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BARE KNUCKLES (1977) Directed by Don "Ilsa" Edmonds, this excellent combo of action/slasher film will leave you breathless. A bounty hunter in Los Angeles sets out to track down and stop a masked serial killer who murders women by using kung-fu moves. Robert Viharo makes for a fantastic private eye and plays perfectly with psychsexual stalker Michael Heit. This film features some fantastic action sequences that really give breathtaking scope to this low budget quicky. The rest of the cast is fantastic as well, featuring Karen Kondazian, Gloria Hendry, Sherry Jackson. Don't let this one slip by. |ORDER|

THE COLD (1984 - Aka The Game) Directed by the usually inept Bill Rebane, this is actually one of his better films. Three millionaires gather nine people in an old mansion and give them a proposition: If they can conquer their biggest fears, they will get one million dollars in cash. Needless to say, some of the fears are bigger than money itself. The type opf fare you'd expect from a mid 80's horror flick, only it's Rebane and he has a down home flair all his own. Buy the premise, buy the flick. |ORDER|

KILL OR BE KILLED (1976 - Aka Karate Killer) which features an embittered ex-Nazi and his Dwarf side kick (?) getting back at their ex axis Japanese friend who's martial arts team beat their martial arts team during the war. The crazy Kraut enlists a group of men whom he turns into fierce fighters. One of the fighters (James Ryan) decides he wants out of this madness and does so by kicking everyone's ass, both one at a time and in groups. Watching South African films is like having a fever. They are delirious, but I can't quite pin point why. You'll know what I mean once you buy it and watch it! |ORDER|

KILL AND KILL AGAIN (1981) Again, star James Ryan repeats his role from the first film. In this film he fights a super genius madman who has kidnapped a scientist who is being forced to create a race of super martial arts fighters that are going to kick the earths ass!!! More South African made madness that demands to be seen. |ORDER|

ORLAK, THE HELL OF FRANKENSTEIN (1960) Finally available with English subtitles! Directed by the prolific Rafael Baledon, this is a terrific twist on the Frankenstein story in which a man in prison for murder coerces the imprisoned Dr. Frankenstein to create a monster that looks just like him so he can be in two places at one time. This allows the monster to get revenge on people who crossed him. Great, moody B/W photography, this is truly from the golden age of Merxican horror cinema. Featuring the incredible Joaquin Cordero as both the bad guy and his monster double and Armando Calvo as the detective trying to pin him down for the murders. Andrés Soler plays Dr. Frankenstein. This is a must! ORDER











THE DEATH ILLUSION: MURDER, CINEMA & THE MYTH OF SNUFF (2015 BBC) This is a short but interesting documentary on snuff films. While mostly an interview with author David Kerekes (who wrote Killing For Culture and is here promoting a new edition of the book) it also covers Mondo movies, death footage, fake snuff films, and the recent ISIS videos of death and dismemberment. Focuses a bit on the obession of current media to dwell in real death coverage. Interesting. ORDER

ENTERTAINMENT THIS WEEK PRESENTS 1966 (1986) Here is a TV documentary featuring Leeza Gibbons celebrating the 20th anniversary of the year 1966, focusing on the events of that crucial year, including music, movies, politics and the major movers and shakers. Contains lots of rare footage of newsreels and photographs detailing the events that happened. If your a Beatles fan, you are going to love the attention they afford the super group. Now, this ius ultra rare, you are not going to find it on YouTube. The quality is soft picture/audio wise, it came off a VHS dupe, but you are not going to find this anywhere else. So dig in! ORDER

NAKED AND CRUEL (1984) This is a very late in the game mondo film that is actually quite tame in comparison with some of the earlier films of this sort. That said, you get footage of a sex change operation, a dildo festival, cock wrestling, topless dancers, an idiot eaten by an alligator, tribesman with penis that look like they belong on an elephant. Yes folks, thius is great holiday time or family reunion fun. Directed by Bitto Albertini (as Albert Thomas). Don't ya just love it! ORDER

HEAVY METAL BRITTANIA (2010 BBC) This is an interesting documentary that traces the roots and origins of British Heavy Metal music. We get some very interesting archival footage of groups such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Led Zepplin, Motorhead, Uriah Heep, etc.. plus more recent examples of British metal are featured to show the hrowth over the years. Interview footage includes Ian Gillan, Tony Iommi, Lemmy, John Lord, Budgie, and many more! ORDER

IT'S IN THE CLOSET, IT'S UNDER THE BED! (1984) Made for TV documentary narrated by Edward Mulhare about mythology and horror dawning from literature to movies. Starting with classic folk tales and legends, we zoom into the 20th century with footage from all sorts of horror films including silent classics to films like Return of the Living Dead (which actually had not been released at this time). In fact there is behind the scenes footage from Return of the Living Dead and Ghoulies which is very unique. ORDER

WITCHES, WARLOCKS AND WIZARDS (1984) Another made for TV documentary hosted by Jonathan Harris following the history of supernatural beings from mythology to film. Harris is his usual flamboyant self. We learn the history of witchcraft and we watch it translate into 20th century pop culture. Clips from all sorts of horror movies bare out the importance of witches and witchcraft on the public conscience. ORDER

WOJTEK: THE BEAR THAT WENT TO WAR(2011) Polish documentary about a 500lb military bear who fought in World War Two alongside a band of Polish soldiers.He also shared their beer and cigarettes - ultimately fighting along the side the Poles in an effort to recapture Italy.. This bear gives whole new meanings to the terms immigrant, patriot, and human being. You must see this to believe it. In Polish with English subtitles. Do yourself a favor and see this film. And by the way, the version on YouTube doesn't have English subs. Sorry Charlie. ORDER

TALES OF TIMES SQUARE (2006) Documentary based on the book about Times Square by Josh Alan Friedman. Tales of Times Square combines 16 mm footage and grainy Super 8, as well as original 35mm photography by Porn Star Annie Sprinkle, to paint a vivid picture of Times Square's seedy past, the sex industries that thrived there, and those threatened with extinction by a movement to 'sanitize the square.' If you liked the old 42nd St, than why not relive memories with this interesting slice of history. ORDER











ED WOOD'S 8MM PORN LOOPS (1973/74) How many of you know that the legendary Ed Wood Jr. the man who gave us Plan 9 From Outer Space, also directed 8mm porno loops? Did you know that he directed the first series of films offered by Swedish Erotica in the 1973/74 years? Did you know that we put together as many of these as we could find, and are now offering the 8mm Porno Films of Ed Wood. With titles such as Girl on a Bike, Behind the Ate Ball, The Virgin Next Door and Western Lust, you better believe some "Wood-isms" are going to show themselves in these charming little films. And the added bonus to this is that a few of these short films feature the King of Porn himself, that's right, the incredible John C. Holmes. In the whole of your lives have you ever imagined John Holmes and Ed Wood working together? The two super freaks of sexual indulgence working together to bring you salacious sexual thrills. And who brought this compilation to you!? The incredible Cinefear Video, that's who! ORDER

ED'S WOOD VOLUME II (1973-75) Get your Wood on! Because one was just not enough! Here is our second volume of long lost Ed Wood 8mm loops. Included for your viewing pleasure are Park Lovers, Morning Walk (perhaps the most Wood like of them all, and a must to see), Big John 1&2 (featuring the incredible John Holmes), 15" Commercial, Wives at Play, Two Hot To Handle, 69 Park St, Camper Girls, Garter Girls. Over 90 minutes of Wood at his most delirious and jaw dropping. Despite the fact that Wood was at his most alchoholic period in his life, these porn loops are perhaps his most original material. It seems that Ed toiled in this field for so long that he literally laid down the template to how these films were made. Only now is he getting the credit he richly deserved. ORDER

FREAKY FREDDIE'S FREAK LOOPS PART II (1970's) You asked for it, you got it! Another collection of very, very unusual adult film loops featuring odd and lurid subject matters that often make these films far from arrousing. This time out, we've got titles like Nazi Interrogation, Tampon Rapist, Snuff (a hysterical fake Snuff film featuring that idiot Ron Hudd), Jaws (women with fake blood in their mouths biting a cock) and various other freak show nonesense. Other titles include Hot Dog, horror themed films like Vampiure Orgy (a guy gets head from a skull) and Vampire Lovers. And a bunch of Tranny sex loops featuring such tranny faves as Sulka, Margo and Nikko starring with classic adult actresses such as Sharon Mitchell, Loni Sanders among others. Over two hours of freak show madness. Watch this with a blind fold on your head. You wont believe your eyes. ORDER

GRANDPA'S STASH (1950/60's) Here's our latest compilation of vintage 8mm loops. All of these films were shot in the 1950's & 60's, this was the type of material your grandparents were getting off on. Prior to the porn loop coming to popularity in the early 70's, these were films you had to order through the mail and are some of the earliest recorded hardcore depictions of sex. Titles on this compilation include Caught in the Act, Delivery Boy, On The Rug, Sleepy, The Atic, The Ironing Board, The Model, Three Way Ride, Through the Keyhole and more!  ORDER








DAVID CASSIDY- MAN UNDERCOVER (Aired on NBC 1978/79) Ok folks, we have all ten episodes of the short lived David Cassidy series Man Undercover. Cassidy plays a married detective by the name of Dan Shay, who due to his youthful appearence is sent to infiltrate the LA youth scene, posing as a target for drug dealers, white slavers, and any other group of bad guys preying off the youth of America. At home his wife and daughter comfort him. In the office he's hounded by tough police chief Sgt. Abrams (Simon Oakland). You get two discs with five episodes each. Hence the total is $25.00 for the set. ORDER

THE DAVID CASSIDY STORY (Aired on NBC 1/7/2000) And to follow up your Man Undercover purchase, pick up the story of David Cassidy's life. This TV docu drama tells the story of David Cassidy and his troubled relationship with his alcoholic father Jack Cassidy. The show of course features all the highlights and downfalls in David's career. Andrew Kavovit plays David Cassidy, with Malcolm McDowell playing Jack Cassidy. Like all TV dramas, not 100% accurate but a fun time passer. Buy the premise, buy the flick. ORDER

DEADLY GAME (Aired on USA network 7/10/91) 7 people from all different walks of life are brought together on a strange island with the promise of winning a large sum of cash. It is soon discovered that they are all being hunted by a "Phantom of the Opera" inspired psycho who has been done wrong by each and every one of them. This is an odd but very fun TV movie that is surprisingly violent for TV fare. Not only is it part "The Most Dangerous Game", but it also conjures up images from "Phantom of the Opera", which was a very popular Broadway play during the time of the making of this film. An excellent cast helps keep this all very interesting, Roddy McDowall, Micael Beck, Jenny Seagrove, Mark Singer. ORDER

FANTASIES (Aired on ABC 1/18/82) Suzanne Pleshette Plays a TV writer who is currently penning a hot night time soap opera. A seriel killer has decided to kill off her cast and put her show in re-runs. However, a detective (Barry Newman) wants to catch the criminal so the show can resume. The shows producer (Robert Vaughn) wants to take the show off the air. Will the killer win by scaring everyone off, or will the bad guy be caught in the nick of time!? For me to know, for you to find out! With Patrick O' Neal, Barry Corbin and Robin Mattson. ORDER

MATINEE THEATER- THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER (Aired on NBC 8/6/56)This 50 minute adaptation of Poe's story is interesting only because some of the images would later be recreated by Roger Corman in his film of five years later. This version, which is in color, features fine performances from Tom Tryon, Marshall Thompson and Eduardo Ciannelli. Tryon plays Usher while Thompson plays his visiting friend. Ciannelli is great as the town doctor. Worth it to see for it's obvious influence on Corman. ORDER

MEN OF THE DRAGON (Aired on ABC 5/20/74) This is a fun attempt to gain the martial arts crowd by appealing to them via a TV movie. A white slave mob boss (Joseph Wiseman) kidnaps the sister (Katie Saylor) of a martial arts expert (Jared Martin). Martin enlists a pal (Robert Ito) and the two plus the sister open up a can of whip ass on the bad guy. Shot in Hong Kong, this TV movie does everything it can to draw up comparisons to the Kung Fu films which were filling the theaters at around this time. If you are a fan of martial arts, this can't help but put a smile on your face! ORDER

MISSING PIECES (Aired on CBS 5/14/83) Elizabeth Montgomery plays a private dtective whos journalist husband is murdered. She is hired by a wife to track the said wifes husband only to have him get murdered. She then draws a similarity between her husbands murder and the death of the man she was following. And a mystery begins to unfold right before her eyes. If you're a fan of Miss Montgomery, than you can't do without this entree in  her long and prolific TV career. And damn sexy is she ever! With David Haskell. If you like mysteries, you'll like this! ORDER






BLACK, WHITE AND BLUES (1971) a BBC documentary that details the modern blues of the era, and features not just Fleetwood Mac but Chicken Shack with Stan Webb and John Mayall among others. It features behind the scenes of the recording of Kiln House. There's about 8 minutes of this on YouTube, but we have the complete show. Once again, check for yourself. ORDER


FLEETWOOD MAC AT 21 (1987) which covers the complete 21 years of Fleetwood Mac from it's beginnings with Peter Green to it's Buckingham Nicks years. It features interviews with all the key players players including Bob Welch. I can't find this one steaming anywhere, if you can send me the link and I'll gladly repay you with a smack to the face. ORDER


THE HEROES OF ROCK AND ROLL (1979) a TV documentary hosted by Jeff Bridges and featuring Fats Domino as well as some fantastic archival footage of Chuck Berry, Bill Haley, Mick Jagger, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Muddy Waters and Larry Koster and many others. The truncated version on YouTube is missing footage, I have the only complete one available. Check it out for yourself, trust me I do my homework. ORDER


NEIL DIAMOND - SOLITARY MAN (2014) A 60-minute documentary including an interview and exclusive location filming with Neil Diamond in New York and Los Angeles. Robbie Robertson, Jeff Barry, Mickey Dolenz and other contributors track Neil from his childhood in Brooklyn to his early days in the Brill Building, his nascent solo career and superstardom in the early 70s, the lean years of the 80s, his career reboot via Rick Rubin in the noughties and his Glastonbury success. ORDER


ONE LAST TIME (1987) Here's a really unique and unavailable documentary detailing the final last public performance of the Beatles during their touring years of the 1960's. This documentary focuses on their final appearance at Candlestick Park in California, and aside from featuring some fantastic 8mm fan footage of the event, they also feature interviews with various behind the scenes personnel who were there the day of that historic concert. Beatle historians are also interviewed, giving an amazing perspective to an amazing event. This is for TRUE Beatles fans. The picture is a tad soft, coming off an old VHS tape. But it is very rare, so grab it up. ORDER


ROCK AND ROLL (1995) Here is a fantastic mini sereies featuring the history of Rock & Roll music. It contains countless interviews with the biggest names in the history of rock, Chuck Berry through Bob Dylan and every one, I do mean everyone in between. There are ten episodes featuring a variety of subjects: #1) Renegads #2) In The Groove #3) Shakespeares In The Alley #4) Respect #5) Crossroads #6) Blues in Technicolor #7) The Wild Side #8) Make it Funky #9) The Perfect Beat #10) Punk! Complete series on three discs. Aside from the great interviews you also get lots of rare and unique footage of the artists doing what they best! $25.00 for the whole collection, which comes off our master tapes recorded directly by us. ORDER






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