NBC 9/24/74) We've had this title for quite some time yet forgot to list it... Robert Stack and Vera Miles under go horrors in their new home. Is someone or something trying to drive them out? Buy it and fnd out! ORDER

STRANGE HOMECOMING (Aired on NBC 10/29/74) A small town sheriff is visted by his brother, whom he hasn't see in 20 plus years. He quickly discovers why it's been so long and why it should have been longer; his brother is a professional thief turned killer! Talk about a strain on the family dynamic. This tv movie brings singer songwriter Glenn Campbell to the starring roll of the Sheriff, while Robert Culp plays the bad boy brother. Add Leif Garrett, John Crawford and I say you've got a pretty darn good cast. ORDER

STRANGE NEW WORLD (Aired on ABC 7/13/75) More Sci-Fi madness with John Saxon, this time he's 180 years into the future and he finds folks who have discovered eternal life as well as primatives who live with animals. Sounds like my old neighborhood, with old farts who never die and the throwbacks that time forgot about. Dig in... ORDER

STRANGE POSSESION OF MRS. OLIVER (Aired on NBC 2/28/77) Excellent psycho drama has Karen Black married to the boring and stuffy George Hamilton and beginning to assume the personality and manor of a woman assumed dead. Great suspense and fantastic acting by Karen black, who's a class act no matter what she's in. ORDER

A STRANGER WAITS (Aired in 3/29/87) Suzanne Pleshette is such an attractive women that many, many men desire her. However, there is one that would like to kill her, can you guess who he is? Suspense tale with tons of twists and turns. Great cast too...Tom Atkins, Paul Benjamin, Kenneth Welsh. ORDER

THE STRANGER WITHIN (Aired on 11/27/90) *Not to be cofused with the Barbara Eden film, which we also carry*A woman's son is abducted during a grocery store robbery. Many, many years later, just as the woman is starting a new life, a handsome young man appears claiming to be her long lost son. Is he, or is this some elaborate plot to ruin this womans life. You'll have to buy the film to see how it all ends. Grabbing and suspensful flick. Fantastic cast includes Rick Schroder as the "missing son', Kate Jackson as the tortured mother, and Chris Sarandon as her new husband. ORDER

STRANGERS IN 7A (Aired on CBS 11/14/72) More craziness from Paul Wendkos. Andy Griffith and his wife Ida Lupino play building superintendents who are held hostage in their own apartment by a sadistic would be bank robber and his nutty assistants. Tense stuff. ORDER

STUNT SEVEN (Aired on CBS 5/30/79) A team of stunt experts attempt to save a kidnapped actress from a fortress state in the middle of the gulf of Mexico. Incredible stunts and adventure highlight this piece of popcorn fluff. With Christopher Connelly and Christopher Lloyd. ORDER

SWEET HOSTAGE (Aired on ABC 10/10/75) Insane story as only 70's television can do it. Martin Sheen is a psycho who kidnaps Linda Blair only to become her teacher, lover and friend. I guess the message is that sometimes kidnapping can be beneficial. Can you think of a better moral?!!! ORDER

A TATTERED WEB (Aired on CBS 9/24/71) More conspiracy madness from Paul Wendkos. A detective murders the chick his son in law is having an affair with, and then tries to blame it on a wino, like as if the wino doesn't have enough problems. Acurate portrayal of cops in action. With Loyd Bridges and Broderick Crawford. ORDER

TERROR ON HIGHWAY 91 (Aired on TV 1/3/89) Horror story of an honest cop who can no longer stand the police brutality of his fellow officers who proside under an extremely corrupt sharif. He decides enough is enough and it's time for real justice! With Brad Dourif and Richard Brooks. ORDER

TERROR STALKS THE CLASS REUNION (Aired on 6/12/92) Intense, scary stuff as cop Jennifer Beals investigates the dissapearence of a teacher (Kate Nelligan) from an American school located in Germany. Did some nut student kidnap her and is preparing for something nasty? Buy this and find out...Directed by Clive Donner. ORDER

THEN CAME BRONSON (Aired on CBS 3/24/69) Ok folks, not only do we have the pilot episode, but we have the whole series as well. Complete, uncut episodes, the story of a News paper mans drop out from society and his treck around the country by motorcycle. Here they are in order: Then Came Bronson, The Runner, The Old Motorcycle Fiasco, A Famine Where Abundance Lies, The Circle of Time, Where Will The Trumpets Be?, Amid Splinters of the Thunderbolt, The 3:13 Arrives at Noon, Old Tigers Never Die, Your Love is Like a Demolition Derby, Two Percent of Nothing, All the World & God, A Long Trip to Yesterday, The Spitball Kid, Against a Blank Cold Wall, 69 Sibyl, A- Pickin' An 'A- Singing, The Gleam of the Eagle Mind, That Undiscovered Country, Lucky Day, Mating Dance for Tender Grass, The Mountain, Still Waters, The Forest Primeval, The Ninety-Nine Mile Circle, The Mary R, What's An Ark Without Centaurs. Now, this is sold as a set of seven on DVD format. If you want VHS or individual titles, you must Email me with your wants, and price will be adjusted at that point. This set cannot be chosen as a "Free" title. Otherwise... ORDER

THEY CALL IT MURDER (Aired on NBC 12/17/71) A small town district attorney investigates a swimming pool murder, which in turn leads to a questionable car crash and a huge insurance claim. From the novel The D.A. Draws A Circle by Erle Stanley Gardner. Jim Hutton stars. ORDER

THRILLER (Aired on NBC 1960-62) 67 episodes of the classic horror series as hosted by the incredible Boris Karloff. Scary stuff with monsters, ghost and ghouls, and good stories, something missing from todays TV. Available now through Image Entertainment so check Amazon!

TO KILL A COP (Aired on NBC 4/10-11/78) Excellent, gritty cop drama has Joe Don Baker fighting corrupt police officials as well as a hateful black revolutionary leader planning a massacre of cops. Great stuff with Lou Gossett Jr. and Patrick O' Neal, Desi Arnaz Jr. and Scott Brady. ORDER

TORN BETWEEN TWO VALUES (Aired 2/1/68 Aka Sergeant Ryker) Essentially this is two episodes of "Kraft Suspense Theater" (aired in '63) cut together and made into a film. Ultra tense court drama regarding Sergeant Ryker being held on court marshal situation while his lawyer attempts to prove his innocence to a charge that he was a traitor during the Korean war. Great cast includes Lee Marvin, Bradford Dillman, Vera Miles, Peter Graves, Lloyd Nolan and Norman Fell. ORDER

TRIBES (Aired on ABC 11/10/70) Fascinating social drama which stars Daren McGavin as a Marin drill sergeant who is pitted against a hippie drafty (Jan-Michael Vincent) in boot camp. Sort of a cult classic due to some very cleaver writing by Tracy Keenan Wynn, son of Keenan Wynn. ORDER

TWO WORLDS OF JENNIE LOGAN (Aired on CBS 10/31/79) Here's one of those "journey to the past in order to change the future" stories, this one featuring Lindsay Wagner as the lady attempting to save her true love (Marc Singer). Supernatural soap opera! ORDER

THE UNEXPECTED MRS. POLLIFAX (Aired on CBS 5/20/99)  The story of an elderly lady who, following the death of her husband and the advice of a doctor to broaden her interests, decides to become a CIA agent. Before she is officially offered the job, she is mistaken for a certifiable spy and dispatched on a mission to Morocco. As she begins work with a male operative, the pair are kidnapped, and it is up to the quick-witted lady to save the day. Starring Angela Lansbury. ORDER

VANISHED (Aired on NBC 3/8-9/71) Super duper thriller which explores the mysterious disappearence of a senior presidential advisor. Both Richard Widmark and Robert Young received Emmy nominations. great cast also includes James Farentino, Tom Bosley, EG Marshall, Eleanor Parker, William Shatner, Larry Koster. Full version, two DVD's or tapes, hence $25.00. ORDER

VANISHING ACT (Aired on CBS 5/4/86) If your a fan of Honeymoon With A Stranger or One of My Wives is Missing, than your collection is incomplete without this minor gem. Basically similar to the other two, Mike Farrell searches a Montana skying village for his lost wife. Margot Kidder shows up and claims she's his wife, but Farrell says she's lying. Elliot Gould is the detective who must get to the bottom of things. Fred Gwynne plays a sinister priest. ORDER

VICTIM OF BEAUTY (Aired 8/7/91 Aka Drop Dead Gorgeous) A super hot looking lady takes the modeling world by storm. But, folks surrounding her start turning up dead, and it looks like she may be next on the list. This is a Canadian production directed by Paul Lynch, who directed Prom Night in 1980. With Jennifer Rubin. ORDER

VICTIMS (Aired on NBC 1/11/82) Excellent, taunt revenge for rape story with Kate Nelligan as a rape victim who along with three other women traps her rapist after he is freed on a technicality. Howard Hesseman plays the hateful rapist. Ken Howard plays the boyfriend. This tape is ultra rare, hence the cost is $20.00. ORDER

VIOLATION OF SARAH McDAVID (Aired on CBS 5/19/81) When a young teacher is attacked in her classroom, the principal of the school tries to gloss the whole thing over. Regardless, our teacher bucks the system. Another nail biter with Patty Duke Austin, Ned Beatty, and Ally Sheedy. Directed by genre fave John Moxey. ORDER

WET GOLD (Aired on Abc 10/25/84) Unofficial remake of the Treasure of the Seirra Madre, only this has three men and a barbie in a brutal underwater hunt for sunken treasure. With Brooke Shields and Burgess Meredith. You heard me right! Title makes it sound like a porno. ORDER

WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE (Aired on ABC 5/28/85) Cindy Williams, fresh from her Laverne & Shirley success, plays a women experiencing nightmares involving a serial killer and her boyfriend (who happens to be a cop). Turns out her dreams are actually insight to the future, and the killer is actually quite real and on the loose. Good cast includes David Morse, Jessica Harper and Stan Shaw. Directed by John Llewellyn Moxey of Night Stalker fame. Filmed in Dallas, Texas. Can ya go wrong? ORDER

WINTER KILL (Aired on ABC 4/15/74) A psycho leaves puzzling spray painted messages next to his murdered victims. Can the Sheriff (Andy Griffith) figure it out in time to save future victims? Proposed pilot for a series that never materialized. ORDER

WORLD OF DRACULA (Aired originally as part of the Cliffhanger series in 1979) Michael Nouri is the count in this stringing together of all the vampire episodes of the Cliffhanger series. Plays better here than it did on the series. Sink your teeth into it. Directed by the man who helmed the Vincent Price TV movie An Evening With Edgar Allen Poe.ORDER

YOU'LL LIKE MY MOTHER (1972) Ultra rare film about family insanity, inheritance, murder, betrayal, and based on a real incident to boot. Creepy but not graphic. Many think this was a made for TV movie, and though it was produced by Bing Crosby Productions, it did in fact have a limited theatrical run before becoming a TV fave. With Patty Duke Austin and Richard Thomas. ORDER

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