By Keith & Christina Crocker

Klaus Kinski makes a grand entrance in Again, The Ringer (1965)

Ok, I know some of you who are not familiar with this genre are asking "well, just what is a Krimi?" For the layman amongst you, a Krimi is a German word for a novel which deals with the subject of criminals, criminal activity or mystery. The grandfather of all Krimis, at least according to the Germans, is British author Edgar Wallace (1875- 1933). It's his novels that start becoming cinematic interpretations as early as 1927. This all ceases during the Nazi era, but picks up again in the 1950's. When the producers used up most of the Edgar Wallace works, they later would use the books of his son, Bryan Edgar Wallace. His stories were far saucier and the films made from them featured more nudity and violence.

Ady Berber
Adi Berber scares the yell out of us in Dead Eyes of London (1961)

What makes these films so appealing, and why would you want to see them? First and foremost, they are the earliest examples of stylized cinema, in other words the filmmaker is completely aware of the fact that he is making a film utilizing fancy camera angels and set ups (ie...in Dead Eyes of London, we see a shot from the inside of a man's mouth as as he uses a water pick on his teeth). The early black and white shot Krimis are among the most beautifully filmed works ever. When the B/W switched to color, the world of the Krimis never seemed the same again. Talk about psychedelic, the lurid colors, combined with the screeching soundtrack, exotic locales, and screaming, often nude women, made for a viewing experience like no other. A sumptuous feast for the senses.

Fellowship of Frog
This guy will put a frog in your throat! Fellowship of the Frog (1959)

These films featured some of Germanys best talents both in front of and behind the camera. As far as actors go, such fantastic character faces such as Klaus Kinski (usually playing a red herring or victim or the perpetrator), Gert (Goldfinger) Frobe (almost always the bad guy), Adi Berber (usually the "ape" like henchman), Joachim Fuchsberger, Heinz Drache, Siegfried Schurenberg, Siegfried Lowitz (usually the good detective or the dashing hero), and Eddi Arent (used mostly for comedic presence). Along with these dashing men come some beautiful women such as Karin Dor, Uschi Glass, Margaret Lee, and Karin Baal. As far as directors go, only the best of the best...Harald Reinl, Alfred Vohrer, Jurgen Roland, and even such talent as the Italian Riccardo Freda and the Spaniard Jesus Franco.

Hand of Power
Late 60's getting saucier & sexier - The Hand of Power (1968)

What makes all of these films fun to watch you might ask...well, for one, of you love mysteries, these films will keep you guessing, and actually allow you to play detective, as you have to gather clues, weigh in the suspects and solve the mystery. The villains are often larger than life, they would easily fit in an episode of the 60's classic series Batman. The Frog Gang, who literally dress like frogs, The Gorilla Gang, you guessed it, dress like gorillas, and who can forget the skull masked killer of The Hand of Power (1968) who kills his victims using a poison scorpion shaped ring. Do you like your movies lurid...well, these films can't get any more lurid, with plots that often take place in reform schools featuring nubile innocents as the victims of fiendish predators, with splashes of sex, violence and nudity done well enough to please an exploitation aficionado yet done artfully enough to appease the mystery fan. As far as locations go, you can't beat the gothic decor of a medieval castle, or the hidden passage ways of a haunted old mansion, which is usually miles from any civilization and surrounded by dark, foreboding woods!

Gorilla Gang
A nosey gorilla listening in on a private phone call! The Gorilla Gang (1968)

Below we offer a rare collection of Edgar Wallace, Bryan Edgar Wallace, and Wallace inspired mysteries made by the Germans. these are the best copies available, often off original German masters, some with English subtitles, some dubbed in English, and all in their original aspect ratios. You can buy individual pieces or buy the whole set for your collection. Name your poison! Choose your weapon! Buy all 45 titles for $500.00, that's a total savings of $175.00.

Hunchback of Soho
60's getting ugly and cruel! Hunchback of Soho (1966) An example of what will happen to you folks if you don't buy these films...

AGAIN THE RINGER (Neues vom Hexer 1965) When murderers start pinning their crimes on the Hexer, he decides to pay England a visit and punish the offending parties. This is a sequel to Der Hexer, and it was shot within 9 months of the original films success. The cast includes the lovable Klaus Kinski (in fact this version has the long lost opening with Kinski rising from a coffin like a vampire) and Hinz Drache in the role usually played by Joachim Fuchsberger. B/W Letterboxed, with English subtitles.. ORDER

THE AVENGER (Der Rächer 1960) A madman is on the loose in London. He likes to decapitate his victims and send their severed heads to Scotland Yard. Once again, Klaus Kinski and Hinz Drache have a ball giving their eerie all to the proceedings.B/W, Letterboxed with English subtitles. ORDER

THE BLACK ABBOT (Der schwarze Abt 1963) Former employees at a noblemans estate show up in search of lost treasures. Instead the get a hooded killer intent on making sure they never find what they are after. Joachim Fuchsberger and Klaus Kinski are on hand for the fun. B/W, Letterboxed in English. ORDER

CIRCUS OF FEAR (Das Ratsel Des Silbernen Dreieck 1966) After a bank robbery, the thief on the run decides to take shelter in a traveling circus. Needless to say, keeping the identity secret proves to be hazardous to the circus performers. With Kinski, Drache and Christopher Lee. Letterboxed and in color and in English!. ORDER

THE CORPSE PACKS HIS BAGS AKA THE DEATH AVENGER OF SOHO (Der Todesrächer von Soho 1972) A killer packs the bags of his victims after stabbing them to death. This is a really goofy flick, helmed by hack Jesus Franco and proving to be the last of the German made Edgar Wallace films. Full screen, in German with English subtitles. ORDER

CREATURE WITH THE BLUE HAND (Die blaue Hand 1967) Strange going's on in an insane asylum when as assasin sporting a spiked, blue glove starts doing people in. Crazy fun with Klaus Kinski, very atmospheric and a personal favorite of the Cinefear gang. In color and English. ORDER

THE CRIMSON CIRCLE (Der rote Kreis 1960) A master criminal avoids a death sentence and returns to London to get revenge. After 18 murders, a special agent is brought in to bring the killer to justice. Fast paced, lots of red gerrings and a nifty ending! B/W, Letterboxed and in English. ORDER

CURSE OF THE HIDDEN VAULT (Die Gruft mit dem Rätselschloß 1964) A dead mobster has donated all his money to the daughter of a former victim. Naturally, all the bad guys want into the vault contaning the goods, except the vault is booby trapped. Kinski is on hand again. B/W, Letterboxed and in English. ORDER

THE DAFFODIL KILLER (Das Geheimnis der gelben Narzissen 1961) In this one, our detective must uncover a heroin ring who hides their stash in stems of daffodils. On top of all this, we have a killer on the loose who is refered to as the daffodil killer. Whats the connection? All star cast includes Joachim Fuchsberger, Christopher Lee and Klaus Kinski. This was the first of the series to be shot entirely in England, as opposed to the usual practice of inserting stock shots of England and shooting the whole thing in Germany. This was the first cinematic collaboration between the British and the Germans after WWII. B/W, Letterboxed, with English subtitles. ORDER

THE DARK EYES OF LONDON AKA DEAD EYES OF LONDON (Die toten Augen von London 1961) An excellent remake of the Bela Lugosi classic called The Human Monster (1939), this film is a gem of technical filmaking, a pleasure to watch! Joachim Fuchsberger is back as the inspector, Karin Baal is the chick in danger, and Dieter Borsche is in the Bela Lugosi role as the preacher with bad habbits. Adi Berber is a gem as Blind Jake, the handy man who is handy when it comes to murder. B/W, Letterboxed in English. ORDER

THE DEAD ONE IN THE THAMES RIVER (Die Tote aus der Themse 1971) When a girl give over the names of herione dealers to the police, she winds up dead. Even weirder, her body disappears and can't be found? What's the deal, Jerry? Here's a later made German Krimi complete with psychedelics, nude women, and all sorts of nonsense you'd expect from a late sixties Krimi. Cool chicks include Uschi Glas, Ingrid Steeger and Brigitte Skay (Bay of Blood). Letterboxed, in color in English. ORDER

THE DEVIL FROM AKASAVA (Der Teufel Kam Aus Akasava 1970) A strange mineral which can turn metal into gold, and can also turn men into zombies, is missing, and it's up to interpole to find it. This is a Jesus Franco entry into the series, so you must enter with caution. Fun, dated, not a bad way to spend time, but certainly Franco isn't an Alfred Voher. With Soledad Miranda, Ewa Stromberg, Paul Muller. Letterboxed, in color and in English. ORDER

THE DOOR WITH THE SEVEN LOCKS (Die Tür mit den sieben Schlössern 1962) Tough times ahead as a woman finds herself trapped in a mansion with some crackpot doctor who does some mighty weird experiments on people. To add to all this an air to the family fortune has to solve the mystery of the 7 keys, and find the door with the 7 locks before he becomes victim to a series of strange deaths. Heinz Drache is on hand as the good detective, Eddie Arent supplies the laughs as the silly assistant, and Adi Berber shows up suplying menace. B/W, Letterboxed in English . ORDER

DOUBLE FACE AKA LIZ AND HELEN (Das Gesicht im Dunkeln 1969) Klaus Kinski plays a millionare who is tricked into murder by his unscrupulous lebian wife. Directed by Riccardo Freda, this flick is actually quite a treat. Our print is a composet that includes two sources putting back scenes that were missing from an American print. Letterboxed, in color, in English with some minor scenes in German. ORDER

FELLOWSHIP OF THE FROG (Der Frosch mit der Maske 1959) A master criminal by the name of the Frog commits mayhem with his gang, who dress like frog people (do you think I'm making this up). Joachim Fuchsberger is here, as is Dieter Eppler and Eva Pflug. B/W, Letterboxed and in English. ORDER

THE FORGER OF LONDON (Der Fälscher von London 1961) During a huge period of forgery in London, a woman discovers a printing machine in her new home, and suddenly believes that he husband may be the Forger of London. Problem is her husband has amnesia, and can't remember anything about his past activities. Karin Dor and Hellmut Lange star in this rather offbeat entry to the series. B/W, Letterboxed and English subtitles. ORDER

THE GORILLA GANG (Der Gorilla von Soho 1968) Gentlemen innsured with the Parker Welfare Organization are being killed off by a 6ft gorilla who like to drown them in the Thames river. Couldn't have anything to do with the Parker Organization, could it? This one is a ton of fun, complete with an idiot in a gorilla suite, nudity, sleazy characters, etc...Horst Tappert is the good detective, and even Herbert Fux (Mark of the Devil) appears as a gangster. Letterboxed and in English language. ORDER

THE GREEN ARCHER (Der grüne Bogenschütze 1961) In this little gem, a masked avenger kills folks using a bow and arrow. And yes, this one even features Gert Frobe. Can you go wrong? With Karin Dor. Letterboxed, B/W in English. ORDER

THE HAND OF POWER (Im Banne des Unheimlichen 1968) This one is pure pleasure from start to finish. Shot in color, it's a feast for the eyes. A serial killer, who calls himself The Laughing Corpse, and dresses in a skeleton mask, causes all sorts of horror and kaos as he goes about poisoning people with his scorpion ring. Don't pass this one up. With Joachim Fuchsberger. Color, Letterboxed in English. ORDER

THE HORROR OF BLACKWOOD CASTLE (Der Hund Von Blackwood Castle 1967) A young girls father dies and suddenly every one in town is making offewrs to but her fathers castle. When she refuses, people start ending up death, with strange teethmarks on their body. Fun and in color, hence nice eye candy. Upgrade in English. With Heinz Drache. ORDER

THE HUNCHBACK OF SOHO (Der Bucklige von Soho 1966) The first of the series to be shot in color, this one features Guhther Stoll as the detective. When a woman is kidnapped, the bad guys attempot to use her identity to claim her inheritance. The hunchback of the title is the henchman of the bad guys, and he likes to do people in with a knife. Letterboxed, and in English language. ORDER

THE INN ON THE RIVER (Das Gasthaus an der Themse 1962) A series of murders on the Thames River is being committed by a criminal by the name of "The Shark". He appears in his wetsuite and shoots people with a harpoon. Could he have something to do with a smuggling ring? More fun with Fuchsberger, Kinski and Arent. B/W, Letterboxed in English. ORDER

THE INDIAN SCARF (Das Indische Tuch 1963) When a wealthy man dies, his greedy relatives arrive at his castle anxious to inherit his dough. Before you know it, they are being done in with an Indian scarf...With Drache and Kinski. B/W, Letterboxed in English. ORDER

THE MAD EXECUTIONERS (Der Henker von London 1963) My personal favorite of the series. Scotland Yard has their hands full. First, a crazed, hooded group of vigilantes is abducting criminals, trying them, and then hanging them. To make matters worse, there is a mad scientist killer kidnapping women, beheading them and trying to reanimate their heads. Had enough?! With the lovely Maria Perschy and the incredible Wolfgang Priess. B/W, Letterboxed with English subtitles. ORDER

THE MAN WITH THE GLASS EYE (Der Mann Mit Dem Glasauge 1968) In this one, a pool hall is used as a front for a white slavery operation. And what to say about the man with the glass eye...A later entry (in fact number 14 in the series) in color, with Horst Tappert as the detective. Color, Letterboxed and in English. ORDER

MONK WITH THE WHIP (Der Mönch mit der Peitsche 1967) Here's a nasty one in which a hooded serial killer does in his victims with both poison and acid. Fuchsberger is on hand, as is Uschi Glas. Takes place on a girls dormitory. reccomended. Color, Letterboxed and in English. ORDER

THE MONSTER OF LONDON CITY (Das Ungeheuer von London City 1964) While a play about Jack The Ripper unfolds in Londons theater district, a copycat killer of Jack stalks victims in a neighboring alley way. Could there be a connection. This one has the lovely Matianne Koch as the heroin. Leterboxed, In B/W. Upgrade in English ORDER

NYLON NOOSE (1963) A German thriller very much in the Edgar Wallace tradition. A company's stockholders hold their meeting at a lonely mansion. A mad doctor conducting experiment (on reviving the dead) in the mansion starts to strangle them one at a time with a nylon noose. The survivors must figure out a way to stop him. Featuring the scary Adi Berber (Dead Eyes of London) as a very scary creep hulking about in the catacombs. Ultra rare thriller off a 16mm TV print . If you're a fan of the Edgar Wallace Germnan thrillers than you can't be without this. ORDER

THE PHANTOM OF SOHO (Das Phantom von Soho 1964) Several high end Londoners are being offed at a nightclub by a hooded and masked killer. The phantom is pretty impressive. The nightclub has some pretty descrite topless dancers in it? Fun stuff with Dieter Borsche as the good detective. Letterboxed, In B/W with English subtitles. ORDER

RACETRACK MURDERS (Das Siebente Opfer 1964) A killer is knocking off both horses and jockies in this one, but in order for you to find out why, you have to watch it. Letterboxed, B/W with English subtitles. ORDER

THE RINGER (Der Hexer 1964) When a sister of the famous criminal on the loose, called the Ringer, is killed, the good inspector ( Fuchsberger) believes that the Ringer will show up for revenge. In the meantime, bodies start piling up...is the Ringer already at work? Also with Heinz Drache. Letterboxed, B/W in English. ORDER

ROOM 13 (Zimmer 13 1963) Fuchsberger is on the trail of gangsters and he knows there planning a hiest. But everytime he gets closer to capturing the dipshits he's interrupted by a throat cutting madmnan who likes to kill women. God damn those serial killers. Letterboxed, B/W in English. ORDER

SCOTLAND YARD VS DR. MABUSE (Scotland Yard jagt Dr. Mabuse 1963) The late Dr. Mabuse has taken over the mind and spirit of a young professor and launches a crime wave against London. What to do, you ask? Call Scotland Yard of course! With Klaus Kinski as an inspector, Peter Van Eyck and Wolfgang Preiss as the spirit of Dr. Mabuse. Letterboxed, B/W in English. ORDER

THE SINISTER MONK (Der unheimliche Mönch 1965) A hooded serial killer likes to kill people the kinky way..by whipping them to death. This is a nice entry into the series, good story, music, the whole deal...With Karin Dor, who was married to director Alfred Voher. B/W. Upgrade in English ORDER

THE SECRET OF THE BLACK TRUNK (Das Geheimnis der schwarzen Koffer 1962) A psycho with a knife is doing some serious damage to patrons of a motel located in swinging Soho. Can Scotland Yard put a dent in this dorks activities? Joachim Hansen and Senta Berger are the two protangonists of this story. Letterboxed, B/W and letterboxed, and in English language. ORDER

THE SQUEAKER (Der Zinker 1963) Scotland Yard investigates killings in wich the murderer uses a snake to bite and poison the intended victim. Venemous to say the least. With Heinz Drache doing his best to catch this snake by it's tail. Letterboxed, B/W in English. ORDER

THE STRANGE COUNTESS (Die seltsame Gräfin 1961) When an attempt on the life of a young countess comes to pass, it's discovered that the attempt is somehow connected to a murder from 20 years previous. Fuchsberger, Kinski and Arent. Letterboxed, B/W in English. ORDER

THE STRANGLER OF BLACKMOOR CASTLE (Der Würger von Schloß Blackmoor 1963) A strangler is strangling folks on a British estate. To make matters worse, he even decapitates the victims and marks their foreheads with an M. Buy this and find out why. With Karin Dor and Harry Riebauer as the goods detective. Letterboxed, B/W with English subtitles. ORDER

THE TERRIBLE PEOPLE (Die Bande des Schreckens 1960) A criminal is about to be executed for shooting a cop. Before he dies, he summons all witnesses to his cell and threatens their lives. Well, guess what...after he dies, they start dying . Fuchsberger & Karin Dor star. Letterboxed, B/W in English. ORDER

TRAITOR'S GATE (Das Verrätertor 1964) There's a plot afoot to steal the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London. Will it succeed or crumble?...What do you think? Oddly enough, this is directed by Freddie Francis, popular for his work with Britains Hammer Films. Big time cold war influenced. Letterboxed, B/W in English. ORDER

THE TRYGON FACTOR (Das Geheimnis der weißen Nonne 1966) A detective investigating robberies and murders finds that the trail leads to an old English mansion were this weird English family shares their home with some nuns. Needless to say, things are not right. Some location shooting in England, plus we have Stewart Granger and Robert Morley on hand as well. Letterboxed, Color and in English. ORDER

WAITING ROOM TO THE BEYOND AKA MARK OF THE TORTOISE (Wartezimmer zum Jenseits 1964) When a young man discovers that his Uncle is being blackmailed, he launches his investigation which in turn leads him to a crippled madman and his gang of blackmailers. Klaus Kinski is on hand to lend some fun to the proceedings. Letterboxed, B/W in English. ORDER

WHEN THE GANG COMES TO LONDON (Das Rätsel der roten Orchidee 1962) A nasty group of extortionists come from Chicago to London to rip off some wealthy British folks. Christopher Lee is a detective from the U.S. joining forces with Adrain (Mark of the Devil) Hoven who is a detective for Europe. With Kinski and the lovely Marisa Mell. Letterboxed, B/W in English. ORDER

THE WHITE CARPET AKA THE CARPET OF HORROR (Der Teppich des Grauens 1962) An evil genius is using poison gas to whipe out his enemies. How he gets the poison to them is the real treat! With Fuchsberger and Karin Dor. B/W in English. ORDER

THE WHITE SPIDER (Die weisse Spinne 1963) When a womans husband dies and leaves her in debt thanks to his gambling debts, she gets a job at a criminal reform clinic in order to pay back some debts. Soon some comes face to face with a deadly gang called The White Spider, who have connections to her husbands death. With Fuchsberger and Karin Dor. Letterboxed, B/W with English subtitles. ORDER

THE YELLOW SNAKE (Der Fluch der gelben Schlange 1963) A super duper evil Chinese gang are going to take over the world using a idol called The Golden Reptile. Can Fuchsberger be counted on for putting a stop to this?...Letterboxed, B/W in English. ORDER


THE EDGAR WALLACE MYSTERY THEATER (Aired from 1960-65) Ok folks, here is an ALMOST complete run of episodes from the British made series based on stories by Edgar Wallace. The episodes I have are as follows: House of Mystery (Aired 1960) Man in the Back Seat (1960) Urge to Kill (3/60) Clue of the Twisted Candle (9/60) Marriage of Convenience (11/60) The Man Who Was Nobody (12/60) The Clue of the New Pin (2/60) Partners in Crime (Aired 1/61) The Fourth Square (6/61) Man at the Carlton Tower (7/61) Clue of the Silver Key (7/61) Attempt to Kill (9/61) Man Detained (10/61) Never Back Losers (12/61) The Sinister Man (12/61) Candidate For Murder (2/62) Backfire! (2/62) The Share Out (2/62) Flat Two (2/62) Number Six (4/62) Time To Remember (4/62) Locker 69 (9/62) Playback (9/62) Solo For Sparrow (8/62) Death Trap (10/62) 20,000 Kiss (1/63) Incident at Midnight (1/63) Set Up (1/63) On The Run (2/63) Return To Sender (3/63) Ricochet (3/63) The Rivals (5/63) To Have & To Hold (7/63) Five To One (12/63) Who Was Maddox (6/64) Act Of Murder (9/64) Game For Three Losers (4/65) Change Partners (7/65) and Dead Mans Chest (10/65). These episodes feature some of Britains finest actors (Michael Gough, Nigel Davenport, John Van Eyssen, Patrick Magee, Nigel Green to name but a few). 38 episode and I'm willing to put two per disc as requested. Otherwise, this is being sold as a set for $75.00. Can't be combined with any deal or monthly sale being offered. ORDER

Sinister Monk
The Sinister Monk (1965) has a score to settle!

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