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DAY OF THE ANIMALS (1977) Girds take on nature gone berserk has the ozone layer eaten away by pollutants, which in turn effects wildlife in the mountains in a very unsavory manor. Watch Leslie Nielsen overact in a manner you've never quite seen before. One of Girdlers best. ORDER

GRIZZLY (1976): Very well done. A Bill Girdler feature that has the balls to show a bear mauling a young child, taboo in this day and age. I wish I could get a hold of this bear and put him to work on a couple of neighborhood kids I know who could use some discipline. The ridiculous Chrisopher George stars as a local sheriff who must deal with the local wildlife problem. Rare and out of print on VHS in this country. |ORDER|

PANIC CITY (1975 Aka The Zebra Killer) Keith Crocker's personal favorite Girdler film. Pyscho in blackface terrorises folks in the South. Has to be seen to be belived. This may very well be Girdlers best made picture. The politically correct amoungst you will hate it! ORDER

THREE ON A MEATHOOK (1973) Girdlers take on the Ed Gien murders. The title is better than the flick, but this is still a nifty little gore picture just the same. Special effects by Pat Paterson, who gave the world the incredible DR. GORE. Check it out! ORDER

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