Hello friends, and welcome to the Cinefear archive of eye-opening information. In this section, you are going to read some interesting and thought provoking information on some of our favorite low budget hack meisters. These articles are not just for fun, they are designed to give insight into the personalities of the folks who fought ratings boards, cheap, lying, swindling distributors, and tight wad producers in order to bring their unique visions to the screen.

Right now, we offer you some up close and personal info on the Fairy Banana Boy of Blood, Andy Milligan, as well as a contribution by the beautiful (in both body and soul) webmistress of the brilliant William Girdler.com site, Ms.Patty Breen. She is, of course, writting about the too soon gone William (Grizzly) Girdler, another maverick who puts the concept of the modern independent filmmaker to shame.

We are also serving up two sample interviews from The Exploitation Journal. The late Donn Davison discusses his tenure with Ed Montoro and Film Ventures International. And the late Al Adamson, director of Dracula Vs. Frankenstein and Satan's Sadists, talks about his life and career.

And as if this isn't enough, we also offer you articles on the history of Mexican horror Cinema, a two part piece that will leave you screaming "Taquila", plus a piece on Porn Film Actresses Who REALLY Liked What They Were Doing, and this article (for those 18 and over) will leave you begging for a glass of water. Then, journey with us back to television of yester year and the days when made for TV horror films were as scary as those being made for the theatre.

As a bonus treat, we will be featuring "Stream of Consciousness" writings from Paul (Exploitation Journal) Richichi, who been keeping a journal of his thoughts since the late 1960s. With Vietnam under his belt, and 820 Acid trips later, we feel Paul has something to tell ya!

Sound & Vision profiles, complete with live video clips of some of your favorite music groups! Be there or be square...Check out Canned Heat then read up on Phil Ochs. Next up for profile: The Incredible String Band (Spring 2012).

Andy Milligan: Staten Island's Fantastic Faggot of Fear
Known for making costumed period pieces for less than $10,000, Andy Milligan's films play like off-Broadway stage shows, only with gore and extreme poor taste. A detailed and heartfelt article about the late great master of no budget cinema.
Andy Milligan

Milligan’s Makeup Maestro
Rodd Matsui worked on Milligan’s Weirdo and Monstrosity. He has also lent his FX talents to efforts such as From Dusk Till Dawn, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and The X-Files. Rodd discusses his Milligan experience in great detail with Cinefear.com.
Rodd Matsui revisits Milligan locations. CLICK HERE to read more.
Rodd Matsui

Memories of a Mishkin
Though synonymous with Andy Milligan's films, William Mishkin remains a controversial figure in no-budget film circles. Mishkin's grandaughter Adrienne offers a warmer, more personal look at the maverick producer.
Not Really Adrienne

Mexi-Monsters on the March
Take a trip south of the border and learn more about the glorious, grisly, and oft gory world of Mexican Horror Movies. Also: PART 2.

Donn Davison Interview
Exploitation master Donn Davison worked with many of the genre's leading talents, including William Girdler, Lee Jones, and the notorious Ed Montoro of Film Ventures fame. This edited sample from The Exploitation Journal might be the late Donn Davison's last interview.
Donn Davison

Al Adamson Interview
We caught up with Al Adamson in 1993, a mere two years before the cult movie powerhouse was found murdered in his home (under his home, to be precise). This Exploitation Journal excerpt features Al discussing his late wife Regina Carrol, his favorite films, and his plans for the future.
Al Adamson

The Story of a Filmmaker Possessed
A low-budget director/writer/producer from Louisville, KY, William Girdler's star was on the rise until a tragic accident claimed his life at the age of 30. This article, contributed by the webmistress of William Girdler.com, sheds some light on the man responsible for 70's classics such as Abby, Grizzly, and Three on a Meathook.
William Girdler

The Proverbial Pimp
Is Exploitation Journal contributor Paul Richichi a poet? A prophet? A pimp? Only he knows for sure. Read a short collection of The Proverbial Pimp's witticisms and judge for yourself.
Proverbial Pimp

Television Terrors
Journey back to the 1970's when made for TV horror flicks were as scary as the films made for the theatre. Do you doubt it? Just read this article and find out why tube terrors had the edge in the decade of disco!

Adult Film Actresses Who REALLY Liked What They Were Doing
Before pornography became a fast food enterprise, there were filmmakers who actually tried to make good adult films, and actresses who actually believed in what they were doing. Read all about it right here (for 18 and over please).

Spaghetti Westerns: Fascist Hatred Under a Socialist Veneer
Find out what separates Italian Westerns from American Westerns, and why Italian Westerns are so much better!

The Human Swamp: An Overview of the Films of S.F. Brownrigg
S.F. Brownrigg is perhaps one of the most over looked directors in exploitation cinema. Read Heather Drain's retrospect and find out just what your missing.

Milligan's Thesbian: An Interview with Peter Barcia
Peter Barcia had the joy of acting in Andy Milligan's Legacy of Horror. Find out the how's and why's, as well as Milligans legacy on Barcia...

Sound & Vision Profile #1: The Canned Heat Ok folks, here is our eagerly awaited profiles of "not so legendary" music acts. Here's my take on the vastly underated Canned Heat. Don't forget to boogie.

Sound & Vision Profile #2 : Phil Ochs The one and only protest voice for turbulent America of the 60's, and still too many don't know about him. Rectify this right now, READ!

Riding The Devils Express : An Interview with Jane Landis Find out the first hand story behind this obscure horror flick from the main PA on the set. First hand info you wont find anywhere else!
Read part TWO!

Porns Grandpa - An Interview with Carter Stevens That's right ladies and gentleman, the man who gave us Teenage Twins and Wicked Schoolgirls spills the beans on his porn career involving both acting and directing! Carter Stevens

Rasputin in Film Here is the article you've all been waiting for, this definative piece fills us in on all the Cinematic adaptions of the Rasputin story, both fact and fiction. Get yur Rasputin on! Gregori Rasputin

Crazy Krimis- Precursor to the Giallos Ok folks, here's another history lesson and one well worth staying awake for. What do you get when you mix Edgar Wallace and the Germans together? Cinematic brilliance is the answer, read this and find out why... Adi Berber

Giallos- Blood Red Viscera on a Canary Yellow Wall If you loved the Krimi article, your gonna love this. Find out why those crazy Italians love to cut pretty girls throats. This is a first time writing collaboration between Keith Crocker and Heather Drain. Stabbed in the Stomach
Bloody Ape