Red Viscera on a Canary Yellow Wall

An exploration of Giallo films

by Keith J. Crocker & Heather Drain   

Stabbed in the Crotch 
Sex and Violence, two main ingrediants of the Giallo!

My first experience watching a Giallo film occurred sometime in the early eighties. I had come home from a night out with the girlfriend, and I reclined on the couch, flipped on the tube and began cruising the offerings on cablevision (don’t forget cable was quite new at the time and all the rage). I stopped at one of my favorite channels, WGBH from Boston, Massachusetts. They were showing Dario Argento’s Deep Red. Having never seen the film but heard so much about it, I decided it was essential viewing for the evening’s nightcap. Now it’s true that WGBH was public broadcasting and hence the film would be cut and have commercials, but at the time a beggar could not be a chooser and when something like Deep Red was on, you watched it no matter how it was being presented (and let this be a lesson to you kids out there weaned on DVD’s, you have no clue how lucky you were when horror was shown on any of the 13 stations the New York viewing area had). Remember, I was at least 17 or 18 when I watched this film, in the comfort of my family home, on television, and it still scared the shit out of me! I’m not clear if it was because I was tired and perhaps even falling a sleep, but the scene were the killer send a mechanical doll into the room in order to sneak up on and slaughter an unsuspecting victim was one of the creepiest things I had ever seen. I literally remember the hair raising up on my head (yes, I had hair then, lots of it). For days there after I kept thinking about this film, I had never seen anything like it, and needless to say, I wanted to see more!

Loving Ladies
There is no denying it, Giallos have a thing for lesbians!

Argento’s work is often the passport from the world of garden variety, domestic horror to an often bloodier and artier world of nightmares, Euro-style. No one and I do mean no one, can quite blend the most horrific of images with an painter’s eye for color, a musician’s ear for sonic perfection, an artist’s soul for bleakness, and a madman’s mind for the darkest insanity, quite like the Italians. This is one of the big reasons why the Giallo as a subgenre is such a standout. Even though the films have dwindled considerably since the 70’s, it is still one of the kings for the world of horror cinema.

My first Giallo film proper was Argento’s (quelle surprise!) Tenebre. I was all of 17 years old, browsing the horror section at my local mall’s now long-gone Suncoast Store. I was already vaguely familiar with Giallos and certainly with Dario Argento. I had seen Suspiria a few years before at a sleepover. (This is what happens when you let the demented redhead have some sway on which movies get picked!) While some of the other girls were getting spooked, I was mesmerized by the expressionist-like use of camera angles, colors, sets, and gore. It was one of the most strangely beautiful films I had seen at that point, right next to The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Aguirre, the Wrath of God. But if Suspiria was a life changing experience, Tenebre was downright life if not mind altering. The psychosexual world involving the most violent aspects of human nature, Italian style had truly wooed me over.

Bound & Gagged!
And if it isn't lesbians, it's bondage!

Allow us to take a second here and explain just what “Giallo” means…Giallo is Yellow in Italian. Lurid crime novels, mysteries, horror paperbacks, etc, were denoted by yellow covers. Hence the Giallo stands for yellow films, lurid movies that feature horror, crime, violence, drugs, sadism, etc…That’s a very, very broad canvas, hence why so many different forms of giallo exist. How far back do giallos go cinematically you ask…well, technically the groundwork begins with the film adoptions of the novels of Edgar Wallace, the British author who co-wrote King Kong. The Germans were infatuated with his work and began adopting him cinematically during the silent film era. In the late fifties, it starts all over again with the Germans releasing a series of films based on stories by Wallace and his Bryan. These films were heavy on style, quite unlike anything seen at the time. Well, the Italians shared a similar enthusiasm and began cranking out their own horror stories complete with the trademark black gloved killer and some nasty, gruesome crimson stained corpses. Mario Bava’s Blood and Black Lace and The Evil Eye stand out as the models for films to come. But not every giallo had a black-gloved killer. In fact, some giallos, like Giuliano Biagetti’s Interrabang, choose to forgo black gloves, blood, etc…instead it focuses on a deadly game played out by a group of upper middle class bohemians trying to one up one another. It’s a very low budget film punctuated by sexual tension, mind games, kinda of a Greek tragedy that ends in suicide. Yes, the giallo is a style that can transform and mutate any time it wants…

Off with your head!
And if it isn't bondage, it's decapitation!

Greek tragedy hits it right on the money. Like the ancient Greeks, Italian cinema has generally not been afraid to explore the grittier side of humanity without sacrificing any sort of creative style. The big thing that sucked me right into giallos and Italian horror in general was the ability to present you some of the most horrific and frightening imagery without losing any beauty. It is this jolie laide that makes these films truly unlike any others. Even the worst giallo has something notable about it, whether it is the soundtrack, the use of colors, weird plot twists, human sleaze, visceral blood, etc etc. They, along with their spiritual godfather Alfred Hitchcock, truly created the slasher film subgenre. Most, though not all, of the American films that borrowed from these films pale in comparison. (There are some notable exceptions, but that’ll be for another article.)

So in other words, I would take a black leather glove any day over a cheesy hockey mask.

Gee, that was sharp!
And if it isn't decapitation, it's a slit throat!

The Giallo, because it is not bound or, for that matter loyal to any form of formatting, is basically a free entity in that it’s cinematic life was and is long. For example, during the period that William Friedkin’s The Exorcist dominated the silver screens, Mario Siciliano gave us The Evil Eyewhich is a weird hybrid of giallo and the supernatural, in that we have a man (Jorge Rivero) who dreams of murdering people, who later end up dead. Believing he is the killer, he checks himself into a clinic for help only to end up a villa where objects are levitating in the air, and all sorts of supernatural events are going on. While this film is very uneven and clearly indicates that the supernatural scenes where added mid way through production or perhaps even after production wrapped, it still clearly illustrates the survival power of the giallo and the fact that it can morph into any genre it wants to. This is exemplified by the fact that the giallo merged with the police action genre of the mid 1970’s. The sequel to What Have You Done to Solange, called What Have You Done to Your Daughters, is more oriented to the police procedure genre which took hold in the states with films such as Coogan’s Bluff and the Dirty Harry series. Called the poliziottesco in Italy, the Italians added their own flavor to this genre, making it their own plus merging classic elements of the giallo into the mix.

Cop on the Beat
Now wait! we can accept "heads off" and "slit throats", but finger slicing?

True crime has often been the kernel of fear that has been in the stylized center of the giallo. Horror in general is a genre for one to safely explore that tendriled beast known as fear. Traditionally, the supernatural was more often than not, the main vehicle for such exploration. With the giallo, there is no real comfort blanket. Werewolves and zombies don’t exist, but psychopathic killers do. Nothing is scarier than the truth folks.

Torso on the counter
Torso, torso, on the slab....

But this is the beauty of the giallo. These films give us a peek into forbidden territory. Every man, woman and child on this planet has the ability to do the most wonderful and horrible things the imagination can dream of. It’s imagery that you never want to see in real life, but in the giallo you can appreciate the verboten beauty of red viscera on a canary yellow wall. Few want to admit these things, but this is why Keith and I have more balls then any NFL locker room.

Painful punch!
Getting punched was never more painful...

Before Heather and I take flight, we invite you to continue reading below and get yourself familiar with all the giallo’s out there and, if your hunger allows you feel free to start a giallo collection of your own by purchasing the titles below. If you’re sick to death of Desperate Housewives and want to dig deep into the world of true desperation, despair and murder, we can’t think of a better way for you to get started…Sweet dreams!

A.A.A. MASSEUSE, GOOD LOOKING, OFFERS HER SERVICES (1972) Another very interesting Giallo, this one involving a young girl (Simonetta Vitelli) who leaves her parents and her comfortable home to go and live with a friend (Paola Senatore). She decides to become a Masseuse, and each time she services a client the client is discovered dead. Looks like a razor weilding killer is trailing her every move, and of these keeps up she'll no longer have any clients. What's interesting about this filkm is that for the most part just about all the victims are males. Yet, the mysoginistic tone of the film is unyeilding in that the girls activities are the catalist to the killings, hence her desire for independence has triggered all the violence. Message to women is "stay home with Mommy and Daddy". ORDER

AFRIKA (197?) Insane Italian flick concerning a prostitution ring, an African safari, endless sex and nudity, and the mutilation murder of two chicks. Rare,lost flick, brought to you via a Super 8mm transfer. In Italian. ORDER

AGONIZANDO EN EL CRIMEN (1968) Here is an early Argentine Giallo that tells the story of a young medical student (Juan Logar) who's fiance' is severly injured in an accident and rushed to the hospital on what was supposed to be their wedding day. The surgeon tells the student to "trust his hands", but ends up killing the fiance' during the surgery. Needless to say, our medical student doesn't take this too well and proceeds to go on a "slaughter the surgeons" rampage, removing surgeons hands and burrying them by a rosebush he's planted for his deceased fiance'. Keep your eyes peeled for Paul Naschy, who appears as a police officer toward the end of the film. Of interest, Naschy would pitch the idea for Mark of the Wolfman to director Enrique López Eguiluz, who would make that film with Naschy the very same year. In Spanish with English subtitles. ORDER|

ALL THE COLORS OF THE NIGHT (1972 - aka They're Coming To Get You) Now here is the completely uncut, English language widescreen version of a classic Giallo by the master himself, Sergio Martino. Flipped out psychedelic nonesense with a Devil cult and some vicious knife murders. Surreal and underappreciated work of art. ORDER

ANIMA PERSA (1977) Insane late 70's effort more art film than giallo but well worth watching. Has more in common with Polanski's The Tenant. Vittorio Gassman excells as the Uncle of an art student who is keeping a very interesting secret about a psychopath who lives chained up in the attic. Catherine Deneuve also excells as Gossman's wife. Great cast and production value. Letterboxed in Italian with English subs. ORDER

AN OPEN TOMB...AN EMPTY COFFIN (1972) A man brings his new bride home after his wife was killed in a fall. The man is guilt ridden and alcoholic, the maid and butler wont accept the new bride, and to make matters worse, a killer with black gloves and a razor blade is doing people in. Letterboxed in Spanish with English subs. ORDER

ATROCIOUS TALES OF LOVE AND DEATH (1979 - Aka Giallo Napoletano) Here is a truly unique spoof of "giallo" films directed by Spaghetti Western pro Sergio Corbucci. Marcello Mastroianni is an amature detective trying to solve a series of homicides while trying to get into the pants of Ornella Muti. A fun film that will leave you with a smile at all it's cleaver refrences to the genre. Off a Greek master, in English with Greek subtitles. ORDER

LA BAMBOLA DI SATANA (aka Satan’s Doll) (1969) Leterboxed, Italian language print of an ultra rare giallo that features the lovely Erna Schurer returning to a family castle for the reading of the will. Rumor has it there is a ghost in the castle, she begins experiencing erotic nightmares, and gradually ends up kidnaped and tortured in the castle dungeon by a hooded creep. Can you do with out this flick? ORDER

BLOOD LINK (1982) Late entry into the Italian giallo sweepstakes involving Michael Moriarity and his psychopathic twin brother undergoing family anxieties. Cameron Mitchell has a cool supporting role as a boxer who takes a beating by Moriarity’s psycho twin. ORDER

BLOODSTAINED BUTTERFLY (1971) The murder of a little girl in the park is blamed on a TV news anchorman. However, when he is in custody two more murders occur. Hence the police are forced to rethink their position. Slow pacing but a very intelligent thriller. With Helmut Berger. Widescreen and in English. ORDER

BLUE EYES OF THE BROKEN DOLL (1973) Uncut Paul Naschy shocker also known as House of Psychotic Women. Very scary for those of us who have dated psychotic women. Sexual hijinks and blood abound. Can you stand it?! ORDER

CALLING ALL POLICE CARS (1975) When the 15 year old daughter of a surgeon goes missing, it leads police to a prostitution ring and verious other assundry dealings. Anonio Sabato is the cop assigned to the case. Better than you'd expect, and not easy to figure out. Letterboxed in Italian with English subs. ORDER

CORRUPTION OF CHRIS MILLER (1973) Ultra nasty Spanish made Giallo flick featuring Jean Seberg as a washed up celebrity who shares her house with her stepdaughter, until a hansome stranger enters the scene, and then the headgames begin. To make matters worse there is a serial killer hacking folks to death in the surrounding countryside. Nasty stabbings punctuate this truly atmoshpheric film.UPGRADE - Nice print in English ORDER

COVER GIRL KILLER (1959) A lurid and sexy shocker from England involving a nut job who likes to disguize himself as a big time figure model magazine photographer and snap photos of women only to finish the session by murdering them. Early entry to the Psycho sweepstakes, pre-dating Peeping Tom by several months and How To Treat A Lady by many, many years! Lots of teasy, busty models in skimpy bikinis, and an over all air of sleaze make this film well worth owning. ORDER

CRAZY DESIRES OF A MURDERER (1977) A group of men and women are invited to a villa and stalked and killed by an assassin who like to collect their eyeballs. I kid you not. Italian Giallo trash designed to please. Widescreen and in Italian with English subtitles. ORDER

DEADLY INHERITANCE (1968) When a rich old man dies and his will specifies that the money is to be left to an idiot son, bodies start piling up. Guess who's the first to die?! Fun stuff with gore and lots of atmosphere. Suck it up! Widescreen and in English. ORDER

THE DEADLY TRIANGLE (1973) Another variant on "Diabolique", this one featuring Erica Blanc, Vincente Parra and Juan Louis Galiardo in a love traiangle of cross and double cross. We got some nice nudity, plus this print runs about 20 seconds longer than any other print out there. And best part of all, it's in English. Nice picture as well, taken from a Spanish TV rip. ORDER

DEATH KISS (1974 - Aka THE RAPE KILLER) Insane Greek entry into the Giallo sweepstakes that has a low life husband hiring an even more low life rapist killer to murder his wife. However, the wife has intentions on murdering the husband, and so does the hired killer. Extremely brutal film that makes for an excellent time filler on a rainy Sunday afternoon. ORDER

DEATH CARRIES A CANE (1973) Here's a gem of a Giallo, this one involves a young lady witnessing slaughter while peeking through a public telescope. Both the girl and her fiance investigate further only to find that murders continue in their wake. Turns out all the victims have been dancers and their killer is lame, he uses his cane to bend their necks back before he slashes their throats. This is a classic Giallo in that we have the black gloved killer, vicious gory murders, and abundant nudity. But the best part of this is that it has never been available in good quality until now, this beauty coming off a Euro DVD and in English language to boot! You can't beat that with a baseball bat! With George Martin. ORDER

DEATH KNOCKS TWICE (1969) A private investigator, hired to recover some stolen jewels, happens upon a serial killer who enjoys strangling women after making love to them on the very romantic setting of a beach. One of the women the killer is targeting just happens to be the local Mafia boss's wife. Early Giallo with a great cast including Fabi Testi and Dean Reed. In English . ORDER

DEATH OCCURRED LAST NIGHT (1970) A father races to find his kidnapped daughter before she is killed. Intense giallo/drama is both grim and classy at the same time. Directed by Duccio Tessari, who alkso gave us the equally compelling Bloodstained Butterfly. In English. ORDER

DEATH ON THE FOUR POSTER (1964 Aka Delitto Allo Specchio) Six young and attractive couples are playing a swinging sixties hipster games in a gothic castle when all hell breaks out. A very, very ealy giallo complete with sexy chicks, bad hairdo's and John Drew Barrymore. Tell me, can you ask for anything more...In English. UPGRADE  ORDER

DEATH STEPS IN THE DARK (1977) An Italian photographer traveling in home has his letter opener lifted and used in a vicious murder. The photographer grabs his Swedish girlfriend and heads out to solve the murder and clear his name. Needless to say, the murders continue! Nice gory razor murders puctuate this thriller which also has lots of humor going on in it. Go figure. Letterboxed in English. ORDER

DEATH WALKS ON HIGH HEELS (1971) A woman is persued by a madman who likes to slash people to death. In fact, he father, a jewel theif, was murdered by the killer while on a train ride. She travels across England in an attempt to allude the killer but no such luck, as he likes to travel as well. Widescreen and in English. ORDER

DESIGNATED VICTIM (1971 Aka Murder By Design) A wealthy count and a dellusional playboy make a plan to murder each others relatives. Hence both guys have alibis at the time of each murder. the Count kills the playboys wife but the playboy finds that he's not able to keep his end of the bargain. Thomas Milian and Pierre Clementi are the two men, and they play the homo erotic elements for all they are worth. Widescreen and in English. ORDER

DIRTY PICTURES (1971- aka An Ideal Place To Kill, Oasis of Fear) Fun Giallo from Umberto Lenzi in which Ray Lovelock and Ornella Mutti are on the run from the police (for selling nude photos of Mutti, hence the alternate title Dirty Pictures) , they end up at the mansion of Irene Papas who decides that she has a use for them, something that they are not going to like. Loaded with nudity and violence, this print is far longer than any DVD release of this film, complete with scenes missing from all the various releases. This is the final word on this film. ORDER

THE DOUBLE (1971) A man (Jean Sorel) lies dying in a pool of blood after being shot by a stranger, as he dies he recounts how he got into the predicament in the first place. Turns out he is a very jealous dude when it comes to his girlfriend, but his eyes wonder when it comes to her mother. Yep, that's right, trouble brewing. Excellent supporting cast includes Ewa Aulin and Lucia Bose. In English. ORDER

A DRAGON FLY FOR EACH CORPSE (1974) Here's a Spanish made Giallo with Paul Naschy as a police inspector after a killer who feels that his job is top clean up the streets of scum and slime. Gory murder after gory murder occurs, and after each killing the murderer leaves a dragon fly pin on each corpse. Directed by the reliable Leon Klimovsky. Letterboxed, in English. ORDER

EYES OF CRYSTAL (2004) The vicious killing of a young couple and the peeper watching them make love alerts an ailing detective with a vicious temper that a very sophisticated serial killer is on the loose. One of the newer giallos and actually quite an interesting film to watch. In Italian with English subs. ORDER

THE FIFTH CORD (1971) Here is a nice letterboxed, uncut version of one of the first "Giallos" directed by Luigi Bazzoni. Franco Nero has an excellent turn as an alcoholic reporter being framed by a murderer. As usual, inventive murders abound. ORDER

A FLOWER IN HIS MOUTH (1975 aka THE MASTERS) Here is a really weird but interesting giallo in which a school teacher (Jennifer O' Neill) comes to a small and clanish Italian village only to find that anyone who harasses her ends up dead. Is it boyfriend Franco Nero, or employer James Mason who is doing the killing? And just what is the motive? In English. ORDER

FLOWER WITH PEDALS OF STEEL (1973) Gianni Garko is a surgeon who accidently killed one of his lovers not knowing that he was being spyed on by a serial killer. Not only does the killer torment Garko with the evidence, but continues to kill others in the same way Garko killed his lover. Fun giallo with a good supporting cast including Carol Baker. Italian with English subtitles. ORDER

FORBIDDEN PHOTOS OF A LADY ABOVE SUSPICION (1970): Those Giallo crazy Italians are at it again! Here is a letterboxed, in English, superb British import that has the wife of a business man being blackmailed by some pervert who insists her husband is a murderer. In order to protect her husband, she submits to degrading sexual acts. Made before political correctness ever ruined the world, this film would make a perfect gift for your favorite feminist. |ORDER|

FOOTPRINTS (1975) A woman wakes up with a pretty serious case of amnesia and the only things she can recall are scenes from some weird Sci-Fi movie she has seen as well as a picture of a hotel she must have been in. Thus begins this truly weird psychological thriller that has to be seen to be appreciated. Klaus Kinski makes his standard small but interesting appearence! In English. ORDER

GENTLY BEFORE SHE DIES (1972) IN ITALIAN. Great Giallo style adaption of Edgar Allan Poe's The Black Cat, here directed by veteran Sergio Martino. A woman, long abused by her alchoholic husband, gets into a game of who will kill who first, and along the way takes time to poke out the eye of the drunkin bastards cat. Edwige Fenech is the piece of ass with murder on her mind. Also with Luigi Pistilli and Ivan Rassimov. In scope. Gory and sexy, go for it! ORDER

GIALLO A VENEZIA (1979 Aka Mystery in Venice) One of the most mean spirited giallo films ever made. When a husband and wife team are found dead on the beach front, investigation into their lifestyle proves that the hubby was a vouyer and a drug addict who liked to watch his wife in weird sexual situations. Anyhow, folks who new the couple start showing up dead in horrible ways. People are burned, stabbed in the crotch, and have limbs removed while being kept from passing out. Hateful. Directed by the psychotic Mario Landi and featuring the delightful Mariangela Giordano (Burial Ground). Italian with English subtitles. ORDER

GIRL IN ROOM 7A (1974) A bunch of psychos and a hooded killer do a number on independent young ladies who are trying to live free and sexy on the streets of Italy. Raf Vallone is on hand to keep things interesting. Very gory and loaded with naked bods. In English. ORDER

THE GREAT SWINDLE (1972 Aka Nel Buio Del Terror) An excellent cast elevates this piece of eurosleaze. Stephen Boyd and Fernando Rey in get the way of lovers Marissa Mell and Sylvia Koscina. Can you guess the out come? Classy thriller with high dramatic tension. In English ORDER

HOUSE OF THE BLUE SHADOWS (1986) Here is an extremely atmopheric Giallo which tells the story of a man who returns to his family home to face the demons he has in his head regarding the accidental killing of a young girl that he was responsible for. Needless to say, things get real spooky upon his return. This is a very subtle and spooky film, very much like House With Windows That Laugh (1976).  Available at last with English subtitles (film is in Italian). ORDER

IGUANA WITH A TONGUE OF FIRE (1971) When a woman in Dublin is murdered in a brutal fashion (her throat is slit and her face ruined by acid) all the usual suspects are pulled in for questioning. Her lover is a diplomat and gets by with the diplomatic immunity excuse. And while he holds up progress, more and more brutal murders occure. Great cast supports this ugly tale directed by Riccardo Frida. With Anton Differing, Luigi Pistilli, Dagmar Lassander . Letterboxed and in English. ORDER

ILLUSTRIOUS CORPSES (1976) A detective investigating the murders of some prominant judges quickly discovers just how long the ladder of corruption is and how far it goes. Engrassing mystery that is very niahlistic and brooding. Georgeous film to watch, sumptuous photography. Widescreen and in Italian with English subtitles. ORDER

IN THE EYE OF THE HURRICANE (1971) A woman (Analía Gadé) takes off with her lover to his villa only to have a series of near fatale accidents occur, which in turn leads her to believe he is trying to kill her. Jean Sorel is her lover. Tony Kendall is Sorels "best friend". More intreage than you can stand. Widescreen in English with Dutch subtitles. ORDER

IN THE FOLDS OF THE FLESH (1970): You just can't get enough of these Italians! Here we go again with a beautiful, letterboxed, English language British import that tells of a wacky families way of handling blackmailers and perverts. This film features some wonderful decapitations, and there is no greater joy than watching someone loss there head, literally! |ORDER|

INTERRABANG (1968) Crazy mind games played but some well off nut jobs on a Greek Island. Gets and holds your attention, not a ton of action but a very unique plot and a very interesting and rare addition to the Giallo family. In Italian with English subtitles. UPGRADE - Fantastic quality!  ORDER

THE KILLER IS ON THE PHONE (1972) A woman who's husband was murdered several years early suddenly finds herself being threatened on the phone by his killer. Tight suspense flick that is highlighted by a nice performance from Telly Savalas. Anne Heyward is the tormented heroine. This is a must. English language with Swedish subtitles. ORDER

THE KILLER IS STILL AMONG US (1986) Here's another take on the "Monster of Venice" which was still fairly fresh in the headlines at the time this was made. A madman slaughters couples on lovers lane. Very graphic sexual mutilations punctuate this one. English subtitles. ORDER

KILLERS ARE OUR GUESTS (1974) A group of criminals who just robbed a Jewlry store decide to hold out at the country estate of a Doctor and his wife. As if that's not enough of a headache, various people stop by the house to say "hi" to the doctor and his wife, hence hightening the tension level to an uncomfortable level. Fun stuff with Anthony Steffan and Margaret Lee. Luigi Pistilli, a giallo fave,keeps things moving. In English. ORDER

THE KILLER RESERVES 9 SEATS (1974): Crude Giallo that draws from Ten Little Indians for it's inspiration, but the Marquis De Sade for it's presentation. Tons of female nudity, lesbian gropings and brutal murders that include crotch stabbing and crucifixion are proudly on display. This is a must have. Off a Greek master. In English. |ORDER|

KILLER WITH A THOUSAND EYES (1974) A combo Police flick and Giallo hybrid. This one has Anthony Steffen as an investigator investigating a series of murders and a missing drug shipment in Lisbon. Highly entertaining from start to finish,  with lots of faced pace action an interesting charactors. Nice way to pass a rainy afternoon. ORDER

THE KILLER WORE GLOVES (1974) After a man is killed by having his throat slashed, his girlfriend is called to an abandoned airport ansd is shot at, but she manages to escape the carnage. However, when she gets home, she finds that her border was killed and that he in turn was an imposter, this proven when the real border appears...Fun, in a giallo way! In English with Greek subtitles. ORDER

KNIFE OF ICE (1972) More giallo from Umberto Lenzi.Carrol Baker play a sever trauma victim who cannot speak. Upon her return to her ancestrial home, a series of strange murders occur in the area, causing Carrol to go through even more trauma than she imagined. Real nice, uncut, English language version, letterboxed, off a Jap laser. ORDER

THE LADY IN RED KILLS 7 TIMES (1974): Barbara Bouchet and Sybil Danning star in this Giallo classic which recounts the tale of the "Red Queen", an evil entity who kills seven victims every 100 years. In a castle in Germany, 1972, a red cloaked figure stalks, is it the "Red Queen" or just some crazy bitch playing a game? You'll have to buy this tape and find out. Off a Greek master. In English. |ORDER|

LIBIDO (1965) A young man witnesses his father murder his mother, then later, the father kills himself. The young man is confined to a mental hospital until he becoimes of legal age to inherit the family home. He goes back to the place only to find that it may veruy well be haunted by the father...or is it. A very early, creepy giallo by Ernesto Gastaldi. In Italian with English subtitles. ORDER

LIZARD IN A WOMAN'S SKIN (1971): Lucio Fulci shows the world that he is on fire with this slick and disturbing piece of Giallo that no one can get a decent quality copy of. Well relax, here is the most complete version available, and it will knock your socks off. This Psycho drama features the usual over the top Fulci violence and sex, and gives us some of the most haunting images ever committed to film. Pick it up now!!! |ORDER|

MADNESS (1994 Aka Eyes Without A Face) A serial killer is plucking the eyes out of babysitters. The killings are very similar to a comic book involving a professional by day who turns killer by night. The comic book artist soon finds that she has attracted the attention of the real life killer...Bruno Mattei directed, with that said, how can you go wrong! In English. ORDER

MANNEQUIN IN RED (1958) Here's an ultra rare Swedish entry in the horror sweepstakes, in fact this film is the blueprint for Bava's Blood and Black Lace. A model is murdered at a modeling agency. Turns out the girl was a blackmailer, regardless the killer, in an attempt to cover his or her tracks, decides to kill more folks in an effort to avoid being caught. Very moody B/W pre-cursor to the Giallos of Italy. Ultra nice copy of this rare flick in Sweedish complete with English subtitles. Who loves ya! ORDER

...IL MOSTRO DI FIRENZE (1985) This film is based on real life killings that occured in Italy from the late sixties until the early eighties. A journalist and her boyfriend attempt to uncover the identity of a killer who murders couples in the act of illicit sex in open areas. At times gruesome, but mostly psychological drama. Uncut & slightly letterboxed. In Italian with English subtitles. ORDER

MURDER OBSESSION (1981) From Richardo Freda, here is his early 80's take on the slasher genre. An actor who murdered his father when he was a boy returns home to see his mom and his director and fellow cast mates come a following. Needless to say, the guests start getting bumped off...chainsaw through the throat, knives, etc...Freda even throws in nightmare sequences with spiders, zombies, etc... With Laura Gemser. In English, Uncut. ORDER

MY DEAR KILLER (1975): The masterpiece of Giallo films, in which the suave George Hilton plays a detective out to solve the gruesome decapitation murder of a private Dick. Child murder, circular saw death, and other assorted nastiness keep this film way ahead of the other tired shit this genre produced. Uncut, letterboxed, in English off a British master tape. Really, the best of it's type. |ORDER|

NAKED GIRL KILLED IN THE PARK (1972) Fantastic Giallo off a Euro DVD, this fun flick involves an insurance investigator getting involved with the daughter of a murdered German industrialist who had recently taken out a million dollar life insurance policy. All the while, a razor wielding killer is making threatening calls to the daughter and murdering off various people connected wityh the case. Lots of sumptuous nudity combined with some nice razor action, you can't go wrong with this if you're a giallo fan! In English. ORDER

NO WAY OUT (1970 - Aka Photos of a decent Woman) )Marissa Mell plays a lady who child is kidnapped and she has to do some pretty saucy things in order to get the child back. Rare Giallo with English subtitles, and to sweeten the deal I'm offering two different versions, one Italian, one Spanish, with the Spanish cut offering alternate scenes, hence making the film somewhat differnt. Be sure to let me know in the "Special Instruction" section of the order form which version you want. The Italian version is rough quality, the Spanish version is really nice on the eyes. ORDER

PARANOIA (1969 Aka Orgasmo) A Lazy Lenzi classic, this flick involves a lonely rich widow (Carroll Baker) living in Italy and befriending an attractive young man who comes by looking for tools to fix his car. After fucking the dude in the shower, he decides to hang around and soon his freewheeling sister joins them. But Carroll starts getting the idea that they might not be what they seem, and perthaps there's faul play afoot! Actually a very entertaining film, and one of Lenzi's better works. With Lou Castel. In English. ORDER

PERFUME OF THE LADY IN BLACK (1974) Brilliant Italian giallo, very much in the vein of Polanski's The Tenant. Mimsy Farmer is brilliant as the girl who may or may not be mad as a hatter, because if she isn't mad her neighbors are certainly the most sinister group of cultists since the Manson family. Great, gory, surreal, and very disturbing. In English, and letterboxed. ORDER

PERVERSION STORY (1969) Aka Trumpets of the Apocalypse) A rare giallo in which people are lead to suicide via the playing of a particular piece of suicide enducing music. Kinda like the effect Rap has on me. The question is, why is the killer doing this and why via the music...well, buy this and find out! In English. ORDER

PLAY MOTEL (1975) Ultra rare giallo that features Ray Lovelock in a tale of a Motel that has a playroom designed for more interesting sexual liasons. The place also makes a habit of photographing the sexual encounters and blackmailing the parties involved. Add to this a black gloved killer and some hardcore inserts and you have one of the weirdest giallos your ever going to see. Letterboxed, in Italian. ORDER

PLOT OF FEAR (1976) A bunch of rich society people start showing up dead. Investigation leads us to a swank and hip party where by a guest was killed by accident. Are the others dying because someone wants to keep them quiet? A very well made thriller with a kick ass cast including Eli wallach, Tom Skerrit, John Steiner, and a nude Corine Clery. In English and uncut. Very sexually perverse this one is...ORDER

THE POLICE ARE BLUNDERING IN THE DARK (1975) Crazy movie has a series of stabbing murders made all the more by the inclusion of a subplot involving a camera that has the power to record ones thoughts???? Yeah, but it does have lots of nice nudity and violence. With Cunyet Arkin (from the Turkish exploitation films) In Italian with English subtitles. ORDER

PSYCHOUT FOR MURDER (1969) A wealthy young lady is sent to an insane asylum by her father after she is found fucking around with her asshole boyfriend. Turns out the said fuck face boyfriend set the whole thing up. Just wait to see the revenge scheam this chick has in mind! Rare and very groovy giallo! In English. ORDER

PUZZLE (1974 Aka Man Without A Memory) When a man (Luc Merenda) awakens from a serious car crash, he cannot remember a thing about what happened or who he really was, and worse yet there's another guy walkning around with the same name claiming he's him!? Are you confused yet? Anyhow, when the other guy is killed it forces Merenda into a nightmare world he can't wake up from. Stylish, to say the least. Wide and in English. ORDER

THE PYJAMA GIRL CASE (1978): More crazy Giallo nonsense from those wacky Guineas over in Italy. This work of art features Ray Milland as a real gruff detective who delights in being a wise guy and humiliating suspects. The case involves a young girls dead body, identifiable only because of her yellow pyjamas, as her face has been torn off. Will Milland solve the case, well, buy this film and find out. Uncut and letterboxed, off a lovely British master. |ORDER|

ROAD TO SALINA (1970) Here's a rather interesting giallo styled thtiller with a largly American cast (Rita Hayworth, Robert Walker Jr, Ed Begley and a nude Mimsy Farmer) put in a French setting. Long since out of print on VHS tape, and no DVD release in sight, so get it here! ORDER

THE SCORPION WITH TWO TAILS (1982): Originally known as Murder in the Etruscan Cemetery, this is a very hard to find Giallo from Italy, now available from a Greek master straight to you and your family, with best wishes from me! Maggots, bats and other indignities assault our Italian friends in this convoluted murder mystery. Type of film you will feel like DIGGING out once and again. Ok, I'll give it a break. |ORDER|

7 SHAWLS OF YELLOW SILK (1972) A classic giallo. A killer is dipping the claws of a black cat into poison and using the said talons as a murder weapon. A blind pianist is forced to try and uncover the murderer on his own. Tense stuff with plenty of skin and blood. Great cast includes Anthony Steffen, Sylvia Koscina, Giacomo Rossi-Stuart. Uncut and in English. ORDER

SEVEN MURDERS FOR SCOTLAND YARD (1971 Aka Jack, The Mangler of London) Another of Paul Naschy's classic giallos. A vicious serial killer is doing the old "Jack the Ripper" bit again. Only this time he's cannibalizing the corpses. Paul Naschy is prime suspect number 1, a drunk ex-trapeze artists who's wife was the first victim of the killer. Wide and in English. ORDER

SEXY CAT (1973) Spanish made giallo has the cast and crew of a movie being stalked by a serial killer. The movie they are supposed to be making is about a comic strip hero called Sexy Cat, and the killer wears the Sexy Cat outfit when it kills...Directed by Julio Tebenero. Letterboxed, In English. ORDER

SMILE BEFORE DEATH (1972) After a girls mother commits suicide, she goes to live with her step father only to find out he's been having an affair with another devious chick and that they plan to do the daughter in. However, the daughter has a few surprises up her sleeve...Interesting piece of work from the director who gave us Amuck! Wide and in English.With Rosalba Neri. ORDER

SNAPSHOT OF A CRIME (1975 Aka Istantanea Per Un Delitto) When a man dumpted by his girlfriend becomes involved with two other chicks, one chick goes missing, the other goes looking, and the man receives strange pictures in the mail from his ex-girlfriend. Is she blackmailing him? What's going on here? Do you really care? Check it! ORDER

SO SWEET, SO DEAD (1972) Uncut English language print of Farley Granger's kill the slut cult classic. Mad man kills unfaithful wife's and further humiliates them by taking naughty pictures of their activities and leaving them behind at the murder scene. A lovely relationship film. Letterboxed. ORDER

SPIRITS OF DEATH (1972 Aka Bianco Vestito Per Mariale) Here's an excellent giallo by Romano Scavolini, the man who gave us Nightmare in a Deranged Brain. In this classic a young girl witnesses the death of her mother and her mothers lover at thew hands of her father, who also takes his own life. Many years later she invites all her friends to her estate to restage the whole massacre, and needless to say, the results are not pleasent. In Italian with English subtitles. ORDER

THE STUDENT CONNECTION (1973) This is without a doubt one of the most underrated Giallos, and underrated films ever made. Ray Milland runs a school for kids. He murders a blackmailer and knows he was seen by one of the students doing the murder. The question is, which student saw him do it? Milland intends to find out, with murder in mind! Great, suspenseful flick, with Sylvia Koscina and some nerve tingling suspense. Off a greek master in English with Greek subtitles. ORDER

THE SUNDAY WOMAN (1975) Big budget Giallo involving the murder of a high profile architect and the subsequent investigation that follows. But what really makes this flick interesting is the cast, some of Europes best of the best: Marcello Mastroianni , Jacqueline Bisset and Jean - Louis Trintignant. In English. ORDER

TOO BEAUTIFUL TO DIE (1988) A late 80's entry in the Giallo sweepstakes. This one features a group of models who come together for a video shoot that is largly S&M. When the models are told to be nice to some rich old perverts, one girl objects and ends up dead. Shortly there after, anyone in volved with the shoot that night ends up dead. Very inspired giallo, wide and in English. Very rare to say the least. ORDER

A TUTTE LE AUTO DELLA POLIZIA (1975) Director Mario Caiano gives us this combo giallo / police drama that reads very much like “What have they done to Solange”. A young girls murder trips off a series of brutal slayings and nasty rumors. Italian language but easy to follow. Run, don’t walk... ORDER

UNA SULL' ATRA (1969) Aka One On Top Of The Other. Lucio Fulci's first giallo, in which a doctor, who's wife supposedly died from Asthma, finds out the hard way that it wasn't asthma at all. A decomposed corpse, nude women, and a score by Riz Ortolani, how can you go wrong? Off a Greek master in English with Greek subtitles. You can't beat it. ORDER

YELLOW: LE CUGINE (1969) Folks, here is one of rarest Giallos out there, not only has this film been lost for years but now here it is with English subtitles. Now, this one is much more in the school of the late 60's Giallos which focus more on sexual perversion, plot and counterplot, cross and double cross. This one involves a girl (Lisa Seagram) who's been caring for her grandfather only to have him screw her over completely by leaving his estate to a cousin (Caterina Barbero) who arrives to claim her inheritance with her fiance (Maurizio Bonuglia). Do I even have to tell you that bodies start piling up upon their arrival!? This Giallo is one of the last of it's kind before Argento turned the genre upside down with Bird With The Crystal Plummage. Get it here and now... ORDER

YOU WILL DIE AT MIDNIGHT (1986) A man catches his wife having an affair and later his wife turns up dead. Naturally, he is suspect. Regardless, a psychiatrist believes the killer may actually be the infamous Midnight Ripper, problem is that the midnight ripper has been dead for years...Interesting and bloody giallo by Lamberto Bava. ORDER

WEEKEND MURDERS (1970) Excellent send up of Agatha Christie story's combined with a Giallo mentality, this story of murder over an inheritance at a mansion in England is truly a pip. Directed by Michele Lupo, and featuring a top notch cast including Anna Moffo, Peter Baldwin and Giacomo Rossi - Stuart. ORDER

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO SOLANGE? (1971): Widescreen, uncut, English language masterpiece of Giallo directed by Massimo Dallamano and photographed by Joe D'Amato under his real name. Featuring Fabio Testi and Camille Keaton in a story of brutal deaths in a girls school. Based on a story by Edgar Wallace. Loved by just about every fan of the genre. |ORDER|

WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOUR DAUGHTERS (1974) A kind of strange follow up to What Have You Done to Solang. In this one a teenage prostitution ring is at work, but to complicate things even more is the machete weilding motorcycle riding killer who likes to dismember people. Tons of boobs and blood. ORDER

WASHING MACHINE (1993) The investigation of a man found murdered and dismembered in a washing machine takes on all sorts of strange twists and turns once the facts start unraveling. A late but stylish entry by Ruggerio Deodato. In English. ORDER

WAVES OF LUST (1975) Here's an interesting Giallo directed by Ruggero Deodato and written by Lamberto Bava. The shit really hits the fan when a young couple, beached off the shores of Sicily meet up with another couple and become involved with the head games the other couple starts playing. You know events like this don't usually end up very well. This is a nice, tight thriller handled by a master director. Starring Al Cliver and John Steiner. ORDER

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