For those of you unfamiliar, Paul Richichi is The Proverbial Pimp. Mr. Richichi has been writing a "Stream of Consciousness" column in the Exploitation Journal since our inception in 1987. A modern day equivalent to Christ (or Buddha, Mohammed, Noah, take your choice) Paul Richichi is both your best friend and worst enemy. When people meet him they like him yet still they remain frightened of him. This is for one reason only, he is 100% pure truth, and there is nothing scarier than that! Every few months I will post new words and thoughts by this extraordinary gentleman on this site. They will not be re-prints from the Journal, they are specifically written for this site. He will also continue to write for the Journal. If you are not familiar, then by all means get so...

"To be or not to be" - Shakespeare
"To be and yet be not" - Unknown

My DNA wasn't designed for damsels of distress, or divas of dull.

Women don't want men who want, they want men who need

Harboring anger causes sickness.

Get it out
Get it over
Get it healthy

Love is
Loving isn't

Love should not be given randomly, it's to expensive.

When all else fails, even the kitchen sink has collapsed & crumbled, learn the fine art of dismissal.

Death is the real show, this is just a commercial.

What makes an American sad, makes a terrorist glad...

Religious people don't have religions, and religions don't have religious people.

You asking "Where's God" is like the fish asking "Where's the ocean".

Immortality is being of time, not in time.

The only God you are ever gonna see is in everything you're ever gonna see.

Hate me if you must, just don't annoy me.

Immunity lies within being total with the all and the everything, not separation.

I don't believe in growin up, just growin.

You college brats are in fun cause it's in fashion, not young.


  1. Facing yourself with acceptance is the hardest thing you'll ever have to do.
  2. Witness your life, witness your death, know your neither, be the watcher on the hill.
  3. If the rumors of the future are correct, I'll just tighten up this rope around my neck.
  4. The only thing stopping you from being immortal is thinking your not.
  5. You are the closest star.
  6. Complete success means being entirely one and not the other.
  7. Your essence is free of any ancestry.
  8. You haven't done anything until you've learned the "Art of Nothing".
  9. God doesn't do anything, however, whatever is done is God.
  10. Saying nothing about the ultimate is the only way to explain it.
  11. The parent/child set-up sucks, the parents love must be unconditional while the child's love can be optional.
  12. The simplest way to attain perfection is to realize it.
  13. She may not be the Devil, but I'm sure she knows his name.
  14. Pity the petty.
  15. Freedom allows love, but love doesn't allow freedom.
  16. Married women have kids
    Single women have careers
    Married men have projects
    Single men have fun
  17. Women bear life on the one hand and suppress it on the other.
  18. I'd rather live on the cross than live in your world.
  19. Your computer and your fax phone KLOSX may be of the future, however, your awareness and your attitude are light years behind the age you call stone.
  20. Bullshit is the grease that keeps the wheels of communication turning.
  21. www.xcon.babes.com. The last resort of the truly desperate.
  22. Permanently occupied with a vacancy.
  23. For those of you who aren't centered or focused, fear not, work is always up for sale.

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