All titles on this page are among our rarest and most popular, the bulk being directly transferred to tape by us. They feature box art from original press books. Each title is $20. Order three and get the fourth tape for free.

ABC FALL PREVIEWS/ BULLWINKLE SHOW (Aired on ABC 1974/ Aired on ABC 1960) Transferred directly off 16mm by Cinefear, here is a really interesting Fall Preview from ABC promoting the various tv shows, sports programming, animated specials, rock music programs, news programs, and movie premiers for the 1974 season. This is an amazing time capsul for you fans of vintage tv programming. Features clips from The Brady Bunch, Partridge Family, The Odd Couple and countless other programming. Features some clips from movies being premiered on tv such as The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. And to make this package even nicer, we've included an episode of the Bullwinkle cartoon show, featuring Rocky and Bullwinkle and Boris and Natasha. But what really makes this interesting is it features all the original commercials from it's 1960 airing. No where will you see it presented in it's original form as you will right here. And you get all of this for a very reasonable $10.00. You can't beat that! Dig in... ORDER

ARTHUR? ARTHUR!(1969) Here is an ultra rarity and a film that never had a theatrical release. Donald Pleasence plays Aurthur, an oddball inventor who is constantly nitpicked by his shrewish and very rich wife (Tammy Grimes). But he has an alternate identity as a swinger and hustler which allows him to hit back at the very society that mocks him. He meets his match in Shelley Winters who plays an antique dealer who blackmails him. This is really an oddball comedy set in swinging London that makes for fun watch if little else. The site of Pleasence and Winters in bed together is a sight to behold. Fantastic supporting cast includes Terry Thomas, Michael Bates and Oliver Tobias. Uncut, R rated 16mm print transferred directly by us here at Cinefear! |ORDER|

A BLACK VEIL FOR LISA (1968): Transferred off our own lovely 16 mm print this interesting early giallo contains enough plot twists to please die hard mystery fans and enough sleaze to please the perverts. Cops distrust of his ex-prostitute wife drives her into the arms of a would be assassin, and thats just the beginning. |ORDER|

ASTRO ZOMBIES (1968) Nice, uncut 16mm transfer of the Ted V. Mikels classic involving John Carradine creating a race of space men (?) who run around tearing internal organs out of pretty girls. Tura Satanna is on hand sporting her best friends in grand fashion. With a drunken Wendel Corey and a rediculas Rafael Campos. ORDER

BEAST OF BLOOD (1970): This is the uncut 3rd "Blood Island" film aka BEAST OF THE DEAD. With John Ashley and Celeste (VELVET VAMPIRE) Yamell. Ghastly goings on on Blood Island with the hideous chlorophyl man looking to reunite his severed head with its estranged body. Lots of fun and off a nice 16mm. |ORDER|

BEAST OF BUDAPEST (1957) Here's a classic piece of cold war cinema, this flick uses actual footage of the Hungarian uprising against the communists and also intercuts a Hollywood shot story involving a brutal Russian trying to surpress the uprising while love between two people proves stronger than Soviet aggression. Super cool cast includes John Hoyt, Robert Blake and Joe Turkel, who bears an uncanny resemblence to Lou Reed during his Velvet Underground days. Lots of drama, violence, and hammy acting. Off my 16mm original print. ORDER

BLUEBEARD'S TEN HONEYMOONS (1960): The always fun George Sanders stars as Landru, the French wife killer, in this contemporary update, directed by Billy Wilder's handicapped brother Lee Wilder, who proved that connections have privilege. This is a nice 16mm print transfer of what is actually a very entertaining film, with some clever murders and the incredible Sanders, who brought class to just about every film he was ever in. |ORDER|

BULLET FOR A DEAD MAN (1969)This is a four reel 400 ft Super 8mm abridgement of the Alberto Mariscal down beat western Todo por nada (1969). Of interest it can be found on Spanish language DVD's with no English subtitles. But this was a dubbed international print complete with English credits so we've to transfer it and offer it through Cinefear as it seems quite rare in an English dub. Mariscal was a surrealist who made a series of extremely bleak westerns that I find fascinating. This is another of his "revenge for rape/murder" family films. It stars the Almada brothers, Mario and Fernando. This version was offered by Derann Films in England. |ORDER|

CASTLE FILM DIGEST SERIES - Just in time for Halloween, here is those beloved 16mm sound digests of classic horror cinema from the 30's, 40's and 50's. I'm offering four compilations of Castle Film Digests. Pick two per tape:




#4 THE HUMOR IN HORROR: Includes the 8 to 12 minute editions of ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN (1948), A & C MEET DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE (1952), A & C MEET THE MUMMY (1955) and the Three Stooges short THE GHOST TALKS (1949). |ORDER|

THE CINEFEAR SAMPLER (1987-90) Ok ladies and gents, you've asked for it, and now you've got it. Here is a collection of short horror films done by the Cinefear boys, the films survived, but a lot of the folks who made them were excuted in an expulsion of traitors and liers done to help purify Cinefear. Now what remains are some fantastic memories and some super cool shorts. Some of the titles include DeSade '88, Thanksgiving Day, One Grave Too Many and A Zombies Tale along with many others. All this stuff was shot on film as well. Runs about an hour so the price is $15.00. ORDER

THE CONQUEROR WORM (1968): Director Michael Reeves' cut with original music. Uncut, and loads of fun. |ORDER|

CURSE OF THE LIVING CORPSE (1963): Ok loyal video fans, here is a crisp, B/W transfer of the classic Del Tenney slaughterfest. Totally uncut, and long out of circulation ion the world of video, this film was Roy Scheider's first feature. A whacky father, who is buried alive by his scheming family, returns to wreck violent havoc against those who wronged him. Very violent for the time, plus a glimpse of teasy nakedness. |ORDER|

DER HEXENTOETER VON BLACKMOOR (1970): GERMAN LANGUAGE version of NIGHT OF THE BLOOD MONSTER. This is the gory, sexy version of the famous witch hunting film with Christopher Lee. Directed by Jess Franco. Letter boxed and featuring all the torture chamber fun and more nudity than you can shake a stick at. Off a nice German master tape. |ORDER|

DESTINATION INNER SPACE (1966): Scott Brady runs an undersea lab and faces an ugly, green alien monster. Lots of fun from Arthur Pierce! |ORDER|

DEVIL'S ANGELS (1967): John Cassevetes stars in this violent follow-up to THE WILD ANGELS. Directed by Daniel Haller. Off a lovely British master. Biker gang has a run in with a small town sheriff. " There god is violence... and like rabid dogs, lust is the law they live by! |ORDER|

EL CONDE DRACULA (1970): Here is the Spanish language version of the Franco classic, edited by the idiotic Bruno Mattei to a bearable 86 minutes. Believe it or not, this editing helps keep the film at a faster pace, focusing instead on the films best assets. From a sharp color 16mm print I acquired from Spain, this would make a nice gift to give to the owners of your favorite taco place. |ORDER|

THE FAKERS (1969) Here is the film also known as Hells Bloody Devils only this is the original version before the biker footage was added. The FBI is trying to stop a Nazi war criminal from commiting acts of terror in the good old USA. Kent Taylor is the Nazi, Broderick Crawford is the FBI. Fun in a dated sort of way, regardless, Al Adamson was always a miss or hit director and Sam sherman should still be beaten unmercifully just for being Sam Sherman. This is a rare, though somewhat fadded print. ORDER

FRAULIN DOKTOR (1968): Transferred directly off a nice adapted scope uncut 16 mm print, never ever available on video, this morbid spy flick features Suzy Kendall as a W.W.I Mata Hari. Espionage, lesbianism, and the sickest trench warfare scene ever make this a must. |ORDER|

FURY OF THE APACHES (1964) Here is another 16mm transfer complete from our personal collection. Also of interest, this film never had a legal release on both video or DVD in the U.S.A. Directed by José María Elorrieta, who gave us Curse of the Vampire (also available on Cinefear), this is a relentless Euro western starring Frank Latimore as a dishonorably discharged army officer who watches over a fort in the middle of nowhere. In comes the very judge who condemmed him for killing a man (that the judge had hired to kill Latimore in the first place). The judge is going to marry a girl who's brother just killed an Apache in cold blood, hence bringing down the whole trip against this small group of people trapped in the fort. Will they escape the onslaught!!! This film has that same tense feeling created by movies such as Assault on Precinct 13 and Night of the Living Dead. Cast includes Liz Moreno, Aldo Sambrell, Nuria Torray and Jesús Puente. ORDER

THE GOOD LIFE (Aired on NBC 9/18/71 - 1/8/72) Ok folks, straight off 16mm to your home tv, here is four episodes of the extremely rare series that was supposed to be Larry Hagman's follow up to I Dream of Jeannie. Larry Hagman and Donna Mills play a husband and wife team who try to get into a life of money and adventure by becoming butler and cook to wealthy businessman (David Wayne), his constantly complaining sister (Hermione Baddeley) and his son (Danny Goldman). The four episodes we have are as follows: The Vacation aired 10/16/71, Dutton's Retirement aired 11/6/71, A Tremendous Sense of Layalty aired 12/4/71 and Dial M for Merger aired 1/8/72.  You'll get all for episodes for $20.00. And you can't beat that. These are very rare, honestly, check YouTube, they have one episode and it's in spanish, and it isn't any of these episodes. ORDER

GOLIATH AND THE DRAGON (1960): For all you Hercules fans out there, here is a real treat from my 16mm collection. In this tale, Hercules is called Goliath, and he battles the hateful Broderick Crawford, who plays a fat, drunk (?), toga wearing emperor who gets off crushing innocent folks heads under elephant feet! If that isn't bad enough, Goliath must fight a dragon, a three headed dog, a giant bat, a wind Goddess (aren't all Woman full of wind?), and all sorts of other adventures. From my adapted scope print, complete with English subtitles for the deaf (my Fraulein Doktor print also has these subtitles). For fans of the Italian muscle man flicks. |ORDER|

THE HAND (1962): British soldiers who had their right hand hacked off for refusing to give info to the Japanese start turning up dead in contemporary London. This is an odd British thriller very similar to the German made Edgar Wallace films of the time, right down to a really inappropriate jazz score. off 16mm. |ORDER|

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY... LOVE, GEORGE (1974): Darren McGavin directed this interesting soap opera/ horror flick that has Opie (Ron Howard) coming to a sleepy New England town to find out who his real father was (no, this story was not written by Cinefear's own Larry Koster). Unfortunately, a local Psycho just happens to be dicing up the populace at the same time. Poor Opie! Cast also features Bobby Darren as an ugly little runt, Cloris Leachman as Opie's white trash mom, Patricia Neal and her cute daughter Tessa Dahl, and Simon (Night Stalker) Oakland as an annoying sheriff. Off a nice color 16mm print. Who loves ya! |ORDER|

THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN (1922) A silent classic, adapted from the story by Washington Irving. Will Rodgers plays Icabod Crane. Fun film, quite rare, featuring some truly effective and spooky scenes offset nicely with Rodgers fantastic comedic actions. Transferred off 8mm. ORDER

MAN CALLED GRINGO (1965) Now here is really a treat. This is a transfer off our 16mm print of an ultra rare German western directed by the American Roy Rowland. It stars Götz George (who performs all his own stunts) as a gunslinger who comes into a town dominated by gangsters. He decides to help the town regain their independence, plus help one of the locals find their son, who had been given away at birth. Ultimately, a young man called Gringo (Daniel Martin) who is initially on the side of the bad guys, learns the error of his ways and joins the gunslinger against the baddies. Loaded with shoot outs and all sorts of horse and gun play, this is one of the most sought after Euro westerns around, and especially difficult to find dubbed in English. Others in the cast include Helmut Schmidt, Silvia Solar and Alexandra Stewart. Get yours here first! ORDER

MAN WITHOUT A BODY (1957): The head of Nostradamus is brought back to life and transferred on to another body. Campy sci-fi thrills with George Coulouris and Robert Hutton. 50's sci-fi fun off a crisp 16mm print. |ORDER|

MANHUNTER (Aired on CBS 74/75 Season) Here I have seven episodes of the famed but very rare TV series called Manhunter starring Ken Howard as a WWI hero who becomes a bounty hunter during the roaring 20's. Six episodes were transferred personally by me off of 16mm film prints. The episodes are as follows: The Baby-Faced Killers (9/20/74), Death On The Run (10/2/74), The Trunk Murders (11/6/74 - episode written by Robert Bloch), Flight to Nowhere (12/18/74, alternate source, not 16mm) Man in a Cage (1/22/75), To Kill A Tiger (2/26/75) Trial by Terror (3/5/75). These are all I have for now, each episode runs about 50 minutes, plus you get a bonus 50 second TV preview announcing the series. All this for $35 Bucks, you can't beat it! |ORDER|

MASTER OF HORROR (1960): Excellent Poe anthology from Argentina. This is the full, uncut version that features the "Tell Tale Heart" segment that was removed from the American prints. Directed by Enrique Carreras. In english and edited together from two different sources. The other two tales are "The Case of M. Valdemar" and Cask of the Amontillado" and is much more effective and seriously played than Corman's Tales of Terror. |ORDER|

NAKED PEACOCK (1975) Ok folks, this is a true Cinefear exclusive, there are no other copies of this documentary available, anywhere. This comes off my 35mm print, transferred and color corrected by Cinefear. What we have here is a very late in the game nudist film, however unlike the nudists films of the 60's, this film is a complete and serious study of nudist colonies and their importance on society. Made during the hippie era, this film shows the liberating effects of being a nudist in the early 70's, and instead of watching folks play nude volley ball we now see nudes undergoing a stress relief therapy where by they are tickled by several other nudist using bird feathers (!?!) We also get an in the raw folk singer session (!?!) and tons of babble from the participants explaining there reasons for going nude and how it's improved their lives. We also get a "Miss Nude Canada" contest and enough naked flesh to make you wish you were on a diet. And in fact you'll also wish some of the people appearing in this film were on a diet. You may be tempted to ask them to put their cloths back on. Folks, this film lets it all hang out, 70's style. Be the first on your block.... |ORDER|

NIGHT OF THE BLOOD MONSTER (1972): American version of the notorious Franco witch hunting epic, and after AIP got through cutting it played more like a historical drama.We at Cinefear have done the right thing and added the exploitive German scenes at the end of the tape. As reviewed in Video Watchdog and Psychotronic magazines. Transferred off a fine 16mm print. |ORDER|

PLANET OF BLOOD (1966): Here's one of the best gifts I can give you folks. This gorgeous color 16mm print of a super rare Curtis Harrington Sci-fi masterpiece. A real precursor to Alien (1980), this Psychedelic sixties flick features a bunch of astronauts (a cast including Basile Rathbone, John Saxon and Dennis Hopper) who answer a distress call from a freaky looking vampire who crash landed on Mars. A very slow start, with a super satisfying conclusion. Wild "out of space" colors keep this flick interesting. Nice film to drop acid to. |ORDER|

PULGASARI (1985): Terrific "man in rubber suit" monster flick made by the Koreans and telling a tale of poor peasant farmers being tormented by the government of mediaeval Asia. An angry grandfather brings ot life a Golem of sorts who eats metals and grows in accordance with his consumption. Soon, he grows Godzilla-sized and, after vanquishing the enemy, proves to be a burden to his creators. Lots of fun. Letterboxed and subtitled. |ORDER|

RASPUTIN - THE HOLY DEVIL (1928) Very interesting and ultra rare German version of the Rasputin story which features Nicolai Malikoff as one of the most convincing Rasputins ever committed to screen. Supporting cast includes Max Nosferatu Schreck. Classic silent film with English title cards. Very rare and transferred off 8mm. ORDER

60 SECONDS OF THRILLS AND CHILLS (1950-60-70's) Here is a collection of Television and theatrical trailers for Drive-in swill from the 50's all the way to the mid 70's. From She Gods of Shark Reef to 1,000 Convicts And A Woman to Poor White Trash Part II, this is a fantastic collection of low grade thrills that will blast your blues away. From our personal 16mm collection. ORDER

SHOCK TREATMENT (1964): Pipe salesman Roddy McDowall decapitates his rich employer with garden shears. Scumbag psychiatrist Lauren Bacall tries to use Roddy to find out where the rich old farts money was kept. Add drunken Stuart Whitman as an actor hired by an interested party to find out the same info, and you have Hollywood ham heaven. Strange, lost film that seems to have alluded release, here is a Cinefear 16mm transfer to keep you happy! |ORDER|

SPIRITISM (1961): Classic piece of Mexican horror cinema, essentially their version of the classic short story The Monkey's Paw. A family asks Satan to help out with their mortgage. Unfortunately, it takes the death of their son to bring the needed cash. Then, they get the brilliant idea to ask for their son back. Care to guess what he looks like when he returns from the grave? Cool, atmospheric film, complete with a silly seance and a severed hand crawling around. |ORDER|

TORTURE CHAMBER OF DR. SADISM (1967): Here is a brilliant piece of sixties cinema from Germany, directed by the brilliant Harald Reinl, a true visionary. Christopher Lee plays a scumbag count executed for the murder of 11 virgins. But it takes 12 to complete his life elixer, hence he returns to finish the job. Nice color flick in adapted scope, get it here or miss the boat! |ORDER|

WRESTLING WOMEN VS. THE AZTEC MUMMY (1964): Crazy Rene Cardona flick which has a bunch of bull dykes kicking the ass of the ragged looking Aztec Mummy. The also get to kick the shit out of some idiotic Fu Manchu type who commits crimes in impoverished Mexico (?) Lorena Valazquez stars amongst a cast of many. Off a crisp 16mm print, and featuring the original soundtrack, not the silly Rock & Roll soundtrack Rhino put on it when they released the long out of print version in the mid eighties. |ORDER|

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