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Cinefear Productions is looking for a few good men and women to assist in various different capacities on our future film projects. We are always on the look for enthusiastic and knowledgeable people to work on our thought provoking, message filled exploitation films. We are a small but tightnit group who are always in need of extra personal as our productions and dreams increase dramatically. Anyone who has ever worked with Cinefear in the past can attest to just what a great time we really do have as we may really be the last example of true grassroots filmmaking left in this country. Here's what we need:

As often goes with low (and in our case NO) budget filmmaking, the Producer, Writer & Director (usually myself) is left to do the lighting, camera, sound and whatever else is involved to get the project done. I'd really rather not be bothered. Besides, my films will look better if I don't. Therefore anyone who has shot Super 8mm and 16mm (our formats of choice) or even better yet has their own equipment is always a welcome person to hear from. I'm also interested in folks who have experience with and access to video (any and all formats).

With every new film comes different parts, and I am tired of being criticized for the same faces showing up in all my films, so let me add you to the repertoire. I must add that acting for Cinefear has its rough moments. You should not fear being splashed with gore and grue and nudity is usually though not always a requirement. The benefit of doing nude scenes is that you will always be paid for that scene on that very day (scrawl down below for more on this). If you are one of the hundreds of showgirls (aka topless dancers) experiencing the squeeze of the Guliani administration, here's a great opportunity for work. Don't fear, we are not pornographers, at least not yet.

Getting a piece of the pie at Cinefear is not difficult (although I'm still waiting for my slice). You will notice on ebay people selling shares and scripts and wanting people to bid hundreds of thousands of dollars to get involved. You would have to be an idiot to do this not knowing these folks. At Cinefear a $5.00 investment is treated like gold and I'm not kidding. You can get a sack of White Castle to feed your cast (as you can see we are a high class operation). These films are made by working class people with working class income, so invest your spare change wise, help Cinefear defy the odds or at least treat us to a hamburger!

30 to 40 year old boys who live at home and off mommy and daddy and call themselves bohemians. Horror movie fans who want to sit in a basement and watch and talk about Horror films day in and day out! There is no longer any thing to say regarding Horror films. If you want to make them, lets go, if you want to talk about them, I'll give you the names and addresses of all my past partners and you can die the death of fandom up in their rooms or down in their dungeons. People come to me with the best intentions and the hard work and at times disappointing lack of recognition of our work can wear people down, if you are not a fighter you need not apply.

Nothing really! If you always wanted to make subversive cinema and have a blast doing it, here's the opportunity. It's great for a resume and just being able to join forces with fellow believers. If any project we do gets major distribution and we make money you make money. If we turn a little profit with our own distribution, you also turn a little profit. If we fall on our ass, you fall also. We only pay for nude scenes and rate is determined by length and requirements of said scene.

The director at work


Or send a resume or note to:
PO BOX 1742

I will contact you depending on my requirements for any given project that I am currently working on.
I really look forward to hearing from any serious party.

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