And for those of you who want to order by mail, I have posted an order form for you to make a copy of and fill out, which you can mail directly to me, with payment by check or money order. It is really very simple and well worth the 5 minutes it will take to place your order. Please feel free to email .Thank you.


Using the SHOPPING CART is fast and easy!

  1. Click "order" for any item you want to purchase.
  2. Continue shopping, or check out.
  3. Fill out your shipping address and shipping information (quantity, type, etc.).
  4. Choose method of payment. Choose "mailing payment" if your ordering through the mail option or "On Account" if your using your credit card to pay through Square.
  5. Mail your check/money order payment to the address below, or follow links to pay with Square using your credit card or Google Pay.

When you use the shopping cart, you'll receive a receipt by email, along with an order number. I also receive a pre-order listing so I know what movies you want. I will not fill this order until payment is received.

If you order online and choose to pay by check, payment must be received within ten days of the order or your request will be immediately deleted. No exceptions.

Or to do things the old-fashioned way, you can print this ORDER FORM and fill it out by hand. Email me for the address to send payment to.

Make out all checks/money orders to:

Keith J. Crocker

Email me at keithjc@cinefear.com for the address to mail payments.

Please include $4.50 for postage, shipping, and handling for orders of 1-3 tapes. Large orders (four tapes or more) should add $1.50 for each additional tape. Orders will be shipped in ten days or less from the date we recieve your order. All mailings are first class post office delivered. Foreign orders: $10 postage for the first tape, $5 each additional tape. Any questions? Please feel free to email .

Personal checks: please allow five working days to clear. NOTE: All checks and money orders not made out to the above name and address will be immediately returned. No exceptions. All titles are known or believed to be in the public domain. If we are wrong about the copyright on any of these titles please be sure to email us and we will immediately desist. No rights are given or implied. The charges for these tapes are incurred in their reproduction and are done so on request of the buyer.

Return policies: You can only return a video or DVD-R if the product is defective (ie... arrives cracked, broken or severly scratched. US Residents have 30 days to return defective product from date of purchase, Canada, Europe and Asia have 60 days). You are then entitled to a replacement copy of the same title only. We will not accept returns on product because you don't like the film, didn't like the quality (we make very specific notes about master quality, however, if you don't see any comments and have questions about a title, please Email me and ask before you order). Now, DVD-R's can be very tricky, playing in some machines, but not playing in others. If you're not sure that your DVD machine can handle DVD-R's, then you must find this out. I will not accept returns based on "It will not play in my machine". Make sure your DVD player can play DVD-R's. We use high grade DVD-R. We hold tight to these return policies, follow instructions carefully and there should be no reason for returns.

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