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AGENT 003, OPERATION ATLANTIS (1965) The Red Chinese have built a secret atomic city and from within that city they are plotting to invade American. A secret agent (John Ericson) discoveres what's going on and makes every attempt to stop it. In the mean time we got treated to an x-ray machine; a dude who kills people with huge spiked pincers; a radioactive force-field, a ray that turns a man into a block of ice resulting in the guys disinigration, rubber masks to disguise the identity of various characters, and all sorts of cool stuff that makes these Euro spy films so much fun. And this one comes off a Euro DVD (wide) and in English. Can you beat that?! No you can't! ORDER|

AGONIZANDO EN EL CRIMEN (1968) Here is an early Argentine Giallo that tells the story of a young medical student (Juan Logar) who's fiance' is severly injured in an accident and rushed to the hospital on what was supposed to be their wedding day. The surgeon tells the student to "trust his hands", but ends up killing the fiance' during the surgery. Needless to say, our medical student doesn't take this too well and proceeds to go on a "slaughter the surgeons" rampage, removing surgeons hands and burrying them by a rosebush he's planted for his deceased fiance'. Keep your eyes peeled for Paul Naschy, who appears as a police officer toward the end of the film. Of interest, Naschy would pitch the idea for Mark of the Wolfman to director Enrique López Eguiluz, who would make that film with Naschy the very same year. In Spanish with English subtitles. ORDER|

ARNOLD (1973) A crazy horror comedy in the tradition of Dr. Phibes.After Arnold dies, his greedy lover follows through with wedding plans. However, folks lusting after Arnolds money end up dying in unusual sitituations. Great cast includes Patric Knowles, Stella Stevens, Roddy McDowell, Farley Granger, Elsa Lanchester, Victor Buono, and Bernard Fox. ORDER|

ARTHUR? ARTHUR! (1969) Here is an ultra rarity and a film that never had a theatrical release. Donald Pleasence plays Aurthur, an oddball inventor who is constantly nitpicked by his shrewish and very rich wife (Tammy Grimes). But he has an alternate identity as a swinger and hustler which allows him to hit back at the very society that mocks him. He meets his match in Shelley Winters who plays an antique dealer who blackmails him. This is really an oddball comedy set in swinging London that makes for fun watch if little else. The site of Pleasence and Winters in bed together is a sight to behold. Fantastic supporting cast includes Terry Thomas, Michael Bates and Oliver Tobias. Uncut, R rated 16mm print transferred directly by us here at Cinefear! |ORDER|

BLACK GUN (1984) A Turkish film with English subtitles featuring the incredible Cunyet Arkin as a private detective who gives Charles Bronson a run for his money.In this film he must protect the mafia wife of a crime boss who is looking to execute his own spouse. If you know these Turkish films, they are nothing but live action cartoons featiuring outrageous violence, car chases and crases, sexual exploitation and just about some of the ugliest males you have ever seen in a motion picture. Fun stuff, but hold on to your hat! |ORDER|

BLACK JACK (1968) Now this is a very dark and brooding western, ugly and hateful like a good Spaghetti Western should. Thomas Woods shines as Jack Murphy, who gets worked over real good when the gang he worked with decides to torture and maim him, steal the loot and rape and kill his sister. He decides to take revenge and does so in some odd and peculiar ways. No one is likable in this film, even the so called "Good Guy" is initially a villian. Directed by Gianfranco Baldanello, who also made the interesting This Man Can't Die (1967). ORDER

BRAND OF SHAME (1968 Aka Nude Django) Here's a nudie western directed by Byron Mabe (who also directed She Freak). In this film, a school teacher is tormented by bad guys who believe she has a treasure map that will lead them to a fortune. At one point she's tied to a tree topless and whipped. Turns out the woman who runs the local brothel is a dyke and she is behind all of this. Will our hero show up with his six gun and save that day?! Buy it and find out...with the lucious Marsha Jordon! ORDER

THE CANDY MAN (1969) George Sanders stars as a kidnapper who scopes out a child actress for kidnapping. The problem is that a woman who just lost her child is delusional and ends up kidnapping the girl before Sanders can get her! Hence now you have both the cops and Sanders after the kidnapped girl. Interesting stuff! Fun film shot at Churubusco Studios in Mexico, where many of the classic Mexican horror movies were made. ORDER|

DAGGERS OF BLOOD (1962 Aka Invasion 1700) For fans of costume pictures and swashbuckling, here is John Drew Barrymore grossly overacting as a Ukraininan nobleman supposedly fighting on the side of the Poles but actually conspiring against them and causing conflict with the Tartars. Blood flows and flows before good guy Pierre Brice stops the tide of violence. Barrymore is over the top as he chews up the scenerie making weird face and staring at people througfh his fingers, which he constantly holds up to his face. In English and wide. Great cast also includes Akim Tamiroff and Jeanne Crain. ORDER|

THE DEVIL AND THE ANGEL (1946) Directed by the brilliant Pierre Chenal, and featuring the incredible Eric Von Strohiem as a disfigured man who falls in love with a beautiful blind blonde who works in a circus with her knife thrower husband who is having an affair with another woman. Von Strohiem steals the beautiful blonde away, only to have her eyesite restored after surgery. I don't have to tell you that all hell breaks loose, but if you want to know the ending you have to but the DVD. In French with English subtitles. ORDER|

THE DRIFTER IN THE RAIN (1968) Here is actually a very tense psychological thriller that really doesn't use any exploitation elements to tell it's story. Directed by Carlos Enrique Taboada, who wrote the brilliant The Witch's Mirror (1962). In this film two society women and one wrong side of the tracks girl must deal with a psychotic drifter who literally has them trapped in their own house. This is a very interesting character study and is very much in the tradition of Hitchcock. In Spanish with English subtitles. |ORDER|

EARLY FROST (1982) A private detective who is hired to investigate a divorce case comes up against a bunch of dead ends which ultimately lead him to a corpse. This in turn takes him to the house of two different families, one of which is covering up for a killer. This is a very weird entry in the slasher sweepstakes made in Australia and featuring actors and actresses from Australian soap opers. The film is a bit of a muddled mess but yet you can't seem to take your eyes off it. ORDER|

EMPIRE OF DRACULA (1967) This is a major find if you're a fan of this film. This is a B/W version that is actually 14 minutes longer than the version I offer off the out of print Eagle Video. While the Eagle Video was in color, this version has more footage, and in many ways it's an alternate cut to the color version. And here's the best part yet, it has English subtitles. That's right, this film is finally available with English subs. You can't beat that! As in for the plot, a son of a vampire killer must kill the very same vampire his father killed many years earlier. |ORDER|

EVIL IN THE DEEP (1974) Here's an interesting if not misguided attempt to make a family friendly deep sea action film. Upon it's release, it failed so the distriputor added gore and violence and released it as a shark film to cash in on Jaws. Shot in Todd A-O, and featuring an incredible cast including Stephen Boyd, Rosie Grier, Cheryl Ladd (here under her maiden name Stoppelmoor), David Ladd (Cheryl's then husband and son of Alan Ladd). Lots of great shots of Cheryl in her bikini, she's a true boner idol. Anyhow, the story involves Stephen Boyd (how the mighty have fallen) playing a detective hunting for gold with a treasure map that is cursed!? Anyhow, there is bad guys, killer sharks and Cheryl's knockers bouncing around in a bikini top, so how can you go wrong. This is off an out of print uncut Australian DVD. ORDER|

EVITA (1980) Ok folks, I don't always carry Broadway shows (though God knows I should) but here is an audience shot show of Evita, which played the Broadway Theater in 1980 and featured the incredibly talented Patti LuPone and joining Patti on stage is the incredible Mandy Patinkin. Now, I have the whole show on disc. The Phantom of the Opera that I offer was better shot than this was, but it is still 100% watchable, the audio is real good and where else are you going to see this play as it was performed on stage all those years ago!? ORDER|

FIREBALL JUNGLE (1968). Directed by Joseph P. Mawra (Shanty Tramp) , and starring John Russell, Lon Chaney and Alan Mixon, this sleazy exploitation film has everything from bikers and race car drivers to cat fights, brutal beatings, exploding junk yards and a club called the "Grand Throne" where all the seats are toilet bowls. I shit you not! This is a trashy crime drama that reeks of Al Adamson but is actually a tad more ambitious. From a cheesy film transfer, this film is bound to please even the die hards of 60's trash cinema. So do yourself a favor and place an order, you wont regret it. ORDER|

FRANKENSTEIN: UNE HISTOIRE D'AMORE (1974) Here is a real oddball adaption of Frankenstein, made for French TV, in French (but with English subtitles). This version is directed by Bob Thénault and features Gérard Berner as Frankenstein, Karin Petersen as Elizabeth and of interest throws in additional characters such as a village idiot who bears an uncanny resemblence to Leslie West, and a mountain wizard who goes at it quite a bit with the Doc. The monster and the Doc are seldom seen in the same scenes, and one wonders if the director is trying to indicate Dr. Frankenstein has gone mad and is actually imagining himself to be the monster. There is nudity, stupidity, and to be quite honest, this is a very unique take on Frankenstein. Get it! ORDER|

FRENITIS (1971 Aka Frenzy) This is a really out of whack Greek film about a woman who kills her husband, gets blackmailed, kills the blackmailer only to be told by the authorities that all of this mess is in her head?! What! Exactly...In Greek with English subtitles, yet oddly enough the film was shot in English. Go figure. that said, it has some interesting atmospher, suspense, cinematography. Very Hitchcock inspired. Just doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense. ORDER|

FURY OF THE APACHES (1964) Here is another 16mm transfer complete from our personal collection. Also of interest, this film never had a legal release on both video or DVD in the U.S.A. Directed by José María Elorrieta, who gave us Curse of the Vampire (also available on Cinefear), this is a relentless Euro western starring Frank Latimore as a dishonorably discharged army officer who watches over a fort in the middle of nowhere. In comes the very judge who condemmed him for killing a man (that the judge had hired to kill Latimore in the first place). The judge is going to marry a girl who's brother just killed an Apache in cold blood, hence bringing down the whole trip against this small group of people trapped in the fort. Will they escape the onslaught!!! This film has that same tense feeling created by movies such as Assault on Precinct 13 and Night of the Living Dead. Cast includes Liz Moreno, Aldo Sambrell, Nuria Torray and Jesús Puente. ORDER

GIRLS FROM THUNDER STRIP (1970) More Biker madness from the prolific but talentless David Hewitt. A group of bootleggers(who are sisters) battle a vicious biker gang who are serial killers. In the short run, you get T&A and slaughter in the same package. Would make a perfect double feature with Hell's Chosen Few, another biker flick from Hewitt that we offer. Don't just stand there, buy the damn film! With Casey Kasem, Jody McCrea, Jack Starrett. ORDER

LE GOLEM (1936) Finally, the Czechoslovakia version of the story, made by the French but at last featuring English subtitles. A Rabbi builds a man of clay to help protect the Jews of Prague against pogroms. Needless to say this monster later turns against his creators. Harry Baur, who played Rasputin a year later, does a great job playing the paranoid emporer in this version of the story. ORDER

THE HEAD OF PANCHO VILLA (1957) Here's one of what was a three part serial directed by the master surrealist Chano Urueta. This one introduces us to The Headless Rider, a masked super hero who fights the supernatural and saves the day for the law abiding citizens of Mexico. In this episode six comrades of Panch Villa are being ambused and electrocuted by black robed bad guys trying to get a hold of a trunk that contains an ancient aztec secret that helped Pancho Villa win the revolution. You better believe the headless rider is not going to let this happen and gives our robe wearing thugs the lesson of a life time. Now, this is in Spanish BUT we finally have subtitles for this, so now is the time for you to grab it up. It's off a TV broadcast, so the quality is just fine! |ORDER|

THE HEADLESS RIDER (1957) Here's one of what was a three part serial directed by the master surrealist Chano Urueta. This one introduces us to The Headless Rider, a masked super hero who fights the supernatural and saves the day for the law abiding citizens of Mexico. In this episode the rider must fight an underground society of robe wearing bad guys sporting skeleton masks who murder ranchers who try to sell their property to anyone but the bad guys. There's a severed hand that walks around and points, a walking corpse that jumps coffins, and all sorts of horrors. Now, this is in Spanish BUT we finally have subtitles for this, so now is the time for you to grab it up. It's off a TV broadcast, so the quality is just fine! |ORDER|

HELLS CHOSEN FEW (1968) Biker fun from the late, great David Hewitt, the man who caused countless suicides when he released the film The Wizard of Mars on the unsuspecting public. A Biker gang member (Gary Kent) is accused of murder. When his brother, who has just returned home from being a marine in a tour of duty in Vietnam, decides to join the gang in order to get to the bottom of the matter, a huge rock is overturned and a rotten snake is exposed! If anything, you have to give Hewitt credit for trying. ORDER

A HOUSE IS NOT A HOME (1964)Here's a rare golden oldie that is not available on DVD or Blu Ray. The film stars Shelley Winters and is based on Polly Adler's best-selling autobiography about her life in the Roaring Twenties as a legendary Madam. Cast includes Robert Taylor, Ceasar Romero, Broderick Crawford and Raquel Welch. ORDER|

HOUSE OF SHADOWS (1976) If Andy Milligan and Doris Wishman joined forces and shot a film in Argentina, this would have been the result. That said, the strory is intriguing and actually quite a good murder mystery about a ghost leaving clues to an unsolved murder. But the weird way this film  is shot will have you laughing out loud at certain points. The cast includes Yvonne DeCarlo and John Gavin, both of whome are quite good. There is also some fairly gory murders on display as well. Odd but amusing. ORDER|

HRABE DRACULA (1971) Incredible atmospheric adaption of the Bram Stoker classic done for Czechoslovakian TV, this is a must if you're a Dracula/vampire flick freak. And the best part is this version has English subtitles. It's directed by a woman, Anna Procházková, and features Ilja Racek as Drakula, who bears an uncanny resemblence to Vlad Tepes. Treat yourself to something really unique, and this film is that something. ORDER|

IMMORTAL (1982) starring the Lion Man himself, Cuneyt Arkin. He plays a former soldier who is framed for a crime buy the syndicate. He ends up in jail, his kids end up on the streets. Years later, upon his release, he seeks out to find his kids and get revenge on the men that framed him. This film is brutal, depressing and nihilistic and downright entertaining from start to finish. Grab it up. ORDER|

INTREPIDOS PUNKS (1980) Here's a very late in game biker film of sorts, done Mexican style. A group of punk bikers (no, I'm not making this up) terrorise the civilians by raping, robbing and even setting fire to their victims. And when they are bored they play Russian Roulette. Their leader is a huge titted blonde (!?) and together they cause so much death and destruction that both the cops and the mob join forces to take them down. This one has to be seen to be believed! In Spanish with English subtitles. |ORDER|

KARATE GIRL  (1974) In this take on Death Wish, a young death mute girl who sells flowers for her horticulturist father is assaulted and her father killed by a group of escaped lunatics. The shocking event restores he ability to speak, and she hooks up with an uncover cop who teaches her karate and how to use a gun. All hell breaks out when she decides to hunt down her assailants. This film, along with Lion Man (1975), are perhaps the best examples of Turkish cinema you are ever going to see. ORDER|

KILL THE POKER PLAYER (1972 Aka Creeping Death) Ok folks, here is a Spaghetti western that is also a Giallo. An insurance investigator from Lloyds of London comes to a small west town to investigate a bank robbery. Turns out there is also one big mystery going on as well, and someone is killing off witnesses with snakes. And what a slimy group of supects as well. Robert Woods plays our hero Johnathan Pinkerton, and the great support cast includes Ivano Staccioli as the drunken town shariff as well as the lovely Nieves Navarro as a salon girl and Frank Braña. Uncut, in English off a Spanish TV broadcast. Directed by Italian porno king Mario Bianchi. ORDER

KILINK IN ISTANBUL (1967) This is the first film that introduces super criminal Kilink who wears a skeleton costum and raises all sorts of Hell in Turkey. Of interest, this character is from an Italian comic book, and how the Turks came to adapt him I'll never know. That said, these films are wickedly entertaining, and feature sexual violence, car chases, action and more stupidity than you can shake a stick at. In Turkish with English subtitles. ORDER

KILINK VS THE FLYING MAN (1967) Sequal to the first film featuring lots of reused stock footage and more stupidity than you can shake a kabob at. The Samson inspired super hero who faught Kilink in the first film is back and he continues to let Kilink make a fool of him. Despite being a bad guy, you root for Kilink because the so called hero is a moron. In Turkish with English subs. ORDER

KILINK VS MANDRAKE (1967) Kilink vs Mandrake the Magician. You'll laugh so hard your sides will split and your heart will go pitter pat....ORDER

KILINK: STRIP AND KILL (1967)This time Kilink fights two rival gangs and actually pits them against each other. Since Kilink isn't always too bright himself, you could imagine how stupid these rival gangs are. God save us! ORDER

KILINK VS. DJANGO (1968) whacked out Turkish western featuring the skull faced killer Kilink fighting a Django rip off called Cango. Watching this is literally like dropping acid.These Turkish films are authentically retarded. Loaded with action, an old western town, sexy girls and total stupidity. ORDER

KNIGHTS OF TERROR (1963) A group of undead horse riding terrorists seek revenge on a village who ambushed them long, long ago. However, this ghostly attack could actually be an inside job set up by a bad nobel with hopes of taking over the town. Lucky for the town a gallant nobelman comes to the front and offers his help in exposing the bad guys for who they really are! This is another really fun Italian costume melodrama that is quite rare and loaded with action, intrigue and violence. Includes obligatory torture chamber scenes as well as busty maidens. In English with Dutch subtitles. ORDER|

LONG LASTING DAYS (1973) An Italian version of The Most Dangerous Game. this one involves a poor sailor and his sick wife who participate in a "Hunting Game" where by if they survive they win enough money to pay for the surgery she needs to stay alive. Crazy and sleazy film made all the more watchable by the lovely Ewa Auline. Directed by Ferdinando Baldi, hence a strong Giallo tone to the film. In Italian with  English subtitles. ORDER|

LOST SOULS (1959 Aka Vite Perdute) THREE GIRLS - The Prey of Desperate Killers! That's the tag line of this early Italian thriller, which tells the tale of a younf man and three young girls held hostage by a group of five escaped prisoners who want the hostages to help them off the island. Great cast includes Virna Lisi, Sandra Milo and Gabriele Tinti. Directed by Adelchi Bianchi, who also gave us The Winchester Does Not Forgive (1967). In Italian with English subtitles. ORDER|

LOVE-SLAVES OF THE AMAZON (1957) Directed and written by the reliable Curt Siodmac, this ultra rare film features a group of explorers investigating the Amazon and getting captured by a group of Amazon women warriors who intend to use the captured party as love slaves. This is a fun piece of 1950's cheescake that has been so long out of circulation that it's very difficult to find. Please bare in mind this comes off a TV broadcast from the 1980's, and it has serious issues, incuding picture flagging and a couple of black outs. That said, try finding this somewhere else. Great cast includes Don Taylor, Gianna Segale and Eduardo Ciannelli. ORDER|

LUST FOR REVENGE (1976 Aka Kaftes Diakopes) A group of jerk offs decide to play a game inspired by a popular book. The game involves the kidnapping of a minor. The father agrees to pay the kidnappers but the money he raises turns out to be counterfeit. This leads to much complication as well as a massacre of unexpected fury. Another interesting Greek film that has English subtitles. Very sleazy, loaded with nudity and violence. ORDER|

THE LUSTFUL AMAZONS (1974) Another classic from the incredible Jess Franco. This one tells the tale of Maciste who is turned into a sex slave for a group of Amazons located in Antigua. This was actually a set up by Pygar, an asshole who is looking to steal gold from the Amazons. Can you guess the outcome? Lets just say that no good deed goes unpunished. This is one of Franco's French language naked films, boobs, bush and balls flash a plenty. The story is surprisingly coherent, and to help it along this version has English subtitles. ORDER|

THE MAD GENIUS (1931) This was Warner Brothers follow up to Svengali (1931) which also featured John Barrymore and Marian Marsh. Barrymore plays a crippled puppet master who saves a young boy from an abusive father (Boris Karloff) and turns him into a ballet star. When the young man falls for a female dancer, Barrymore tries to separate them in order to maintain control over the young mans career. ORDER

MAN CALLED GRINGO (1965) Now here is really a treat. This is a transfer off our 16mm print of an ultra rare German western directed by the American Roy Rowland. It stars Götz George (who performs all his own stunts) as a gunslinger who comes into a town dominated by gangsters. He decides to help the town regain their independence, plus help one of the locals find their son, who had been given away at birth. Ultimately, a young man called Gringo (Daniel Martin) who is initially on the side of the bad guys, learns the error of his ways and joins the gunslinger against the baddies. Loaded with shoot outs and all sorts of horse and gun play, this is one of the most sought after Euro westerns around, and especially difficult to find dubbed in English. Others in the cast include Helmut Schmidt, Silvia Solar and Alexandra Stewart. Get yours here first! ORDER

MANIA (1974) Now here is a truly fucked up film. Directed by mental case Renato Polselli , this flick tells the story of a woman who was having an affair with her husbands brother. Her husand, an asshole scientist who can stop bees in mid flight that to radiop waves (?), has been killed in a lab fire that left his brother the adulterer crippled. The wife returns to this house of horrors under advice from her therapist (?) Then the fun starts when the dead husband returns from the grave to start tormenting his wife. Renato Polselli makes films that represent the fact that this man suffered from a life long nervous breakdown. He reminds me of 80's era Ken Russell, the film is frantic with little reprieve from the madness. Tons of nudity and violence, this is an exploitation fans dream. Off a 35mm film print and bearing English subtitles. Ultra rare, so get it now! ORDER

MANTIS FISTS AND TIGER CLAWS OF SHAOLIN (1977) This flick is one crazy mix of Kung Fu and The Fly. A town corrupted by rotten men has a stranger come in who has every intention of straightening the town out. Unbeknownst to him, he is being aided by a monster mantis who also intends to straighten out the currupt town it's own way. This film is pure entertainment from start to finish, if you like marshal arts and monsters, than you are going to love this! Cast includes chop faves John Cheung, Chu-Chuan Sai and Lik Cheung. ORDER

THE MASKED THIEF (1971 Aka In the Name of the Father, of the Son and of the Colt) A very interesting Spaghetti Western that has a good mystery plot and giallo like elements. It deals with twin brothers (played by Craig Hill), one of whome is a law abiding sheriff, the other being a murderous rapist outlaw. And to complicate matters, there's a "Phantom of the Opera" type gunslinger who is planning on executing a huge robbery at the expense of the small troubled town. Featuring the lovely Ágata Lys (Knife of Ice) before she became a European pop star. ORDER

THE MIGHTY CRUSADERS (1958) "...The battle axes of the knights shook the earth of the holy land!" Or so the tagline says! Actually this is a fun Peplum involving the battle between Christian Crusaders and Muslim tribes battle it out (actually very contemporary of todays events). The underhanded Muslims send in their sexy women (Sylva Koscina and Gianna Maria Canale) to seduce and weaken our Christian heroes (Francisco Rabal and Rik Battaglia) but the Holy men are too smart for them! In English. The chicks are hot in this. Plus there's a sexy dance. How can you beat that. ORDER|

MISSION PHANTOM (1967) Here's a caper/euro-spy comedy involving a jewell hiest in Soviet Russia. Great cast includes Fernando Sancho and Eduardo Fajardo, two heroes of the Spaghetti Western genre. Despite this being a comedy, the hiest end of the film is actually very, very clever. Also included in the cast is Ingrid Schöeller, Francesco Mulé and Pietro Martellanza (aka Peter Martell) ORDER|

THE MONSTER AND THE VIRGIN (1978 - Aka Panna A Netvor) Here is another fantastic treat for the eyes. A Czechoslovakian version of Beauty and the Beast, this version is more macabre and loaded with sensual imagery, hence restoring it to it's status as an adult fairy tale. Directed by Juraj Herz, and starring the beautiful Zdena Studenková as Julie, the beast is portrayed as a bird like monster who swoops on prey, both human and animal. Julies love melts the beasts heart. Very imaginative, beautifully shot, this one is a true keeper. With English subtitles. ORDER|

MY NAME IS MALLORY...M MEANS DEATH (1971) Robert Woods plays Larry Mallory, who buys a ranch. Unfortunetly for him, the previous owners want it back, and they are not above murder and robbery as a means to reclaim it. Lots of murder, shoot outs and a great fight scene between Woods and Artemio Antonini make this a must. Keep your eyes peeled for a scene were the lovely Carla Mancini plays a maid and pours water over the lusious Gabriella Giorgelli as she takes her bath. Uncut and in English. Off a Spanish TV broadcast. ORDER

THE NAKED PEACOCK (1975) Ok folks, this is a true Cinefear exclusive, there are no other copies of this documentary available, anywhere. This comes off my 35mm print, transferred and color corrected by Cinefear. What we have here is a very late in the game nudist film, however unlike the nudists films of the 60's, this film is a complete and serious study of nudist colonies and their importance on society. Made during the hippie era, this film shows the liberating effects of being a nudist in the early 70's, and instead of watching folks play nude volley ball we now see nudes undergoing a stress relief therapy where by they are tickled by several other nudist using bird feathers (!?!) We also get an in the raw folk singer session (!?!) and tons of babble from the participants explaining there reasons for going nude and how it's improved their lives. We also get a "Miss Nude Canada" contest and enough naked flesh to make you wish you were on a diet. And in fact you'll also wish some of the people appearing in this film were on a diet. You may be tempted to ask them to put their cloths back on. Folks, this film lets it all hang out, 70's style. Be the first on your block.... |ORDER|

NEST OF THE CUCKOO BIRDS (1965) An agent for the liquor control department of the good ol' U.S. of A. finds himself stuck in a nightmare when investigates a group of moonshiners operating out of the remote Cuckoo Bird Inn. To make matters worse, there is a killer on the roam and our hero must unmask this killer or forever end up in the Nest of the Cuckoo Birds. This is a weird backwoods horror that is very much in the tradition of  S.F. Brownrigg. ORDER|

NIGHT OF THE GREAT ATTACK (1955) When a house of Royals is under besige from the Borgias, an exiled nobleman arrives with his band of merry men to help drive back the Borgias from where they came. Excellent costume melodrama featuring the always charming Sergio Fantoni as Marco, the hero who gives the Borgias something to think about. Lots of betrayal and plot and counter plot. If you are a fan of Italian costume pictures, than this one is for you. With Fausto Tozzi and Giacomo Rossi Stuart. ORDER|

THE PARALLEL CORPSE (1982) This is a fantastic Danish made thriller available here in English with Spanish subtitles. A man murders his mistresss, who was actually his current wifes daughter from a previous marriage. He hides her corpse in a coffin in a mortuary, only to have the man who cremates the corpses discover her body. But rather than turn the killer over to the police, he in turn decides to blackmail the killer, which in turn has disasterous results. There is no honor among theives. ORDER|

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (1990) Ok, here is a complete DVD of Andrew Loyd Webbers play Phantom of the Opera.It features Michael Crawford as the Phantom, and it's from a 1990 version of the play preformed in LA California. I don't have to tell you that as far as the stage version goes, Michael Crawford was and still is the ONLY Phantom. This version also featured Steve Barton as Raoul and Dale Kristien as Christine. This is an audience shot on the fly video, not bad by those standards, and is well worth watching. This is very rare, so snap it up quick! Enjoy! ORDER|

POKER WITH PISTOLS (1967) George Hilton and George Eastman play gambling buddies who end up in serious hot water for passing false tokens during a hot poker game. Turns out there is more than meets the eye in this town full od bad guys and sexy saloon workers. Can the two George's make it out alive? Buy it and find out! ORDER

PRISONER IN THE IRON MASK (1961) which tells of a creepy count who poisons a lord and makes a mockery of the kingdom. The lords son ends up in the iron mask, but it wont be long before some of his buddies come to save him. In the meantime there's plenty of torture and rotten behavior. From a French TV showing but with English subtitles. Of course an Italian production. Dig it! ORDER|

RING AROUND THE WORLD (1966) Richard Harrisson plays an insurance investigator who is investigating what might be a seriers of murders that might be committed by an assasin (Giacomo Rossi-Stuart ) who just might be shooting the said victims with bullets made of ice (!) This is a fun Euro spy combo krimi featuring a great cast plus a plane-and-parachute stunt that would be ripped off in the James Bond film Moonraker. Fun stuff written by Ernesto Gastaldi. ORDER|

RINGO FROM NABRASKA (1966 Aka A Gunman Named Nebraska) Here is an interesting Spaghetti Western that was begun by director Antonio Roman but completed by Maro Bava. Despite the lack of any classic Bava touches, this is still a very enjoyable film  and a great entry n the sweepstakes of Spaghetti cinema. A gunman is hired by a bikering couple to help protect their ranch from a ruthless land baron who will stop at nothing to get it. This flick features some fantastic gunfights as well as some brutally bloody bullet hits. Ken Clark plays Nebraska and he's suitably hansome as out hero, and the lovely Yvonne Bastien plays Kay, the ranch owners wife. Her ample busom and cleavage will keep your eyes glued to the screen. But the scene stealer is the incredible Piero Lulli plays the bad guy land baron, adding to his list of badguys that he has been playing since the Peplum days. ORDER

7 GOLDEN WOMEN AGAINST TWO 07 (1966) Time for some fun with this spy spoof featuring the incredibly idiotic Mickey Hargitay overacting like a lunatic in his role as Two 07, a spy sent to find the location of art hidden underwater by the Nazis. Turns out the clue to the hiding spot is in a Goya painting that already has several duplicates. Tough case, you bet, but Mickey can swim with the best of them. Featuring some lovely young ladies such as Maria Vincent, Luciana Paoli (42" bust line), Patricia Méndez and many, many more! Buy the premise, buy the flick! ORDER|

SATANIK (1968) Here is a lovely copy of an age old favorite, this one coming off a Euro DVD but with the English track laid over it. Magda Kanopka excels as an ugly scientist who kills her mentor over a beauty serum. Once she takes it, she turns into a ravishing beauty who becomes a big time international thief. However, INTERPOL is after here and every country she goes running too, they show up. Will they finally catch this criminal mastermind? Will her beauty potion hold up or will she turn into the withered old hag she was? You'll find out by buying this DVD. This version is complete and uncut, featuring the nudity usually removed from the 16mm prints. ORDER|

79 AD (1962) Another classic Italian peplum detailing all the intrigue at the Roman Emperor's court prior to its destruction by Vesuvius. Brad Harris plays Marco Tiberiowho comes to Herculano to help straighten the provence out. He becomes the protector of Christians who are being persecuted by the evil ruler named Tilteo (Jacques Berthier) who governs tyrannically the city. But Mt. Vesuvius has it's own ideas about how to shake things up. Again, this is one of those films that has been available in lousy pan and scan cut versions. This one is uncut in all it's glory and features an English soundtrack. You can't beat that. ORDER|

SEXO SANGRIENTO (1981) This is another erotic and brutal piece of delirium. A psychic and her two lesbian friends end up at the house of a psychotic female painter and her equally disturbed son. Before you can say "stabbed in the crotch", the crazed painter has begun seducing and murdering her house guests. This movie is exploitation from start to finish, loaded with nudity and violence. How can you go wrong with that?! With Spanish horror fave Mirta Miller. In Spanish with English subtitles. ORDER|

THE SHARK HUNTER (1979) Here is a cool little action film directed by the reliable Enzo Castellari. Long available in a public domain pan and scan version, this beauty comes off an Italian TV broadcast with the English language track laied over it. It's letterboxed, and has never looked better. Franco Nero, looking just like he did in Keoma (1975, also directed by Castellari) plays a treasure hunter who has a sceam for lifting a safe with $100,000 dollars in it off the sea floor where it's been sitting ever since a plane carrying the cash crashed in the water. Seems a bunch of bad guys also want the money, and will stop at nothing to get it. The bad guys include Werner Pochath and Eduardo Fajardo (a Django reunion of sorts for both him and Franco Nero). Cast also includes Michael Forest, Mirta Miller and Jorge Luke. Nice shark attack scenes. ORDER|

SKIN 'EM ALIVE (1978) Here's a hateful Italian film involving a bunch of mercenaries fighting in Africa. None of the mercenaries are likable, I take it they are supposed to be that way. Anyhow, one of the mercenaries half brother shows up looking for money to get himself out of legal troubles in Europe. Ultimately he must join the other mercenaries in rescuing his half brother when that brother is captured by African rebels. Even though you hate the mercenaries, the Africans are equally contemptible. This film has a huge body count. Not as hateful as the cannible films that would follow on it's heals, but still pretty horrible. No one is actually skinned alive, but folks are forced onto spears, shot at point blank range, etc...etc..ORDER|

SLAVE QUEEN OF BABYLON (1963) Yvonne Furneaux plays Semiramide, the woman credited with the creation of Babylon. Her love for the slave Kir (John Ericson) stirs up all sorts of trouble which in turn has her pitting everyone against each other. This is a classic Peplum that has long been available in awful pan and scan versions, usually heavily cut. Here we have an uncut, beautiful version off a euro DVD complete with an English overdub. This will be the best version of this film you will ever see. Get it here, get it now! ORDER|

THE SLEEPING CAR MURDERS (1965) On an overnight train going from Marseilles to Paris, a woman is murdered and the five people sleeping along with her in the sleeping car end up as suspects. Ultimately, three of the suspects are killed by an unknown assailant. The last two suspects are left to unmask the killer before the killer gets them! This is a fun mystery most likely inspired by Hitchcock but more or less edging it's way into the Giallo teritory. Directed by the brilliant Costa Gavras (Z) and featuring a fantastic cast including Catherine Allégret, Jacques Perrin, Simone Signoret and Yves Montand. In English. ORDER|

SPIDER (1972) Yep, you got it folks. A Turkish version of Spider Man. Certainly better than the films by Sam Raimi or the Broadway play, but also not doing any justice to the Marvel comic. If you like the Turkish movies, than you damn well know what to expect. In Turkish with English subs. ORDER|

THE SPY WITH TEN FACES (1966) Paul Hubschmid plays a "James Bond" style spy who is an expert at disguises and has in his stash a huge catch of masks that allow him to impersonate other people. A fun Euro spy flick that includes the lovely Karin Dor and Rosalba Neri. You can't beat this cast. Buy the premise, buy the flick. ORDER|

THE STRANGE CASE OF CAPTAIN RAMPER (1927) The incredible Paul Wegener plays Captain Ramper who gets lost in the artic and literally turns into an abominable snow man. Later, he is caught and put into captivity, and he longs to get back to his artic home. Can love save the day? Here is a real odd and lost German silent film that has recently been unearthed. This has to be one of the dtrangest Yeti movies ever made. And not only do you get the brilliant Wegener, but you also get Max "Nosferatu" Shreck. Can you beat that? Completely silent with English title cards, you need this in your collection, now! ORDER|

STUNT SQUAD (1977) A police inspector organizes a special units team in order to dismantle a mafia boss who like to blow up the businesses of folks who don't pay protection money. This is an ultra violent crime thriller featuring Vittorio Mezzogiorno as the hateful Valli, vicious mafia boss. He syeals the show. Uncut in English with a few scenes in Italian but with English subs. ORDER|

SUMMER LOVE (1957) Here is a rare teenage angst comedy featuring John Saxon and is a Follow-up to 1956's "Rock, Pretty Baby" . You get John Saxon playing guitar at a Summer camp for teens and when his back home girlfriend and his family show up all hell breaks loose. If you like goofy light hearted entertainment such as this, then go for it. ORDER|

THE SWORD OF EL CID (1962) Sword and Sandle time again my friends. Written by Ferdinando Baldi, and directed by Miguel Iglesias, this one tells the story of the daughters of El Cid, who are being taken advantage of by their rotten husbands, both of whome were enemies to El Cid. However, one of the bad guys nephew decides to take up El Cids cause and free his daughters and their kingdom of tyranny. If you like these type of flicks, there is no reason why you are not going to like this. Roland Carey plays the hero. ORDER|

TAKE AN EASY RIDE (1976) Now this is one of the weirdest sexploitation films I've ever offered. It's a British public service film that runs under an hour and is supposedly about the dangers of hitchhiking. However, it really is a flesh feast, featuring tons of nudity and simulated sex, not to mention violence. We see young girls assaulted by a rapist, young men robbed and killed by knife carrying females, and a woman drugged to take part in a husband and wife sex orgy. No, I'm not joking, this is crazed from start to finish. Written by Derrick Slater and directed by Kenneth F. Rowles, this is one for the books. See it right away. It may save your life! ORDER|

THE TIGER GANG (1971) Another in the Kommissar X series, this one finally available in english. Tony Kendell and Brad Harris are back working for the FBI and running manuvers in Pakistan. Great vast also includes Gisela Hahn, Ernst Fritz Fürbringer and directed by the incredible Harald Reinl (Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism). ORDER|

TRASPLANTE DE UN CEREBRO (1970) This is a very interesting mixing of genres that includes surgical horror, giallo and crime motifs, and a love story (if you can believe that). But it's the cast that really makes this film work. A surgeon grafts the brain of a love lorn criminal (who's been dragged into a life of crime by his brother) into the head of a man dying from brain cancer. The result is obvious, and the respectable recipient takes on the personality of the love sick criminal who is once again being hunted by the gang he betrayed. Eduardo Fajardo is fantastic as the man with the transplanted brain, and equally good is Frank Wolf as the doctor who realizes the error of his ways way too late in the game. In Italian with English subtitles. ORDER|

THE TREASURE SEEKERS (1979 Aka Jamaican Gold) Here's another of those strange Jaws/The Deep style rip-off films. This one features an all star cast out for booze money; Rod Taylor, Stuart Whitman, Elke Sommer, Jeremy Kemp, Keenan Wynn. Taylor and Whitman are old buddies who meet up and decide to search pirate Captain Morgans treasure. In doing this, they run into bad guy Kemp as well as some nasty sharks. This is a rare film, no DVD release in sight. The cast alone makes it worth it. ORDER|

TWO EYES TO KILL (1968) Jack Taylor plays a nighclub owner who sets up an innocent man (Fabio Testi) who is executed due to the set up. However, the dupe has donated his eyes to science, and they end up in someone elses head. Then Jack Taylor realises someone is watching him...this is a very early giallo, ultra rare in Italian with English subtitles. ORDER|

TWO VIOLENT MEN (1964 Aka Texas Ranger) A texas ranger (George Martin) is tracking a supposed killer (Alan Scott) but ends up joining forces with the said bad guy to help bring down an evil female landlady (Silvia Solar) who is stealing land away from humble, hardworking farmers. This Spanish/Italian co-production is pre-Leone hence it has more of a traditional American western vibe to it, but that doesn't exclude exciting gun fights, bar brawls, plot and counter plot, etc...An oldie but a goodie. ORDER

THE VAMPIRE WOMAN (1967) Ok folks, here is something completely rare and unique. It's an Iranian vampire film, and it tells the story of a wandering vampire soul that takes refuge in a young womans body and forces her into a life of vampirism. Anyone she bites os also transformed into a vampire. This is an insane film, full of outrageous imagery, shot in atmospheric B/W, and best part of all, it has English subtitles. Do yourselves a favor and watch something you would regularly never have the chance to see. ORDER|

VICIOUS AND NUDE (1980) A terrific piece of Spanish made sexploitation that involves a house invasion by two psychotic girls (Adriana Vega and Eva Lyberten). The incredibly stoic Jack Taylor plays a writer who sides with the problems of the youth of Spain. All is well and good until two female fans of his drop by his house claiming their car has broken down. They end up seducing the uptight writer and then taking over his house, making him a prisoner they humiliate time and time again. Basically this is a remake of the film Death Game from 1977. Only it's a hell of a lot more exploitive and fun. And Taylor frolicking with the two nude girls has to be seen to be believed. In Spanish with English subtitles. ORDER|

WAKE UP AND DIE (1966) Here's the tale of a small time hood who becomes a big time hood only to be brought down by his mole. Fun and violent action flick featuring the dashing German actor Robert Hoffmann. An Italian production directed by Carlo Lizzani. In English with Greek subs.ORDER|

WAVES OF LUST (1975) Here's an interesting Giallo directed by Ruggero Deodato and written by Lamberto Bava. The shit really hits the fan when a young couple, beached off the shores of Sicily meet up with another couple and become involved with the head games the other couple starts playing. You know events like this don't usually end up very well. This is a nice, tight thriller handled by a master director. Starring Al Cliver and John Steiner. ORDER

THE WHIP HAND (1951) When a reporter on vacation discovers a lake full of dead fish, it opens up a Pandoras Box filled with Communists who hope to whipe out the world with a chemical weapon they've been experimenting with. The reporter teams up with the sister of a local Doctor and they set out to expose the commies. Long lost noir complete with a killer cast; Elliott Reed, Raymond Burr, Carla Balenda. ORDER|

THE WICKED DIE SLOW (1968) Here is a seriously warped American made western that is perhaps one of the most misanthropic films you will ever see. Not all that much of a plot, but lots of abhorrent behavior as a group of outlaws go on a rape a pillage spree all the while be followed by two so called "good guys" who really aren't all that good put are much more preferable to the outlaws. Lots of slow motion shootings, stabbings, and rape and nudity, enough to keep your attention. None of the characters in this film are likable. Ultra rare off a pre-cert British tape. Go for it! ORDER

THE WILD RIDERS (1971) Kind of like "The Last House on the Left" of biker films. Two sociopaths get tossed out of a biker gang. They decide to take refuge in a rich womans home, where they go on a rape and murder spree. But their just desserts lay wait around the corner...featuring the incredible Alex Rocco as one of the two thugs, this film is certainly among the rarest as far as biker films go. Don't wait, hop on it, now! ORDER

WOMEN AND BLOODY HORROR (1970 - Aka His Wife's Habit) This is a real sleazy psycho drama directed by Joy N. Houck Jr (Night of Bloody Horror). It tells the story of a Nymphomaniac wife of a very rich tycoon who ruins both her and her daughters life with her sexual promiscuity. First she has an affair with her daughters boyfriend (played by Major Dad himself Gerald McRaney) then she attracts a psycho car hop who inlists his buddy in a plasn to rape the nympho and her daughter. This ends in disaster for everyone. Georgine Darcy (Rear Window) is fantastic as the out of control Nympho. Old VHS source material has age on it but is very watchable. ORDER|





THE DEATH ILLUSION: MURDER, CINEMA & THE MYTH OF SNUFF (2015 BBC) This is a short but interesting documentary on snuff films. While mostly an interview with author David Kerekes (who wrote Killing For Culture and is here promoting a new edition of the book) it also covers Mondo movies, death footage, fake snuff films, and the recent ISIS videos of death and dismemberment. Focuses a bit on the obession of current media to dwell in real death coverage. Interesting. ORDER

NAKED AND CRUEL (1984) This is a very late in the game mondo film that is actually quite tame in comparison with some of the earlier films of this sort. That said, you get footage of a sex change operation, a dildo festival, cock wrestling, topless dancers, an idiot eaten by an alligator, tribesman with penis that look like they belong on an elephant. Yes folks, thius is great holiday time or family reunion fun. Directed by Bitto Albertini (as Albert Thomas). Don't ya just love it! ORDER

HEAVY METAL BRITTANIA (2010 BBC) This is an interesting documentary that traces the roots and origins of British Heavy Metal music. We get some very interesting archival footage of groups such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Led Zepplin, Motorhead, Uriah Heep, etc.. plus more recent examples of British metal are featured to show the hrowth over the years. Interview footage includes Ian Gillan, Tony Iommi, Lemmy, John Lord, Budgie, and many more! ORDER

IT'S IN THE CLOSET, IT'S UNDER THE BED! (1984) Made for TV documentary narrated by Edward Mulhare about mythology and horror dawning from literature to movies. Starting with classic folk tales and legends, we zoom into the 20th century with footage from all sorts of horror films including silent classics to films like Return of the Living Dead (which actually had not been released at this time). In fact there is behind the scenes footage from Return of the Living Dead and Ghoulies which is very unique. ORDER

WITCHES, WARLOCKS AND WIZARDS (1984) Another made for TV documentary hosted by Jonathan Harris following the history of supernatural beings from mythology to film. Harris is his usual flamboyant self. We learn the history of witchcraft and we watch it translate into 20th century pop culture. Clips from all sorts of horror movies bare out the importance of witches and witchcraft on the public conscience. ORDER

WOJTEK: THE BEAR THAT WENT TO WAR(2011) Polish documentary about a 500lb military bear who fought in World War Two alongside a band of Polish soldiers.He also shared their beer and cigarettes - ultimately fighting along the side the Poles in an effort to recapture Italy.. This bear gives whole new meanings to the terms immigrant, patriot, and human being. You must see this to believe it. In Polish with English subtitles. Do yourself a favor and see this film. And by the way, the version on YouTube doesn't have English subs. Sorry Charlie. ORDER

TALES OF TIMES SQUARE (2006) Documentary based on the book about Times Square by Josh Alan Friedman. Tales of Times Square combines 16 mm footage and grainy Super 8, as well as original 35mm photography by Porn Star Annie Sprinkle, to paint a vivid picture of Times Square's seedy past, the sex industries that thrived there, and those threatened with extinction by a movement to 'sanitize the square.' If you liked the old 42nd St, than why not relive memories with this interesting slice of history. ORDER









ANGELA, THE FIREWORKS WOMAN (1975) Here is a very interesting psychological hardcore sex film directed by the late Wes Craven. In fact Craven even plays a role in the film, but he doesn't have any naughty scenes. It tells the tale of a young woman and her brother (played by Sarah Nicholson and Eric Edwards respectivly) who have engaged in incest and seperate from each other over the shame of their act. The brother becomes a priest and Angela goes through a series of sirdid sexual adventures that result in several nightmarish sequences. Basically a roughy with a brain. Wes Cravens early work was his best work, don't pass this up....ORDER

THE AGONY OF LACE LASH & LOVE (1970's) Ok folks, this is anyones guess. It carries the title The Agony of Lace, Lash & Love yet there is another 16mm one day wonder that bares this title as well !?! Anyhow, the other one is an interracial feature, this one is actually just a buntch hippies in various couplings having sex with each other. As far as one day wonders go, this one literally has no plot what so ever, but you do get 100% sex as various folks frolick from bedroom to bedroom. Don't ask me who's in this, because honestly I haven't got a clue, but the girls are cute, some very attractive and stacked, and the males perform admirably. This is our most recent 16mm porn transfer, and you are going to love it. So order it right now, and tell them Horny Herm sent ya! ORDER  *BRAND NEW TRANSFERS FOR 2015*

BLACKS & BLONDES - SIZZLING 60's - THE HOT HOUR (1986) This includes two segments from the legendary series; Moonshine Mama starring Janey Robbins and Summer Rose as well as F.M. Bradley and Ron Jeremy. And you also get Black Exposure starring Paula P., Robbie Dee and F.M Bradley. Have a glass of water handy. Even Gunga Din wont be able to help you. ORDER

BURNIN' FOR BLACK (1970's) and it's so hot it puts the previous interracial compilation to shame. Aside from the usual studs such as King Paul, Jonathan Younger, Johnny Keyes, and various other street corner bums, you also get golden girls such as Connie Peterson, Taylor Evens, Eileen Wells and countless others. Double penetrations, oral cumshots, golden showers, you name it, this comp has got it. Loop titles include Treasure Slave, Schoolgirl Fun, Anal Treasure, Oreo, Three Way Girl, Hitch-hiker,Hot Piss, Hot Black Soul and countless others. Have a large glass of water ready. You're going to need it!ORDER *BRAND NEW TRANSFERS FOR 2016*

ED WOOD'S 8MM PORN LOOPS (1973/74) How many of you know that the legendary Ed Wood Jr. the man who gave us Plan 9 From Outer Space, also directed 8mm porno loops? Did you know that he directed the first series of films offered by Swedish Erotica in the 1973/74 years? Did you know that we put together as many of these as we could find, and are now offering the 8mm Porno Films of Ed Wood. With titles such as Girl on a Bike, Behind the Ate Ball, The Virgin Next Door and Western Lust, you better believe some "Wood-isms" are going to show themselves in these charming little films. And the added bonus to this is that a few of these short films feature the King of Porn himself, that's right, the incredible John C. Holmes. In the whole of your lives have you ever imagined John Holmes and Ed Wood working together? The two super freaks of sexual indulgence working together to bring you salacious sexual thrills. And who brought this compilation to you!? The incredible Cinefear Video, that's who! ORDER

ED'S WOOD VOLUME II (1973-75) Get your Wood on! Because one was just not enough! Here is our second volume of long lost Ed Wood 8mm loops. Included for your viewing pleasure are Park Lovers, Morning Walk (perhaps the most Wood like of them all, and a must to see), Big John 1&2 (featuring the incredible John Holmes), 15" Commercial, Wives at Play, Two Hot To Handle, 69 Park St, Camper Girls, Garter Girls. Over 90 minutes of Wood at his most delirious and jaw dropping. Despite the fact that Wood was at his most alchoholic period in his life, these porn loops are perhaps his most original material. It seems that Ed toiled in this field for so long that he literally laid down the template to how these films were made. Only now is he getting the credit he richly deserved. ORDER * NEW TRANSFER FOR 2017 *

FREAKY FREDDIE'S FREAK LOOPS PART II (1970's) You asked for it, you got it! Another collection of very, very unusual adult film loops featuring odd and lurid subject matters that often make these films far from arrousing. This time out, we've got titles like Nazi Interrogation, Tampon Rapist, Snuff (a hysterical fake Snuff film featuring that idiot Ron Hudd), Jaws (women with fake blood in their mouths biting a cock) and various other freak show nonesense. Other titles include Hot Dog, horror themed films like Vampiure Orgy (a guy gets head from a skull) and Vampire Lovers. And a bunch of Tranny sex loops featuring such tranny faves as Sulka, Margo and Nikko starring with classic adult actresses such as Sharon Mitchell, Loni Sanders among others. Over two hours of freak show madness. Watch this with a blind fold on your head. You wont believe your eyes. ORDER

GIANTS OF PORN (1970/80's) Ok folks, just when you thought I was sleeping on the job, here I come with another batch of transfers that are going to knock your eyes out. And who are the GIANTS OF PORN? Well, as far as some of the ladies go, we have Seka, Desiree Cousteau, Candy Samples (that's right folks, not only was she a giant, but she did hardcore as well), Cindy Wong, Aki Wang, Lisa DeLeeuw, Holly Page, Vicky Steele and many, many more. As far as the giant males go, well you can't get any bigger than John Holmes, Tom Byron (very young, prior to his video shot work), John Leslie, Jeff Conrad, Mick South, Kevin James and so much more. Once again, two hours of blistering sex featuring performers you loved to watch doing the very acts you loved to watch them do. ORDER  

GRANDPA'S STASH (1950/60's) Here's our latest compilation of vintage 8mm loops. All of these films were shot in the 1950's & 60's, this was the type of material your grandparents were getting off on. Prior to the porn loop coming to popularity in the early 70's, these were films you had to order through the mail and are some of the earliest recorded hardcore depictions of sex. Titles on this compilation include Caught in the Act, Delivery Boy, On The Rug, Sleepy, The Atic, The Ironing Board, The Model, Three Way Ride, Through the Keyhole and more!  ORDER

HUGE TITS AND BIG DICKS (1970/80's) That's right folks, we are proud to annouce our latest batch of 8mm transfers. Here you have a two hour compilation of classic 8mm/Super8mm porn flicks, long gone from public view and authetically transferred and color corrected at the Cinefear labs. This delicious compile features just what it promises, huge tits and big dicks. We focus on the oversized with this set, and let me tell you, everyone is packing. We have stars such as Little Oral Annie, Seka, and the overbearing  Italian girl named Maree that carries two watermelons that will have your mouth watering. As far as the studs go, how can you go wrong with Jamie Gillis, Mike Ranger, and a dude who's name we don't know but gives John Holmes a run for his money. Of interest, there are lots of unknown faces in this comp but what they have to offer will have you needing one glass of water per loop. There's solo boob loops, lesbians and of course boy girl, boy and two girls, one girl and two boys...it's all there! Great for parties with your friends. ORDER  

SOUND SUPER 8MM LOOPS (1970's) is our latest compilation for you and it features Super 8mm films which came with live soundtracks. This one features digests of two theatrical features including Pleasure Cruise (1974) featuring Harry Reems and Andrea True, and Teenage Housewife (1976) featuring Bobby Astor and Susan McBain. Also included for your audio as well as visual pleasure is Swedish Erotica #164 Apartment for Rent starring Eileen Wells, Johnny Keyes & Jonathan Younger. And if that's not enough you get Joggers Delight (with Billy Dee) and an original theatrical trailer for The Devil in Miss Jones. Yes, we are that good! ORDER  






A CRY FOR HELP (Aired on ABC 2/12/75) Super interesting premise for this one. An abusive talk show host receives a frantic call from a girl claiming she is going to kill herself. He spends the rest of the running time trying to get his listeners to help find this girl and stop her before she ends her life. Taunt thriller with an excellent premise. Cast includes Robert Culp, Chuck McCann and Jean Allison. ORDER

ABC FALL PREVIEWS/ BULLWINKLE SHOW (Aired on ABC 1974/ Aired on ABC 1960) Transferred directly off 16mm by Cinefear, here is a really interesting Fall Preview from ABC promoting the various tv shows, sports programming, animated specials, rock music programs, news programs, and movie premiers for the 1974 season. This is an amazing time capsul for you fans of vintage tv programming. Features clips from The Brady Bunch, Partridge Family, The Odd Couple and countless other programming. Features some clips from movies being premiered on tv such as The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. And to make this package even nicer, we've included an episode of the Bullwinkle cartoon show, featuring Rocky and Bullwinkle and Boris and Natasha. But what really makes this interesting is it features all the original commercials from it's 1960 airing. No where will you see it presented in it's original form as you will right here. And you get all of this for a very reasonable $10.00. You can't beat that! Dig in... ORDER

ASTRONAUT (Aired on ABC 1/8/72) Government officials, not wanting to have the space program canceled, substitute a lookalike for an astronaut who died on a Mars mission. Monte Markham plays the dead austronaut and his replacement, Susan Clark plays his wife. Jackie Cooper and Bob Lansing play government men who set this whole scam up. This is an intensive and captivating drama that predates such conspiracy films as Capricorn One. Ultra rare so grab it up now befiore the government confiscates it! ORDER

BLINDED BY THE LIGHT (Aired on CBS 12/16/80) A young man(Jimmy McNichol)joins a cult and his sister (Kristy) is sent by their family and the help of a specialist to bring him home but she gets swept up in it too. Interesting TV movie that focuses on the subject of cults and their influence over the simple minded. Great cast includes Philip R. Allen as the doctor trying to infiltrate the cult and rescue the brother. Keith Andes (father of bassist Mark Andes) plays the head of the cult. ORDER

CHASE (Aired on CBS 11/23/85) A big-city lawyer (Jennifer O'Neill) returns to her small hometown after her father's death to resume his practice. There she is called upon to defend a migrant worker who has been accused of murder. Directed by Sam Peckinpah's nephew David Peckinpah (who is also dead). Nominated for a Golden Globe award, so you know that means something...ORDER

DAVID CASSIDY- MAN UNDERCOVER (Aired on NBC 1978/79) Ok folks, we have all ten episodes of the short lived David Cassidy series Man Undercover. Cassidy plays a married detective by the name of Dan Shay, who due to his youthful appearence is sent to infiltrate the LA youth scene, posing as a target for drug dealers, white slavers, and any other group of bad guys preying off the youth of America. At home his wife and daughter comfort him. In the office he's hounded by tough police chief Sgt. Abrams (Simon Oakland). You get two discs with five episodes each. Hence the total is $25.00 for the set. ORDER

THE DAVID CASSIDY STORY (Aired on NBC 1/7/2000) And to follow up your Man Undercover purchase, pick up the story of David Cassidy's life. This TV docu drama tells the story of David Cassidy and his troubled relationship with his alcoholic father Jack Cassidy. The show of course features all the highlights and downfalls in David's career. Andrew Kavovit plays David Cassidy, with Malcolm McDowell playing Jack Cassidy. Like all TV dramas, not 100% accurate but a fun time passer. Buy the premise, buy the flick. ORDER

DESPERATE INTRUDER (Aired on 7/31/83)  Meg Foster plays a blind woman who's idyllic beach house is invaded by escaped convict who in turn is awaiting the arrival of his even more desperate partner. This one is a real nail biter. Great cast includes Nick Mancuso and Claude Akins. This is one for the "ultra rare" file, not an easy title to find so scoop itt up! ORDER

DIAGNOSIS: MURDER (BBC 1975) Orinially made for British TV, this film ended up having theatrical distribution instead, which is odd because it really doesn't have any objectionable material in it. When the wealthy wife of a Doctor (Christopher Lee) goes missing, the doctor is off course suspect. Jon Finch plays the detective investigating the case, and he's carrying his bag of problems on his back as well. Also under observation is the doctors secretary, who is having an affair with the doctor. Who is the guilty party? Watch it and find out. ORDER

DR. FISCHER OF GENEVA (BBC1984) Dr. Fischer has an unusual hobby - to expose human greed. How much humiliation will his fellow man endure enticed by valuable presents? Dignity for money! Death for money? Of interest, this was actor James Mason last film. It might very well be one of his best. The great cast includes Alan Bates, Greta Scacchi, Cyril Cusack. James Mason plays the imbittered Dr. Fischer to perfection. Buy the premise, buy the flick. ORDER

DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE (Aired on the BBC 1/6/81) This is a fantastic take on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde featuring the incredible David Hemmings in the dual role. His repressed Henry Jekyll is set free to enjoy the world as Mr. Hyde. This includes having a fling with Jekyll's fiance (Lisa Harrow) as well as frequenting the brothel of a bawdy madam (Diana Dors) and screwing female and male prostitutes alike. Of interest, the Hyde character is a tad on the likable side, hence really turning this version of this story upside down on it's ear. Ian Banning co-stars. Highly recommended. ORDER

EL GOLEM (1967 - French TV) Here is a crazy version of the classic tale as told by the French for TV. This flick worns of the daners of going home with the wrong hat. A man leaving a religeous service accidently takes the wrong hat and later that night dreams of the life of the hats owner. Aside from all the drama and intrique, our hero comes face to face with the Golem who will decide the fate of Prague. This is a completely unique take on the story of the Golem, and this TV movie was shot in beautiful B/W. Essentially German expressionism on French TV. In French but with English subtitles. A must! ORDER

THE GOOD LIFE (Aired on NBC 9/18/71 - 1/8/72) Ok folks, straight off 16mm to your home tv, here is four episodes of the extremely rare series that was supposed to be Larry Hagman's follow up to I Dream of Jeannie. Larry Hagman and Donna Mills play a husband and wife team who try to get into a life of money and adventure by becoming butler and cook to wealthy businessman (David Wayne), his constantly complaining sister (Hermione Baddeley) and his son (Danny Goldman). The four episodes we have are as follows: The Vacation aired 10/16/71, Dutton's Retirement aired 11/6/71, A Tremendous Sense of Layalty aired 12/4/71 and Dial M for Merger aired 1/8/72.  You'll get all for episodes for $20.00. And you can't beat that. These are very rare, honestly, check YouTube, they have one episode and it's in spanish, and it isn't any of these episodes. ORDER

THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES (Aired on ABC 2/12/73) A made for TV version featuring Stuart Granger as Sherlock Holmes, Bernard Fox as Watson, William Shatner as George Stapleton and Anthony Zerbe as John Mortimer. Sherlock must save the life of the last remaining Baskerville before he is torn to shreds by an untrained dog with a lousy disposition. With the exception of Shatner being miscast, for the most part this is a quite entertaining adaption of the story. Features a lot of interesting matt paintings done by the late Albert Whitlock. ORDER

THE HOUSE THAT MARY BOUGHT (Aired on Showtime 1995) A couple (Susan George, Ben Cross) move into a house in the French countryside, but their peaceful existence is soon shattered by unexplainable occurrences that grow increasingly more violent and bizarre. This is a very taunt psychological thriller that was written and directed by Susan George's husband Michael MacCorkindale. Not on DVD, and over priced on used video. Get it here! ORDER

LOVE HATE LOVE (Aired on ABC 2/9/71) Ryan O' Neal plays an engineeer who steals a top model (Lesley Ann Warren) away from her jet setter fiance (Peter Haskell). Turns out the said fiance is a psychopath who takes rejection really bad. He decides to persue the couple and make their life a living hell. Talk about a love triangle. ORDER

MANHUNTER (Aired on CBS 74/75 Season) Here I have seven episodes of the famed but very rare TV series called Manhunter starring Ken Howard as a WWI hero who becomes a bounty hunter during the roaring 20's. Six episodes were transferred personally by me off of 16mm film prints. The episodes are as follows: The Baby-Faced Killers (9/20/74), Death On The Run (10/2/74), The Trunk Murders (11/6/74 - episode written by Robert Bloch), Flight to Nowhere (12/18/74, alternate source, not 16mm) Man in a Cage (1/22/75), To Kill A Tiger (2/26/75) Trial by Terror (3/5/75). These are all I have for now, each episode runs about 50 minutes, plus you get a bonus 50 second TV preview announcing the series. All this for $35 Bucks, you can't beat it! ORDER

MASQUARADE (Aired on 12/15/83 through 4/27/84) Here I have two episodes of this beloved TV series which starred Rod Taylor and Kirstie Alley. Transferred from nice 16mm prints, the two episodes are Girls for Sale and Five Days. The series focused on an intelligence agency that recruits ordinary citizens with diverse skills to chase foreign agents. Girls for Sale (12/29/83) In Hawaii, a senator's daughter is kidnapped in order to blackmail the senator into giving up information from the intelligence committee he serves on, and Lavender and his team must face ninja assassins to rescue her. Five Days (1/19/84) A Bulgarian woman working for the NIA is kept in a top-security women's prison by a corrupt commissioner in Portugal. As the woman holds information vital to saving the crew of a sunken American submarine, Casey gets arrested to contact her. Meanwhile, the team works to discredit the commissioner. You get both episodes on one disc, no commercials. ORDER

THE SCREAMING SKULL (Aired on ABC 1973) David McCallum plays a drunken scientist who has a nagging, miserable wife (Carolyn Nye) who he kills and strips clean down to her bones. His brother (Vincent Gardenia) comes to visit only to find David in a horrible mental state brought on by the wifes skull, which rolls around the castle and screams and makes all sorts of weird noises. It also bites people, to death! You heard me right! Ultra rare TV flick that was shown on ABC's Wide World of Mystery. Originally aired in color, but only available now off this B/W 16mm film print. Dig in. ORDER

STARCROSSED (Aired on ABC 1/13/85) An alien woman is running from a deadly enemy and tries to hide on Earth where she meets a young mechanic, who helps her to get back home and to fight for the freedom of her people. Interesting sci-fi featuring the always likeable James Spader as the friendly mechanic. Belinda Bauer is the Alien in need of help, and one can't help to be reminded of the John Carpenter film Starman, which was made a year earlier. Long out of oprint on video, so snap it up! ORDER

SUMMER (Aired on PBS 1981) Diane Lane stars in the story of a seventeen-year-old girl's early disillusionment with life followed by her shift into reality. She is orphaned at 17 and adopted by a man who is so drawn to her he decides to make her his wiife. She takes a lover which in turn causes all sorts of problems. Very sleazy subject matter for PBS and Great Performances. We ever get a scene of Miss Lane topless. Worth it for that scene alone. ORDER

TOO RICH: THE SECRET LIFE OF DORIS DUKE (Aired on CBS 1999) Here is the former mini serries cut into one long (192 minute) movie. Doris Duke, the famous real-life billionairess, prepares to die. She recounts the early death of her loving father, being raised by a cold mother, two marriages and numerous affairs. Always being hungry for love, plus a fascination with mystics and reincarnation, and a disastrous adoption late in life. As she is dying, her crazed life has one last bump in it: her butler, Bernard Lafferty, is suspected of arranging her death so he can get all her money. Killer cast includes Lauren Bacall and Richard Chamberlain. ORDER

TURN OF THE SCREW (Aired on the TV show Startime on 10/20/59) Here is the complete show as it was broadcast live in 1959 featuring the incredible Ingrid Bergman as the governess who doubts her own sanity as she confronts what she believes to be a ghost exuding an evil influence on two children in her care. Based on the story by Henry James, this is stunning live television made all the better by the artful direction of the brilliant John Frankenheimer. ORDER






ATLANTIC RECORDS 40TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY (1988 - HBO) Ok folks, here it is. A three disc set of the complete broadcast vis HBO of the Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary party held at Madison Square Garden. This is about six hours worth of footage featuring live performances by Crosby, Stills & Nash, Led Zepplin, Genesis, The Bee Gees, Yes, The Rascals, Kosters Heat, Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer, Foreigner, Bob Geldof, The Coasters, The Spinners, Roberta Flack, The Manhattan Transfer, Ben E. King, Peapo Bryson, Sam Moore, Lavern Baker, Ruth Brown, Debbie Gibson, Phil Collins and others. This is not the current three hour DVD, this is the HBO broadcast running six hours, it is not readily available, nor is it on YouTube. You need to get it here, you need to get it now! Only $25 for three discs jammed packed. How can you beat that! ORDER

THE BAND - Live at Wembley Stadium - 9/14/74 - Here it is at last, video shot footage of the Band from their classic 1974 Wembley show, this is the complete 79 minute show, professionally shot footage and the set list is to die for: Just Another Whistle Stop, Stage Fright, The Weight, The Shape I'm In, Loving You is Sweeter Than Ever, Night They Drove Old Dixie Down and more, more, more! ORDER

EAGLES - BBC in Concert 3/20/73 Excellent live concert featuring a pre-bloated Eagles doing some of their best work of the period. ORDER

EASY TO BE FREE (1969) Here is an excellent documentary on Ricky Nelson and his Stone Canyon Band shot during their tour of 1969. This is Ricky Nelson at the hight of his performance abilities, his backing band, featuring future Eagles star Randy Meisner on base and backing vocals, is perhaps his best line-up in the bulk of his career. Part live concert, part footage taken on the road, the documentary is very lyrical and at somepoints surreal. Songs include his 50's output plus current songs such as Easy to be Free, Red Balloon, Violets of Dawn, She Belongs to Me, and many, many more! This is ultra rare, it was shown once on PBS in 1973. Don't let it slip away now! ORDER

LITTLE STEVENS GARAGE ROCK FESTIVAL (August 16, 2004) Ok folks, here is one of the most elusive live performances video you are ever going to want to see. On August 16, 2004 Little Steven pulled together some of the most impressive garage bands in history to perform at Randalls Island in NY.  You'll get about two hours of nice audience shot footage of some of the top groups including The Chocolate Watchband, The Electric Prunes, The New York Dolls, Iggy and the Stooges and more! This is a MUST if you are a garage rock freak! ORDER

LONDON ROCK (1970) BBC British documentary exploring the rock scene in swinging London and featuring interviews and live performances from groups such as Rod Stewart and The Faces, Marc Bolan, Fairport Convention, and more! Ultra nice quality on this very rare title...pick it up! ORDER

MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW - THE MUSICAL PERFORMANCES (1960-70s) Here is a fantastic compilation of live musical performances from classic performers of the 1960's and 70's. In this compilation you will get several performances apiece from folks like Simon and Garfunkel, The Standells, Mariam Makeba, Gary and the Hornets, Lou Christie, Freddie and the Dreamers,Rick Nelson, Stevie Wonder, The Cavemen, The Temptations, The Young Rascals, etc...A must, and this is all rare and unreleased footage! Dig in...ORDER

POPGALA 1973- Huge pop concert performed in the Netherlands in March of 1973. Features performances by Slade, Colin Blunstone, Argent, Country Gazette ,Rory Gallagher, Chi Coltrane, Ry Cooder, The Eagles (huge set list), Rod Stewart & The Faces, and footage of The Who from 1972 Amsterdam. If you're an Eagles freak you are going to want this for the extended set list plus the fact that this is some of the earliest footage available of them. If you're a 70's music buff you wont be able to do without this, so hop on it. ORDER

PROCOL HARUM - FRENCH TV & BEYOND (1967-91) If you're a Procol Harum freak, you are going to love this. Ultra rare footage rescued from the French TV vaults, the bulk of which is live. Includes Dim Dam Don '67, Central Varietes '67, Music Hall DeFrance '67 (amazing footage featuring original line-up that included guitarist Ray Royer and drummer Bobby Harrison, and they perform the non Harum song Morning Dew), L'Olympia theater '67 (excellent live show featuring Robin Trower and BJ Wilson), Bouton Rouge '68, Le Petit Illustra '68, Gala Du Midem '68, Capital Theater '75 (complete show) and so much more. ORDER

PROCOL HARUM RARUM (1970's) And if you love out Harum French TV, then you are going to flip your lid over this ultra rare collection of footage featuring the complete 1972 Buddakan cocert (they were on a double bill with Ten Years After) and featuring the highly underated guitarist Dave Ball. You'll also get the Geordi Scene from '75, featuring four live numbers. You also get some ultra rare promos including 'A Souvenir of London' from 1973 French TV, Haastattelu 1974, Vous Avez Dit Bizarre 1976, GTK 1973, Tonight Show 1991, Rapido 1992, Belgium TV clip and so much more! ORDER

RICKY NELSON COMPILATION- Order this as an excellent companion piece to Easy To Be Free. Over two hours of various live and lip synched performances by Ricky Nelson, starting with late 50's out put, moving into the 60's folk scene and then later with his Stone Canyon Band, this compilation is quite comprehensive and features promo videos, tons of TV appearences, a complete onslaught of Ricky Nelson and his ever changing face and music. Don't pass this up! ORDER

TALKS MUSIC - Brand new British TV series featuring live interviews and performances with the following artists: Jeff Beck 11/25/13 Blondie 12/23/13 Ray Davies 12/30/13 Graham Nash 1/16/14. Each show runs about 40 minutes and is loaded with great talk and numbers. ORDER






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