Ok folks, I promised it all so long ago and now it's finally here... Now, many of you might be asking "don't all porn actresses like what they are doing..." and my answer to your question is "no, the bulk of them are in it for all the wrong reasons". Whether it be the fact that now it's lucrative financially for gals to do it, or they want prestige in the form of a sex goddess, or they want revenge on an ex boyfriend or parent they hate, and decide to join this dysfunctional sexual freakshow in hopes of becoming "noticed or cool". And the bulk of the performers in today's sexual arena are just victims of a jaded society that is unable to help their sexually abused and addicted selves. However, back in the late sixties, when the sexual revolution was showing it's head to help rise us up from the shame and ignorance regarding sexuality, porn films were more than just titillation for the worn out working class, they actually helped perpetrate ideas about sexual freedoms that people, especially women, were entitled to and didn't even know they had. And more so than anything else, it was women who really gave this new sexual identity the life breath it needed, and in doing so created a genre that is now a billion dollar a year operation.

What I'm going to highlight in this article are some actresses from the golden days of porn who made a name for themselves and the Adult film genre in general because of their enthusiasm for sex. Now, this is not to suggest that there aren't any more enthusiastic performers in the business, they do exist, and they will be mentioned at the end of this article, however, porn is now a big business, backed and funded by some very legitimate heavy hitters in the corporate world. But over 30 years ago, porn was still a no no, a crime punishable by time in prison. So the men and women who participated were in just as much of a risk factor as the folks making it. But what really made these chicks stand out was the fact they were really into the sex, and were doing this for sex sake, not so much for money, because the money at the time was nothing to really speak about, this was all under the table dealings. But these chicks really had something to offer... whether it was a sweet little smile during sex, talking dirty to their partner, or doing sexual acts that would make the most hardened prostitute blush, these girls haunted the memory of many a movie goer, built a huge fan base, and often elevated these films above their shoddy production values.

The first Adult film that really endeared me to the genre was a Gerald Damiano picture called Meatball (1973) ORDER Damiano had formally directed the classic Deep Throat (1972) ORDER which gave all new meaning to the words "Good Head". And while Linda Lovelace certainly left America breathless, it was Ms. Andrea True who caught my eye in Meatball... I rented this video in November of 1984 from a long gone video store that satiated my viewing needs back in the days, and what really impressed me about Ms. True was just how true she was to sex, smiling and laughing her way through the zany sexual encounters that Damiano whipped up for her, enjoying sex with all the carefree splendor that should be lavished on it. She has a very funny face, making some of the silliest expressions this side of Lilly Tomlin, a real mug for more than just splashing cum on, though Ms. True had no problem with that either. Let me just make it known that I also judge these woman on their sexual acrobatics, if they show no apprehension when it comes to doing things that would make the everyday Jane balk, then their good enough to be my wife...

Hot on the heels of Meatball was of course the work of the Mitchell Brothers, who gave us Marilyn Chambers, star of the classic Behind the Green Door (1974) ORDER. And while many salute her on this picture alone, I'd have to say she earned her stripes on Beyond DeSade (1979) ORDER, in which she tells the audience "If you don't do bizarre things and enjoy doing them, that will screw you up... so, 24 hours a day, I think of all kinds of ways to have sex". After this, she proceeds to show you what she means as a line of golf ball sized Ben Wha balls is slowly inserted into her ass and then pulled out, equally as slow. Now, any chick worth half her weight in porn can do this, but only Marilyn Chambers does it right, for she's a true performer, and half the battle in rising boners is the act of seduction. When a women's presence in a film is enough to send you into the theatre with your palms sweating in anticipation, you have been seduced... and this was Marilyn Chambers, a girl with wholesome good looks who took her liberties to the extreme, and came out smiling.

Another chick of the vintage stuff that really knew how to heat up the screen was Jessie St. James. In a film called EASY (1979) ORDER, directed by Anthony Spinelli (aka Sam Weinstein), Jessie plays a school teacher who cannot control her sexual yearnings. The standout scene in this film is when she seduces a blind piano teacher and performs some outrageous acts of oral love on his anus with her fingers. Now, lots of guys would get pissed and say "I don't want no chick touching my ass, I'm not gay!" But it has nothing to do with being gay, it's all about the fact that the male and female anus are erogenous zones that DESERVE to be explored and played with... in the film, Jessie lubes up her fingers with butter and inserts them into his ass... Christ, this film really opened me up to the possibilities of the anus, and every girlfriend since then has lived to tell the tale... Jessie was a total pro, she handles sex with an expressive face that is so much more pleasurable to watch rather than endless close-ups of genitalia. Any male would gladly leave himself in this pros care. And while your at it, check her out in Vista Valley P.T.A. (1981) ORDER. In a somewhat delayed take on Harper Valley P.T.A., Jessie does her thing with just about every concerned father in the town...

On the rougher side of sex, two chicks that come to my mind more often then not are Vanessa Del Rio and Annie Sprinkle. Del Rio, who helms from the Bronx, NY, brought her street smart attitude with her to the various productions she was in. Half Puerto Rican and half black, Ms. Del Rio was built like a brick shit house, and could be equally as imposing as she was seductive. She plays a female rapist who holds a nerd at knife point and forces him to do the nasty or else she'll neuter him in Mr. Mustard's Rape Victims (1975) ORDER. And if that aint scary enough, she gets bit by horny Dracula Jamie Gillis and rises from the morticians slab to put a bite and suck on attendant Herschel Savage in the classic Dracula Exotica (1979) ORDER . Fantasy wise, Vanessa is what every man dreams for, a chick who comes and fucks you as opposed to the other way around... Annie Sprinkle presents the rough stuff in a slightly different light. She can dish it out or take it, but she's subtle in her masochism... her claim to fame is urinating on her lovers during sex. She does it no better than in Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle (1979) a film she also directed. Annie is also interesting in that she was one of the many porn stars who took full control of her career, scripting and directing many of her own performances, and shaking the world by appearing in psychotic sado melodramas like the Avon produced pieces of depravity Oriental Techniques of Pain & Pleasure (1978) and Submit to Me (1977). On a recent trip to Boston that I took, Ms. Annie had made an appearance at a local college theatre talking about her career in porn, her experiences with sex and the workings of her vagina... she's an interesting gal to say the least. This nice Jewish gal from Philadelphia has done alright for herself. She even has a book on the market about her career. Talk about proud!

Another favorite of mine from the late seventies, early eighties was Little Oral Annie. Initially, you first caught a glimpse of her in such fare as Sex Boat (1979) and her appearances in the Swedish Erotica loops of the day. But she really opened wide when they gave her a film all her own, Inside Little Oral Annie (1983). As you can detect by her name, she was an expert at fellatio, in fact not before or since had anyone sucked cock quite the way this lady did... but judge this for yourself, just watch the opening of Inside Little Oral Annie and tell me... I vote this to be one of the best blowjobs ever committed to celluloid, not only does this gal gobble an enormous, beautifully shaped penis (and, in a brilliant move on the part of the director, never showing the males face, hence allowing the viewer to substitute his own mug), but when the male ejaculates, Annie's cheeks swell up like a chipmunks, then deflate as she swallows his semen in one, big beautiful gulp. I cried for about a week after I saw this film. Gals, bear in mind that Oral Annie never used her hands while delivering a blowjob, her mouth was like a hoover vacuum, she wrapped her lips around a guys cock and never, ever let go... in all my fantasies, this was the one porn chick I'd have loved to meet in person. A frumpy Italian girl with big tits and street attitude, I loved her, she was simple and extremely suckcessful at what she did. Her real name was Andrea Parducci, and she had tricks that made her asset even more smooth. Because she could swallow a nice ten inch dick up to it's base, and then stick her tongue out and lick the balls, it was rumored that this chick would swallow a gob of Vaseline before she went down. Let me tell you, if it turns out that this is true, it would put this lady in league with Lon Chaney Sr., who was known to do very painful things to further his craft... She would perform as equally a potent blowjob on porn moron Tom Byron in the 1986 production Hard To Swallow ORDER, but disappeared from porn shortly after this. So enamored with this gals oral skills, I once almost killed my girlfriend by pushing on her head too hard during the act... she rose for air and lectured me like a nun in Catholic School would... "you better never, ever push down on my head like that again" she scowled. Yow wee. I guess it was that old case of imitating something you saw in a film, kind of like the way kids would poke out each others eyes after having watched the Three Stooges... if only Annie had an Officer Joe Bolton type to step in before her films started and warn the audience about not trying this at home...

Another lady of porn that I must give credit to is Georgina Spelvin, who many dislike because she was a bi-sexual, and who at times came off like a bull dyke. She was of course famous for The Devil In Miss Jones (1973) ORDER, the Damiano classic that approached the subject of frigidity so beautifully that the film falls outside the status of pornography. But Ms. Spelvin was what made that film work... She plays a sexually repressed female who commits suicide but is given a taste of true sexual pleasure before being bound to an eternity of sexual frustration all over again... this film was a wake-up call for women to get out of the guilt and shame and love their fucking bodies and the great things you can do with them... and Spelvin does it all, with great abloom... ass fucking, double penetration, you name it, she does it, and with very convincing excitement and sexual energy. The Hell Damiano creates was birthed of sexual frustration, created by an individual, not a religion... Anyhow, for a woman who gravitated more to girls than guys, Georgina really new how to make men get her where she needed to go, she directed them in a very feminine manner, enticing them to want her to orgasm, it was every mans pleasure to get this woman off... just check her out as the Church going do gooder who fucks two guys at once in Garage Girls (1980) ORDER, or as the poker playing mama in the classic Honeymoon Suite (1974) ORDER . Now she's a perfect example of a woman who would not be considered attractive by today's standards, but she exuded sexuality, she wore it like a mink coat, and we all stood back and admired. Since she was already an older gal by the time she got her porn career off the ground, she forfilled the fantasy of many a male who wished to be seduced by an older woman... today you have tons of tapes dedicated to old farts fucking young studs, but it will never be like it was when Georgina hit the big screens in '73...

Looks plays a very important part in the career of the porn actress, though attitude is what I deem the most important ingredient... Back in the days, these gals looked like real women, pimples and all... today, the market has been over glutted by gals who have surgically altered themselves to look like Barbi dolls, whether it be enlarging their breasts, bleaching their hair, or shaving their pussies, these girls look more like androids than flesh & blood people. But back in the seventies you had chicks like Sue Nero, who had big, sagging tits, a giant honker (nose, for you laymen), and pimples on her ass. You heard me right, pimples on the bum. I love chicks with pimples on their asses. Pimples, cesarian section scars, and various scratches and bruise's help give personality to porn stars, it suggests a life that perhaps we will never know but yet, if we did, could relate to very well. Anyhow, Sue Nero was frumpy but fascinating, a very accessible lay... what do I mean by accessible lay, I mean the type of gal you might pick up in a bar one night, or perhaps even in a park somewhere, and have a momentary hot fling with... the fling initiated by a momentary attraction that must be acted on or the moment is lost forever. I mean, put yourself in the position of just what it is that attracts you and is in turn attracted to yourself. I'm miles away from being the model male, and hence very unlikely that I would attract what would be considered today to be the model female... so I'm much more turned on by someone that would perceive me as being "turn-on-able". In the case of Sue Nero, we encounter a free spirit who uses her blubbery physique to come across as a mountain of flesh for all mankind to sink into... and many did! Sue Nero was one of the first chicks to do interracial sex scenes, it was not unusual to see her smoking two big black bananas at once, in fact a black actor friend of mine once claimed that his cousin had sex with Sue Nero... check her out in Garage Girls (1980) ORDER, one of countless films she made in a career that started in the early eighties and concluded in the late eighties. In fact, my ex-girlfriend had a pal who looked a bit like Nero, needless to say this left me with impure thoughts whenever this chick was around.

And while on the interracial subject, I must also give kudos to another scuzz queen who I long had the hots for, Ms. Lily Marlene. A tall, gorgeous blond, this chick performed some of the hottest sex scenes I've ever scene... and the interesting thing about her is that she came off so cold, perhaps even icy. But that ice quickly melted once a boy scout would stoke his log in her fire. The first time I saw this tall glass of water was in tape one of the long running Blacks & Blondes series of videos released by Western Visuals in the very early eighties...She played a horny widow who hires a stud service to help her grieve... she ends up getting the living daylights banged out of her by three very stupid looking Negroes... her work with Lawrence T. Cole was really something to see, check her out in Illusions of Ecstacy (1985) ORDER and tells me she doesn't warm the cockles of your heart. Like just about every lady in this article, Ms. Marlene was no where to be found come the 90's. All these chicks must step into the Bermuda Triangle. Another among the long list of missing in action was the incredible Rene Bond. A porn actress who's work dates back to the nudie films of Harry Novac, Ms. Bond made a name for herself in the hardcore industry as well. A luscious sex kitten that off set her innocence by performing some of the nastiest on screen sex, my first taste of her was in the incredible Do You Want To Be Loved (1975)ORDER She plays a house wife who's husband (the annoying Paul Thomas) puts business before pleasure, thus forcing his wife to find thrills elsewhere. First, she follows a fellow into a restroom. She's dressed as a male, but quickly shows off her female attributes when she blows the guy. When her and the hubby go for a weekend resort trip, she sneaks off after he hits the sack, and gets caught up in a gang bang. Imagine hubby's surprise once he wakes up... With this film, Ms. Bond singularly liberates women who are caught in the continuous circle of an un-forfilling marriage. Her random acts of sexuality are a battle cry for gals to seek for fillment at any cost, but then, on the flip side of this film was Teenage Sex Kitten (1974)ORDER which right off the bat introduces us to the sexually promiscuous Ms. Bond, but later has her suffer the fate of a martyr as her sexuality leads to her abduction at the hands of two miscreants who sexually abuse and kill her. This film, like it's more famous counterpart Joe (1970), shows what happens when unconditional sexuality explodes, resulting in the violent reactions of the sexually suppressed and "hostile to change" type individuals. Basically, the film explored the danger that one could encounter being a sexually liberated female.

On the fun lovin, easy goin end of female performers, I'd be amiss to not include Ms. Connie Peters (aka Peterson), a tall blonde with big tits, who made a name for herself appearing in such classic X rated fare as Little French Maid (1979) ORDER in which she plays a fun loving French chick who works as a maid for a wealthy pervert (Paul Thomas, dubbed in a ridicules English accent) and his butler (John Holmes). When she isn't busy servicing these two idiots, she's banging airline pilots, or any other Tom, Dick & Harry she can get her hands on... what steals the show here is Connie's amazing ability to smile and remain enthused through every sex scene, even when John Holmes foot long is shoved nicely up her ass. Most girls who have had Holmes do this usually never end up smiling, but Connie is a trooper, and seems to enjoy the work she does... She also appeared in Blow Some My Way (197?), a spoof of the film Cold Turkey, among others.

Ok folks, it's time for me to bring this article in for a landing. Before I do so, let me point out that since the porn industry has gone completely over to video (sans a few European hanger-on-ers), it has also caused the subject matter to become overtly fetishised, hence allowing now for only oversized close up's of people genitals as opposed to their facial expressions, porn these days has become something less than human. And while there are still so many actresses that I have left out of this article (Lisa Thatcher, Taija Rae, Loni Sanders to name a few), we here at Cinefear still give credence to gals currently in the field who seem to enjoy their work. Such girls as Aurora Snow, Jewel De' Nyle, Chloe and others not only enjoy sex, but go as far as to write and direct their own features, way to go, girls. Still, the golden days of porn are long gone, and unlikely to make a come back anytime too soon. Porn is like fast food these days... over produced, empty, not at all tempting, and in the long run overtly expensive, especially if it becomes a habit... Do you have a favorite porn star from the past? Would you like to add a few words about her to this article? Send in your memories, and we here at Cinefear will shift through your contributions, and post some of the best. In the meantime, thanks for reading.


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